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Antfood Music & Sound Design doing it. Antfood is a creative audio studio. We compose music, sound design and experiences for popular media. Our talented team of creators and producers realize audio solutions that tell stories, evoke emotion and drive campaigns.

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Working Not Working - We Love Recruitersv

Want a bad rap? You're about to get one.

“We Love Recruiters” is a love song from Working Not Working to the unsung heroes of the creative industry.

Client: Working Not Working
Director: Hal Kirkland
Production: Burn Studio
Music: Antfood Music & Sound Design

#creative #recruitment #workingnotworking

CBS Mornings

We worked with CBS on their recent rebrand of CBS Mornings, helping bring the spirit of the beloved CBS Sunday Morning program to every morning of the week - including the iconic Abblasen trumpet melody and, of course, the CBS mnemonic. We composed an extensive music package of many modular assets, ready for editors to put together broadcasts on the fly no matter what's happening in the news.

Client: CBS CBS Mornings
Music & Mix: Antfood Music & Sound Design


In collaboration with We are Playgrounds and the team at BUCK, our Amsterdam team set out to create a score for the title film for The Art Department 2022.

The Art Department brings together artists, professionals and creative talent from the Netherlands, Germany and beyond, providing a platform for the latest developments in creative animation, visual effects, digital arts, film & games.

Client: We are Playgrounds
Creative / Animation: BUCK
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

#creativity #design #musicproduction

OFF! - Liverpool

"Before wearing the Liverpool shirt we all played for a different team. Your shirt had no badge, no number on the back and you had no anthem to sing. But one thing was certain - you never knew when you’d be playing without it. That’s why you should include OFF! in your pre-game ritual." ⚽️

Client: OFF!
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Production: Cine Cinematográfica
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

The Day You Said Yes - Internet das Pessoas

Internet das Pessoas' data protection campaign offers food for thought about how our personal data is used online. Your data is private - protect it.

Client: Internet das Pessoas
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

EITSwiss - Power on für das gute Leben

Power on for the good life. ⚡️

We were thrilled to collaborate with to share more of our favourite house cat's shenanigans!

Production: SEHSUCHT
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

New Yorker Festival 2020

We're excited to attend the Association of Music Producers (AMP) Awards tonight where three of our titles have been shortlisted for awards.

Best Original Score: "TNF 2021" New Yorker Festival (Production: BUCK)

Best Use of Music in a Title Sequence: "Repeater" OFFF Festival (Production: Carbon)

Outstanding Sonic Branding/Mnemonic: "Carnegie Hall-Sonic Branding” for Carnegie Hall (Design: Champions Design)

We're proud of our hugely talented team for producing such exceptional work - and looking forward to our first awards ceremony in a couple of years this evening!

Be Good to Yourself - Headspace

Be Good To Yourself.

We were happy to collaborate, once again, with BUCK Amsterdam for this Headspace spot.
The music is composed of four different moods, mirroring the core values of the Headspace app. Beginning with a bright, meditative soundscape, a single tone emerges and evolves into a warm, intimate sound which makes you feel as if you have sonically submerged yourself in the task at hand.

Moving into an upbeat, energised section, we introduced minimalistic rhythms to invigorate the score before transitioning to an immersive soundscape that reflects the cosy sensation of relaxation.

Client: Headspace
Agency: BUCK
Music & Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Magic Leap - Product Reveal

We loved working with our friends at Magic Leap to soundtrack the reveal of their Magic Leap 2 immersive headsets. Enterprise-ready and as light as a pair of headphones, the sleek Magic Leap 2 is reflected in our composition which features driving bass, smooth synths, and poignant percussion.

Client: Magic Leap
Production: First Things Studio
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Kodansha - Global Sonic Brand

Publishing giant, Kodansha, is responsible for manga’s most iconic titles, like Akira, Attack on Titan, and Haruki Murakami’s highly acclaimed novels. But how do you sonify the mystical, gravitational pull of a Kodansha narrative in less than ten seconds? Working with Gretel, Antfood developed a new sonic logo that embodies their Japanese DNA, with a global appeal.

