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Market Road Films Market Road Films is a New York-based, independent production company We are a full service production company based in historic, post-Industrial Brooklyn.

Founded in 2003 by Emmy Award-winning director Tony Ge**er and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage, Market Road Films works in both fiction and non-ficiton.


As fires in the Amazon burn and temperatures in the Arctic soar, it’s important to remember why we cherish wilderness - its great beauty and biodiversity - and why we must fight to protect it. Market Road Films is proud to announce tonight’s broadcast debut of Kingdom of the White Wolf, a unique natural history series two years in the making. Featuring National Geographic photographer and Explorer this epic 3-part documentary special transports us to the High Arctic and embeds with a wild pack of wolves as they prepare for the coming winter. The series is narrated by with an original score by w cinematography by sound design by editing by color by produced by written by associate producers network EP Kingdom of the White Wolf premieres this Sunday, August 25th at 8 PM Eastern Time on The series will be available to stream online Monday, August 26th on iTunes, TV and

500 miles from the North Pole (80 degrees north) white wolves live as they have since the last Ice Age, wild and unafrai...

500 miles from the North Pole (80 degrees north) white wolves live as they have since the last Ice Age, wild and unafraid of humans. How will their world be impacted by ? 3 months of production on location in a remarkably complex and stunning wilderness has resulted in a our one of a kind 3-part series premiering next Sunday at 8p EST (Streaming option will begin the following day.)


So proud to have collaborated with the brilliant Carolyn Porco on "Second Genesis" for PBS about the search for life in the outer solar system. Tonight at 9pm EST.

This past Sunday marked 40 years since the launch of the most significant, most far-reaching adventure of them all ... the Voyager mission to the outer solar system and beyond. Singular in its ambitions, preeminent among human endeavors in its mythic proportions, and moving in its Golden Record of human greetings, songs and images of Earth, Voyager is regarded as the greatest mission NASA ever conducted. I regard it as the Apollo 11 of the planetary exploration program.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 23, a paean to Voyager -- a documentary called The Farthest -- will air on PBS. Those of you who are old enough will have the opportunity to remember how remarkable Voyager's odyssey across and beyond the solar system really was and still is; those who are not will have the chance to learn that there was a time in the early space program when we were standing on the shoulders of very little and accomplished great feats nonetheless.

Be sure to watch this lovely commemoration of those halcyon days.

And immediately following The Farthest will be a short documentary called 'Second Genesis', in which yours truly seeks to understand how to search for life in the solar system. It will be my TV debut as subject & guide. You can bet that Enceladus features prominently, too!

Do let me know what you think!


This Is Reading, P.A.

This Is Reading, P.A.

Drop it like it's hot. This is Reading, the theatrical trailer.


This Friday, July 14!


Humane Society's 2017 Genesis Award for OUTSTANDING TV DOCUMENTARY! Market Road Film's Explorer: Battle for Virunga – National Geographic channel

Producer/Director: Tony Ge**er, Host: Justin Hall, Camera: Tim Grucza, Sound/2nd Camera: Joe Bender, Field Producer: Melanie Gouby, Associate Producer: Taylor Hom, Editor: Luis Alvarez y Alvarez, Score: Tyler Strickland, Graphics: Stephanie Gould Executive Producers: Jeff Hasler, Brian Lovett, Jared Lipworth, Melissa Wood, Dave Snyder, Margaret Ebrahim

For the 31st year, the annual Genesis Awards serve as a reminder of the importance of all forms of media in helping us expose animal protection issues. From documentaries highlighting the ivory trade and endangered gorillas to magazine and newspaper stories that reveal the scourge of pig farms and puppy mills, the 2016 Genesis winners are proof that the media are an invaluable ally in our fight to protect animals.

