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Now is the time to bring tyour family closer together. Telling children bedtime stories has always been the magic for a ...

Now is the time to bring tyour family closer together. Telling children bedtime stories has always been the magic for a growing happy family., brings back the magic of family.

CLONE ME An ANGEL.By Delroy HardyHe is one of the richest men in the world, with a worth over 70 billion dollars. Forbes...

By Delroy Hardy

He is one of the richest men in the world, with a worth over 70 billion dollars. Forbes name him the king of the tech industry. John Salinger was Rich and famous before he was 25 years old. His company THYPE reach is over one trillion dollars in 2018 and continues to grow at a rate never seen before in finance history. John is 6.2 very attractive built well, looks extremely good in suits and he loves to wear the best of clothes. Women love him not because of his wealth but, because he is so good looking and charming. And for a while he had different women in his bed almost every night. Till he met Jessica Willoughby.

Jessica was sweet and kind. A very caring person even to strangers. She loves kids. Especially her little five year old niece Samantha daughter of her big sister Kim Willoughby. Whom she is very close to. When John met Jessica it was love at first sight. She was different than all the other women he had known. She had a very wholesome look that made her stand out in the crowd. Something like an angel. He wanted her that night. All he said to her at a club her sister took her to was hello, then he kissed her. And she kissed him back. She was so taken back by the kiss, but she liked it very much. She like the bad boy come and take charge. His eyes had her mesmerize to the point she could barely move, only follow the voice of his command.

Unknown to Jessica Johns charm hid a monster. A monster that were malicious and violent especially to women and after marrying him she found herself in the center of his malice. Nowhere to run, Her sister found a solution in an Voodoo witch.

John leaves on a business trip, one he takes often and be gone for months. Jessica had learn to cherished the time he was gone but soon, John realize she was at peace with his absence, so he created a room where he would lock her in until he return from his trips. He control the room and everything in the room from remote distance. He could see through video camera everything she does. The room were no more than ten feet wide not even the size of her closet. It was like a little prison cell. With a toilet and shower. A small bed and a television. There were no communications with anyone, not even her sister.

She escapes with the help of her sister Theresa. Realizing, there is no place she can run. John control law enforcement agencies around the world, and she knows he has already launch them on her. It is a matter of time before she will be caught and taken back to him. Theresa takes her to see her friend whom is a voodoo witch. Who tells her to bring something that belongs to John. Anything! She returns with some of his hair. She then creates a clone of her husband. A gentle husband, Kind and very good to her. As the clone become more and more into the world. John becomes very sick, and inform by a doctor that it is not a sickness but a curse. If he don’t destroy the creator of the curse in 48 hours he will die. He were told about the clone that if he approach the clone he will die immediately. So he believes his wife is the cause of the curse and he plans to kill her. But not until she watched him kill her whole family. He orders his people to kill her family and friends. But each day the clone becomes more and more in control and order his men to kill John and his people, whom he is calling an imposter. John looks dramatically changes and the men that serving him no longer follows him believing they had been con by an imposter, returning to the clone John they launch an attack on john and his family. The Willoughby’s.

They are among us! The government is warning us not to interact as it may be fatal. Nobody knows why they are here. Wher...

They are among us! The government is warning us not to interact as it may be fatal. Nobody knows why they are here. Where did they come from? Is it an invasion? All we know is they are everywhere and there is nothing we can do to stop them.


The Tall Things

I can’t wait to get home. I am so tired

I couldn’t wait to get out of there. If I heard another of John hero stories. I can’t believe he does that every year. He never been in the army.

That’s whiskey talking.

Daddy Are we going to the movies.

Movies. Year. The movies is going to be on TV.

Tv. Movies and popcorn right mommy!

Frank, Is my eyes playing tricks on me. What is that?

Ten foot tall human like dark shadow walks in front of the car.

It’s got to be ten foot tall. Said Nancy.

What the hell is it?

He stopped the car as the tall creature walks in front of it and continue to walk.

What is that?

Some jerk on stets.

No. Not this time of time. It is almost three in the morning.

He gets out the car.

Where are you going she asks?

He almost cause an accident.

Forget about it, get in the car.

Hey tall guy! Franks call. It ignores him and continues walking slowly down the street. Frank continues to taunt at it but no result. He picks up a bottle and throws it at him. Hitting it on the upper back. It stopped and looks at Frank.
I hope that is a mask you are wearing. Boy you are one ugly creature. I hate to tell you it is late for Halloween. So what are you doing? Walking around at three in the morning trying to scare people. This is New York City. We don’t scare easily.