Coors Lite - CoorSlide

Tell your coworkers to (respectfully) go chill with this CoorSlide WIP. 🧑‍💻🍻

Client: Coors Light
Agency: Mischief
Producer: Dirty Work
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Bernd Bousard - Spiral

Project Spiral was born out of a creative itch to create a visually engaging style frame. Our sound design accompanies an abstract, oriental-infused short film exploring the different states of mind using this red shape as a visual metaphor.

Concept, Design & Animation: Bernd Bousard
Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Live Karaoke is back with a bang! Huge thanks to all who joined us, particularly our singers who made the evening so spe...

Live Karaoke is back with a bang! Huge thanks to all who joined us, particularly our singers who made the evening so special, and to our talented team who formed a live band for the event, playing a marathon of 24 songs.

adidas - Ultraboost 2022

“We choose how we use our energy, and we choose to run.”

We were thrilled to collaborate with adidas and TBWA for the new Ultraboost 22 spot. Our original music & sound design is motivating, energetic and driven - the perfect complement to a product that champions women, their energy and their choice to run.

Client: adidas
Agency: TBWA
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Brahma - The Show Must Go On

After 2 years of the pandemic, Brazilian Carnival parades are finally back in Rio & São Paulo! We teamed up with Agência Africa and Boiler Filmes to create a new and emotionally-charged arrangement of the famous Brazilian song "O Show Tem Que Continuar” (The Show Must Go On). The song was performed by iconic Brazilian Samba singers, Alcione and Arlindinho.

Client: Cerveja Brahma Oficial
Agency: Agência Africa
Production Company: Boiler Filmes
Scene Director: Nixon Freire & Dulcidio Caldeira
Singers: Alcione Marrom & Arlindinho
Music & Sound Design: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Thorne - Healthy Aging

Find a moment of peace today in this poetic Thorne spot. We composed original music and crafted atmospheric sound design to accompany BUCK's beautiful, surreal imagery.

Client: Thorne
Production: BUCK
Music, Sound Design & Mix: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Trident Max - Maximise Summer

Need to freshen up? 💋 Our team in Brazil partnered with Media.Monks to create this fun track that captures the spirit of Carnival. After all, if you’re gonna kiss someone during a global pandemic, trust is essential. Make sure it's someone you know and that you've got some Trident to hand!

Client: Trident
Agency: Media.Monks
Producer: O2 Filmes
Original Music & Sound: Antfood Music & Sound Design


Toda ideia tem o mesmo começo: o lápis.
Every idea has the same beginning: the pencil.

Client: Faber-Castell
Agent: David Agency
Directors: Edgard Gianesi, Renata Leão
Original Music & Sound Design: Antfood


“Love is a helping hand. Love is stepping outside of yourself. Love is accepting someone, accepting their flaws and learning to love them.”

Define your own kind of love this Valentine’s Day. 💞

Made With Code “Love Is”
Client: Google
Agency: 72andSunny
Direction & Animation: BUCK
Original Music & Sound Design: Antfood


A sandwich-inspired joy ride through time and space guided by Marshawn Lynch during Super Bowl Weekend? Sign me up! 🥪

Antfood Music & Sound Design worked together with The Mill and Momentum Worldwide to create a unique experience for Subway's Signature Sandwich vault. We composed original music and sound design and devised an immersive spatial mix for Subway's Vault, which is in LA for Super Bowl Weekend.

Client: Subway
Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Production: The Mill
Original Music, Sound Design & Spatial Mix: Antfood


We’re thrilled to share that our collaborative project with WarnerMedia, NBBJ ESI Design, and Rare Volume at The Prow has won an Illumination Award, a prestigious honour recognising the best of the best within the Illuminating Engineering Society.

For this project, WarnerMedia tasked Antfood with producing novel audio solutions for various atria and public spaces in their Hudson Yards headquarters. Amongst other assets, Antfood developed a real-time, generative musical application that turns WarnerMedia content into an ever-evolving, serene, ambient soundscape via a 65-foot light and sound sculpture titled, “The Prow”.

