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Starting in August: Bomb the Twist is currently on the air Sunday nights from 11pm-12am.


WCSB 89.3fm playlist 12/17/23

*red hot woman - the revelons
*the rise and fall of the gang - chubby and the gang
*hold your breath - chubby and the gang
*is it late? - the lizerds
*i want you - the spelling mistakes
*bambino - plastic bertrand
*taped up - thee spivs
*it's all up to you - ambulance
*the return of jackie and judy - the ramones
*human slug - demented are go

*nothing fails - the pumpers
*road runner - the's
*it's so useless - jay reatard
*you broke my heart - the vi*****rs
*journey to the end - carbonas
*look out johnny - protex
*accident - starshooter
*static nightmare - jeffrey novak omb
*sue - ivy green
*i'm a goner - cyclops
*dodt batteri - cola freaks
*that's if you want me to - the fevers
*can't stand you - sinks

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 12/10/23

*choices - amyl and the sniffers
*doomsday device - human toys
*if looks could kill - crime
*on the avenue - nervous eaters
*x-rod - lumpy and the dumpers
*lost dog - black abba
*acido corrosivo - acidez
*not to be - vatican dagger
*remote controlled - pack
*sweet tooth - timmy's organism

*no title - the russians
*keep it dark - C.O.F.F.I.N.
er****on rocket - throbbin urges
*coming after me - giuda
*agitated - electric eels
*the beat goes on - firestarter
*what a way to die - mummies
*leopard skin - the drags
*miss dynamite - hammersmith gorillas
*i'll be there - lover
*revenge - the cynics

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 12/3/23

*pretty woman - the secrets
*the creep's revenge - thee cormans
*got the blues - dead elvis and his one man grave
*we got a fight - sham 69
*i want you to dance with me - jeff hill
*20/20 - fm knives
*bobby wayne - throw rag
*klean living kids - the stukas
*i don't care - the ding-dongs
*closedown - blitz

*make it hot - jim jones r***e
*working - c**k sparrer
*saints and sinners - johnny and the self abusers
*boom! dynamite! - the courettes
*fairytales - slugz
*poverty soup - the nostrils
*sloppy (i saw my baby gettin') - devo
*su***de party - the ladies
*you're dumb - the ladies
*pollen christ - gary wrong group
*if you'll die i'll die - inepsy
*ap***it - homostupids
*i see - testors
*it hurts, janey - the bizarros
*thank you - albertos y lost trios paranoias
*ew way ew - thomas function

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 11/26/23

*then i kicked her - the lurkers
*my love is gone - charlie and the moonhearts
*let yourself go - reigning sound
*calloused hands - mark sultan
*teenage treats - the wasps
*we only come out at night - sugar stems
*kicks in style - the users
*i'll do you wrong - thee vicars
*doin me in - the blacks
*magnetic problems - forbidden tigers
*deflect the world - the sueves

*waiting for you - the brides
*they're not around - devil dogs
*no fun on the beaches - ex-cult
*fever - the cramps
*love strike - shannon and the clams
*i've got a problem - the nervebreakers
*good good things - descendents
*hypnotized - mondo ray
*oh lord! why? how? - the hives
*horror beach - phantom surfers
*self immolation man - the mind controls
*top down - teenage head

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 11/19/23

*idiot boy - dum dum boys
*push me - carbonas
*mosquito crucifixion - su***de commandos
*psychic eyes - static static
*deranged demented and free - p.v.c.
*summertime blues - hipshakes
*reverse the curse - golden error
*you're the one - the boyfriends

*please don't touch - mad 3
*wild about you - new memphis legs
*chapel of love - holly and the italians
*nowhere to run - pagans
*kill the funk (there will be no funk in outer space) - rocket from the crypt
*who's been sleeping here - tuff darts
*stories of live - alien nosebleed
*bad day fishing - holy s**t!
*livin in the 80s - zero boys
*puke on you - reatards
*i'm gonna punch you in the face - child molesters
*...on the wings of satan - midnight

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 11/12/23

*can't feel a thing - busy signals
*stop living your life - buck biloxi and the f***s
*frankenstein twist - lost sounds
*push n' shove - the drive
*mental shark bite - final solutions
*mama got the blues - giuda
*rip me apart - foster care
*strong come on - oblivians
*filthy fun - baseball furies
*kiss - jungle fever
*just say yes - dickies

