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Ethan Radcliff Lucian Book 9 Desires of BloodPre-order darkness encompasses himS...

Ethan Radcliff

Lucian Book 9 Desires of Blood


The darkness encompasses him
Satan tall, handsome and trim
You’d never think he was evil
Or assumed he was the Devil
He’s like the rich and famous
Or a high roller in Las Vegas
Expensive clothes, money to burn
And Satan has powers that spurn
Women desire the fallen angel
Give their bodies so shameful
He rules an army of demons
Spawns of the garden of Eden
Known as Lucifer and Lucian
However, his beauty is a delusion
He oozes darkness and malevolence
King of Hell, the death of innocence
Be careful where you tread
Not near the undead
Darkness prevails
In Satin’s entrails

2022© Ethan Radcliff

New ReleaseBrute Alien BreedBy Andrea Bellmont is the dark, handsome alien capt...

New Release
Brute Alien Breed
By Andrea Bellmont
Furon is the dark, handsome alien captain of the starship Vengeance. Noel White, a lovely human, is the captain of the starship Amnesty. Both are on the same mission and are headed for the same destination.
From the onset of their meeting, there is a mutual attraction, yet both want to avoid any emotional attachment.
Both are strong-willed. She tries to resist, and he persists. The result is a burning passion, quelled only by countless sexual encounters.
They represent two dying planets and two highly compatible life forms who have joined forces to find a new home and procreate.
In the dark recesses of space, his brutal alien breed devours her mind and body until love brings the two together.
Hope must flourish, and peace must prevail as a new species emerges to save both worlds.

New ReleaseFor the Love of GloryA Bratva Romanceby Andrea Bellmont. del Rio's body c...

New Release
For the Love of Glory
A Bratva Romance
by Andrea Bellmont.

Glory del Rio's body came at a high price because some men desired more, and she had so much more to give. Then paid killer, Grigoriy Brenham, walked into her life. He was a brutal man and part of the Russian mafia. However, Glory's beauty and curves softened his hard edges, and love blossomed.

Within weeks of their love affair, she suddenly disappears from his life.

Despondent and angry, Grigoriy is back in his old neighborhood in NYC. Drunk, he wanders down a dark alley where he discovers a young woman, r***d, beaten, and left for dead. As he examines her, he wonders if it is better to end her misery. His large hand encompasses her throat, but he holds back and pulls out his phone to call for help. Her eyes open, and she reaches up, touches his scarred face, and begs. "Please, G, save me." Unrecognizable, he realizes it's Glory.

She was the woman he had loved and pledged his life to, who was now close to death.

As if a tornado sweeps him up, finding and killing her attacker is Grigoriy's obsession. She calls him her angel. He's closer to Satan.

But her attacker is told she is still alive, and somehow Glory is indebted to a notorious mobster.

Brutal isn't even close enough to describe Grigoriy's revenge.

Glory's involvement with such a deadly foe stemmed from her ex-lover. Will she survive the wrath of the man who still loves her? Will he be willing to risk his life to save her and keep her safe?

It becomes evident that Grigoriy will do anything for the love of Glory.

****adult content, 18 and up*****

New ReleaseThe Heart of the Tigerby Andrea Bellmont Howell was looking for the rig...

New Release
The Heart of the Tiger
by Andrea Bellmont

Liberty Howell was looking for the right man.

In Liberty's world, the right man had to have a supernatural flair about him.

Liberty harbored a dark secret. She was a shapeshifter.

On one of her blind dates, she meets Victor Cummings, a handsome man and one also with an extraordinary secret.

Victor craves blood, and he's a vampire with some hidden abilities.

Could Victor be the man Liberty is looking for?

Was he her match and the one to love her body and soul?

New ReleaseBrute Alien Abductionby Andrea Bellmont do you solve a problem like Layla?D...

New Release
Brute Alien Abduction
by Andrea Bellmont

How do you solve a problem like Layla?

Drakon is the captain of Prekas Five, a prison cruiser ship from a galaxy unknown to Earth. The tall, muscular, tattooed, large red-skinned, Quanton captain has a dilemma. A young Earth woman named Layla Francis is not exactly an intergalactic criminal. While searching for their criminal quota, two crewmembers accidentally abduct the young woman, or so he's told.

Abducting humans is against the laws of Quanton.

What to do with Layla?

She's petite, pretty, and voluptuous. Humans and Quantons are quite compatible. Perhaps, playing with her for a while can amuse him.

However, Drakon's desire for Layla becomes hard to control. She's forbidden fruit, and once tasted, he becomes addicted.

Hoping to return to Earth, Layla submits to the alien captain to find that she can't refuse him.

However, he's a warrior and an explorer, and there's no room in his life for a mate.

Yet, Drakon can't let go of Layla. She's hands off to all aboard.

How do you solve a problem like Layla?

Perhaps love is the solution.

***18 and older please***

New ReleaseS U Bby Andrea Bellmont. twenty-nine, Trish Atkins was a novice regarding me...

New Release
by Andrea Bellmont.

At twenty-nine, Trish Atkins was a novice regarding men and their desires. Then she met Liam Cunningham, a large man with a hard-muscled physique and rugged good looks. She thought she'd heard and seen it all. How mistaken she was. He was part of another world, one she'd heard about but never thought she'd have the opportunity to experience.

Life with Liam meant dominance, pain, and obedience. He was a seasoned Dom and wanted to own Trish.

