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Obsidian News Obsidian News is a privately owned and wholly independent news platform established in 2013 devoted to informing Afrikan people. Obsidian News is a privately owned and wholly indepedent news platform established in 2013.

When the editor and founder was unable to find any media available that was written or presented with an African worldview, the endeavor to create one; Obsidian News begun. The editor believed it necessary to have engaging content and a message of local and national interest, as well as global events and perspectives. We have also devoted great attention to the quality of presentation and standard of research in our articles to ensure integrity and credibility. We have offices in Senegal, South Africa, Brazil with our headquarters in the United States. We are always expanding and seeking to provided valid news with the Obsidian (sharp) Truth, facts, and an empowering relevance to your future! Obsidian News is mission driven toward global African empowerment, so our business does not seek an audience nor customer base outside the global African family and culture. Much of our content will be shocking and a stark contrast to that of the national or local media in your respective country, but rest assured we are presenting you our best effort toward a reality that is empowering your ultimate survival and an honorable prosperity. We hope that you enjoy our site and find our stories, videos, pictures, and other articles thought provoking and useful in your everyday life!

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Ubuntu African Proverbs

Ubuntu African Proverbs

“The sun does not forget the village just because it is small.”African Proverb

Lesson 1: Success is success no matter the size. You have your idea of success, I have my idea of success, and everyone else has theirs. No matter how big or small of an achievement, if you’ve succeeded, you’ve succeeded and that is something to celebrate. Just because you are small does not mean that you can't succeed. Whether you are small or big, if you plant apple, you will reap apple not mango. Don't devalue yourself because of shape or size.

Lesson 2: How would you treat someone if you realized that the person was great figure? You would do all the best that you can to show care and affection to that person with all the time that we have. But why then do we treat other people with less respect than we should? Everyone is important no matter his position now hence should be accorded similar respect and kindness.

Lesson 3: This proverb also teaches us that; the same way rain doesn't forget the ocean just because it is big, God does not forget you no matter the circumstance you are in now. God does not discriminate whether small or big. We all know that many people who have changed the world came from humble backgrounds. God gives chance to everyone so no matter how low you are, have faith and know that God will never forget you.

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Conversations with History: Chalmers Johnson

Conversations with History: Chalmers Johnson

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Chalmers Johnson for a discussion of his new book, Nemesis. In the interview, Johnson, an Emeritus Professor of th...

Made In Africa Project

Made In Africa Project

Californian repatriate to Senegal, Sunny Moore, shows off a few cultural and traditional favorites from the local African market. #MadeInAfrica #ShopAfrica
All products available at www.MadeInAfricaProject.store

Adulawo TV

Adulawo TV

Ethiopia first fully locally assembled electric car.

Red Fists Rising - Authentic

Red Fists Rising - Authentic

#norepnotax #redfistsrising #RFR

We demand no less than $105 trillion in financial capital value. $50 trillion in land territory under our sovereign rule and independence. And justice for our prisoners of war, and our fallen heroes!

We will pay no voluntary taxes, obfuscate all other taxation, and bring to a halt the taxation system itself.

Meet Matthew Portis, the Inventor Who Engineered and Patented the First Solar Workstation - AfroTech
Meet Matthew Portis, the Inventor Who Engineered and Patented the First Solar Workstation - AfroTech

Meet Matthew Portis, the Inventor Who Engineered and Patented the First Solar Workstation - AfroTech

Have you ever been in a situation where your devices are in need of a charge, but all the outlets inside the coffee shop are occupied and you forgot to pack your power bank? Well, SolGreen has created a solution. As the first to invent, engineer, and patent a solar workstation, their Evodia Solar Wo...

This is a declaration of independence and war against white supremacy delivered to the USA, all 193 nations, and the med...

This is a declaration of independence and war against white supremacy delivered to the USA, all 193 nations, and the media on the 4th of July.

You need to read this. We all do!

Delivered to all three branches of government of the United States of America, all UN participating nations, and the media.

Download in PDF -http://bgmarketplace.com/ddfj.pdf


We the indigenous people of the world, of African heritage, the Melanated black/brown people of the original lands of Kush, the Americas, and Asia identify in solidarity as one continuum of culture and unified confederation. To be referred to hereafter as Om; the Unity!

We include, affiliate, harmonize, and accept kinship with all associations, organizations, governments, and people that strive toward a higher expression of civilization. We identify in friendship and alliance with all peoples that so state and demonstrate respectful familial ties to us.

We have endured 400 years of the MAAFA. The attempt to completely subjugate and genocide our collective peoples and nations. And after such time, a majority of white European Americans have not abandoned the ideology that they are superior to all Melanated African and Indigenous people. This ideology is executed by them daily through racial oppression; racism, white supremacy.

Therefore, from this day forward we declare war on white supremacy and white nationalism globally. We see this ideology and all who support it as an absolute enemy and threat to all humanity. This ideology's paranoid lust for materialism and obsessive fascist power has singly brought our world to the brink of cataclysmic climate change, which unprecedently threatens the very survival of all humanity!