To learn more about this project, visit:

Client: WarnerMedia
Agency: NBBJ ESI Design
Collaborator: Rare Volume
Generative & Experiential Audio: Antfood Music & Sound Design


Bringing you back to earth with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. 🌎

In collaboration with dentsu, our Dutch team went on an adventure with KLM to create the sound design and mix for this project which celebrates their pioneering role in sustainable aviation.


We made original music & sound design for the launch film for Naraka Championship, from game giant Netease. This breathtaking film was produced by with incredible 3D character animation by @hanzohanzo and @seh.sucht. Inspired by the surrealistic dreamscape of martial arts and myological beasts we created a score that feels both ethereal and epic.

Client: 24 Entertainment
Animation: @seh.sucht Hamburg
Director: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss @HANZOHANZO
Music & Sound Design: São Paulo

Instrument appreciation: the modular synthesizer✨⁠We are fans of all kinds of instruments (and anything else that makes ...

Instrument appreciation: the modular synthesizer✨

We are fans of all kinds of instruments (and anything else that makes sound), but modular synthesizers hold a special place in our hearts, and studios, at Antfood.⁠

The patch in these photos sits in our Amsterdam studio and was built by ECD, Pedro Botsaris (@pbotsaris) It took him a year to build, but a little like La Sagrada Familia, it’s never really done, and that’s the beauty of it. ⁠

For those of you new to the modular synth world...“It’s basically a collection of individual modules, each with its own specific function such as filters, oscillators and amplifier, and then connected by physical cables. They are incredibly flexible instruments, but you wouldn't get even a bleep out of it without some knowledge of audio synthesis and electronics. In that way, they’re a perfect conduit to learning how sound works," according to Pedro.⁠

It may seem like just a nice hobby (which it also is) but you'd be suprised how handy it is for commercial projects too. Sometimes it's faster making the sound you need rather than searching through a library.


Meet Frank & Charlie! Two houses on the back of a truck exploring the world. With Charlie's enthusiasm and the open road at their porches, anything can happen! ⁠

We buddied up with @Buck to create the sound for this series as part of @cartoonnetworkofficial 's Cartoonito - the new programming block aimed at preschoolers... but let's be honest, we can appreciate it as big kids too:)⁠

Check out the other episodes on our vimeo!


We’ve all been there…💥

Our São Paulo studio collaborated with @nubank to capture that sweet and agonizing feeling of losing control - and what better way than with slow motion and an original operatic ballad?

A special thanks to @giseledesanti for lending her incredible voice, Bruno Serroni, and Leonardo Padovani.

Client: Nubank
Original music & sound design: Antfood São Paulo


Color and sound have a lot more in common than might meet the eye (or ear) 🌈🎵

Like color, sound is a container for human emotion - powerful but equally as abstract and subjective.

We partnered with @oddfellowstv and @adobe Studio to score a series of films including this one on color featuring Eddie Opara - Partner at @pentagramdesign and author of Color Works.

This beautiful piece makes us smile, because you can almost perfectly replace the “color” for “sound” and the meaning still rings true.


Calling all audio talent 🎵 🎸🎹🍉

We are always on the lookout for stellar audio creatives across all disciplines, genres, backgrounds and interests to join our in-house teams in NYC, Amsterdam, São Paulo, Los Angeles and beyond.

If you’re talented, curious, meticulous and a driven-risk taker with a growth mindset and collaborative spirit, we would love to hear from you.

Check out the link in bio for more information and open application ✨


It’s alive! We are proud to share the Title Film for OFFF FESTIVAL 2021] Vienna 2021 entitled “Repeater”. Antfood created the original music and sound design for the film, beautifully crafted by Carbon]]]

“Repeater” tells the story of misfit rebels changing the world by celebrating their forbidden anomalies.

To bring this wild and wonderful world to life, we recorded the score with live orchestra with the brilliant Adam Klemens and @smeckymusicstudios .

A special thank you to Carbon]]] @offfest OFFF FESTIVAL 2021], and our composers across our studios in NYC and Amsterdam who collaborated on this.

