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READER COMMENTS: Hello! Nice to get back out and pick up your newspaper. We got ours at TOGOs on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.
I do the word puzzles with my grandboys and our favorite article was “Say Hello to Frank” [by Pacific Pug Rescue] about the disables dog who was adopted! My son just opened a food cart so I was able to share your article on Networking [by WINEHAUS ] with him! Retired and living in Beaverton, I enjoy your whole newspaper to help me keep up with what is going on in and around Beaverton, Thanks !


READER COMMENT: I picked up the paper at the rack across the street from the main Beaverton library. My favorite story is “Say hello to Frank!” [by Pacific Pug Rescue ] This very touching story brought bittersweet tears to my eyes. I’m so glad there is a happy ending for Frank. It’s wonderful that there are fantastic organizations like Pacific Pug Rescue and Cat's Cradle Rescue
Cat’s Cradle Rescue, which have compassionate people who take care of too many animals that need and deserve a loving home, but don’t have one yet.


VOTE BEST OF BEAVERTON AWARDS: I would like to put in my vote for the Best of Beaverton to TPC (True Potential Chiropractic). They are an amazing group of fun, smart, and caring people. The environment they’ve created not only helps you physically but also mentally/ emotionally. The best thing about TPC is Doctor Bell and the fact that they go over x-rays with clients to PROPERLY diagnose issues. This is one of the best places I have visited.


VOTE BEST OF BEAVERTON AWARDS: My vote for best Beaverton business goes this month to the Black Bear Diner. I picked up dinner at the Black Bear Diner for Memorial day and it was very good. The food is delicious and the portions are very generous and the food was ready for pickup a few minutes after I placed my order. I enjoyed it.


VOTE BEST OF BEAVERTON AWARDS: My best-business nomination is Signature Shoes. Wide array of comfortable, quality shoes, a knowledgeable staff, and relaxed atmosphere. I was so glad to see that they're open for business again.


READER COMMENT: My favorite story overall was "Here comes the SUN!" on page 16 [by Singing River Natural Medicine ]. I've often heard us Pacific Northwesterners are vitamin D deprived and that the best way to get our vitamin D is through exposure to the sun, but I've never heard what the "magic number" was in order to accomplish that. Thanks to this article, I now know it's having 30% of our bodies exposed to peak sun for 20-30 minutes.

Summer fun in 2021!

Summer fun in 2021!

Summer fun in 2021!


BEST OF BEAVERTON BUSINESSES AWARD VOTE FOR: D'Vida Injury Clinic & Wellness Center! While there's a lot of fantastic clinics in the area, D'Vida has really shown a lot of positive growth over the years. Even through transitions of new staff at times, they continue to provide consistent care and everyone has great bedside manners. I feel like I am treated on a very personal level, thoroughly listened to and have had excellent success with treatments. I have gone there for a chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage. Although I typically go for self-care and maintenance, I've also been treated after a motor vehicle accident. I not only appreciate feeling very well cared for but also appreciate entering an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. I often recommend the clinic.
-- Kirsten Tankersley


They have been amazing. I had been receiving services for neck and back pain. My primary wanted to give me medication and referred me to a physical therapist. I do not like to take medications and so I did some searching and was referred to D’Vida. It has been amazing. Fast forward several months and my son needed arm care for the upcoming baseball season for high school. He had to take a year off. He was seeing a sports physical therapist twice a week and nothing was helping his tendinitis in his elbow. He was getting depressed and ready to give up. I convinced him to see Dr. Katherine and he saw results in 2-3 weeks. He can function as a ball player but still needs biweekly arm care and supports. Dr. Katherine has given him so many wonderful tips. I have literally cried seeing my son begin to heal and develop this passion back for baseball. ~ Stacey C.


BEST OF BEAVERTON VOTE RECEIVED FOR: D'Vida Injury Clinic & Wellness Center: I recently became very ill from Lyme disease and West Nile Virus. This caused alot of extreme pain and inflammation in my body. Without help from D'Vida I would not be walking around today. Thank you so much for providing excellent care.
-- Samantha H.


