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Reposting from a like-minded high school friend..I'm proud to say I belong to the party who got the first black man elec...

Reposting from a like-minded high school friend..

I'm proud to say I belong to the party who got the first black man elected to the highest office in this land. That same party just put the first woman, who's also black, as Vice President of our great nation! And 4 years ago, this same party ran the first woman to become President. She won the popular vote by 3 million but lost being elected account of an antiquated electoral college system. Now tell me which party represents "THE PEOPLE" of this country? Hint: If you said the GOP, you just lost this quiz.


Watching the voting returns on CBS News. Major Garrett nailed the overall attitude of Trump, "He believes strength over empathy."

It all makes sense now.


So, as it turns out, my Match and I are registered politically opposite.

This makes for very interesting conversations at this time.


With the death of the incomparable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we now face the uncomfortable reality of a replacement.

If said replacement is Catholic, we have another issue at hand.

Until we understand fully, the reasons why men father children and then leave without accepting the mandatory love and financial responsibility, you simply and conscientiously cannot be pro-life and anti-welfare.

The scales continue to tip in favor of men financially.

Helen Gurley Brown was wrong. Most women cannot "Have it All". And if you have 1/4 or less of the requisite tools, you are screwed again.

Weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, life as we knew it, is changing.  If you do not have one, and can afford it, get a sca...
least expensive scanner - Google Search

Weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, life as we knew it, is changing.

If you do not have one, and can afford it, get a scanner. Even if you do not have a "working printer"(i.e. you are out of ink...which is ridiculously expensive!) a scanner most effectively photocopies paperwork in a way that is most easily read by your receiving party.

#getascanner #EpsonScanner #CanonScanner #FujitsuScanner

Here's a quick look at a Google inquiry:


For this moment in time the Rat Race has halted.

There is nothing you're missing out on.

We are all doing the exact same thing, getting to know ourselves again.

No social pressures, lots of downtime..lots of "Me" time, or "Us" time if you share a roof with others.

It's quiet... everywhere.

There are no mass shootings or bombings...for now.

Remarkably, the omnipresent tension in my neck and shoulders has melted away. That alone is amazing!

Lots of naps and a forced period of Stay Home.

Ok...that's the upside as I see it. Standby for the "I'm so bored!" post which undoubtedly will hit next.

SSI & Social Security Disability Benefits Advocate Rhonda Wilson

Your voice counts TODAY!

SSA's administrative budget has declined in recent years, resulting in staffing cuts that lead to lengthy wait times for service, including at SSA field offices, call centers, and disability hearing offices. Social Security Subcommittee Chairman John Larson (D-CT) and Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) are asking their colleagues to sign on to a letter to House appropriators urging them to adequately fund SSA's administrative budget to address these issues.

You can help by reaching out to your Representative today and asking them to sign on to the "Dear Colleague" letter.

To participate in the campaign text "FUNDSSA" to 52886 or click the CAMPAIGN LINK.

As always, we appreciate your engagement with these campaigns - you have a voice and thank you for using it!


This is a forward share from Marc Moretti, specifically regarding The homeless situation in Chico California.

"... I’ve suggested in the past to use closed military bases which are complete community spaces. There is housing classrooms hospitals and retail. Residents can be safe. Everything from rehab and medication, counseling, job training to housing. Retail food and necessities. Some residents can work in the stores, do maintenance and related jobs. The place would have security and residents would not be allowed to leave without passes. Mentally disturbed people would be monitored and medicine would be readily available. Students of related fields could pay back loans by working a few days a month."


What would you do if you met someone, had dealings with someone, who you considered to be a danger to themselves or others?

Literally, daily can we each be a part of the solution?

Put yourself in the position of knowing this person, being fearful of what they could do to others, AND consider your own fear if they learn you have reported them....


I'm going to save y'all some time and wondering regarding this Jeffrey Epstein death.

Having known both felons and ex-felons, I have it on good authority...child molesters are not tolerated, but rather, they are "taken-out" by the population.

Honor among thieves.

The FBI can go home and save us all some dough.

I've been searching for words to describe and explain widespread s*x abuse in churches. This podcast does that with keyp...
Many Churches Haven't Been Vigilant, Southern Baptist Official Says

I've been searching for words to describe and explain widespread s*x abuse in churches. This podcast does that with keyphrases. Give a listen.