Conjured And Crafted by Carbon]]]
Written And Directed by Carbon]]]'s @ianbradley
Music And Sound Design by Antfood]
Assistant Director / Head of CG: @frank.grecco
Executive Producer: Phil Linturn
Executive Creative Director: @liamchappleo
Senior Producer: @krystle_lq
CG Supervisor: @dansofine
VFX Supervisor: @btlvfx
FX Supervisor: Ryan Hussain
Art Direction and Design: @ianbradley @cla_orlando @ffffiori @kim_dulaney @lenalaballena @i_maked_this @reeceparkerco @meganpalero
2D Animation: @i_maked_this @reeceparkerco @peiter Mikhail Pakhomov @lizziakana @caro.lopezcorominas Jahmad Rollins
3D Animation: @anthony_tra Han Hu @jl3d_com Kevin Nguyen @squirrelfacebanana
Compositors: @fredkimfredkimfredkim @jenhoweird
CG Artists: @hellodeerstranger Chin Lee Ivan Joy @alexrumsa @katie_plumcake @danmorenoart Eric Xu Mike Penny @seanskube @agentearplugs
Colorist: @juliencolor
Executive Producer, Color: @lauriea
Producer, Color: @danjbutler
Color Assist: @cassbphoto
Resource Manager: @bethskopp
Production Coordinator: @mariette.amici

Original Music & Sound Design Antfood]
Composers: @wilsonbrown @yuuutaendo Rory White @charleyvanveldhoven @yellowcellopizza
Sound Design: @wilsonbrown Brown @yuuutaendo @pbotsaris @yellowcellopizza @bennetteiferman
Executive Producer: @sueleela
Senior Producers: @jwfife @trevorhaimes21
ECD: @wilsonbrown
CD: @yuuutaendo
Orchestrator: Adam Klemens
Orchestra: Smecky Orchestra @smeckymusicstudios


"Some moments are so yours that they should only be seen once."⁠

Our team in Brazil wrote & produced this special track for the launch of WhatsApp's new 'view once' button, capturing the ephemeral beauty of a moment. ⁠

A special thank you to @AmandaGrus, @__corbett, @dvillasboas, & Aline Silva⁠

Client: WhatsApp
Directors: LUMO - @luisfvillaverde, @moira.soares, @lumodirectors⁠
Agency: @AlmapBBDO⁠
Music & Sound Design:


We ❤️ NYC.

As Antfood’s first home, we couldn’t be more proud to compose the music for this year’s @newyorkerfest!

In collaboration with @buck_design, our NYC team pulled out all the stops to create this jazzy piece - an ode to their beloved city.

We’re hiring a Marketing & Sales Coordinator to join our team in Amsterdam, NYC, or Remote✨🎶 Experienced in marketing an...

We’re hiring a Marketing & Sales Coordinator to join our team in Amsterdam, NYC, or Remote✨🎶

Experienced in marketing and passionate about the creative industry and, of course, music? This is your chance to join our collaborative, craft-driven, wildly talented (and sometimes a little quirky) team🍉

Learn more & apply at the link in our bio!