However, could love enter the equation, and would Liam forsake all others for her love? Would Trish become more than his submissive? Would he want her for a lifetime?

The book Sub deals with some people's deep, dark kinks and desires. I dare you to take the plunge and enter one woman's introduction to the world of B**M.

****18 years and older***

Sweet Evil DelisionsBy Andrea Bellmont "The course of true love never did run smooth."Wil...

Sweet Evil Delisions
By Andrea Bellmont

"The course of true love never did run smooth."
William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Cleo Bernardo, the daughter of Don Mataeo D'Mato Bernardo, a notorious drug lord, is the sure path to bringing down the drug lord. Kidnapped her on the way to her engagement party by Eric Collins, a man she trusted–is his means to the end.

Cleo represents everything Eric loathes and vows to destroy.

Beautiful and only twenty, she has been preened and schooled by a B**M Dom to be the submissive wife of one of her father's competitor's sons, Roberto Rivera. It's how the drug world keeps the peace, arranged marriages, between the clans to avoid a war.

Roberto is the son of one of the richest and evilest drug lords, Don Vincenza Cico Rivera. and is destined to rule the roost.

Cleo is a prime commodity, a delusional princess, ready to reign with Roberto, ruling the notorious drug empire.

Call it a perverted Camelot that these drug lords have created. A society of sweet evil delusions, one that Eric Collins, a maverick of a man, a man with a vendetta, is determined to destroy. Eric Collins is her Dom and an undercover ATF agent.

He's stripped away her innocence and taught her well. Revenge can be sweet.

A Standalone enemy to lovers' romance.

****18 and over****

Doc (Death Riders Book 6)by Ethan Radcliff, he was a respected surgeon, married with ...

Doc (Death Riders Book 6)
by Ethan Radcliff

Once, he was a respected surgeon, married with a stunning wife and a son. He had a family he loved. Aaron Van Nuys had it all. But love crumbles when life takes a nasty turn, and his dreams are destroyed at the seemingly snap of a finger. Doctors can't afford to make bad judgment calls. Unfortunately, physicians are human too. He thought the woman he loved would stand by him, but she bailed and left with his son.

Lies catch up with those who are guilty. Anger becomes a weapon, and Aaron beats his wife's lover. Now, stripped of his medical license and dreams, convicted of manslaughter, the three years spent in prison only hardens a man.

When he's released, his wife and son are gone. He spends two years searching for them and hits a dead end. Embittered and crushed, he sinks deep into despair and rebels, buys a Harley, and joins a club. Now known as Doc, Death Riders becomes his sanctuary and his life. With the help of his Death Riders brothers, he plans to find his son and reclaim the life taken from him.

But then a young woman comes into his life. She's not your typical biker groupie and doesn't fit in like the other women. Yet, she submits to the degradation the male bikers put her through. Doc sees her path, one of self-destruction, and comes to her aid. He offers her his protection. However, it comes with a price. She'd be his playmate and his property. Love was never part of the offer.

Book 6 of Death Riders brings you on a roller coaster ride of betrayal, pain, and passion.
***18and up***

Diablo (Death Riders Book 5)by Ethan Radcliff D. Vasquez, better known as Diablo, w...

Diablo (Death Riders Book 5)
by Ethan Radcliff

Albert D. Vasquez, better known as Diablo, was a crude and brutal man who lived life to the fullest. His only important possession was his bike, and he had one allegiance to his brothers, his MC brothers, and to fulfill a vendetta.

Death Riders had become his lifeline, during his time in prison. Once out, he began avenging the death of the woman he loved.

Camilla Moreno was a healer who spent her life saving others. Still recovering from the death of her husband, she meets Diablo, and his handsome face and long-lashed deep gray eyes take her breath away.

Diablo never expected love or peace. His need for vengeance overshadowed everything else.

Sometimes love finds a man in spite of the coldness in his heart.

Revisit Death Rider's other members who come to help Diablo track down a killer—Conrad, Doc, and Chaz.

Read the series:
Read Book #1 Please
Read Book #2 Bad
Read Book #3 Chaz
Read Book #4 Riding Home
Read Book #5 Diablo
Read Book #6 DOC
Adult Content

Captive HeartBy Suzzana C Ryan Hamilton had the world by the balls. Married to mill...

Captive Heart
By Suzzana C Ryan

Juliet Hamilton had the world by the balls. Married to millionaire Andrew Hamilton was the most successful Hollywood producer of the twenty-first century. But Juliet's world tumbles when her husband leaves the United States for Central America to buy himself a kidney. Unknown to Juliet, her millionaire husband has gotten himself involved with the drug trafficking cartels in South America, and with their help, he's procured an illegal body part.

When Andrew's transplant goes array with the donor dying alongside her husband, the Nicaraguan government confiscates her passport, threatening Juliet with imprisonment. Detained and held captive in her hotel, Juliet believes she'll never leave Nicaragua alive.
Handsome Colonel Terrance James Whittingham and his Special Forces team are called upon to rescue the attractive Juliet Hamilton, and he knows he'll have to take her by force from the crooked Managua Police.

Considering Juliet nothing more than an over-indulged, spoiled prima donna, Terrance soon finds he can't fight his growing attraction to her. And for the first time in his life, he takes a woman, ravishes her, and then loses his heart to what he has always considered forbidden territory.

Love is a powerful emotion that transcends all barriers which Juliet and Terrance will find out, learning to trust, love, and desire as never before.

****Adult content****


Baltimore, MD


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