*how come - gbh
*bad habit - fe fi fo fums
*driven to violence - evil army
*take it from me - girlschool
*bad feeling - beat beat
*european girls - bbq
*the kids are the same - paul collins beat
*what gives? - radio birdman
*breaking it down - jetz
*playliens - barreracudas
*bad times good times - the sorrows

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 10/29/23

*let's pretend - the germs
*nervous breakdown - brutal knights
*W.L.F.B. - mower
*can't feel me - skuz monkey
*bat outta hell - liquids
*rock around the tombstone - the monsters
*delta 32 mutation - functional blackouts
*back of my hand (i've got your number) - the jags
*mad man - DRI

*graveyard girlfriend - groovie ghoulies
*get the f**k outta here - fashion! fashion! and the image boys
*this ain't me - the mistreaters
*disco kiddz - buzzer
*brand new casket - brickbats
*got what i want - the sights
*just scream - loli and the chones
*automobile - the rings
*witch doctor - the pits
*channel 13 is haunted - hex dispensers
*holy ghost - dead ghosts
*i was a teenage werewolf - the cramps

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 10/22/23

*progress (for real) - this moment in black history
*got it goin on - the countdowns
*97 tears - the revelons
*brasshead smash - the blowtops
*jeeze - wet ones
*westgate - amyl and the sniffers
*sailing to hell - the fits
*male models - the undertones
*dead men tell no tales - motorhead
*juvenile - black lips
*gotta go - les s*xareenos
*heart of chrome - reatards (request)

*no reason for your call - headache
*wager my heart - obn IIIs
*hold me right - cynics
*nights in white satin - the dickies
*tennessee rock'n'roll - rat traps
*why don't you love me like ya used to do - scott dense
*thundercharge - whitespade
*strange things - protex
*foolish girl - the jet boys
*been thinkin - the gartrells
*chupacabra - el muchacho

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 10/15/23

*glad all over - the rezillos
*won't you make up your mind - coloured balls
*hold me - 1-800-mikey
*hound dog - creteens
*money with your tail - the cramps
*coups & blessures - rixe
*i'm in love - the pleasers
*it's hot outside - the nerves
*she'll be my death - bantam rooster
*tomorrow's girls - uk subs
*finding the co**se - homostupids

*buri buri usa - the brentwoods
*drug problem - kajun ss
*something on my mind - the speedies
*you really got a hold on me - the cool jerks
*bad girl - the new york dolls
*wild man - rock'n'roll adventure kids
*keep on waiting - manikins
*disco in moscow - the vi*****rs
*suspect - shocked minds
*kiss fist - chinese burns

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 10/8/23

*blue ain't my colour - chubby and the gang
*mass media believer - the lurkers
*city sun - C.O.F.F.I.N.
*when we were young - pumphouse gang
*tearin me apart - teenage head
*john bitter - the krunchies
*bad day - gob
*lost it all - marked men
*uncontrollable urge - the mummies
*watcha gonna do - the boys
*baby baby c'mon - the persuaders

*lose it - retainers
*god is in my garage - reverend savage and his holy rollers
*waiting the end - acidez
*straight to the moon - bloodshot bill (request)
*money boy, money girl - tyrades
*more you talk, less i hear - the monsters (request)
*tape - p**s me off
*machine hand - the sleaze
*rich kid - gaunt (request)
*pre-party - poppets
*sk8ing on your grave - no comply

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 9/24/23

*what do you want me to do - the pointed sticks
*take it home - daddy long legs
*burglar - the damned
*killing the wolfman - king khan and bbq show
*you ain't the one - thee crucials
*under my thumb - the locomotions
*waiting for the bomb blast - funeral
*what i want - the okmoniks
*attention - gentleman jesse and his men

*priorities - trash
*i've heard it before - black flag
*you will die - the monsters
*making a scene - the scientists
*forced to the ground - lover!
*i'm f**king dead - fag cop
*heard you was a heartbreaker - the bananas
*(i hate) drivin in the city - gee tee
*lies - pampers
*you are the one - the now
*itty bitty betty - the four slicks

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 9/17/23

*gonna be my girl - devil dogs
*do wah diddy diddy - the hounds
*tutti frutti - the mc5
*peggy - les hormones
*f**k you - alberto y lost trios paranois
*don't need you - the fatals
*it's true - the spivs
*hate you - carbonas
*death comes ripping - the misfits
*dead rock & rollers - detention
*sick as a dog - slugz
*jet coaster - the's