The creature looks down at Frank. And pluck a blow that sent his head flying through the back of their car window barely missing the little girl. She screams in horror as her mother jumps behind the wheel screaming just as loud as her child, and press the gas tearing out of there. A head less corpse lie on the ground as the creature continues to walks down the street.

Three streets away a police car is cruising when the officers see something strange walking down the street. Tall dark, looks like it is wearing a long trench coat. They pull up beside it shining their flashlight. The creature ignore them and keep on walking. The creature seem over ten foot tall. The police officers don’t understand what they are looking at.

This can’t be real. An officer said. Where they find a couple standing outside
But we are looking at it.

What the f**k is it? 2nd officer.

I don’t know! (Picks up the mic) Hey you there. Could you stop for a second?
It keeps walking. They pull in front of it and jump out of the car shining the flashlight up at its face. They pull back when the see the horror face. They jump back in the car. Call for assistance. And the same they are calling several other units are reporting the same thing in difference parts of the city. They continue to follow the creature for several blocks before they lost it. It just disappeared.
Later they are getting reports tall creature is looking through people window. They respond to a call just blocks away. The couple is standing outside on their stoop. When the police pulls up. A female immediately approach the car pointing down the street where she say you could still see it. Other people on the porch looks frighten.

Everybody go back in your house. Lock your doors and don’t come outside.

What is it? A woman asks.

We don’t know! Replied officer 2.

The police hurry down the street but the creature has already disappeared. They circle the block looking for it, but comes up empty. Meanwhile calls are coming in bout the tall man looking into people windows. Couple from floors that are five stories high are reporting someone looking into their windows.

Police are left to wonder, if the creatures climbing buildings. The dawn drifted in and the reports of seeing these creatures disappeared. The news was buzzing and the internet were fill with photos and videos of tall man like creatures lurking through people windows and walking in the streets. Fear grows in the city. People wondering if this is some type of invasion. Mayor ordered more cops on the streets immediately with national Guards on standby.

The day were filled with no sighting of the creatures. People talked about the event most of the day, but as night fall things got quiet and people resume their own stories. Going to work, being out enjoying themselves. There were more of a police present than normal. People were still out in the streets even pass midnight. Many hoping to get a glance of this mysterious tall man like creature.

Samantha and James wanted to stay up hoping to see the creature too, but their mother made them go to bed and all the lights were off in the house and their mother too were just in the other room sleeping. Samantha who could barely sleep. Still excited about the tall man news. She got up to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was in the hallway near the kitchen, through a small corridor. Samantha opened the door to the bathroom and went inside to use it. When she came out she went into the kitchen looking in the refrigerator for something to drink. Taking out a leftover soda she had earlier and began to drink when she thought she heard a noise. She looked over to where the table were and saw something strange. It looks like a shadow, tall sitting in the corner of the kitchen. She cut the kitchen light on to take a closer look. She saw a shadow figure still there. She quickly cut the light back off and went to her room to wake her brother.

James were enjoying a baseball dreams he was having when he heard a voice calling to him. He woke up to him his sister knelt over his bed calling on him.

What! He ask disappointed he was awaken.

I think the Tall man creature is in the kitchen. She said.

In the kitchen. James returned


Why would he be in the kitchen?

I don’t know! Maybe he is hungry.

Maybe it is just your imagination.

No. You know I don’t imagine things. It’s in the kitchen. Go look!

James out of the bed to humor his sister. She took the flashlight out of the drawer and gave it to him.

Don’t turn on the lights. She said.

The creep to the kitchen where James shine the light in the area she said she saw the shadow. He could not believe what he was seeing. He turned on the kitchen light against his sister protest. The tall shadow figure were sitting there as if to be sleeping. He cut the light back off. This time there mother were already walking toward the kitchen. She stood there looking at the kids for a second curious about the look they had on their faces.

What going on? She asked

The tall man. Samantha said pointing to the corner in the kitchen.
The mother turned on the kitchen light seeing the shadow figure in the corner.

Don’t scream mother. It is sleeping.

She pulls the kids outside the apartment and down the stairs. Knocking on her go friend door. Brenda answered the door to find Joni and the kids in front of the door. They hurried in and locked the door behind them.

What’s the matter? Brenda asks

That creature is in our kitchen.

What creature? Brenda responded

The creature they all been talking about all day on the news.
Are you serious?


Call the police.

I don’t understand why you are so calm. I would have been screaming my head off.

The kids was calm, and that made me calm. I just grabbed the kids and came down here.

Knock! Knock! Police.

They opened the door to find five police in the hallway with heavy weapons.

You reported a sighting.