221 Jackson St
Brooklyn, NY

L to Graham Ave


(718) 971-5958


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Dalton Harts and Sue Lee of Antfood Music & Sound Design with a friend...
Good times with the Antfood team in Amsterdam! Here together with Marina Kagan, brilliant project manager of Antfood Music & Sound Design, some of team Copyright Power International had a great karaoke night some time ago. 🎙 Always a pleasure to celebrate music with likeminded people. Can't wait for what productions they have in store! 💗
Learn a way to tell your coworkers to chill out with this awesome Coors Light animation produced by Dirty Work with audio by Antfood Music & Sound Design. Agency: Mischief @ NFA.
Check out this Off film directed by Felipe Blankenheim, produced by Cine Cinematográfica with audio by Antfood Music & Sound Design, created by AlmapBBDO.
Após não deixar o samba morrer em 2021, Cerveja Brahma Oficial e os artistas cantam que “O Show tem que continuar”, inspirando consumidores a manterem a chama do Carnaval viva, seja onde estiverem. Com a iniciativa, a marca afirma que mesmo sem as tradicionais festas e celebrações das ruas, ainda é possível aproveitar sempre com a segurança e todo o amor pela folia. A Brahma diz que a folia é um estado de espírito, e que o Carnaval está dentro de cada um dos brasileiros. E para manter a emoção viva, neste ano, a marca reescreve o enredo do seu samba, com a participação de Alcione Marrom e Arlindo Cruz. Agência Africa, produzido por Boiler Filmes e som por Antfood Music & Sound Design #Carnaval #campanha #noticias
Let's shine a spotlight on... Antfood! 🔦💗 Insanely creative men and women work at the creative audio studios in New York, Amsterdam and São Paulo of Antfood Music & Sound Design. "Through music and sound, we elevate the art and effectiveness of brand media and experience." We feel honored to represent a lot of their amazing work for some of the biggest brands. And you know what? They're looking for new audio talent to join their team(s)! Head to their profile if you're interested, but watch the ants... 😜🐜
Bathe your sword with glory 🐉🔥⚡️⚔️ The official trailer for the NARAKA: Bladepoint World Championship #NARAKABLADEPOINT #SEHSUCHT #newwork by Final Frontier, Antfood Music & Sound Design and yours truly, SEHSUCHT
A nova campanha da ⁣Faber-Castell mostra que toda ideia tem o mesmo começo: o lápis. Intitulada ⁣⁣"⁣A criatividade em suas mãos", a peça foi criada pela DAVID São Paulo ⁣e conta a história de diferentes personagens (marceneiro, tatuadora, criança e compositora) de trás para frente, revelando os bastidores do processo criativo de cada um e ressaltando a importância do lápis - um dos principais produtos da marca - para a criatividade. "Nos últimos seis anos, a Faber-Castell Brasil tem investido fortemente em diversas frentes de Inovação que permitiram criar soluções e serviços inéditos voltados a estimular a criatividade dos brasileiros e que não se restringem ao desenho e à pintura.", afirmou Flavia Giordano, diretora de Marketing da Faber-Castell Brasil. "E essa campanha nasce exatamente para comunicar aos nossos consumidores que estamos dispostos a apoiar o desenvolvimento e as atividades criativas em todas as frentes, territórios e possibilidades. Escolhemos o lápis como ponto de partida, por ser o principal produto da marca, mas a ideia é mostrar que vamos muito além desse item para estimular o potencial criativo das pessoas.", complementou. O filme conta com a direção de ⁣André Inacio com a produtora Modernista Creative Producers e som da Antfood Music & Sound Design. Confira a campanha!
