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Blue and White Rain by Juskel Clothing 2017
Blue and White Rain by Juskel Clothing 2017

Blue and White Rain by Juskel Clothing 2017

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“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”Juskel 30 Jaindl Turkey Giveaway
“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”Juskel 30 Jaindl Turkey Giveaway

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”Juskel 30 Jaindl Turkey Giveaway

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Juskel Clothing Lookbook Promo

For Immediate Release United States (Allentown, Pennsylvania) All Pennsylvania January 26, 2016 Tuesday News Release
Local Allentown Clothing Company Set To Debut Turtleback Collection

#Juskel Clothing Company Readies #TheTurtlebackCollection for Retailers Nationally and Internationally

#Juskel which simply, means Just Kids Enjoying Life! Is a Fun, Fresh and innovative approach to Fashion Couture.
Fashion isn’t just about clothing anymore. It’s about you.
Juskel Clothing offers a new view on clothing offering a fun and exciting style fit for everyone. A style designed to allow you to be yourself.
It isn’t about fitting in with your friends, at Juskel you can find a style that fits your lifestyle. With clothing that removes the boundaries on time and age, adulthood no longer means boring clothes.
Juskel Clothing, located in Allentown, PA, allows you to focus on yourself when choosing what to wear rather than on the fashion. It’s a place where there are no limits, but your comfort is the top priority.
Juskel offers a uniquely sophisticated and simple style to brighten up your everyday life.
No matter what your lifestyle, Juskel has a style that will fit you.
It’s time to forget about adulthood and bring out your inner kid while enjoying a life full of comfort and style.
[email protected]

2016 Juskel Clothing Spring/ Summer" Urbanisticate" Collection.

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#allentownclothingcompany #setToDebut#TurtlebackCollection #juskelclothingcompany


#allentownclothingcompany #SetToDebut #2016NewTurtlebackCollection
#allentownclothingcompany #SetToDebut #2016NewTurtlebackCollection

#allentownclothingcompany #SetToDebut #2016NewTurtlebackCollection

Welcome to the World of #JUSKEL where we are all #justkidsenjoyinglife!. A place where time and age has no expiration and evolution from childhood to ADULTHOOD is only your perception. #JUSKEL has ...

#allentownclothingcompany #SetToDebut #2016NewTurtlebackCollection
#allentownclothingcompany #SetToDebut #2016NewTurtlebackCollection

#allentownclothingcompany #SetToDebut #2016NewTurtlebackCollection

Welcome to the World of #JUSKEL where we are all #justkidsenjoyinglife!. A place where time and age has no expiration and evolution from childhood to ADULTHOOD is only your perception. #JUSKEL has ...


09*11 Never forget!
ODE TO A FRIEND (TO ALL THAT SUFFERED A LOSS) by Allen Aj Davis your loss is our loss collectively One Love
I saw Love ( you my dearest) just 2 short days ago but with no warning the tempest extemperoneously swept you away. Put those toys away honey,please, leave the dog alone please. Get outta here. Honey don't forget your keys. I ll be right up to tuck you in. How was your day baby? We really need to move and get away from these people. We need to think about the future. Now you are gone , but why now? So young. How could this happen to us? We are the good ones, we are exempt. Not in this community.I never saw this coming. Notice me! I have no Hope. I'm in trouble, please hear my cry. Someone please help me.
My body betrayed me or are the Angels calling? The flood gates opened noxiously and once again we are inured. It's been 2 days since the Gale force winds swooped in and carried your spirit away. What am I suppose to do now? I have no place to go. Why? I lived here my entire life.
They absconded You my dear love.... That's aberrant since you are a anomaly. You are the flames, we are the flicker...You my daughter,son,brother,mother,husband,in law,my uncle, my aunt,my grandfather,my grandmother, my dearest darling.
You held on capriciously, you are convulted with benevolence. You are going to College. Save your money, drink your milk, I'm not in the mood, don't touch me, stop jumping on the bed, put that toilet seat down!
However. Some days I hated you, why mommy,daddy? I wanted to be you. Young again no worries, care free. I'd trade places with you in a heart beat, in a second.
I stood in your shadow. I loved you. I adored You. You are what I lived for.
The Angels are smiling, home at last. They welcome You. You were missed Beloved. We stand weeping, I am vexed, we are vexed. We are the World, our community. The sky is dark with crackles of lightning, the seasons are in disarray.
We are not exempt. We have changed, life is not the same without you my dear love friend,father,mother,son,husband,wife,daughter. How did this happen? Why now? I remember watching you lay in your crib gazing at your mobile hanging there. The gleam of hope in your eyes gave me hope for the future. Your Dad and I became one when you were born. Now a wing is broken,the balance is upset.
God knew your pain and suffering, your pride, but he wanted peace for You. Hey we are not exempt.
A gentle caring soul, affable and gregarious. I am honored to have known you. I stood beside you. I laid next to you. I held you in my arms. Even though my heart wept. Weeps. Even now, but I could not show you. I tried to be strong for us. Undaunted you were valiant until the end.
We now stand,kneel,pray,cry,leave flowers. We hold the candles. May the wax from the wick forever and eternally burn from your flames, and ignite Love in our hearts.
Do we really stand United or only in our tragedy?
My pain is no greater than yours, nor yours than mine. Open your minds, hearts to one another.
Honey aren't you gonna blow that candle out? Nah! That flame can never be extinguished....That's Love. by Allen Aj Davis/Ajthetrainer Davis/The One You,LLC
I'll see you again my friends,