READER COMMENT: What my favorite story was: "When in Doubt...Go to the Library!" I especially enjoyed reading about Thursday's Zoom meeting on estate planning. It's never too early (and as long as you're alive, never too late), to create a plan and get your affairs in order. I am going to try to rearrange my schedule to attend and, without reading about it in the BRG, I would never have known this class was being offered!

Thanks for your newspaper, BRG, and "see" you next month!


The Beaverton Farmer's Market opens Saturday, May 1st.

The Beaverton Farmer's Market opens Saturday, May 1st.

The Beaverton Farmer's Market opens Saturday, May 1st.


BEST OF BEAVERTON BUSINESS VOTE: I would like to nominate
True Potential Chiropractic (TPC) for The Best of Beaverton Award. These folks are the BEST! Dr. Bryan Bell has been the key factor in my ability to keep moving and functioning as a productive person. His dedication to his craft extends beyond chiropractic sessions. He employs a wholistic approach to healthcare, and his team is phenomenal!

The ability to tap into a host of resources and work with a knowledgeable team has kept me coming back for years. I have been able to confidently refer others that have experienced similar pains and they too have had positive outcomes. I like that I can get services like in person guidance on proper stretching & strengthening exercises, and then a space to continue those exercises on my own time when I stop in for scheduled massage or chiropractic appointments. I love the in-depth explanations of symptoms and causes, as well as options of treatment based on my own needs.

It's not just the care of the "broken" body, but also the attention to educating people towards healthy lifestyles that makes TPC so wonderful. Online learning sessions, availability of tools and products, and networking sessions afford a personal touch, even beyond the medical needs. They know everyone by name and treat everyone like family. It is a truly warm and inviting atmosphere. In my opinion, Dr. Bell and his team deserve consideration for this award.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Klotz


READER COMMENT: I picked up this wonderful paper at the rack across the street from the main Beaverton library. My favorite story was “Add something new to your daily exercise routine,” [by ReNu Chiropractic Health] on page 15. I also really liked the Beaverton Farmers Market information on pages 26 and 27, especially the fennel recipe. I am always interested in finding recipes that are healthy and use ingredients I am not sure how to use, like this one.


READER COMMENT: In this issue, my favorite story was, far and away, the one from Pacific Pug Rescue regarding the 50 pugs that were rescued from a Chinese slaughter house. I regularly visit their site and never even knew this happened. Granted, I'm extremely partial to that smooshed fawn-colored face, the bug eyes, the tongue constantly hanging out, and the pig-like snorting exhibited by traditional pugs, but reading about these doggies being saved from the meat grinder and given the opportunity to join a happy family, and THEN getting to see four photos of their adorableness? Well, there was just no chance another article could have been my favorite.

I wish the article explained why "applications are *not* being accepted for this specific group of pugs," especially because the Pacific Pug Rescue's site still doesn't say anything about having rescued these cutie pies. Oh well. A happy ending is a happy ending and I know Blanche, Ada, Yang Yang, D**g D**g, and all the other pugs will get theirs with such a wonderful organization taking care of them.


BEST OF BEAVERTON VOTE FOR: The business in Beaverton that I vote for is Beaverton Physical Therapy and Associates located at 4690 SW WASHINGTON AVE. I like this business because: 1) Very friendly and helpful, 2) people oriented and provide private room for the patient., 3) I like my physical therapist Jillian Spink for her gentle ways, calming attitude and affective healing. Jillian is a fantastic person.
--Esther F.


