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The Nightmare Before Christmas - Kidnap the Sandy Claws HQ

Sorry I didn't post nothing last Saturday, I've been working on upcoming projects for your entertainment.

Everyone: *gasp*Actual Mad Labs original animations?!

Lol! Yes. The team and I have brainstormed ideas for shorts and we are excited to get something out there. Nothing will be completed until mid of next year BUT! I have a gift for you tomorrow. Until then please enjoy this classic scene from "the Nightmare Before Christmas"! Happy Saturday Cartoons!!


Kidnap the Sandy Claws from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Please watch in HD (720p)

DUEL - created on Artella

Saturday Cartoon!

46 artists from 16 countries collaborated through the Artella platform to make DUEL as the show opening short film for the 2016 CTN Animation Expo. Learn more about…

Infinity Train | Minisode | Cartoon Network

Happy Saturday Cartoons!

Side Note - Hey everyone! Mad Labs Studio are in the process of putting out some animated shorts. Hopefully towards the beginning of next year.One day we'll upload our very own Saturday Cartoons!


Tulip must learn to set her personal interests aside to make her way through a mysterious train and help the king of all corgis save his people. CN GAMES: ht...


Sorry for the late Saturday Cartoon. Once again busy... Anyway! Here's a late Saturday Cartoon done by The Line Animation Studio! Its a cool concept and I enjoyed it. -Ty-

-Late Saturday Cartoon-

This is a film for everyone who has ever been on a sh*t night out. WARNING: Contains strobing, flashing lights! Directed by Bjorn-Erik Aschim Produced…

Ball Like Beijing | Bionik Feat. Lizzo

Cool music video done by Powerhoue Studio!
-Saturday Cartoon-

Bionik's new video "Ball Like Beijing" featuring Lizzo transports you to an animated, modern metropolis where the odds are stacked against Lizzo and Bionik a...

"Brutalidad" by Craig Yamamoto - Ghost Satellite

A cool animation I found done by Craig Yamamoto. Enjoy!
-Saturday Cartoon-

Brutalidad was completed as Craig's graduation film during 2013 while attending college in Kansas City (known for its Jazz, Barbecue, and SAKUGA!!). Follow u...

Yo! Finally graduated! Some weeks ago... Anyway! Took a break and now I'm ready to hit the ground running. I'm going to ...
TLD - Demo Reel

Yo! Finally graduated! Some weeks ago... Anyway! Took a break and now I'm ready to hit the ground running. I'm going to be more active on this page! Saturday Cartoons will come back! Don't worry, this studio will create their own shorts, I promise. Plans are being made, clients are being found, meetings are taking place! SO, in the near future Mad Labs will become a full fledged studio! This I swear! Before then here's my demo reel. Enjoy!

-Ty a.k.a Workaholic-

My 2016 Demo!

Put The Ball In The Hole Collaboration

FINALLY! It's done! After the organizing, the flyers and the meeting, everything is done! Watch it on our official YouTube channel! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! Also we are still accepting submissions and re-submissions! Information about that is in the description bar of the video! Thank you everyone who supported and helped! Especially the students who participated and our teachers, Will Moritz & Al Waller! Much love!

A collaboration among AIA Media Arts & Animation students! Submissions and re-submissions are still being taken! Though this is the final video, for now. (on...

Polly by fungo - 3D model

The motorcycle is officially on Sketchfab go ahead and check it out. Other models coming as soon as they are Sketchfab ready. -RuSh

Motorcycle with an iron man inspired theme


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