*cashing in - minor threat
*fire rock - the beguiled
*i'm a man - luis and the wildfires
*set in stone - angry angles
*go away girl - the urinals
*tired - couch potatoes
*calling on you - dead boys [live from Blitz benefit]
*how the west was won - demon's claws
*she made magic - the wasps

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 8/27/23

*the weird machine - the beguiled
*done with music - brutal knights
*fat guy with an ipod - livefastdie
*wild about you - the new memphis legs
*i hate you - d. watusi
*f**k with me man - p**s me off
*no romance - mind spiders
*bad luck - throbbin urges
*electrofize me - the fe fi fo fums
*mayumi the untouchable - guitar wolf
*laser boys - the bizarros
*you'll be mine - the fatals
*picked apart - overnight lows

*drive you faster - john schooley one man band
*renouncer - the nostrils
*not that way anymore - stiv bators
*open up your door - the romantics
*anything baby - the bossman and his bad habits
*time bomb high school - reigning sounds
*reasons to shire - gary wrong group
*introduce the metric system in time - the hives
*i wanna be the only one - bbq
*better off dead - la peste

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 8/20/23

*i don't care - the kids
*urban damnation - the panik
*ultra twist - the cramps (live in cleveland 1997)
*nowhere - the stitches
*mislead -the black and whites
*bat - lumpy and the dumpers
*losing time - the decks
*sometime to say - the dum dum boys
*fitting end - exwhites
*fan mail - the dickies

*matchbox - headcat
*she's a sensation - ramones
*all i can do - the jolt
*you can do everything - giuda
*i'm your creep - white faces
*i'm 13 and too ugly to live - king louie one man band
*freakout - black lips
*perfect stranger - plexi 3
*dearest darling - thee headcoats
*mindless contentment - matt mayhem and the xerox boys
*look into my eyes and hate me - jet boys

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 8/13/23

*rock music - the secrets
*knock knock - the confusers
*make up your mind - the rip offs
*cheap love - the f models
*what it is - the dictators
*raw attack - midnight
*control - trampoline team
*i'm a heartbreaker - the wongs
*whoops, i don't care about anything anymore - holy s**t!
*first love - the mans
*wenda wild - ivy green

*tropimuerte - ladrones
*never done nothing right - turpentine brothers
*brain inside a jar - hex dispensers
*get loose - catholic boys
*when you're young - the jam
*mind, body and soul - king khan and bbq show
*losing my head - bob burns and the breakups
*lift up your dress - mr. california and jo'phetamine
*dancing party - the caveliers

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 8/6/23

*(they call me) willie the wild one - the mummies
*rico amour - the zeros
*attitude - bad brains
*can't afford you baby - the oblivians
*dead on arrival - the users
*bombshell rock - inepsy
*i feel a feeling - beehive and the barracudas
*c'mon squash me like a bug - the briefs
*grey ghost street - terrible twos
*lights out - angry samoans
*r.i.p. - the sueves
*walking out on love - the carbonas

*sabes - ladrones
*can't catch up with you - the gories
*she's not there - u.k. subs
*le petit tortillard - plastic bertrand
*that girl is coming around - the drags
*break my heart in two - poppets
*live for speed - mower
*teenage delinquent - mad 3
*i gonna kill ya tonight - lightning beat man
*new york - s*x pistols
*baby c'mon - radio beats
*i don't wanna - dead milkmen

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 7/30/23

*praying hands - devo
*sucker punch - new bomb turks
*bad egg - gee tee
*westgate - amyl and the sniffers
*i can't believe you - the m-80s
*don't leave me now - the hipshakes
*rats - tuff darts
*i wanna live - the buttercups
*love is necessary - the cry
*tore me apart - teengenerate
*devil's disciple - the coloured balls

*happy face - whatever...
*zero hour - the plimsouls
*the right side - cococoma
*steal your face - motorhead
*what gives? - radio birdman
*anthem - the tko's
*give til it hurts - the pagans
*resistance - h-100s
*strange notes - the germs

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 7/23/23

*throwaway style - exploding hearts
*no such luck - revillos
*in a million years - buck biloxi and the f***s
*what do i get? - the buzzc**ks
*don't wanna get to know you - liquids
*push button panic - outpatients
*you're fu**in fired - the mistreaters
*su***de getdown - derek lyn plastic
*go, go, go - the lurkers
*loretta - nervous eaters
*razorblade blues - functional blackouts
*feeling amputee - jim jacobi and the crap detectors