Battle for Virunga is a fascinating exploration of Virunga National Park on the frontlines of conservation. At two million acres, the park is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the most lawless areas on the continent. Riven by war, corruption and ruthless militias, the country is home to half of Africa’s mountain gorillas. Rangers are outnumbered 20-1 by poachers and 140 of them have been killed in recent years trying to protect these gentle animals. Not only are gorillas hunted for bush meat, but they’ve become victims of the fight to control the lucrative charcoal industry so the forests where the gorillas live are gradually being eroded to supply hardwood for charcoal. The documentary looks at why Virunga has become such a contested territory, which has to do with its Belgian colonial past. This long-standing battle for the land has bred a disregard for the gentle gorillas who are the victims of a destructive cycle of conflict and poverty.


Congrats to Lonnie Walker! The Red Knights' all-time scoring leader just played in the McDonald's All-American high school basketball game. Thanks for letting us film your portrait. It will be projected 20 feet high on the outside of the Franklin Street Train Station in July 2017. This Is Reading, P.A.

Congrats to Lonnie Walker! The Red Knights' all-time scoring leader just played in the McDonald's All-American high school basketball game. Thanks for letting us film your portrait. It will be projected 20 feet high on the outside of the Franklin Street Train Station in July 2017.


Check out our transmedia project in Reading PA around the creation of Lynn Nottage's Sweat (now on Broadway) This Is Reading, P.A. Coming July 2017.


Market Road Films's cover photo

Rolex presents: James Cameron, the art of storytelling

It was a true joy to collaborate with James Cameron on this short film for Rolex.

James Cameron represents the pinnacle of film-making, with a boldness of vision and focus on technical innovation dominant throughout his many movies. Titani...

CNNFilms: We Will Rise Trailer - CNN Video

Tune in to CNN this Sunday, December 11th at 10 pm EST for a special encore broadcast of "We Will Rise: Michelle Obama's Mission to Educate Girls Around the World", the documentary we made in collaboration with The Documentary Group.

First Lady Michelle Obama takes a journey to Morocco and Liberia, where she meets young women overcoming incredible odds to change their lives. "We Will Rise" premieres on CNN on October 12 at 9 p.m. ET.

Michelle Obama Talks Education in Africa in 'We Will Rise' Clip

"The documentary stresses the importance of girls' education as their potential and contributions to society are what ultimately strengthen communities and nations.
Directed by Tony Ge**er...the hour-long documentary will premiere in the U.S. via CNN on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET."

Watch Michelle Obama speak with Liberian girls about education and hope in the new documentary 'We Will Rise.'


Tune in tomorrow at 9pm for the premiere of We Will Rise!


We Will Rise premieres Wednesday October 12th on CNN. It was an honor to collaborate with Meryl Streep, Isha Sesay, Frieda Pinto and the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Close Gorilla Encounter

Our latest Documentary Battle for Virunga about the human toll in the battle for conservation will premiere on National Geographic Channel airs tonight at 8pm EST.

We'll be live tweeting using the hashtag so please feel free to join us

British journalist Justin Hall is on an incredible journey through Africa’s Virunga National Park— where a clash between exploitation and conservation threatens to destroy the park’s gorillas.


Writer/director Tony Ge**er of Market Road Films will be joining presenter Justin Hall and Nat Geo writer Robert Draper on a panel today at National Geographic Society's Grosvenor Auditorium in D.C. to discuss our upcoming documentary, Battle for Virunga premiering on National Geographic Channel Sunday June 27th, 8/7c

The Danger of Undercover Meetings

I'm very proud of the work on this hour for Nat Geo. I've known Inigo Gilmore for a decade. This was our first collaboration. Special thanks to the great work of DPs Erin Harvey and Richard Gillespie, masterful editor Paul Snyder, writer/AP Taylor Hom, composer Tyler Strickland, culture crime watcher Tasoula Hadjitofi, activist/archaeologist Amr Al Azm and our fabulous show-runner Melissa Wood for her empathy, encouragement and smarts on this mission impossible.

Inigo meets with a tipster who gives him information in order for him to set up a deal as an undercover buyer.