Yes. It is in my kitchen. It appears to be sleeping.

Where’s your apartment Ma’am?

4d two floors up.

Ok Stay here. The police officer orders. Is the door open?

Yes just turn the door knob.

They walked up the stair and Joni, Brenda, and the kids listen while they went upstairs. Listen as the door to the apartment opened and the officer went in. A horrific growl were heard and police men screaming. Gunshot fired and more screaming. Suddenly silence. All the neighbors were now in the hallway running downstairs. The police sirens were heard and car doors slamming as more police rushed in the building. The race up the stairs and into the apartment. Soon more police has arrive and ran up the stairs. A cop came down he was crying.

They all are dead. More police came downstairs. One officer stopped and talked to them

Who made the call? Officer Johnston asks.
I did. I call for my neighbor. Brenda returned.

It is your apartment?

Yes! Returned Joni.

Ok. The first five responding officer had all been killed.

Oh my God. Responded Joni, and Brenda.

The creature or whatever it is was gone when we got upstairs. We search the whole apartment.

Where did it go? Brenda ask.

We didn’t see anything coming down the stairs.

What is it? Brenda

We don’t know. What we now know, it is deadly.

Oh my God! Joni responded

There were news camera and people from all over looking to see what happened! People are becoming more and more afraid of the tall creatures, they have proven to be killers. No one know what happened to provoke the situation. Did the officer do or say something to scare it. It didn’t messed with the mother and her children. They got out safely while they say the creature were sleeping. The police brought Joni and the kids down to the precinct. They needed more information about the incident.

Hi my name is Det. Williams Venson. I would like to ask you a few question that led up to the event last night. Could you tell me when did this all occurred?

I think my daughter could best help you with that. Samantha, can you tell the detective what happened?

Yes. I woke up to go to the bathroom. After I use the bathroom I went into the kitchen to get something to drink and that’s when I see it.

Do you know what time this occurred?

Around two in the morning.

What did you noticed about the creature?

It looked like a very tall man shadow. Only it wasn’t a shadow, it was just black like a shadow.

Black like a shadow?

Yes. It was sitting there with its head down like it was sleeping.

What about the clothing? Was it wearing any particular type of clothing?

His clothing was black like a shadow, like it. I couldn’t make out any type of material or anything.

Do you know how it got into the house?

I have no idea said Joni.

I don’t know. Samantha said.

I don’t know. James replied also.

Thank you for coming in. If I have any more need to call you can I?

Yes. You can.

It was nearing dark and police was getting ready for another encounter. They had already called in the national Guards and Army special forces was heading into New York. People were afraid. They were afraid to be in the city and some was leaving going to friends in difference states since the creature are only reported in New York City. The night came and gone. There were no encounter with the creatures and the rest of the month the same. Police still stay alert and continue to pour more troops into the city.

Twenty days later in Connecticut a lovely suburban neighborhood with expensive homes, mostly well to do middle class area. Around two am an alarm went off and the same time a dog were barking. The Kemps were in their bed sleeping when they heard the alarm. Mr. Kemp got out of the bed and his wife followed him as he went into the kid’s room to make sure they were ok. Looking into his soon David room he saw he were sleeping peacefully and there were no one inside. They closed the door and walks toward their six year old daughter Britney. He looks into the room and sees Britney sleeping and he sees something in his cross vision and looks over to the end of the bed. He turns the light on and sees a tall human like shadow sitting at the corner of the bed near the window next to Britney bed. He turns the light off immediately as the creature appears to be sleeping. He slowly walks to the bed and pull the covers slowly off Britney and pick her up hoping not to wake her. Her slowly walks out the room and close the door softly behind them and they grab their eight year old son and hurry out of the house. And gets into the van where he tells his wife to drive to their in laws just a few blocks away. He goes over to his neighbor house and wakes him. Letting him know a creature is in their house. He don’t want to call police because he remember what happened in New York City. He believes they frighten the creature and made him react violently. He takes his camera and he and his neighbor Lawrence Smith goes into his house. The set the camera up on the creature and he put two other cameras on the room. And they leave the house. When he enters his neighbor house He open his laptop and looked at the feed. He went to when they first heard the alarm. They saw the creature coming through the wall, almost materializing. And walks over to his daughter laying sleeping. He looked down at her and saw the covers were half off her revealing her panties. The creature did something that surprise the both of them. It pick up the covers and put over her and securely tuck the covers in. Then it took a seat in the corner and went to sleep. It slept there for the rest of the night and when daybreak came in it stood up and vanished into the wall. The outside cameras that surround the house never showed him entering the ground or leaving the grounds. He just vanished inside the wall.