The culture and history of white Europeans in all their global history is one of murderous atrocities, supreme larceny, and revisionist historical propaganda. The boundaries of heaven itself have not been unscathed by white supremacy as it has profanely and blasphemously presented itself to sit upon the divine throne of God, and to be God!

We declare an ancestral claim of judgment against the culprits, their estates, their heirs, the current adherents and their heirs, for reparations in the form of capital property, territory, sovereignty and justice for our fallen family, heroes, and political prisoners. We hold those who subscribe or benefit from white supremacy to be in resolute guilt before all creation.

There are trillions of dollars, pounds, francs, and euros resting in all the colonizing nations and their satellite Europeanized countries. Wealth that rightfully belongs to the people of Africa, its descendant diaspora, and other indigenous Melanated peoples of the earth. Wealth that has been stolen by criminal organizations, corporations, and governments and held until this very day by the heirs of these criminal entities who will remain complicit in these crimes until complete restitution has been satisfied, in accordance with a bill of reparations approved by our majority, and duly rendered to all the culpable governments, business entities, agencies, and citizens.

There are a multitude of our family that have been slain at the hands of supremacists, fascists, and racist governments, regimes and people who collectively comprise the sentiment of white world domination. This is the ultimate unrighteous stain of innocent blood perpetrated by all our enemies under the banner of white supremacy. Those who committed these criminal acts, all their memories, all their creations, all their constructions, all their monuments, their legacy, and their descendants are all culpable.

The stewardship, retelling, and presentation of world history, culture, and religion have near irrevocably been tainted, contaminated, and corrupted by a cabal of educated, vigilant, obsessive, extremely biased, classist racists. These current and past adherents to the ideology have permeated and dominated the majority of world governments and private institutions and represent the administrative people united in the interest of white and European supremacy in all intellectual areas of global society including but not limited to the systems of education, engineering, the sciences, literature, art, fashion and beauty, communications and all other media. Significantly more profane and horrid, white world supremacist ideology has corrupted the religions of the world to blasphemously attribute and project a systemic racial order into the sacred universal order of God. A universal being does not partake in rivalry among any categories of persons or things throughout all creation. There is no greater hubris, malevolent thought or teaching to possess. This has caused a profoundly evil infection and mental disease of intrinsic self-hatred and rejection whether chronic or mild, among all black/brown Melanated African and Indigenous peoples of the entire world. It has fundamentally upset the inherent mutual respect and honor among all civilized people. We will evaluate, investigate, analyze, and ultimately continue the never-ending endeavor to lift the veil of the truth and establish its stark reality regardless of the positive or negative impact against whoever's interests.

• We will institute an order and social mind of principles of truth and virtuous discipline.
• We are our own supreme and high court from this day and all days forward.
• None will escape our righteous collective judgement on these matters.
• We decree our sovereign authority.
• We decree our authority to arrest, prosecute, and execute justice upon all guilty parties tried in propria persona or absentia.
• All tactics in accordance with our system of rule of law and order are deemed valid according to our orders of engagement.
• No placating actions by our criminal enemies shall abate our pursuit of our just decrees.
• We mobilize and deputize all Melanated African and Indigenous people to act in accordance with our decrees and orders.
• Action is authorized.

The unbroken line of assault, kidnapping, rape and molestation, brutalization, economic suppression, theft, murder, and mental torture until this very day, is now broken.

The era of our abasement is over! – Yaaw sima dow bin galawa fi!

All authority not of our own making ruling over our people is now null and void.

We are a free and divine people. One family stretching into the annals of existence, touching the first family; child woman and man giving us the right of life upon all the earth, sharing utility and resources according to a fair and honest dispersal for each of us. We are all royal and deserve the basic respect due our pedigree. We are all a form of creation and a manifestation of the One!


Ash’raka Juel,
Shekhem Shekh
Sihbuna Al Ba’Ahl

#Moor #muur

Red Fists Rising - Authentic

Red Fists Rising - Authentic


Want to know more about who we are and our movement?

To join us click here: https://form.jotform.com/201735905536154

To donate click here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/redfistsrising?sharetype=teams&member=4764854&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&pc_code=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=dfea597ad9604002af7be6aabfeae249


LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional
LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional

LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional

North Carolina, Wilmington Police Officer Michael K. Piner, said he was going to buy a new assault rifle, and soon "we (whites) are just going to go out and start slaughtering them fuc*ing ni**ers. I can't wait. God, I can't wait."

He then told fellow Officer Moore that he felt a civil war was needed to "wipe 'em off the fuc*ing map. That'll put them back about four or five generations."

If this is the sentiment of a significant percentage of white Americans (54% of white Americans voted for Trump), we are better off withdrawing from America.

Reparations in the form of territory and financial capital are due to African Indigenous Americans. We have decided to insist on what we are due.

