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Police Seek Public’s Help in Identifying R**e Suspect

Aberdeen Police Department
60 N. Parke St, Aberdeen, MD 21001
410-272-2121 Fax 410-272-6632
Media Release: September 30, 2022, 9:30 AM

Aberdeen, MD – The Aberdeen Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying a man suspected of committing a sexual assault.
On Monday, September 12, 2022, at approximately 11:01 PM, Officers responded to a motel located in the 900 block of Hospitality Way: in response to a report of a r**e.
Officers met with the victim, who provided details of the incident. Officers then secured the crime scene for investigators and provided transportation for the victim to a local hospital. Investigators were able to obtain images of the suspect from motel surveillance footage.
If anyone can identify this suspect, contact Detective Lightner with the Aberdeen Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division at 410-272-2121.

Prepared By: Lt. C. William Reiber

Photos from LaBella Pet Boutique's post

Photos from LaBella Pet Boutique's post


Did you know that University of Maryland Eastern Shore has Maryland’s only four-year, bachelor’s degree program in aviation? The talent at our HBCUs is sky high!

Loved taking the helm of their flight simulator. I’ve never piloted a plane, but I’ve jumped out of a few with the 82nd Airborne!

Photos from Aberdeen Police Department's post

Photos from Aberdeen Police Department's post


American Petroleum Institute (API), Senator Joe Manchin, & Dem leadership (Feds) are about to strike an underhanded deal to fast track permitting fossil fuel extraction projects, leading to more climate crisis catastrophes. Joe Manchin is in the way of progress.

Contact your Senator and tell them to Say NO TO Joe Manchin in the upcoming vote to fund the US government. Yes we must pay our bills but not as a detriment of being blackmailed by a low down greedy and corrupt politrickian like Joe Manchin.


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 Anyone can be cheated on. Cheating is more about the cheater than the victim of cheating. And Everyone knows that those...

Anyone can be cheated on. Cheating is more about the cheater than the victim of cheating.

And Everyone knows that those who work in close proximity have the best chance for connection. Didn’t Adam Levine just get caught? No surprises here.

Also, without confirmation of whom he cheated with folks should stop passing around Alison Feasters pic. Black women are demonized enough in this society.



Watching Lady You Shot Me: The Life and Death of Sam CookeI remember growing up and folks telling me he died playing Rus...
Lady You Shot Me: Life And Death Of Sam Cooke - Trailer

Watching Lady You Shot Me: The Life and Death of Sam Cooke

I remember growing up and folks telling me he died playing Russian roulette. For years that’s what I believed. I heard from another childhood friend a different story. So much mystery behind his death that even in that time without the internet still created large sectors of misinformation. Even watching the assailants testifying with details that don’t line up with the coroners report such as he was shot with a .22 but the shooter owned a .32. He was beaten as badly as Emmitt Till and the Police claimed it was a broom. And other details.

Such a sad ending to such a sweet spirit. There was not one person who has one real bad thing to say about him except to strangers who conspired to murder him. It seems that his owning his own label and publishing and his being at the forefront of the civil rights fight clearly were the motives behind his slaying. Even then or they should but didn’t.

I remember when I first heard “you send me” it was like a lullaby of beautiful music ear candy to a child growing up in a tumultuous society that was and still is antiBlack. It seems in the end antiBlackness may have been some of the cause of his demise. Sleep sweetly legendary Sam Cooke

The most influential black pop star of his time, was killed at the young age of 33 in a seedy motel in South Los Angeles at the height of his music career. U...

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AP News
Biden: Tentative railway labor deal reached, averting strike

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden said Thursday that a tentative railway labor agreement has been reached, averting a strike that could have been devastating to the economy before the pivotal midterm elections.
Railroads and union representatives had been in negotiations for 20 hours at the Labor Department on Wednesday to hammer out a deal, as there was a risk of a strike starting on Friday that could have shut down rail lines across the country.
Biden made a key phone call to Labor Secretary Marty Walsh at 9 p.m. as the talks were ongoing after Italian dinner had been brought in, according to a White House official who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity to discuss closed negotiations. The president told the negotiators to consider the harm to families, farmers and businesses if a shutdown occurred.