*(i'm) flipped out over you - the victims
*he's coming down - the christian family
*alright - fatal figures
*it's only death - testors
*pr***en love - frigg-a-go-go
*sadist - marked men
*back in the city - devil dogs
*sleeping aides and razor blades - exploding hearts
*bad ninja - rocket from the crypt
*it's different now - the rantouls

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 7/9/23

*let the boy rock'n'roll - flamin groovies
*cathode love - wax museums
*(making) teenage faces - exploding hearts
*if mother knew - oblivians and quintron
*all-american psycho - baseball furies
*took my baby home - smugglers
*next to you - feelers
*recidivist - flyin trichecos
*keep on waitin - the manikins
*driving me insane - new memphis legs
*law and order - stiff little fingers
*sick sad - beat beat beat

*s**tty song - chargers street gang
*smoke 'em baby - chargers street gang
*satanic speakers - static static
*i hate teenagers - the insults
*nerves - the konks
*run run rabbit - sugar stems
*get out - cardiac kidz
*heartbreak hotel - bang bang band girl
*dance - the dixie buzzards

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WCSB 89.3fm playlist 7/2/23

*inoxydable - starshooter
*miss dynamite - hammersmith gorillas
*dead flowers - the shanks
*lover's dilemma - the revelons
*violent world - misfits
*cyclotron - electric eels
*love detective - radiators from space
*it's not your fault - sonny vincent and rocket from the crypt
*all i can do - the jolt
*the tone - cynics
*human slug - demented are go
*poodle party - the dickies
*night terrors - gut reactions

*stiff little fingers - the vi*****rs
*it's not my way - the monsters
*he's so popular - the tyrades
*firebug - tuff bananas
*kick you in the head - the nostrils
*hypnotic - gino and the goons
*guns on the right - DV8
*trick that you do - the pits
*throw your stereo - zodiac killers
*working at a desk - digger and the pussycats
*flashing lights - tyvek

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playlist 6/25/23

*looking for fun - the dum dum boys
*lively one - the mistreaters
*all about god - reverend savage and his holy rollers
*complicated - the lids
*roller skates rule ok - giuda
*my teenage queen - spaces**ts
*no one killer -lost sounds
*can't stand you - sinks
*easy truth - bad sports
*call of the wild - su***de commandos
*sick of it (are you) - foster care
*freakshow - the lurkers

*baby come on home - thee vicars
*automatic kansas - fag cop
*i don't want to grow up - descendents
*you're bad when you want to - the manikins
*life - freshly riots
*stranded in the jungle - new york dolls
*indestructible - shoot it up
*gotta have her - penetrators
*kill the teacher - the creteens
*reading magazines - gg king
*mr. hyde's stomp - the blowtops
*wired - southside stranglers

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WCSB 89.3fm
playlist 6/18/23

*why am i so flipped? - the nervebreakers
*skatebored - der submarine racers
*calloused hands - mark sultan
*right about now - mooney suzuki
*so easy - reigning sound
*out of touch - wild thing
*53rd and 3rd - ramones
*you just don't know - shop fronts
*(do the) diggy - hemingers
*teenage heartbreak - the sorrows
*country blues - the countdowns

*swim - coconut coolouts
*hot bunko joe - los marauders
*stay with me - devil dogs
*if looks could kill - crime
*spotlight - pumphouse gang
*young trash - ex-cult
*under the bus - jungle fever
*you're a loser - the huns
*exit - dirt s**t
*pr***en s*x fiend - beehive and the barracudas
*pollen christ - gary wrong group
*nej! - cola freaks

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playlist 6/11/23

*can't tell me nothing - chubby and the gang
*big star rolling - hubble bubble
*the fury of destruction - inepsy
*yeah baby!! - the fatals
*face to face - shocked minds
*splish splash - zero boys
*surfin with the phantom - traditional fools
*blood zombies - vee dee
*wasted days and wasted nights - dragons
*wings - brutal knights
*drug problem - kajun ss
*stay away from me - necessary evils

*he's no - krunchies
*teen witch - bare wires
*nu skavi - p.f. commando
*s***f movies - livefastdie
*liquid brain stem c**ktail - final solutions
*i need your love (live) - the nerves [RIP jack lee]
*let's drive - cave weddings
*ain't no deal - black lips
*she's gotta know - the points
*time wall - fire exit