This is totally unacceptable if we are expected to remain peaceful!!! - 🤬🤬🤬

Sagrado Feminino e Masculino Angola

Sagrado Feminino e Masculino Angola

Hallowed Olaoluwa, 30 anos, é o doutor em matemática mais jovem do continente africano e trabalha com a prestigiosa Universidade de Harvard, nos Estados Unidos. 👨‍🎓🥇🇨🇫🇳🇬

De nacionalidade nigeriana e nascido em 1990 em Bangui (República Centro-Africana), ele concluiu o Ensino Médio aos 14 anos, obteve uma licença dupla aos 17 anos e depois obteve um mestrado duplo (matemática e física) aos 19 anos.

Ele faz parte dos pesquisadores africanos mais promissores da época, Olaoluwa nigeriano se destaca claramente por causa de sua carreira acadêmica e acadêmica, que merece respeito. Aos 14 anos, ele era o aluno mais jovem da República Centro-Africana (RCA) a terminar o Ensino Médio. Com base nesse sucesso, ele foi admitido na Universidade de Banguipara estudar matemática e física.

Ele continuou seus estudos separadamente nos dois campos e obteve duas licenciaturas aos 19 anos. Até essa data, nenhum outro aluno conseguiu tais conquistas na RCA.

Em 2011, ele retornou ao seu país , Nigeria, e se matriculou na Universidade de Lagos, onde obteve em menos de três anos (2013) um doutorado em matemática.

Com apenas 23 anos, ele era o aluno mais jovem a obter um doutorado em matemática em todo o continente africano.

Hoje, ele é professor reconhecido da Universidade de Lagos e, ao mesmo tempo, trabalha como pesquisador de pós-doutorado na Universidade de Harvard, nos Estados Unidos.

Sem surpresa, ele foi um dos 15 vencedores da primeira edição do "Next Einstein Forum" (NEF: o Fórum do próximo Albert Einstein), realizado de 8 á 10 de março em Dakar (Senegal).
O que tens a dizer??
Academia de inteligência Afrikana
Afrikanos de pensamento livre

Kemi Seba

Part of our family. Fighting for our family. Salute Respect!!! ❤🖤💚



White supremacist tells victim at sentencing 'I should've killed you'

This is what we are dealing with. This is the level of unprovoked hate that is hell bent on our destruction.

This isn't human. It's demonic both spiritually and in the flesh.

Anyone trying to make peace with this is delusional.

Jeremy Christian, 38, yelled at assault survivor Demetria Hester in a Portland, Oregon court on Tuesday, after she told the convicted murderer: 'When you die and go to hell, I hope you rot.'

LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional
LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional

LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional

This is exactly what we are talking about. The place with the lowest Covid-19 cases and deaths is the testing ground for the vaccine. This is illogical. We do not trust this process at all and no one seems to care. We have got to put an end to this runaway train.

We have to act with extreme aggression or it's going to continue!

#redfistsrising look at this!
#blm look at this!
#noi look at this!
#KemiSeba regarde ca!
@therealgrandmasterjay look at this!
#mobalimakasi regarde ca!



If you are serious about action. Serious about Justice. Serious about respecting indigenous black people than you will want to be part of the Fist For the Fallen rally march on Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA on the 4th of July at 11:00 AM starting from 30th street station and marching down JFK BLVD.

Wear all red, or all black, or black and red. Most importantly please have a red covered fist. With either a red glove, paint, powder, or sash.

We are Honoring all the family and ancestors we've lost along the way since these shores were invaded and we were kidnapped from the Motherland.

For questions or media contact:
Omo Aiye
[email protected]

LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional

LaQuay LaunJuel - Professional

This man is an embarrassment to his soul. Sad thing is some of him inhabits the hearts and minds of more than half of all black people on earth. And that includes you! I see most of y'all like him. Coon supremes. Just cut it the fk out and do better! Dignity over money. Pride over status. Purpose over comfort. This life is worthless without honor.

Africa is the most ancient home of humanity period. Every science that guides this world was born there, including civilization itself. Melanin is the core chemical of the entire nervous system and brain neuro transmission, not just a pigment.

These fools like him are rabid people that debase us and should be dealt with accordingly for the walking mouthpieces of white supremacy they are. Toxic traitors.

Like I said more than half of you are just like him in some way or another. Better wake up. A reckoning is coming, and I don't think it's merciful.

#melaninrich #melaninroyal #melaninroyalstatus #melaninlove #melaninpoppin
#melanin #blackpeople #blackpower
#blackwomen #blackmen #afrikan #african #blackexcellence #kush
#blacklove #afro #blackpride #blackunity
#blackisbeautiful #africa


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It's sad that his life ended so soon.... I'm hopeful that he does RIP... HOWEVER.... I am SO OVERJOYED that this character is no more. It has AMAZED me how many "Straight" Heterosexual men has shared this video talking about how much they loved Lafayette and will miss him on the show. I find that strange and low key DL. Am I over thinking this? Is it okay for a straight man to enjoy watching the shenanigans of a homosexual man??