READERS CHOICE AWARD VOTE FOR: I would like to nominate True Potential Chiropractic (TPC) for your Best of Beaverton contest. TPC is clinic where you are warmly welcomed and helped whenever needed. Dr. Bryen Bell has a true passion for chiropractic care and his patients. He wants to you to feel better and get things back to normal almost more than you do. He understands his profession and the holistic manner in which the spine impacts the entire body. You know you will receive professional chiropractic treatment and compassionate concern, and interact with friendly staff. It is an all around great place because everyone that works there is focused on your feeling better. I highly recommend TPC and hope it wins to receive the public recognition I believe it has earned. Thank you.
-- Elle

New art comes to our new Public Safety Center.

New art comes to our new Public Safety Center.

New art comes to our new Public Safety Center.


BEST OF BEAVERTON VOTE: La Hacienada Real has excellent food, great, attentive and polite servers and finally affordable prices for large servings. One of our favorite places!
--Sharon Moore


BEST OF BEAVERTON VOTE: Beaverton Farmer's Market
I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Beaverton Farmers Market and being able to connect directly with the vendors who are selling their products. I've been going to the market for over 25 years when the market was located behind the old fire station where the library is now located. - Eileen Mitchell


I visit here when experiencing problems with my Mac Mini. Their staff is always courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful. And jeez ... Powell Books! Legendary! Huge. Clean. Friendly. Helpful. Stuff on sale. A great place to browse…and find surprises I was ’t even looking for. -- Ken Malucelli


BEST OF BEAVERTON VOTE: Hello, our family nominate Beaverton Family Chiropractic, P.C., for Best Business. Dr Dan began caring for the 4 of us in 2020. He safely helped us correct our back while observing safety measures so we felt safe during Covid. Our adult daughter is severely special needs and he is always careful and very respectful and how he helps her. It’s wonderful to find a chiropractor who carefully attends all of our four different needs. Thanks, Holly Mejia


BEST OF BEAVERTON VOTE: Hi there! I would like to put my vote towards TPC [ True Potential Chiropractic ]. The staff and quality of service, as well as the covid safety measures are incredible. I work 14 hour shifts in the ICU and have lived for years with pain from lifting patients and suffering from pinched nerves in my shoulders and back. After six months with TPC, I am pain free and only need to do periodic stretches and massage to keep things loose. I would not be able to keep doing my job without them--they are the best!


READER COMMENT: In this issue, I enjoyed the Our Town: City News section ("Four affordable housing complexes are coming ...
Four affordable housing: Sustaining livibility for those in need | Beaverton Resource Guide

READER COMMENT: In this issue, I enjoyed the Our Town: City News section ("Four affordable housing complexes are coming to Beaverton!" by Beaverton City Government) I've seen these buildings popping up around the city, but did not know what their intended purpose was/is and when they are projected to be complete. Thanks to this article, now I do!

Four affordable housing: Sustaining livibility for those in need Mar 1, 2021 | Our Town | 0 | The city thrives as an ethnically diverse, welcoming city, where all its residents are an essential part of the Beaverton community. People want to be part of this community because of the quality of life a...


READER COMMENT: Hello, I picked up the paper at the Murryhill 24 hour Fitness and my favorite story was called More Produce and Flowers Happy March Farmers Market [by Beaverton Farmers Market]. My vote for favorite Beaverton Business is Ava Roasteria because the employees are so friendly, the coffee is fantastic and it is near most other businesses.
~ Linda L.

As the weather warms up, downtown restaurants are ready to serve outdoors.

As the weather warms up, downtown restaurants are ready to serve outdoors.

As the weather warms up, downtown restaurants are ready to serve outdoors.


READER COMMENT: I picked up the paper by the Beaverton post office, I think. If I didn’t get it at that location, then I picked it up in the park across the street from the main Beaverton library. I’m having a senior moment now, unfortunately. My favorite story was “Work on your mental health this winter.” I also really liked “So, what does a good workout strategy consist of?”

My favorite Beaverton business is Trader Joe’s in Beaverton Town Square. Their customer service is fantastic! The staff members are always very helpful and pleasant whenever I have a question or a rare problem.
-- Myra S.


4655 SW Watson Ave
Beaverton, OR


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