The strike would also have disrupted passenger traffic as well as freight rail lines, because Amtrak and many commuter railroads operate on tracks owned by the freight railroads. Amtrak had already canceled a number of its long-distance trains this week, and said the rest of its long-distance trains would stop Thursday ahead of the strike deadline.
Following the tentative agreement, Amtrak said it was “working to quickly restore canceled trains and reaching out to impacted customers to accommodate on first available departures.”
The five-year deal, retroactive to 2020, includes the 24% raises and $5,000 in bonuses that a Presidential Emergency Board recommended this summer. But railroads also agreed to ease their strict attendance policies to address some of the unions’ concerns about working conditions.


                   A rail strike would disrupt the transport of a vast range of goods, such as agricultural crops and lu...

A rail strike would disrupt the transport of a vast range of goods, such as agricultural crops and lumber. The Biden administration is rushing to avert a major rail strike.

If tens of thousands of rail workers follow through on threats to strike as soon as Friday in pursuit of better working conditions, chaos could ensue America wide. Rail moves roughly two-fifths of long-distance American freight and one-third of exports, providing a backbone of the U.S. supply chain.

The Biden administration has inserted itself in the talks, hoping to avoid a stoppage that would deal a crippling blow to the economy. The discussions put President Biden’s goals for fighting inflation at odds with his commitment to labor unions in the lead-up to the midterms.

In anticipation of a strike, Amtrak said it would cancel all long-distance passenger trains beginning tomorrow in order to avoid possibly stranding people, given that many of the trains run on tracks operated and maintained by freight carriers.

Folks be warned if you have Ticket keep checking for updates with Amtrak. This further illustrates the need for more than one train service. Americans should not be held hostage due to their inability to provide adequate working conditions. Also, competition should exist in all industry. This centuries plus deal needs to be rethought POTUS!!

Getty images below
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School bus vs car and Bus had kid on board on Tuesday approx 3:30pm on Paradise road aberdeen MD. There has been no report of who is as fault however there has been sightings of speeding busses on Farm Rd and the surrounding areas reported prior. Hopefully, no one was hurt. The system tends to keep this quiet for liability reasons however with children involved there should be more transparency on every incident. Original report on next door. This has been a

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Last Friday night at the Havre de Grace Opera House was hot 🥵 with The Benn Experience and SMB Music Group debuting the Minneapolis Sound! Look for more media to be dropped either later this week or early next week! Like below photo by Pat Venturino Sarahia Benn For Maryland
Cartel BRAND Clothing Store

SMB Music Group

Basically  & his running mate will lose badly as predicted by  when he first filed  Its not that Dems are all that stron...

Basically & his running mate will lose badly as predicted by when he first filed Its not that Dems are all that strong it’s that Dan is not respected by his own party & stands for insurrection extremism. Dan is running for political gain after...considering he was most likely going to lose his delegate seat due to his actions during Jan 6th . Pt 1


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A plan to revive Baltimore’s transit...Recently, The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board asked the question, “What can be done...

A plan to revive Baltimore’s transit...

Recently, The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board asked the question, “What can be done about Baltimore’s unreliable transit?” (Aug. 11). This week, the Baltimore Metropolitan Council appointed a diverse work group of regional leaders and transportation experts to address a long-standing issue at the heart of that question.

The Baltimore region is one of the few large metropolitan areas in the country in which local elected officials are voiceless in the operation or planning of the transit system. The Sun’s editorial rightly framed Baltimore’s transit challenges as the result of state planning and funding decisions. The editorial board is also correct in its assertion that addressing Baltimore’s transit challenges cannot wait for the next governor to take office in 2023.

To that end, the Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Transit Funding and Governance Workgroup, approved in July, is charged with delivering a formal recommendation on transit reforms to the next governor and Maryland General Assembly in January 2023. In 2021, the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board, which is staffed and hosted by BMC, published the Baltimore Regional Transit Funding and Governance Study. The study, which was the end product of a six-month public planning process, thoroughly analyzed six potential options for the governance and funding of transit in our region. The options range from the status quo to an independent authority similar to what is currently proposed by some Baltimore-area transit advocates.
The work group’s efforts will be grounded in the research and analysis of the 2021 study. In order for our effort to be a catalyst for real change, the work must be done with our eyes toward the future and not the past. The election of a new governor and General Assembly, combined with an influx of federal infrastructure funds, present a concrete opportunity for the state of Maryland and the Baltimore region’s local governments to redefine our shared approach to transit and to make high quality public transportation a truly statewide priority.

— Tony Bridges and Mike Kelly, Baltimore
The writers are, respectively, a Democrat representing District 41 (Baltimore City) in the Maryland House of Delegates and executive director of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council.

