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Which parts are your favorite?

Which parts are your favorite?

As the article specifies. It is only when it is to the point where it impairs one's ability to make conscientious decisi...
American Psychological Association To Classify Belief in God As a Mental Illness

As the article specifies. It is only when it is to the point where it impairs one's ability to make conscientious decisions about common sense matters. As offensive as it might sound, I have to completely agree. It is a problem If you believe to a point where you ignore logic and common sense.

Patients who refuse medical treatment on religious grounds could soon be force treated as the American Psychological Association classifies belief in God as


The daughter from Duck Dynasty has been doing modeling lately, and was quoted as saying she does it for god, and it's an opportunity that god has blessed her with. Isn't showing off your body and having men look at you with lust against her beliefs? How do the Religious justify careers and/or "opportunites" when they go against their life morals? Is fame and money more important in this day and age? Modesty seems to be a big thing in religions who praises a god. Just look at the islamic and amish women. You don't see this kind of behavior in these communities. You see christians getting tattooed and modifying their "temple" away from the way god made them. How is that justified for a religious person?

Theory vs. Scientific Theory - Bite Sci-zed

A short and well done explanation of the difference between theory and scientific theory. A lot of people (especially religious) seems to have no idea what the word theory means when used in the context of science.

The difference between a theory and a scientific theory is huge and important. It's a complicated discussion, but here's a bite sci-zed look at the differenc...

What is the Evidence for Evolution?

Very simple and short, but strong video about evolution. Great video to pass on to any evolution deniers you might know ;-)

Biologists teach that all living things on Earth are related. Is there any solid evidence to back this claim? Join us as we explore the facts! We start with ...

Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed

A little bit of fun! Rock with Jesus!! ;)

The video speaks for itself. A friend on Myspace shared it with me & I just CAN'T NOT share with everyone on You Tube. I've also made this into a "Bumper Sti...


So I'm 2 pages into the Book of Mormon and already like WOW!! did you know the book of Mormon is the accounts of gods dealings with the early Ancient Americans lol. The Great Prophet Mormon wrote that a great civilization came from Jerusalem in 600 Bc, to settle in america, But there was also one that came earlier, in the 2017bc time zone (during the tower of babel) which is the tower to heaven that got destroyed.. These people were called the Jaredites, after thousands of years all were destroyed, It said the only ones who lived were the Lamanites, and they are the direct ancestors of the Native Americans.. WTF hahah wow... I guess the Migration Alaska Siberian Land bridge theory is out the window LMFAO! #LovingThisBook

Is Pope Francis Leaving Vatican At Night To Minister To Homeless?

You cant hate this... The dude is out there walking the streets, no bullet proof glass or nothing... I'm not a believer of his god, but I like his style.!

A recent interview with Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the "Almoner of His Holiness," raised speculation that the Pope joins him on his nightly trips into Rome to give alms to the poor, and it turns out that the rumors are probably true.

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oh robin meade..smh, a teacher moved her kids into a bathroom in the school before the tornado hit, and they all lived.. your reply.. It was the grace of god!!!. can the teacher not get any praise for using her head and keeping calm... ?



When you think of GOD, you think of , creator of all, Creator of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Quasars, ok ok , a lil too Boyz in the Hood I know, I know, But when you think of God, Do you ever think, This guy was a man of many mistakes, A murderer, a man of Greed, a man of Selfishness, and un loyalty. Do you ever think that? of course not, me just saying that, probably made most of you immediately X out of this column and rush to the sink to wash the sin from your eyes. In reality, God, was all the Above. Most will disagree because they have never read the bible, YES they have gone to church every Sunday since there were knee high to a midgets dick, but come on , when has Reverend Rapewell ever Told the Sinister parts of the bible. I’ve done some research and started thinking about all the passages I have read where god has Murdered dozens to thousands at a time. I even came a crossed a article where someone had counted every time the bible tells of HOW GOD KILLED PEOPLE! and it turned out to be well over 2 MILLION people… But!! that didn't include some of God’s most impressive slaughters. How many did God drown in the flood of the world, where only Noah and his family Survived only to re populate the world through Incest. or how many burned to death in Sodom and Gomorrah? How many first-born Egyptians did he kill? The Bible doesn’t say, so there’s no way to know for sure. But it’s possible to provide rough estimates in order to get a grand total, and that’s what I’m attempting here. was it 3 million , 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10-20? Well never know, well never know if any of these stories even occurred, in my ravaged mind, I’m guessing its all good ol folklore that most of america is brainwashed into believing is absolute truth. So as long as its the “Truth” among my peers, Shouldn’t it be my job as an atheist to try to point out there god was everything they apparently are against??? think about it folks…

kill … I wound … I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh. – Deuteronomy 32:39-42

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SATANIC RAPPER Hellusin8musick666http://godlessplanetmusic.com/?cat=4
Interviews -


HELLUSIN8 : Exclusive Interview By Godless|December 27, 2012 - 5:09 am|InterviewsLeave a commentPLAY THE INTERVIEW HERE ~~>Hellusin8Exclusive Interview with Acid Rapper Hellusin8. Went from talks about his come up in Rap, to his Thoughts on Satanism, and how it effects him in his every day Life. Y...


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When I was a child, I thought I was THE ONLY Atheist in The Entire World. I did not know any other Atheists. Everyone in my immediate family from parents, siblings, aunts & uncles, cousins were all christians and treated me like something was wrong with me because I would not surrender to their fake god and ridiculous religion. :( That is why I wrote the screenplay ICharlie and gave my title character other Atheist people who he could relate to and with. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how daunting it is to convince Hollywood producers & investors that there is a large enough audience for this type of movie. So, I've started a page to build that audience. I would greatly appreciate your support. Hope everyone will "Like" our page, too ;) https://www.facebook.com/ICharlie-2007508239573653/