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Covid has killed my teaching business. I have zero students now. I have had a few inquiries, and I see that people ARE visiting my page here, but I feel like the time is right to take a pause, at least for now, at least in teaching school age children who require weekly lessons, lesson planning, and catering to their individual needs.
There are a number of factors in my making this decision, not all related to Covid - let's just say my focus is required elsewhere for an important project! So, I'm not retiring, I'm still available for recording, accompanying (in the right circumstances), arranging, and video editing.

I love teaching, and I love the kids, and I will miss them and my families - who knows what the future may hold?!


I am considering opening up to in person lessons perhaps after Labor Day. Waiting to see what happens as the schools open up. Meanwhile, teaching over Zoom and utilizing Piano Maestro work fairly well.


Until future notice I am only teaching online lessons.


I don’t know why I’ve never addressed this here on Facebook, but a conversation with someone has prompted me to post. When you are looking for a dance studio for your child, I suggest you do several things first:
1. Check out their recital. If that was YOUR child up there doing those moves, to that music, how would you feel?
2. Check out the costumes. There should be a photo album or wall at the studio. Again, is this how you want YOUR child to be dressed?
3. Visit the studio during class time - ANY class time. Observe the comings and goings, parents in the waiting room, teachers hanging out between classes. You’ll need permission for this lest they call 911 for a perp call!
4. Ask to observe a class given by your prospective teacher. If this is a lower level class, the teacher most likely will not be the director of the school.
5. You’ll want to know what performances there are, and what their rehearsal schedule is. Two or three weeks before a recital can require a lot of late nights.
6.Understand that your child’s class is a set number of students progressing as a group - their class is not interchangeable with another class. This class may belong to each other for many years to come, even lifelong friends! (This includes parents, too!)
7. Try not to miss too many classes, especially around recitals.

Dance lessons are a huge commitment, but a great, HEALTHY way for your child to spend their time!

WAC 2015 - Concert Choir of the Kunstkwartier Helmond - 'An den Mond' Alwin Schronen'

This Saturday, July 20th, marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 15, the US mission that put man on the moon. If you want some listening material to complete your personal observation, here are my recommendations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_3ARQ-oC4U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYYRH4apXDo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQsbqpazOAk from Rusalka, Act I: "Song to the Moon" Sarah Brightman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r43g35TjKk&list=PL1ohIZW4_dHt_2WNT7IVIjY0bCLybU5ro also Rusalka with beautiful video (be sure to read the "more") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anQlB3-PQZ4 also Sarah Brightman, La Luna by SelfFlush https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrzrnPEEL4M&list=PL1ohIZW4_dHt_2WNT7IVIjY0bCLybU5ro&index=2 lyrics: "Sous les nuages de la nuit
je marche vers la clairière.
D'un éclat argenté je la vois,
la lune.

Elle porte les voiles de l'éternité,
son auréole embrasse les étoiles, ma lune.

[English translation:]

Under the clouds of the night
I walk towards the clearing
I a silvery burst, I see it
The moon

It wears the veils of
Its halo embrace
the stars, my moon" Interesting anthology of Space Oddity - after being tossed about by different record companies (nobody could quite decide whether it was a slam against the US or England), it was finally released in timing with Apollo 13. It was inspired by the movie 2001:A Space Odyssey (Odyssey..Oddity...get it?) which incorporated "Also Spracht Zarathustra".

Het concertkoor van Kunstkwartier. Het concertkoor bestaat uit jonge meiden die al enkele jaren (sommige al meer dan 10 jaar) in de zangschool hun opleiding ...


Somehow when I heard on the news that some counties were reviewing their start date for the fall, I thought Cherokee and Forsyth were starting mid-month - nope, they start August 1st. Yikes! So now's the time to call me at 404-784-8744 to schedule your lessons, whether we start then or later. At this point, I'm still planning on lessons for Wednesdays and Thursdays unless the majority of students need another day. Hope to hear from you soon!

2018 Christmas

2018 Christmas

Christmas 2018 - what can I say, it was a rough season and I barely made it in time for the Wazzistudio students' recital, the annual family trip to Philadel...

YES!!! Say YES to the bags!!!
♫ Save Big on our Exclusive Bags @ The Music Stand ♫

YES!!! Say YES to the bags!!!

Available in an array of colors, our new Music Expressions line of accessories can be made your own with a choice of music design on the front; Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Heart of Clefs, Got Music? E=Fb (E equals F flat), or I Heart Music.


Too cute to not share: In conversation with parent and adorable 6 yr old student, parent asks student where she would like to go to college - in Connecticut, GEorgia, Florida? Student gives it considerable consideration, then asks, "Is there a Disney college?"


Chopin Society of Atlanta

Attended a phenomenal recital by Dina Yoffe last night.
She performed works by Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, and many encores. Such a sublime tone, and she was so entertaining - she kept mugging to the audience, especially during the Mozart, like she was sharing an inside joke with Amadeus.