Link to article:

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President Joe Biden extends student loan moratorium!

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Complaints continue with Maryland unemployment site as jobless workers report confusion, glitches

"Jobless Marylanders continued to report problems Monday with claiming unemployment benefits through the state’s online portal, even as the state said the system is working properly.

Hundreds of people began reporting problems Sunday, when they couldn’t file their required weekly questionnaire to continue receiving benefits, known as certification."

"Joseph Jeffers, a 31-year-old former chef from Havre de Grace, said he originally applied for aid in October, so he hasn’t yet hit one year on unemployment. And, he sent in his weekly certification last week.

But around 8 a.m. Monday he tried to reapply for benefits anyway, following the state’s instructions.

“Worst mistake I ever made,” he said.

After he reapplied, his account information changed. It marked him as a recipient of regular unemployment, when he’d been receiving special Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. And the balance in his account had decreased by more than $1,000.

“It threw me from PUA to regular UI, which I know for a fact ... that I won’t be eligible for,” Jeffers said.

Jeffers decided to file his weekly unemployment certification anyway, just to make sure he wouldn’t lose his benefits. He called the state’s hotline, and all they could do was put a ticket in to address his problem in the future.

Jeffers said he waited several months for aid after losing his job due to the pandemic because of a prolonged dispute with his former employer. It was a stressful experience, during which he moved back in with his parents, sold his car and made plans to start taking classes at Harford Community College. Sunday’s difficulties added to his burden.

“It’s just been a roller coaster of emotions,” he said."

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Had a great time chatting with Sarahia Benn about my Governor’s campaign, experience & policy proposals on Beats N Politics . Check out the interview here:
MoCo's Senator Brian Feldman has been a leading advocate in Annapolis for harm reduction policies since he joined the House of Delegates in 2003. If the General Assembly had followed Sen. Feldman's policy proposals, Maryland would have hundreds-of-thousands fewer citizen/police interactions and tens-of-thousands fewer arrests. Sen. Feldman sponsored legislation to make ma*****na home cultivation a protected right under the Maryland state constitution - not because he loves ma*****na, but because he loves freedom and the appropriate use of public institutions. Other than ACLU of Maryland and Out For Justice, Inc., I'm not sure if any of the "progressive" organizations listed as part of the December Maryland Legislative Coalition criminal justice workshop have provided institutional support for these efforts. Maryland NORML has been on the front line of this effort, and we have repeatedly tried to get support from the legislative black caucus and "progressive" organizations, and they have NOT helped us, even when the entire Pacific Coast of north America has already established responsible, regulated ma*****na supply chains for consumers. These "progressive" organizations are NOT the most credible when it comes to criminal justice reform... they have in fact been obstacles.

Many folks might not know that 60 percent of all drug related arrests in Maryland are ma*****na related arrests.

We have ~18,000 ma*****na possession arrests annually in Maryland, ~5,000 ma*****na possession arrests annually in Montgomery County alone. This doesn't count the many thousands of humiliating, avoidable, life-threatening, and daily encounters between police and ma*****na consumers that don't lead to an arrest. All this while we invite investment capital into our state to build ma*****na production, processing, and sales infrastructure. Most of the MONTHLY $40,000,000 medical cannabis market is with multi-state operators, making our allocation of police resources for ma*****na all the more overtly unjust. This is an obscene injustice, and all progressive organizations should call for the immediate end to the racist ma*****na prohibition era - it is not too late to join us in this righteous fight.

A worker at the Havre de Grace Middle/High School construction site died from coronavirus earlier this week, according to Harford County school officials, prompting construction of the new school to BE HALTED FOR TWO WEEK quarantine. HCPS and Hess Construction mutually agreed to the measures.

School officials were notified Tuesday of the death of the Hess Construction contractual employee at the Havre de Grace site, said Jillian Lader, a spokesperson for Harford County Public Schools.

Messages left with Gaithersburg-based Hess Construction seeking comment have not been returned to any media source.

It’s unclear where the worker lived? Still no reported deaths of covid 19 amongst Harford residents. 110 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Harford county and 7,000 statewide with 171 deaths reported statewide.

Something to query....why is Hess Construction is such a prevalent builder in Harco? There are zero minority companies involved in this project which would reinject monies into the economy.
What was the bidding process? Why zero local companies and laborers? What politicians is Hess Construction has ties? We should demand answers and now?

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