MRF goes undercover on assignment for in BLOOD ANTIQUITIES premiering this Sunday night (before GOT) at 8pm EST on National Geographic Channel.

Explorer: Blood Antiquities

Our latest documentary will premiere on National Geographic Channel on Sunday June 5th at 8pm EST/7pm CT.

If you'd like to know more about the film, check out this exclusive interview with journalist Inigo Gilmore as he explores the dangerous world of looted Middle Eastern antiquities and learns where the profits are really going.

An investigation into ancient Syrian treasures that have been plundered by the Islamic State

Inside the Kurdish Ground War on ISIS

It was a chilling experience to film in Iraq and feel the past so manifest and the present battle against a new enemy just over the next hill. Fortunately for us it was all quiet on the Western front when we walked the fresh earth of a newly raised berm. The Kurdish people are remarkably resilient, strong and grounded in their culture. They are also damn gracious hosts. Please watch our film this Sunday night on National Geographic Channel. 8pm EST.

National Geographic journalist Neil Shea discusses his experiences while embedded with the Kurds as they defend their home against ISIS.


This September Bond 360 (Senna, Exit Through the Gift Shop) will be releasing our film The Notorious Mr Bout. There will be bonus features and outtakes. Look for updates.


Join us at BAM, Tuesday December 16th at 8.30pm for:

"The Bell, the Digger, and the Tropical Pharmacy"
Part of BAMcinématek series Migrating Forms

a film by Allora and Calzadilla
a Market Road Films Production
Co-Director Tony Ge**er
Editor Stephanie Gould
Director of Photography Stuart Dryburgh
Co-ordinating Producer Alex Rosenthal
Sound Designer Rich Bologna
Colorist Begonia Colomar

Screening in Shorts Program: The Island is Enchanted with You (86 min + Q&A)
Peter Jay Sharp Building, BAM Rose Cinemas

At a US-owned pharmaceutical plant in Cidra, Puerto Rico marked for demolition, a sonic digger whose shovel has been replaced by a cast iron bell tears through the walls and facilities of the building, creating music and a de facto memorial as a byproduct of the destruction.

Tickets available here:


It was a singular experience collaborating with this visionary pair--

The Bell, the Digger, and the Tropical Pharmacy
Directed by Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla
2014, 21min, NY Premiere
Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels
A Market Road Films production

At a US-owned pharmaceutical plant in Cidra, Puerto Rico marked for demolition, a sonic digger whose shovel has been replaced by a cast iron bell tears through the walls and facilities of the building, creating music and a de facto memorial as a byproduct of the destruction.

BAM Cinematheque's Migrating Forms. Shorts Program One. December 16th.


232 3rd Street Ste B401
Brooklyn, NY


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My holiday gift for ya’ll is here! It arrived on the site Christmas Day in fact!

Click here: and scroll down to press play to hear a fresh NEW podcast episode on the history & food traditions of Kwanzaa with audio appearances from 2X award-winning author Michael W. Twitty , Dr. Karenga himself: creator/founder of Kwanzaa❣️🖤💚, Ms. Maisha Ongoza of The Kwanzaa Cooperative and Mr. Vince Thompson: Kwanzaa Campaigner/Crusader & Ignitor of the iconic Boat House Row Lighting Legacy!... Special shoutout of heartfelt thanks to Production Mgr & “Podcast Doula” Laura C. and the fab folks at Market Road Films who make so much magic happen❣️.......
I also included one of my only cookie 🍪 recipes (I’m MUCH more of a kick a%& cook than a baker;) showing you how to make super simple — and naturally delicious — (customizable!) Kwanzaa cookies! You can make ‘em round or flat; add in stuff like dried fruits or dark chocolate or holiday spices if you like ... You can even turn them into gifts for somebody else! Either way, ENJOY!
• There’s also a link to my pepperpot 🥘 🥄 recipe —a near perfect hearty winter stew that’s spiced just right for the holiday season 😋⛄❄️🕎🕯️🎄❤️🖤💚🎁🎊... .