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Channel X Radio Channel X Radio is an Aroostook County owned and operated radio station since 1986. Serving northern Maine and western New Brunswick, Canada.

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Good afternoon! It was a 🥵HOT and DRY🥵 one today! The Red Flag Warning for Northern Aroostook continues until 7PM this evening. A reminder that no outdoor burning is allowing during this time. Please properly dispose of cigarettes, be extremely careful with any open flame or heat source, and check that you trailer chains are properly secured.

Tonight will see some relief from the heat as temps drop into the upper 50s to low 60s. Clouds will increase in the north and possible low clouds and patchy fog along the coast in the early morning.

For the latest forecast, visit
Aroostook Community Matters: Aroostook Regional Transportation System looking for Volunteer Drivers

Transportation Barriers are one of the most common reasons for missed appointments. In this week’s Aroostook Community Matters, Corey Bouchard learns more about a program from the Aroostook Regional Transportation System aiming to recruit people to help with that issue.


Good morning, here is your early morning weather story for Friday, May 13, 2022:

> Record highs are expected across the region today.

Records for today, 5/13:
Caribou: 78 (1992) - Forecast 90F!
Bangor: 81 (1991) - Forecast 81F
Millinocket: 82 (1911) - Forecast 85F
Houlton: 79 (1978) - Forecast 90F!

> Elevated fire danger this afternoon across far northern Maine due to low relative humidity and a west to southwest wind of 10 to 15 mph with a few higher gusts.

> If you have any plans to be out on area lakes and rivers, please be aware that water temperatures are still very cold.

> Temperatures will trend down this weekend, but will still be above average. Rain chances will increase Saturday night into Sunday.

> Much cooler and unsettled early next week.

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🐸 Moisture gradually returning 🐸

Our very warm weather is going to continue for a couple more days along with increasing humidity. Friday and Saturday will be mostly sunny with inland highs well into the 80s except the upper 70s in the far north.

Moisture will begin lifting into the area Sunday bringing a mostly cloudy day with showers likely. Some showers are possible Monday. Showers will again be likely on Tuesday.

🔥Our stretch of sunny dry weather has dried out the grasses, leaves and twigs increasing the fire danger. Please be extremely careful with fire outdoors and remember you need a permit to burn.

🌊 A reminder that river, lake and seawater temperatures are still very cold which can pose a danger if you slip into the water. If you are boating stay close to shore and be sure to wear your life preserver.


With the fire danger still high today, and likely tomorrow and into the weekend, be sure to check with your local fire department or town office regarding burn permits. Follow Maine Forest Rangers for current fire danger status and updates. #BeReady #OnlyYouCanPreventWildfires

Photos from Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department's post

Photos from Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department's post




🚨🚨 Large Brush fire in the area of 1150 presque isle road. Multiple agency’s will be operating in the area. Drive with caution🚨🚨

UPDATE 800pm: Fire is contained, crews are picking up.





Photos from Fort Kent Police Department's post

Photos from Fort Kent Police Department's post

Photos from Fort Fairfield Fire Rescue's post

Photos from Fort Fairfield Fire Rescue's post


A message from Chief Michael Gahagan:

Since October 1, 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed into law May 15, as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, that week has been recognized as National Police Week. This is a time when Americans are given a chance to honor the extraordinary service given year after year by our police forces.

It is right to commemorate the dedicated law enforcement officers who serve our communities, States and Country. It is especially right to annually honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives. This week we remember all of them.

This National Peace Officers Memorial Day is for all our officers, who have died of disease, injury or job stress, and those who have just faded away like all good soldiers. So let us be

grateful for their many sacrifices and celebrate their lives with pride and affection, as we add a name to the roll call read out at the Memorial Service in Augusta this past Monday, let us pray for the entire blue line that serves and protects our community.

Only those who have lost a love one can understand what cannot be explained to someone outside the law enforcement community, the integrity that motivates someone to protect and serve.

Their grief reminds us that law enforcement is not just another job, but a higher calling that involves the entire family, that connects to a larger fellowship worldwide, and deserves the undying respect of every person who enjoys the peace and safety that our law enforcement profession provides. The men and women who

wear the uniform and those who love them are a beacon of light in a sometimes-dark world.

