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Enchanted Lion Books Enchanted Lion Books, based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is an independent publisher of beautifully illustrated books and some fiction for readers of all ages.

Staunchly independent and family-owned, we opened our doors and published our first list in spring 2003. We love books, well-told stories, and beautifully-rendered illustrations, marked by a vivid, lively line and an awareness of space.

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“Publishing books in translation is important because of the narrative, aesthetic, conceptual, philosophic, and cultural...

“Publishing books in translation is important because of the narrative, aesthetic, conceptual, philosophic, and cultural richness they present. Books created in different languages and cultures often pose more open-ended questions than US books, which tend to offer answers and resolution. Books created by people formed within the crucible of other languages offer different understandings of family, community, economy, life, death, happiness, sorrow, and so on.

In Spanish-language cultures and Scandinavian cultures, for example, there is a tendency to publish “darker” picture books, meaning ones that are more honest and open about the relationship between sadness and happiness, life and death, and how all of that connects to a sense of meaning and purpose. So, books in translation give children a global literature and a bigger frame for thinking about the world and our place in it. We don’t think adults deserve only a national literature. Why should we think that children aren’t also nourished by a global literature?” 💫

In the days remaining of #WorldKidLitMonth , we’re eager to share some recent interviews with you, that expand on Enchanted Lion’s loving commitment to the art of translation. This quote is from a recent interview with ELB publisher, editor, and art director, Claudia Bedrick. 💛 Link in our Stories for the full interview, in which Claudia reflects on the creative spirit, the stories and voices that thrive on the margins, and the challenges and rewards of being an indie publisher. Thank you to Nancy Bo Flood of Bookology Magazine for the great conversation, and stay tuned in the days to come for more translation insights!

Art from CRY, HEART, BUT NEVER BREAK (translated from Danish by Robert Moulthrop), SEVEN PABLOS (translated from Spanish by Mara Faye Lethem),
MY LITTLE SMALL (translated from Swedish by Annie Prime), forthcoming THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STORY (translated from Norwegian by Kari Dickson), and MALLKO AND DAD (translated from Spanish by Mara Faye Lethem)
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It’s hard to believe we are in the final stretch, but we are, and it feels good, for so many reasons. Because there are ...

It’s hard to believe we are in the final stretch, but we are, and it feels good, for so many reasons. Because there are so many of us. Because you have given us new ground from which so many vital stories will flourish; because we are sharing in an act of faith and vision; because we have formed a grassroots channel for books and art which suggests a possible departure from the exploitative structure that is amazon; because together we are saying YES to beauty & to stories that frame better realities.

On Thursday we will announce a new aspect of our vision, something long in the dreaming, now become possible. We believe it will allow us to share even more voices and a broader vision across the space of the illustrated book. All power to the imagination!

Art from “What Is a River?”

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It feels like mere moments ago that we were preparing our countdown to launch, and now, we begin our countdown to the end of our campaign in a week, on September 25th. What a joyous whirlwind it has been!

On Wednesday, three members of the ELB team gathered (in a safe and socially distanced manner) in our new Red Hook space, smaller than the old one in Greenpoint, but very much alive with light and potential and hope for the future.

We would like to share a video that we filmed while we were together that day, to express our gratitude for you, our community.

One of our favorite aspects of this campaign is the way in which it has rippled outward to new readers, who have found us through Kickstarter and through word of mouth thanks to friends and supporters who have shared it. The world of Enchanted Lion has expanded to include so many more of you (four hundred, at the time of writing this)!

In the next seven days, we will continue to share in more detail about forthcoming 2021 titles, the collaborative workshop and art-making guide we are thrilled to be able to share with backers after meeting our stretch goals, and very soon: a special announcement we are buzzing with excitement to reveal!

-the ELB team

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We have eight days to go in the campaign, and our hearts are feeling full.

Just before we begin a seven-day countdown to the end of the campaign on September 25th, we would like to take this moment to reflect on the journey thus far: the excitement and trepidation of hitting the 'launch' button; the trepidation falling away with our steadily rising amazement, as we watched and felt our community rallying around us in warmth and solidarity; surpassing our goal and stretch goals, which means more security but also more sharing of books, workshops and happenings with all of you, our community.

We have felt so heartened and inspired by your generous notes and comments and that you took the time to share them with us. All of it––every word––has mattered to us deeply, since words always do matter and how we word the world and our experience in it counts for so much.

At the time of writing this, 380 people have contributed to our campaign, and an even larger number have contributed by sharing and spreading the word. What a number: 380. Three hundred and eighty and then the radiating circles outward of so many readers and seekers of wonder and knowledge. So many of us who believe in beauty and wonder, and changing these concepts to reflect greater understanding and care. We may not be able to gather in person, but we hope that you feel the same sense of fellowship with us, and with one another, that we do.

If we reach 400 backers by the end of the campaign, we will celebrate once again by sharing a special announcement about Enchanted Lion's future plans. It is your generosity which lends real hope for that future.

