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The formation of the armed forces coincides with the period of 1992-1994, when the already independent Republic of Armenia, being in an undeclared but actual war with Azerbaijan, together with the Republic of Artsakh, simultaneously embarked on the creation of a national army. However, the declaration of independence of 1990, which announced the de facto independence of Armenia and which opened new legal and practical perspectives for the creation of a national army, played a decisive role in the creation of the Armenian army.

On January 28, 1992, the government adopted a historic decision "On the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia", thereby legally announcing the creation of the Armenian National Army.

In May 1992, the Ministry of Defense started the first conscription.

The formation of the army of the Third Republic of Armenia went through several stages. The first stage lasted in from February 1988 to May 1992. In this period, in the conditions of the activation of the Karabakh movement and the extreme aggravation of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, ensuring the military security of the population of Armenia and Artsakh became more than urgent.

The second stage lasted from June 1992 to May 1994. During this period, the republics of Armenia and Artsakh were subjected to the aggression of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The third stage started from June 1994 and continues until today. During this period, significant works were carried out in the direction of army building, increasing the combat capability of troops, strengthening discipline, preparing and training officers and non-commissioned officers, as well as contract personnel, and ensuring certain progress in army-society relations.

In September 2020 , the Yerevan special regiment was formed, and five companies were formed in Ararat, Goris, Vardenis, Ijevan, and Meghri. By the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the State Defense Committee under the Council of Ministers was established in 1991.

Conscription in the Armenian Armed Forces is intended for male representatives aged 18-27 for a period of 2 years. Conscription and demobilization are carried out twice a year, in summer and winter.

The Armenian Armed Forces continues to cooperate with various international structures from the moment of formation and steps are being taken to further expand these ties. The Republic of Armenia, signing the Collective Security Treaty on May 15, 1992, became a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Military cooperation with Russia has a great place in the field of international cooperation of the Armenian armed forces. The Russian Federation is considered a strategic partner of the Republic of Armenia and the military-technical cooperation between the two countries is at a high level. The cooperation of the Armenian Armed Forces with the North Atlantic Alliance is also deepening and expanding the spheres of cooperation every year.
The Armenian army is also battle-hardened. Despite its young age, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia have gone through three wars. After the victory in the first Artsakh war, the Armenian army performed the same heroic feats in April 2016, when they put an end to the four-day military operations unleashed by Azerbaijan.

During the 44-day war unleashed by Azerbaijan in 2020 against Artsakh from September 27 to November 10, as well as during the attack on Armenia by Azerbaijan on September 12-13 in 2022, the servicemen of the Armed Forces performed unprecedented feats, protecting the borders of the motherland.

The army, which has gone through three wars in almost three decades, now has a greater responsibility on its shoulders.

The Armenian army has been and remains the guarantor of impregnable borders and security.


Russian-Armenian tennis player Karen Khachanov thanked the fans who were waving Armenian flags during his matches at the Australian Open.

During the post-match press conference, a reporter asked Khachanov what it means to him to have the Armenian flags in the crowd, that must be very special to have people who recognize your roots.

“Yes, you’re right. From the bottom of the heart I felt grateful for them to cheer, to support, to come over,” said Khachanov during the presser. “And also Russian fans. They were not allowed to bring any flags, Belarusian as well, but I heard them. There were many Russians screaming and supporting me all the way.
I’m just really happy to see everybody on that court and to give me love all the way until the end,” the tennis pro said.

Khachanov also took to his social media to thank his Armenian fans who supported him during his matches. “Your support gave me a lot of strength, courage and belief! To see so many Armenian flags during my matches I am beyond grateful and happy!”

Stefanos Tsitsipas won at the Australian Open semi-final on his fourth attempt Friday to reach the decider at Melbourne Park with victory over Russian 18th seed Khachanov of Armenian descent.

The Greek third seed defeated Khachanov 7-6 (7/2), 6-4, 6-7 (6/8), 6-3.

The settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan should not become a hostage to the competition between the European Union ...

The settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan should not become a hostage to the competition between the European Union and the Russian Federation, Peter Stano, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, told RIA Novosti, commenting on the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia regarding the launch of a two-year European mission in Armenia for the purpose of regional settlement.

"The settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan should not become hostage to any competition between different actors," said Stano.

He emphasized that the Russian Federation is mistaken, considering that the EU's role in the settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan is directed against Russia.

"Russia clearly misunderstood the purpose of this mission and continues to misjudge the EU's involvement in the region as a move against Russia. The more important thing is that it is not Russia's business. The EU mission was launched based on the request and free decision of the Armenian authorities. Of course, the EU has also been in contact with the authorities of Azerbaijan on this issue," the Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said.

He added that the EU is also aware of the role Russia played in ending the war in the November 2020.

"The EU mission is civilian and will play a key role in supporting the EU's efforts to normalize Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. The EU assumed that role after the respective request of both sides," Stano noted.

One of the severely injured serviceman from the deadly military unit fire has been moved to a hospital ward from the int...