So on her way out, a young student grabbed a handful of, um, well....stale candy, that had been sitting around all summer not sealed up. I warned her, telling her "I'm going to laugh when you spit out a handful of candy because it's nasty!" And, sure enough, there she was in the driveway, spitting into her hand. And then we both saw it: a molar tooth! She says it wasn't even loose! I ran back in the house to get a piece of sheet music I had just purchased, "Tooth Fairy" as an appropriate award!


It's time to schedule piano lessons for 2017-18!! I have limited times open, but I do have some available times and am hoping to fill them. Please message me or call 404-784-8744 to schedule. For more info on me and my philosophy, go to www.wazzistudio.com


Did you know that if you tap with your right hand, it triggers the left side of the brain, the part that has to do with language, among other things. Interesting - I find that typing on the computer as well as playing piano disengages my language abilities, both comprehension and articulation. Somebody explain THAT to me.....



I found this as a resource at Paloma Piano, great idea! Look for these titles on Youtube, or turn on the FM radio and listen to your classical radio station for all kinds of offerings! This is a tall order for July, so get going!

You can find the links to this 4th of July playlist at Macys.com, see previous post.

You can find the links to this 4th of July playlist at Macys.com, see previous post.


I don't write often enough on this page - but I have to say, what I wrote In May pretty much sums it up: I am so proud of my students for all their accomplishments. I don't know of a better endeavor than taking piano lessons that 1) teaches you self-discipline, 2) gives you experience, both the joys and the disappointments, of working towards long term goals 3) actually develops neural pathways (those loopy things in your head) which gives you brain power for all kinds of mental AND physical activities 4) gives you a healthy venue to express yourself 5) makes you look cool while doing all these things!!!!


OK, so I am pretty bad about coming over to this site and raving about how wonderful my students were at their Spring Recital, and how proud i am of them for all of their accomplishments this year. We've added pedaling to our abilities, worked on stage etiquette, and on acting out the nature of our piece with how we approach the piano, take our bow, and place our hands, we've worked on dynamic ranges, and telling a story or portraying a mood with our pieces. All this happened and with remembering the notes, playing the rhythm MOSTLY correctly (and even counting the rests, too!). It's a lot, I know. I love how my students not only get themselves organized and prepared for a lesson, but they also are able to view their music education as a long-term goal. You all are simply the best!


Let Spring Break BEGIN!!! Yippee!! Everybody enjoy their break and come back refreshed and healthy and ready to knuckle down on the last couple of weeks before Spring Recital on April 30th!!


Someone pointed out to me that they thought I had gone out of business because my page has not been commented on, nor my website. Sorry about that, I just go silent sometimes because I'm busy thinking, planning lessons, researching, practicing. I'm alive, and still teaching on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The rest of my schedule is filled with practicing for gigs, recording, trying to make classical music videos, and herding cats.

WazziStudio's cover photo

WazziStudio's cover photo


Ok, the summer has passed, the first month getting back on track at school has passed, and after Monday/Labor Day has passed, it is definitely time to get back on track with piano lessons. I still have a few openings....


My recital for my students came up a little short on content. and I didn't get it together to schedule a guest artist, so I decided to revive one of my pieces from GSU - the Granados Jota. It has all this wicked fast cross-hand all through it. So, this week, one of my youngest students came in for her lesson and promptly started an improvisation including, you guessed it, a bunch of wild crazy cross-hand!


I just wanted to point out that the Piano Maestro app that I can offer to you for free is a really great value - it's only free for teachers, everyone else around the world has to pay a hefty fee (and China is the biggest subscriber). Especially facing summer schedules, with LOTS OF HOURS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO, it's a good choice to spend time on: it's fun. it's educational, it's entertaining, it's motivating. OH, it's for Ipad only....


PLEASE, take advantage of this great offer!! It should be on sale through the end of the week.

Home Concert Xtreme for iPad is now on sale during the MTNA conference for $9.99.


OK students (and parents): you all have your recital assignments, now get busy learning them! I have not set the date yet - we have the luxury of kind of waiting until we are all prepared. I'm hoping for mid-May.

Canton Family Life 1-16

The 2nd paragraph really goes into detail about how the different parts of the brain involved in making music.

Family Life Publications

Who Actually Quits Musical Instrument Instruction — Children or Their Parents? | National...
Who Actually Quits Musical Instrument Instruction — Children or Their Parents? | National...

Who Actually Quits Musical Instrument Instruction — Children or Their Parents? | National...

Who Actually Quits Musical Instrument Instruction — Children or Their Parents? October 23, 2015 Leave a comment Who Actually Quits Musical Instrument Instruction — Children or Their Parents? By Anthony Mazzocchi Article originally posted on The Music Parents’ Guide How many times have we heard from…


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I found this as a resource at Paloma Piano, great idea! Look for these titles on Youtube, or turn on the FM radio and listen to your classical radio station for all kinds of offerings! This is a tall order for July, so get going!