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playlist 6/4/23

*won't you make up your mind - coloured balls
*c'mon over - reatards
*can't keep up - stitches
*look - trash
*martians took my brain - mr. california
*when you're young - the jam
*rock phone - gee tee
*handy man - cheap time
*ghoul breath - lumpy and the dumpers
*take it from me - girlschool
*surprise - terrible twos

*dum dum love - the mans
*come on now - ramones
*dirty pictures of your mother - the ladies
*she said no - gino and the goons
*rockin the mule back in kansas - barrence whitfield and the savages
*strange love - loli and the chones
*everybody hates me - loli and the chones
*six pack style - xrays
*quarter to four - new bomb turks
*radio jingle / i don't need no co***ne i just need my hot rod - reverend beatman
*heart breaker - the jet five
*rich's eyes - firestarter
*wild woman - los marauders

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playlist 5/21/23

*you'll be mine - daddy long legs
*creeps - ls dogs
*black fingers - static static
*wild youth - generation x
*don't wait up for me - the beat
*fade away - cheap cinema
*brasshead smash - blowtops
*gimmie back my bible - uncle scratch's gospel revival
*wall of shame - pagans
*fizz pop (modern rock) - the continentals
*dyn-o-mite - ape city r&b

*voodoo rhythm - the monsters
*teenage rampage - the secrets
*fever - the hives
*look back and laugh - minor threat
*i'm a goner - cyclops
*family entertainment - undertones
*those things you do - teenage head
*let go - pumpers
*going backwards - the wuffy dogs
*(surprise surprise) - the daily void
*planet heart - guitar wolf

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playlist 5/14/23

*cool feeling - buzzer
*on parole - motorhead
*emotional blackmail - uk subs
*slammer - mono men
*lights out - the nomads
*creature double feature - the orphans
*mojo bean - the blacks
*you'll get the chop - jet staxx
*touche LA - starshooter

*suspicious minds - the defects
*heart attack kid - bass drum of death
*busted life - fashion! fashion! and the image boys
*get down - rocket from the crypt
*crabwalkin - the del-gators
*bad feeling - beat beat
*fed up - the dogs
*memphis creep - angry angles
*push'n'shove - the drive
*making a scene - the scientists
*domino - the cramps

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playlist 5/7/23

*black september - oblivians
*tell her - the locomotions
*slave walls - d. watusi
*you can't stop steel (demo) - midnight
*tell me - dead boys
*shame shame shame - hammersmith gorillas
*sam is your leader - GBH
*flex your muscle - the now
*too pretty to f**k - marked men
*forming - germs (rehearsal 1979)

*she hangs out - groovie ghoulies
*come on - groovie ghoulies
*the beast with five hands - groovie ghoulies
*you lied to me honey - four slicks
*lipstick burn - overnight lows
*don't touch that thing - the bananas
*messin with the kid - the saints
*going under - devo (request)
*i've heard it before - black flag
*the gates 2 - brimstone howl

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playlist 4/30/23

*smash it up - the damned
*nots - white faces
*you got the love - cynics
*arms race - the weirdos
*hey you - the lurkers
*stray - school jerks
*get stuffed - nervous eaters
*pushed around - the brides
*leaving with me - les lullies
*no show - pack
*born to be wild - el vicio
*circumstantial evidence - stiv bators

*stalking the streets - the dum dum boys
*i never knew - the ordinarys
*family party - freshly riots
*waaah waaah waaah - wet ones
*teenage regrets - the retainers
*can't change my style - the drags
*careless whisper II - bad decisions
*just 4 show - the busy signals
*you've got the power - giuda
*g*y - amyl and the sniffers
*break my face - tapeworm
*she'll never get out - bad spots
*nothing but agitation - bad sports
*tell that girl to shut up - holly and the italians

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playlist 4/23/23

*law and order - stiff little fingers
*rip it up - the count backwurds
*the ones - bad noids
*stoned on love - barreracudas
*no money - sinks
*cold waste - carbonas
*the message - skip church
*he**ai - spike pit
*together - the testors
*wild m***a - the mummies
*dance - the fevers
*kept boy - foster care
*needle drop - tyvek
*down and out - spider

*sound the alarm - prima donna
*hariette it's you - gentleman jesse and his men
*(let's go) totally nutzoid! - the real losers
*keep on knockin - death
*heads off - the feelers
*plate in my head - human toys
*i don't like your face - the heats
*seeing is believing - the bizarros
*too young, too bitter - wat tyler
*keep your big mouth shut - thee headcoats
*take my time - cococoma
*it's gonna go away - shannon and the clams

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