One of the severely injured serviceman from the deadly military unit fire has been moved to a hospital ward from the intensive care unit (ICU).

The young man is in a stable but serious condition.

The other two injured servicemen are in moderate condition.

On January 19, a fire broke out in one of the Armenian military units killing 15 servicemen.

The first high-level Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue took place on January 26 in Yerevan, co-chaired by Deput...

The first high-level Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue took place on January 26 in Yerevan, co-chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia Vahe Gevorgyan and Deputy Secretary General/Political Director of the European External Action Service Enrique Mora, the foreign ministry said in a press release.

The one-day meeting reflected the interest of both sides to take forward political dialogue and cooperation in the area of foreign and security policy, as a further important step in Armenia-EU relations.

The parties reviewed key security issues for Armenia, the EU and the wider region, in particular challenges to European security, as well as issues related to the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, including the growing humanitarian concerns related to the obstruction of free movement in the Lachin corridor.

“Armenia is pleased to host the 1st Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue which is an important framework for discussing a wide range of issues related to international and regional security. Armenia looks forward to strong cooperation with the EU Mission in Armenia in monitoring the international borders of Armenia. Armenia values all mediation and facilitation activities aimed at building peace and security, which is essential to ensure the territorial integrity of Armenia, the rights and security of Armenian population in Nagorno-Karabakh,” said Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia Vahe Gevorgyan.

“The EU is making significant efforts at the highest level to contribute to comprehensive normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We have just established a civilian EU Mission in Armenia, which aims to contribute to increased stability on the ground, human security and confidence-building. The first ever Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue launched today demonstrates our mutual interest in enhancing cooperation on foreign and security policy issues, and readiness to work together for the benefit of peace, security and stability, especially in the current challenging international context marked by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine,” said EEAS Deputy Secretary-General Enrique Mora.

The meeting confirmed the commitment of Armenia and the EU to work towards the South Caucasus that is secure, stable, peaceful and prosperous for the benefit of all people living in the region. In this regard, the parties discussed the upcoming deployment of the civilian CSDP mission established by the EU Foreign Affairs Council earlier this week. Through its activities and reports to the EU leadership, the EUMA will also contribute to efforts undertaken in the framework led by the President of the European Council Charles Michel.

In the comprehensive exchange of views, the participants in the Dialogue also discussed the situation in the wider region, including the process of normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey, as well as issues relating to hybrid threats and other security-related matters.

Meetings of the Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue will be held regularly, in principle on a yearly basis.

EXCLUSIVE: In recent days, it became known to The Armenian Report that the International Chess Federation (FIDE) is cons...

EXCLUSIVE: In recent days, it became known to The Armenian Report that the International Chess Federation (FIDE) is considering holding the 2023 World Cup in Baku — the capital of Azerbaijan.

During our interview with Armenian chess champion, Samvel Ter-Sahakyan this past weekend — he mentioned that his attendance to 2023 World Cup is questionable because of FIDE’s consideration to host the event in Baku.

“Thus, our attendance to the World Cup this year is questionable,” said the chess player.

The Armenian Report immediately reached out to the Vice President of the Armenian Chess Federation, Smbat Lputyan to find out what the Federation is doing to stop FIDE from hosting the event in Baku.

Given all the humanitarian catastrophe that Azerbaijan is guilty of since 2020 against all ethnic Armenians globally, especially those Armenians who live in Artsakh — any organization should be cautious of hosting any international event in Azerbaijan.

“My opinion is negative, of course, because I think it is not desirable to hold the World Cup in countries that have problems with each other,” the VP of Armenian Chess Federation told our sports correspondent in Yerevan.

Lputyan told us that they have had a discussion with FIDE, “but we also understand that there are similar problems in many places and it is difficult for FIDE.”

The Armenian Report is told that the Armenian Chess Federation has not addressed FIDE.

“It’s a difficult situation because FIDE itself is in a difficult situation,” Lputyan told us.

He told us that their goal is for their Armenian chess players to receive a different approach from FIDE in terms of the legal rights the players have earned.

“We are unhappy that the World Cup should be held in Baku,” concluded Lputyan.

The Armenian Report has made calls to the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Karen Giloyan but he has not responded to our calls.

Given the unsatisfactory response from the VP of the Chess Federation, The Armenian Report has also submitted questions to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia. This is the ministry that is in charge of such matters.

Story developing…

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan revealed his information about Azerbaijan’s plans concerning Lachin corridor.Spe...

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan revealed his information about Azerbaijan’s plans concerning Lachin corridor.

Speaking at the Cabinet meeting today, the Armenian PM said that Azerbaijan pursues one goal – to break the Nagorno Karabakh Armenians’ will of living in their own homeland.

“Furthermore, we have information that Baku has the following plan: to reach some culminating point of the economic and psychological pressure in Nagorno Karabakh and open the Lachin corridor for a few days with the expectation that Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh will leave their homes en masse, then again close the corridor and then again reopen for a few days, and repeat this until the last Armenian leaves Nagorno Karabakh. This is certainly an explicit policy of ethnic cleansing,” the Armenian PM said.