Rachel Martin talks to Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention about how church leaders are responding to a report that exposed widespread s*xual abuse of church members and children.


In regards to the upcoming Presidential election and all of the problems experienced in the past with voter fraud and recounts etc....AND with the current POTUS who bullies his way into anything that he wants....Should we not, as a people, put securities in place so that HE CANNOT just claim victory matter what the "Fake News" has to say????!!!! I'm worried about this Bully-Run-Amuck...!


Happy Birthday!


May this season of lights brighten your world 🌏


Wouldn't it be great if there was a "UNETHICAL &/or UNSCRUPULOUS" site where you could publicly post your "No Vote" and "Why" on unscrupulous folks running for office in your city or town? 350 words max.


Can someone please invent a "Trump Control" button for my tv. If you can do a "Parental Control", this should be a no-brainer.


C-SPAN capitalism vs socialism... Interesting


****On behalf of survivors of s*xual abuse, it may well have begun with Hugh Hefner's magazine. The announcement of his death today will undoubtedly trigger many. It is important to take care of yourself. Check in with your support group, counselor, therapist, etc. Get and stay current with any medications for depression, anxiety, etc. Use the tools you have learned to cope and move into being your true self. ****IF YOU ARE A SUPPORT PERSON: Now is your time. Be there as support. Everyone heals differently, and on their own timeline. It is not possible to hurry-up the process. PLEASE SHARE FORWARD. Thank you & may the healing force be with you.

****No duh....Mr. Trump...fake news indeed...
Justice Department: No evidence Trump Tower was wiretapped

****No duh....Mr. Trump...fake news indeed...

The Justice Department said in a court filing Friday evening that it has no evidence to support President Donald Trump's assertion in March that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped the phones in Trump Tower before last year's election.


Fake News and rumors of Impeachment. It is very possible that this will be the shortest Presidency in this history of the US. When all is said & done...& the specific psychosis is revealed, I predict a new diagnosis for the DSM: "The Donald Syndrome". #TheDonaldSyndrome


Michelle Obama would be a dynamite opponent/debater against the Orange One. She has nothing to lose....


If you think, for one moment, that I do not care about your tax liability, your personal numbers, then let me remind you...I am that person in your life who does care. It matters. It all matters. There are a million metaphors for this situation and they are all ugly: The emperor has no clothes, and no tax liability; he has a big mouth and bad hair. His tweets are to the nation, what tweekers are to addiction. I am NOT that woman who turns a "blind eye" to your arrogance and bad behavior, I pay attention and if could, I would divorce you immediately.


This is a Share via Pantsuit Nation......I was asked to repost this here as well by some friends. I'm honored to do so.
Anyone kind enough to read my Facebook posts these past months knows they've been mostly political commentary or attempts to provide inspirational thoughts from various sources—to shed light and perspective in challenging times. I've been very, very challenged by these times. And now, with a new job, in a new year, it's also my birthday this week. I'm going to try to connect some dots here.

For a year or so I've been repeating that Donald Trump is not a viable political figure. That's mostly because he's not interested in anything or anyone but himself. If you haven't figured that out by now, you will. I never imagined the extent to which he would manipulate the media and the minds of very good citizens to promote gravely untrue, dangerous things. And good people were deceived, horribly. And it has made me very, very sad.

For all of his words, and there have been LOTS of them—mean-spirited, unclear, divisive, contradictory—he has never, in my recollection, mentioned two very important ones: the arts. I have a strong feeling, in his mind, his support of the arts is limited to beauty pageants and using his foundation to purchase a portrait of himself.

And here I am. Working in the arts for more than 30 years. Not as an elitist. Never as an elitist. But with a dogged work ethic that reflects my father's blue-collar roots and my mother's sense of service.

The borough I live in is one of the finest and (unfortunately) most expensive places to live in the country. And yet there are large parts of this borough, and the other three that surround Manhattan, that are severely lacking in arts for young people. I teach populations of students who have never seen a full-length play until I bring them to one. And students who have never read a play. And, sometimes, when they see a play, they excitedly report to me, "Professor, that MOVIE was so good, it happened right in front of us. I can't wait to see another one!" There is not even an accessible vocabulary to support the experience. For Puppetry in Practice, a Brooklyn non-profit, I've created arts-based programs that introduce theater and speed language learning for kids in grades 1-12. Theater speeds language development.