Now, to give you a sense of things to come, we are sharing a video from the brilliant illustrator Violeta Lopiz (one of the illustrators of beloved ELB title, The Forest, alongside Valerio Vidali) where she speaks about The True Story of a Mouse Who Never Asked for It, a picture book for older readers, long in the making. This story, written by Ana Cristina Herreros, translated by Chloe Garcia Roberts and edited by Sara Elisabeth Paulson, is an unusual book, that beautifully embodies our ethos as a home for stories from the margins, however unruly.

This heart-rending memorial light shines tonight through my kitchen window. Prayerby Mary OliverIt doesn’t have to bethe...

This heart-rending memorial light shines tonight through my kitchen window.

by Mary Oliver

It doesn’t have to be
the blue iris, it could be
weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
small stones; just
pay attention, then patch
a few words together and don’t try
to make them elaborate, this isn’t
a contest but the doorway
into thanks, and a silence in which
another voice may speak.

Every shard or tatter of silence anywhere through which that other voice speaks is also a doorway into where we can remember the dead, our dead, our shared dead, their names and that they lived, and through this grace of memory we do what we are able to reinscribe them with love into the great Book of Life. By remembering and never forgetting, we hold Death present,
recalling ourselves perhaps to remembrance of Life, too, and how fragile it is, however strong. What are we? A mere ten pints of blood? Far, far too precious, one would think, for us to spill it so easily.

Now halfway through our first Kickstarter, we remain profoundly heart-warmed & grateful for the expansive community that...

Now halfway through our first Kickstarter, we remain profoundly heart-warmed & grateful for the expansive community that has come together to support us!💛

Last week, we announced our first round of stretch goals, ALL of which have officially been met! After reaching $27K, we'll be moving ahead with an additional Spring title: CHIRRI & CHIRRA, THE RAINY DAY! To continue spreading the joy of Chirri & Chirra, we're creating an arts & crafts guide inspired by their world. This will be shared as a digital reward with all backers, as a thank you for helping us reach 200 campaign supporters. Having ALSO surpassed 250 backers, we're excited to share rewards celebrating the power of community––virtual workshops open to all backers for later this fall, inspired by Sister Corita Kent's "PLORK" (play + work) happenings, and an activist pack inspired by NOODLEPHANT & OKAPI TALE, to be sent to all backers who have pledged $27 or more. 

As of JUST last night, we have reached our final stretch goal from Week 1 –– $32K! 🌟 We're thrilled to be able to add back a stunning gatefold into MAKE MEATBALLS SING, and an acetate jacket to BOOK OF QUESTIONS.

As we look ahead to the remaining two weeks of our campaign, we're excited about what we can share together and achieve as a community.

To celebrate more richly around this much-anticipated edition of Neruda's late poem, we will screen a series of special videos made by illustrator Paloma Valdiva. Should we reach 400 backers, we'll share early access to this footage with our Kickstarter community. We hope you'll share this campaign within your circles, as all contributions are deeply appreciated, and will help us reach this goal!💙

Should we reach 400 backers, we'll also share one FINAL goal––one that is far beyond what we dreamed possible when launching, but one we are heartened to reach for now, as we think more deeply about our cultural role & what we can offer readers and dreamers and seekers of all kinds. It is with great thanks for YOUR generous support, that we can think more complexly once again about all that we can do in our bookmaking, through the stories we tell, towards liberation, freedom, health, and happiness.💛

Living so much with these gorgeous words from Neruda's Nobel Prize acceptance speech these days here in the spider web a...

Living so much with these gorgeous words from Neruda's Nobel Prize acceptance speech these days here in the spider web across distance that is Enchanted Lion.

“There is no insurmountable solitude. All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are. And we must pass through solitude and difficulty, isolation and silence in order to reach forth to the enchanted place where we can dance our clumsy dance and sing our sorrowful song – but in this dance or in this song there are fulfilled the most ancient rites of our conscience in the awareness of being human and of believing in a common destiny.”

Somehow, amidst all the uncertainty of now, such comfort comes in thinking deep about the dance we are here to do, however clumsy, and the song we are here to sing, however sad, and that we all share in this, since we each are born and will die and in between those two radicals of existence we strive for love, expression and realization, as we live into purpose and perhaps a meaning.

Beautiful image from @beatricealemagna gorgeous, sensitive book “Child of Glass”

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Swipe ➡️ for a look at life through the eyes of SHAHRZAD, the spunky, indomitable heroine of our forthcoming book with N...

Swipe ➡️ for a look at life through the eyes of SHAHRZAD, the spunky, indomitable heroine of our forthcoming book with Nahid Kazemi, ✨ Shahrzad and the Angry King! ✨

In this spirited reimagining of the familiar Scheherazade tale, story-loving, scooter-riding Shahrzad is in the park one day when she notices a boy she has never seen before. Curious about everyone and everything, Shahrzad asks him to tell her his story. As they sit on a bench together, the boy recalls fleeing from his home, where the once benevolent king had grown angry and cruel.

Determined to do something to help her new friend, Shahrzad imagines herself zooming off in her toy airplane to confront the king. Once there, she tirelessly tells him story after story, making him reflect on the kind of leader he truly wants to be.