Pashinyan said that if until now the international community had skepticism regarding Armenia’s warnings that Azerbaijan has intentions to commit ethnic cleansing against Armenians in Nagorno Karabakh, now this perception is slowly but resolutely getting stronger among the international community.

Pashinyan said that the incident which happened on January 17, when the Azeri self-described masked eco-activists terrorized children (and filmed and published the footage themselves) who were being taken back home by Russian peacekeepers, also had a role in this sense.

On January 25, 2023, Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development conve...

On January 25, 2023, Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development convened two separate meetings on Azerbaijan’s ongoing blockade of Artsakh.

The meetings were organized following last week’s unanimous passage of a motion presented to the committee by Bloc Quebecois’ Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Stéphane Bergeron, which called for a maximum of three meetings, during which the committee would have the opportunity to hear from witnesses representing the Republic of Artsakh, as well as experts and community representatives, the Armenian National Committee of Canada reported.

This was a historic achievement, considering that for the first time, it provided an opportunity for Artsakh state representatives to appear in front of the Canadian Parliament and make the case for the 120,000 besieged Armenians of Artsakh and their struggle to live as they choose.

During the first meeting, ANCC’s Co-President Shahen Mirakian appeared alongside Dr. Taline Papazian (Lecturer at Sciences Po, École de l'Air), Robert Avetisyan (Republic of Artsakh’s Permanent Representative to the US & Canada) and Gegham Stepanyan (Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh). During his testimony, Mirakian provided the committee with a comprehensive understanding of where Armenian Canadians stand on this issue, emphasizing the need for Canada to use its considerable international influence and pressure Azerbaijan to end its genocidal blockade of Artsakh and deter Baku’s ethnic cleansing campaign in the region. Dr. Papazian provided testimony related to the geopolitical context of the ongoing situation and offered recommendations on how Canada can help end the latest humanitarian catastrophe orchestrated by Azerbaijan.

Artsakh’s Permanent Representative to the US & Canada, Robert Avetisyan and the Republic’s Human Rights Defender, Gegham Stepanyan, made excellent presentations, providing committee members with real facts from the ground related to the grave humanitarian consequences and the geopolitical implications of Azerbaijan’s genocidal aggression as well their policy priorities and vision for a free and independent Artsakh.

The second meeting of the committee heard from Olesya Vartanyan (Senior South Caucasus Analyst at the International Crisis Group), as well as Professor Christopher Waters (Professor of Law at the University of Windsor). Both witnesses shared grounded information on the ongoing situation in Artsakh, calling for an end to Azerbaijan’s destabilizing efforts and for increased international pressure to find a fair and permanent resolution to the conflict. During the second meeting, additional witnesses who appeared in front of the committee spared no effort to disseminate state-sponsored propaganda, unashamedly denying the suffering of the 120,000 innocent Armenians of Artsakh. Both witnesses were thoroughly questioned by committee members and at times, their foreign-sponsored talking points were pointedly exposed.

The Armenian National Committee of Canada thanks committee members for their ongoing advocacy and leadership on this important issue and remains committed to continuing nationwide advocacy efforts to end Artsakh's blockade and ensure that their voices are heard in the pursuit of a free and independent Artsakh.

Australian Open semi-finalist Karen Khachanov says he hasn’t been told by tennis officials to stop writing messages of s...

Australian Open semi-finalist Karen Khachanov says he hasn’t been told by tennis officials to stop writing messages of support for Artsakh, 7NEWS reports.

Khachanov progressed to the final four with victory over the injured Sebastian Korda on Tuesday, the American retiring in the third set.

A Russian with Armenian heritage, the 26-year-old has written post-match messages on the television camera lens such as “Artsakh stay strong” and “Keep believing until the very end. Artsakh, stay strong”.

He was expressing his support to the people of Artsakh who are enduring a month-long blockade by Azerbaijan.

“I have Armenian roots from my father’s side, from my grandfather’s side, even from my mum’s side - I’m half Armenian,” Khachanov told reporters after the quarter-final.

“I just wanted to show strength and support to my people. That’s it,” the Armenian tennis star explained.

The messages have infuriated the Azerbaijan Tennis Federation, who sent a memo to the International Tennis Federation demanding action against Khachanov.

But the 18th seed said he hadn’t been told not to write the messages.

“I didn’t hear anything about that ... so far, no,” Khachanov said.

The Azerbaijan Tennis Federation described his actions as “dirty”.

“Karen Khachanov... attracted attention with his hateful act,” the organization said in a statement.

“The Azerbaijan Tennis Federation letter presented facts and legal documents regarding the provocation against Azerbaijan.

“The ATF condemned this act and demanded the tennis player be punished and urged the (ITF) to take harsh measures for prevention of such incidents in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Armenian community of Melbourne has been attending Khachanov’s matches with flags of Artsakh in support.


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