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More than ever before, there’s a pronounced disconnect between the economy and the stock market and it’s growing worse. The new normal is an economy that is fundamentally broken--one that can’t be fixed by an election, a vaccine, or a social movement. You’re wondering how we rebuild from here and how to radically adjust the way you think about investing, wealth preservation, and how you position t

he future of your family. In the Wiggin Sessions, we connect with key thinkers and industry experts and do a deep dive into history, politics, economics, and philosophy--and discuss their real-world impact on financial markets and our lives. Join your host, Addison Wiggin, founder of Agora Financial, each Friday for a new episode of The Wiggin Sessions where he interviews such great minds as Juan Enriquez, George Gilder, Jim Rickards, James Altucher, Bill Bonner, Dan Denning.


Is the American public receptive to a positive message?

In this episode, Demetri discusses topics such as Populism and digital Governance

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🔬🌐 800 epidemiologists and health experts have released a pivotal statement on lockdown impacts.

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“We don’t get to live in a peaceful democracy, without making sacrifices and taking responsibility for this country” -Demetri Kofinas

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How did government financial aid during lockdown shape public opinion? Relief, skepticism, hope?

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🌏📈 How Is the Rise of China Challenging the Post-Cold War Unipolar World?Demetri Kofinas discusses more details with us…...

🌏📈 How Is the Rise of China Challenging the Post-Cold War Unipolar World?

Demetri Kofinas discusses more details with us…

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Welcome to the latest episode of "The Wiggin Sessions," where we dive into the intricate layers of modern politics and economics. In this episode, we're thri...

Happy Thanksgiving Day! From Addison Wiggin, The Wiggin Sessions & The Essential Investor Team.

Happy Thanksgiving Day! From Addison Wiggin, The Wiggin Sessions & The Essential Investor Team.


Is the world making the right decisions with the U.S dollar?

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China's Economic Might: Leading the world as the largest user of the U.S. dollar.

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Do you consider you understand the market enough to be successful?
Learn more on how to understand these key points...

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Remote or Office? Are people more productive working from home than working at the office?

Listen to Shah Gilani’s point of view and how it affects the future of commercial real estate.


Consumer credit is off the charts. We are seeing huge profits in some travel stocks. Flights are overbooked, and people are out there on holidays and vacations, but what happens when they get maxed out?

Shah Gilani warns us to avoid these mistakes in our latest episode on The Wiggin Sessions.

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Commercial Real Estate is one of the leading economic indicators. It’s not looking good… some experts say it’s just starting.

Do you agree?
Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Do you think the FED is going to let the market free fall? Markets are reflecting the investors’ expecting the FED’s put.

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You can look at the VIX and tap on volatility signals for answers—or take a look at some substantial bets being placed b...

You can look at the VIX and tap on volatility signals for answers—or take a look at some substantial bets being placed by the “whales.”

A whale as you may already know is a trader or hedge fund manager, who may or may not agree with you on the market’s direction, but when they put their bets down it’s in the billions.

Well, the whales are also back in town. We might be back from Memphis and Boca Raton. They’re back from their toodling around the Mediterranean in their uber yachts.

One of them… Michael Burry of Big Short fame, played by a scruffy Christian Bale in the movie… just bet $1.6 billion on a stock market crash… sort of.

Burry placed bets that the S&P 500 would drop below 4,000 and the Nasdaq 100 would drop below 300.

Because Burry has made a boatload of money in the past, you could even say that since 2008, Burry is one of the main actors that has made betting against the American economy “cool.”

PS. Oh, but Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) creeps in… and we must admit we spent a fair amount of time yesterday considering options on SPY and QQQ.

Michael Burry, did, after all, make a lot of money subverting the market narrative once before. And you only really need one of those trades to go your way… hmmn…

Excerpt from The Daily Missive. Follow along in


Saving the Banks or Combating Inflation?
Do you think the Federal Reserve is doing a good job combating rising inflation?


The intersection of climate change and the investment of carbon catalyzes positive change. Still, it is an undeniable reality that addressing climate change through carbon investments can be a costly endeavor.

As we delve into this realm, it becomes clear that pursuing sustainable solutions requires a substantial financial commitment. Nonetheless, the potential for transformative impact remains significant, making the investment in carbon mitigation and adaptation measures a crucial step toward creating a better and more sustainable world.

We discussed this topic recently in The Wiggin Sessions podcast.

What are your thoughts about Climate Change?


How much is the RECESSION impacting us?
Phillip Patrick shares insights into the causes, effects, and strategies to weather economic downturns.

"Recessions are like storms in the economic landscape, testing the resilience of businesses and individuals alike. They bring challenges and uncertainty but also opportunities for growth and transformation. - Phillip Patrick

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There’s an intricate relationship between the Federal Funds Rate and inflation, as the two influential factors intersect in the economy.

How do adjustments in the Federal Funds Rate by central banks impact borrowing costs, spending, and, ultimately, the overall price levels? We discussed this in-depth in Episode 3 with Phillip Patrick from Birch Gold Group.

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The banking crisis has NOT ended. What can you do to protect yourself?

In a recent episode, we discussed the current financial situation with Phillip Patrick.

He remarked: "Bank runs are largely a psychological phenomenon, and the concern is always that contagion starts to spread, and things can progress badly very, very quickly from there. So that’s the problem that the government has at the moment, and I think that’s why they’re doing whatever they can at the moment to try and quell fear, bailing out depositors when they have to."

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🚨 "A domino effect is looming over the global economy, triggered by national debt and banking crises. Will your investme...

🚨 "A domino effect is looming over the global economy, triggered by national debt and banking crises. Will your investments survive the fall? 📉 Watch our latest episode of The Wiggin Sessions to get the insights you need.



Mainstream media thinks this theatrical proposal to solve the US debt is news... Listen to Rick Rule's opinion.

Please share your thoughts with us!

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