He had already installed camera inside and around the out. In every room except the bathroom. He did expect to see the creature in fact he was hoping to catch it. Although he didn’t think it would every happen. He wanted to keep his house safe from intruder so he made sure he had the proper surveillance cameras situated in every room for when he wasn’t home. He wanted to make sure his family was safe. He never thought he would actually capture the creature and he was ready when it did happen. The information were vital to the government. They got to see what the creature look like and they knew it had superior powers. What they did not know were why they were here?
The last couple of week the tall creature was seen all over the world at the same time. If it wasn’t an invasion, it sure seem like one. The other question became why those hours between Two am and dawn. It is the answer they had to find out. There had been no reports of murder since the police officers in New York was killed. People have learned not to bother them. When people saw them in their home, they let them sleep and in the morning they was gone. They never visited the same house twice.

No one knows why they come into people homes just to sleep or why they walks the streets at that time of the morning. Why do they disappear at day break? Why don’t they communicate with people? What are they? Where did they come from? Where do they go in the morning? All unanswered question that kept the government very nervous. The government had prepared a special force to discover as much information about the tall creature and they wanted to contact anyone who ever came across one of them. They wanted to know what they did while they was sleeping. They found themselves with a lot of film to show authoritative including video of them coming and vanishing into the walls. And with all that information they knew little or nothing about them. They are even seen vanishing in the streets. Where they vanished to?

It soon became an everyday occurrence seeing them. People were given strict orders not to engage or confront them. People waited up late just to see them and followed them. Many taking pictures and videotaping them as they walk. Groups was beginning to form. Group who felt like the creature was taking over our world and they felt they had to do something about it. The president pleas with groups not to take action but it felt on death ears. The government made a curfew in New York City. No one was allowed in the street after 1am. People ignore the curfew and many receives fines, but that didn’t stop the groups from searching for the creatures and trying to destroy them. But, they soon found out their weapons were ineffective against the creature and there was nothing in their arsenal that could stop them. Religious group turn to religion people praying in the parks and streets, it did not deter the tall shadows, and they just walk past them as normal. And pray the people did to no effect.

On Wednesday night little Shannon only six years was sitting up late when she noticed a shadow in her room. It were sitting in the corner. Shan were excited by the creature present. All her friends have talked about what they will do if they seem the creature in their room. She turn on her light and stared at the creature as it sit and slept. Shannon decided the shadow needed a makeover, so she went and got all her mother’s makeup and color the creature face. She even added lipstick to the creature lips. After she had finished she got the mirror so she can show the creature its new makeover. She shook it several times until it open its eyes. She put the mirror in his face

Do you like it? Shannon ask.

It took the mirror from her and stared into it, then it look at her. And back into the mirror. Back at Shannon, then back into the mirror.

Do you like it? Shannon ask again.

The creature reached into what seem like a pocket. Took out a gold coin and gave it to her. Shannon mother was behind her standing at the door watching as the event with her daughter and this very strange entity unfold. She wasn’t afraid for her daughter. She heard they were harmless, but, she felt a little fear when she saw the makeover her daughter gave him. When it gave Shannon a gold coin relief felt on her mother and she knew it was friendly. The creature put the mirror on the floor and looked at Shannon. The mother believe she saw what looked like a smile, and suddenly it dissipated right before the both of them.

The task force was working hard trying to figure out why these creature were here. Although they have seem plenty of them by now and have recorded ton of videos, they have fail to communicate with them. They do know if provoke they will attack. They know they have no arsenal they can use against them. All the officers could do is spot and follow them when they were on the street. Still, there are no detail in there walk because all they do is walk until dawn, then disappear.

We understand some of these creatures goes into people homes and go to sleep while others just walks the streets. Why this is happening we don’t know. We also know they have been seen in every parts of the globe so we know there are many of them. We are even getting reports they are friendly. All we can do now is wait.
Said General Mathews.

So we are going to sit and wait till they strike.

Yes. That is exactly what we are going to do.

How do we know they are not positioning themselves for the right time to strike?

What do you suppose we do?
Weapons are harmless against them, and they only attack when we attack them, I think our best method of operation is to try to communicate with them. Eventually they are going to talk to us.

So we are just going to let them take over our planet, is that what you are saying?

Have there been any change in government? I haven’t seen any changes. So how is it a takeover?

They are here. That’s how!

And what harm are they causing?

Five cops dead.

And how many more cops have to die?

The question is how many people will die if we don’t do something?

Have you ever though they don’t think like us? Maybe they are here for reason, may even be to help us?

Help us from what?

I don’t know. Something we can’t handle.



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