“Drums” é o novo filme de Fiat Automóveis Brasil dirigido pelos Dois, com fotografia fina do nosso amigo Lito, áudio da galera da Antfood Music & Sound Design e finalização da Globetrotter Studio. Obrigado, Leo Burnett Tailor Made pela parceria de sempre. Diretor: DOIS Diretor 2a unidade: Eduardo de Moraes Produtor Executivo: Marcelo Altschuler, Carol Pessini Atendimento: Fernanda Gomes, Rafael Costa, Karin Diniz, Giovanna Saad Coordenação de produção: Katiucia Soares, Jucilene Almeida, Thalita Machado Diretor de Fotografia: Paulo da Rocha (Lito), Daniel Belink e Alex Vecchi Diretor de Fotografia 2a unidade: Daniel Belink e Alex Vecchi Diretor de Arte: Taisa Malouf Assistente de Direção: Flavia Meszberg e Carol Fernandes Assistente de Direção 2a unidade: Larissa Andrade Pesquisador Criativo: Diogo Pacifico Diretor de Produção: Roberto Bellezia Figurinista: Marina Vieira e Gabriela Pinesso Produtora de Casting: Flavia Cocozza Produtor de Locação: Fabrício Marinho Produtora de Objetos: Fernanda Reinert Produtores: Alexandre Benjamin e Patrícia Nagaoka Ass. Produção: Camila Reis Ass. Produção 2a unidade: Ronder Willian Ass. de Set: Jesse Nunes, John Lennon, Flávio Oliveira, Edson Ferreira (Rodela), Marcelo Takara e Gutemberg Dantas Piloto de Drone: Renato Passarelli Drone - Op. Câmera/Gimbal: Luiz Albertin Drone - 1AC: Luiz Freitas Ass. de Drone: Caio Viana e Marco Fração Fotográfo Still: Clayton Alexandre Ass. de Still: Guilherme Fernandez e Bruno Vatanabe 1ºAC: Jair Silva e Alessandro Valese 2ºAC: Guilherme Silva e Parvati de Caetano Operador Grua: André Veloso Operador Cabeça: Daniel Duran Video Assist: Valéria Barboza Logger: Marcelo Krowczuk Maquinista: Alexandre Fidelis 1º Ass. de Maquinária: Zadir Alves, Orlando Francisco e Luiz Neto 2º Ass. de Maquinária: Orleudo Barroso (Galego), Pedro Guilherme, Nevisson Passos (Leo), Luan Pamponet, Mozart Júnior, Victor Valese e Marcos dos Santos Eletricista: Denis Peres e Juarez Santana (Prego) 1º Ass. de Elétrica: Miguel Júnior e Rodrigo de Jesus 2º Ass. de Elétrica: Rafael Santos, Luciano Batista, Ivan Fodor, João Júnior (Azulão), Cleiton Fernandes Geradorista: Kleber Leite Ass. de Locação: Daniel Santiago e Carolina Julian Ass. de Elenco: Jaquele Teodoro e Fernanda Ramos Produtor Figuração: Elaine Schilker Ass. de Figuração: Rodrigo Ribeiro e Renan Gomes Ass. Diretor de Arte: Maria Quintino e Dri Michalski Produtor de Arte: Fabiano Boaretto Ass. de Arte: Marina Chiapetta Ajudantes de Arte: Givanildo da Silva (Guga), Carlos dos Santos, Francisco Hermínio (Guilão), Paulo de Oliveira e Danilo Pereira Ass. de Objeto: Fernanda Leme e Júlia Marchezi Ajudante de Objetos: Abraão dos Santos, Victor del Bello, Ruy Eufrosino e Juan do Livramento Contra-regra: Kaio Monteiro e Victor del Bello Ass. Figurino: Nathalia de Toledo, Camila Pedrosa e Adriana Avelar Camareira: Cheila Sales e Maria Gomes Make/Hair: Vick Garaventa Ass. Make/Hair: Lucas Leite Manicure: Anamara Conceição Som Direto: Marquinhos Efeitos: Shiyozi Filho e Júlio Sobrinho Ass. de Efeitos: Marcel Kovacs Atendimento Pós-Produção: Claudia Rocha Coordenação de Pós-produção: Virgini Fares Finalizador: Henrique Gomes Assistente de ilha e montagem: Paulo Miranda Assistente de ilha e after: Leo Garcia Assistente de ilha: Enrique Augusto Cor: Bleach Finalizadora: Globetrotter Studio Produtora de Som:Antfood
A ⁣Leo Burnett Tailor Made apresenta a campanha "Drums", que promove o Fiat Pulse, ⁣novo SUV da Fiat Automóveis Brasil. A campanha segue o ritmo da bateria para representar toda a potência do Pulse, terminando com a mensagem: "Finalmente um SUV que pulsa no seu ritmo." O filme foi dirigido pelos Dois (João Dornelas e Pedro Pereira), com a produtora Saigon Filmes. A fotografia é de Lito Mendes e o som ficou a cargo da Antfood Music & Sound Design. Dá o play!
Antfood Music & Sound Design made the awesome music for the new McDonald's commercial about 'the McNificents'. 🦸‍♀️ A wholesome initiative in which children get transformed into super heroes! A great job done and an even greater impact made, Antfood! 💗
Maximus M. Maxwell, coach mascacional, apresenta o Trident Max e mostra como o poder da mascada pode destravar sua vida! Com direção de Ian SBF, criação da Leo Burnett Tailor Made e parceria com a Media Monks para a Trident, o filme tem trilha da Antfood Music & Sound Design e é estrelado por Camillo Borges. A finalização é da O2 Pós