As Artistic Director of LEAP, I oversee and am growing programming for the citywide August Wilson Monologue Competition (culminating in performances Off Broadway; and on Broadway for the nationals), and the LEAP Onstage Play Writing Competition, where students' plays are published by Samuel French and performed Off Broadway. (Please contact me ASAP if you have the means to adopt a school program--doesn't cost much, and you'll be glad you did.)

The day after the election, I walked into a school, with a nearly 100% Latino population, and the students were so frightened and devastated, the faculty spent all morning consoling them. (So, please, stop posting about over-reactions. You have NO idea.) In another school, 75% Latino, funding was cut. To make matters worse, the same week of the election the principal resigned because he wasn't able to manage a school that size—the students felt abandoned twice over. The brand new principal turned to me and said, "My kids need these programs to feel creative and be immersed in something." A few days later, I told the story to a wealthy Southern Democrat at a holiday cocktail party in Manhattan, and she cried and wrote a check for the entire program in that school. Merry Christmas, indeed. God bless her!

I am proud to pass on what I know. And introduce and advance the art form. And try to level the playing field for kids (and adults) who should have had access to the arts long, long ago. I do not care one bit about any young person becoming an actor. But I believe that these skills produce better citizens—who can think, write and express themselves creatively. How can the next Lin-Manuel Miranda or Lynn Nottage emerge without being introduced to the full spectrum of the arts? Give back! Give BACK. (Especially all the artists who come from or live in Brooklyn. The list is endless.) It matters. Here's why…

We will now have a president who has NO command of the language. No respect for it. No regard for nuance, precision or eloquence. In fact, he abuses the language. He insults it as he insults. Some would say he slaughters the language.

I am fighting back by giving back. It's not "nice" of me. Be very clear about this. I am not feeling nice. I am doing it with a furious sense of frustration, empowerment and anger. I am channeling my energy into encouraging lasting creativity and infusion of the arts into education. The arts aren't external to learning—they ARE learning. Because this can NEVER happen again. NEVER. We have allowed a lack of creativity in our leadership. They are gridlocked for lack of creative problem-solving.

I cannot stand to watch an abuse of power, devastating funding cuts, manipulation of the hopes of poor people and desperate people, the use of theatrical techniques to feed fear, heightened fake media to increase ratings, and the creation of horrible, damaging lies to scare people into mistrusting their neighbor.

I am willing to roll up my sleeves and work harder. I will listen until my ears bleed—if it is an informed opinion. But do NOT call me out of touch and hypersensitive. And never, ever insult education and intelligence. We are experiencing the lack of them right now. So, finally…before we put ourselves further into harm's way and destroy one another…let's get creative, shall we?

5 facts about Social Security
5 facts about Social Security

5 facts about Social Security

Social Security has developed into one of the most popular federal programs, though that popularity is tempered by concern over its long-term financial outlook.


Friday, November 11, 2016. Veteran's Day. 3 days after the Presidential election. On my personal page, I've been vocal about the aftershock of the results. A calmer me, wants to make sure I can express myself a bit clearer. The fear that I feel is not so much for myself. I've overcome, bigotry, bullying, all kinds of unwanted s*xual acts & advances, homelessness, underearning , emotional abuse, favoritism, college loans, being fired, being unmarried, being childless and wearing clothes that should have been thrown out years earlier. And, I'm a white chick and I'm where I am because of the choices I made. I am also a survivor and know I can overcome a great many unpleasantries. What I fear is the Manic Depression of the current United States. Many people will not have the opportunities to pull themselves up from the bowl that keeps pulling them down . I agree that our country needs a massive overhaul. But the Mania felt by those who voted for a straight up bully, with a list of egregious personal and professional sins, is matched by the Depression now felt by those of us who were looking forward to the decades of experience from someone who knows how to work our screwed up system. Both committed sins. To ask those of us who lost, to "get over it", give us time to grieve. And my cat just delivered a mouse into my house. Gotta go.

Robert Reich
Robert Reich

Robert Reich

It’s a start. Now, fire him.

What do you think?


Chico, CA


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