To sustain America as a place of order, we need officers who will use intellect, compassion and yes, force, to prevent the tyranny of the lawless, and to preserve the freedom of the law-abiding. Every day that you put on the badge, kiss your spouse and children goodbye, and walk out the door, you do so knowing that you might be called upon that day to step between good and evil, often at the risk of great personal cost. We are reminded of this fact each year as we commemorate lives cut too short in service to their Community and this State. Their bravery, sacrifice and service bless us beyond what mere words like “Thank You” can convey. Maine is strong because you make it safe. It is fitting to recognize and honor all who have chosen law enforcement as a career.

Facts and Figures

On average, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the United State every 53 Hours. Since the first known line of duty death in 1791, until now 23,229 names have been engraved on the walls of the National Enforcement Officer Memorial in Washington DC. Those officers have made the ultimate sacrifice. More than 800,000 sworn law enforcement now serve in the United States, 12% of those are females. Of that 12% there are 390 females listed on the Memorial; Maine has 88 names listed on the memorial and this year unfortunately one more will be added, Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy Luke Gross who was investigating a vehicle crash when he was struck and killed by a vehicle in Trenton on September 23,2021

We can only pray that all law enforcement officers who protect this state are kept out of harm’s way however, we must face reality that the men and woman who protect us are putting their lives on the line every day to make our community safe.

Whether the shirt is white, blue, green or brown, we are all brothers and sisters in law enforcement, those that we remember today and everyday have paid with their lives to uphold the law and keep citizens safe. It is officers such as these who are the foundation in which every law enforcement agency stands upon. Those that we have lost have set the standard and it is up to the young men and women today to carry on that service for them. It has often been said that, “The blue line may be thin, but it is strong” Thank you and God Bless.


152 East Green Ridge Road
Caribou, ME


+1 800-660-9298


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Channel X Radio

Channel X Radio is a local and independently owned FM radio station, serving our community since 1986. Our playlist features a rainbow of variety from the 50s to today, with an emphasis on the softer hits of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Along with our mix of music, we deliver regional news, weather, sports, PSA's, and our daily signature - "Tip of the Hat". We take great pride in our local on air talent, as well as broadcasting live from an array of community events throughout the year.

Channel X broadcasts from the nation’s most Northeastern broadcasting facilities - four locations along the New Brunswick border into Northern Maine, Western New Brunswick, and Southeastern Quebec. All of our programming is locally originated, save for the world wide nationally recognized CBS Radio Newscasts at the top of each hour.

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Republicans throughout The County will be converging at the Presque Isle Inn & Convention Center on Saturday, February 12 for the bi-annual Caucus! All Republicans are invited and Independents are welcome to attend where municipal clerks will be on hand to enroll you in the party. I encourage you to consider this so that you may participate in the June primary (Independents are not allowed by law to vote in primaries). The Caucus begins at 9 a.m. and runs through noon (you don't have to stay for the entirety). Refreshments will be served. Come meet the Republican candidates, meet and become involved with your municipal committee and learn more about the party platform. Channel X Radio will be covering the event live! Be part of the festivities... hope to see you there!
Please vote for Mandala. Remember Abe my son has been working hard to realize his dream along with the whole band. Small town boy from Caribou Maine. You can make a difference. If you can purchase extra votes now be the time plus some of the proceeds go to su***de prevention. So heres the exciting lineup for the Hollywood Bowl. Free votes still good too but if you can share for this for extra votes it helps. Thank you. Long journey but they are so close. Like winning a band American iDiol. Could you help us Channel X get the word out?
I like the variety of music you guys play. May I make one request? Can you wait until the song is done before you start the news? Thank you
Is it Really newsworthy,,hearing about a Cat killed by a frying pan ? Very Tacky
Are you ok? I haven't heard you on the air since the day before yesterday...
Just heard your ad about our own Susan Collins being responsible for the mess the USPS is in. SHAME ON YOU!! The only reason i can see that management is allowing this hog wash is GREED! You know better than to promote this garbage. Channel X WAS my station of choice but will no longer be. Again, shame on you for allowing this.
Hi Xers!Hope all is well out on the ridge
Umm ah,,I was Umm ah,wondering if Peter Umm ah Edwards,is Umm ah Guinness World,,Umm ah Champion? Umm Ah
does anyone know where the Pineland Farms food bank is on Monday? i heard it was moved to Caribou High School, but the ad still says it's at SWCollins.
Frozen state
The "If I had a billion dollars" parody this morning was great, thanks for the laugh! Is there a link to that song?
what happened to the website?