Brought to life by incomparable Iranian artist @visualpoemssss , this bold heroine reminds us of how powerfully intertwined reality is with the stories we tell. ✏️〰️

We can’t wait to bring you this beautiful book, and to continue sharing stories that embolden us to dream of different realities, and to articulate new possibilities for the world we want to live in. 🛴💙
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Happy #WorldKidLitMonth  🧡 In the days since we began sharing our Kickstarter campaign with you, we've been so moved by ...

Happy #WorldKidLitMonth 🧡 In the days since we began sharing our Kickstarter campaign with you, we've been so moved by all of the kind comments and messages we've received, from generous-spirited, story-loving friends around the world. It's been INCREDIBLE to hear you share about the moments spent scanning bookshop shelves for an "ELB" spine, about the books that have become bedtime favorites for the whole family, and about the stories that have appeared to give you the comfort, courage, or hope that you needed, at just the right time. 

Many of these favorites, these beacons of solace and possibility, are our translated books! Coming to ELB from different cultures & languages, they give us new lenses through which to see and navigate even the most difficult topics, like loss, heavy emotions, and unanswerable questions. Oftentimes, a new perspective is just what we need to carry on; and these translated voices bring with them many precious new lenses & insights –– so that we can face challenging experiences with a tender dose of humor, and shine light onto the mystery of inexplicable things in a way that gives us a sense of peace. 

The relationship we have with translation is a long one, and we have many new translations to share with you; ones like Neruda's BOOK OF QUESTIONS, which strengthens our relationship with wonder, like THE SHADOW ELEPHANT, which encourages us to make space to sit together around complex feelings, and like THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STORY, which casts a beautifully melancholy light on the power storytelling has to reframe what happens to us in life. 

We're so proud to be a channel for these incredible stories. In the month ahead, we're looking forward to continued conversation around translation, and to celebrating some of the incredible translators we've had the pleasure to work with over the years. If there's a particular book in translation that you'd like us to share around, please leave us a comment below!💫

Thank you for embracing our books with such openness and love. We're so looking forward to sharing all the stories we have in the works, with ever-growing faith in the community that will be there to welcome them into the world.💛

Happy #IndependentBookstoreDay !!! ✨📚 Here at Enchanted Lion, we feel so grateful for the support of our community. As a...

Happy #IndependentBookstoreDay !!! ✨📚

Here at Enchanted Lion, we feel so grateful for the support of our community. As a small team, it is deeply uplifting and reaffirming to feel the big love that surrounds us, from a community of people all over the world, who share our care for good storytelling, beautiful books, and independent vision.

Today we celebrate our indie friends; the incredible bookstores and their dedicated teams, who make vibrant spaces come alive for their communities to exchange ideas and discover new voices. ELB has long enjoyed a wonderful relationship with independent bookstores, here in New York and across the US. We dearly miss the days of launch parties and Drink&Draws, and weekends spent surrounded by passionate booksellers, colorful book spines and new worlds pressed between pages. 💛 Today is a wonderful reminder to support this precious ecosystem in any way you can, so that it can continue to survive in this vulnerable climate! 📚
Art from THE WONDERFUL FLUFFY LITTLE SQUISHY, written & illustrated by the marvelous Beatrice Alemagna 💗 Gazing at all of the fabulous little shops and bustling small-business storefronts illustrated in this charming adventure, we’re fondly reminded of invigorating days spent in community spaces, the wisdom of our neighbors, and the magic of chance discoveries! 💫

Happy Launch Day!!! 🎈All of us here at ELB are overflowing with joy and gratitude for the support we’ve received from yo...

Happy Launch Day!!! 🎈All of us here at ELB are overflowing with joy and gratitude for the support we’ve received from you, our incredible community. From the kind comments cheering us on, to the generous pledges we’ve already received, it’s been such an extraordinary morning for us. THANK YOU to everyone supporting us, whether by pledging or spreading the word and sharing our posts. It is all deeply felt, and deeply encouraging to us! 💛

“Support a Small Press with a Mighty Roar” is a 30-day campaign within Kickstarter’s Lights On framework, which was created to help ease the effects of COVID-19 on small, independent businesses.

The course this year has taken reminds us that we survive hard times through community, and through an insistence on the beauty, wonder, and possibility that never cease to exist. We urgently feel that it remains as important as ever to create books that evince a spirit of kindness, thoughtfulness, and questioning; ones that embrace nuance and contradiction, and bravely reimagine the highest possibilities for being human in a confusing, uncertain world. Whatever you are able to do in solidarity with us will mean a future of honest stories and beautiful books!

We’re looking forward to the month ahead, expanding our community and exploring new ways to share the world of ELB and our upcoming books with you. Please help spread the word, and stay tuned for updates on our progress! Thank you, thank you, for being a part of our continued story, and for sharing in the creative spirit with us! 🌟
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@ Brooklyn, New York


67 West Street, Studio 403
Brooklyn, NY


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Congratulations on the stellar review and exploration of "The Forest" by Maria Popova's Brain Pickings!
Happy publication day to Helen Borten for The Jungle! Go Mom, and go Enchanted Lion!
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