Serena defeated Venus in three back-and-forth sets Tuesday night, advancing to the semifinals 6-2, 1-6, 6-3. She'll face Italy's Roberta Vinci, currently ranked 43rd in the world, who beat Frances Kristina Mladenovic 6-3, 5-7, 6-4.

What Serena Williams — Queen Of Tennis — Means To The Sports World
With a win against Vinci, Williams would play for the U.S. Open title, and a Grand Slam of the year's major tournaments, the first since Steffi Graf's in 1988, The Associated Press reports.

But Serena got all she could handle from her 23rd-ranked sister, according to AP:

"She's the toughest player I've ever played in my life and the best person I know," Serena said in an on-court interview. "It's going against your best friend and at the same time going against the greatest competitor, for me, in women's tennis."

Updated 9 p.m. ET

The Williams sisters regularly play doubles together, but tonight they'll be on opposite sides of the net.i
The Williams sisters regularly play doubles together, but tonight they'll be on opposite sides of the net.
Martin Bernetti/AFP/Getty Images
Since the U.S. Open draw was released, fans and analysts alike immediately zeroed in on a potential quarterfinals matchup between World No. 1 Serena Williams and her big sister, Venus. Tonight, that match is here.

Tune in to watch the epic sibling rivalry on ESPN. You can also stream it on WatchESPN or follow along on Twitter with updates from the U.S. Open account.

Serena Williams, 33, is three wins away from recording the first calendar Grand Slam in 27 years and cementing her place as the greatest women's tennis player of all time. But the first of those three tests comes tonight against Venus, in the sisters' 27th career meeting. Though Serena is favored — she has lost only two matches all year, and leads the head-to-head record between the two 15-11 — she's not underestimating her sister.

"I'm playing, for me, the best player in the tournament, and that's never easy," Serena said Sunday after her fourth-round win. "She's beaten me so many times. She's a player that knows how to win, knows how to beat me and knows my weaknesses better than anyone."

Sisters Serena, left, and Venus Williams shake hands after a match in 1991 in Compton, Calif.
Before Superstardom, Williams Sisters Stunned On Compton's Courts
For 35-year-old Venus, this could be one of her last shots at making a deep push in a Grand Slam tournament. She knows what's on the line — for them both.

"I don't think anyone wants to be a spoiler," the older Williams told reporters Sunday. "I think people love to see history being made. ... But at the same time, you're focused on winning your match even though the circumstances are really much different than you."

The younger Williams has already won the "Serena Slam" twice, holding all four major titles consecutively both in 2014-15 and 2002-03, but she has yet to win them all in one calendar year. The last player, male or female, to do so was Steffi Graf in 1988.


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