The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH

The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH Friday 6-7 PM and Sunday 12-1 PM Mickey, Max, and Joe give you the best music and the funniest perso

Operating as usual


Our last show ever is playing from 10:00 to noon on WIQH Concord! Tune in at or at 88.3 FM! From all of us here at the show, thank you everyone who helped us and listened to our music!



Listen in to The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH right now! Kate Mattews and Jason Tilton are on with us! Join us for Kate's inauguration to live radio and laugh at her struggles. Just kidding. She's great.


Nothing that you're doing right now can't be made better by classic rock.


We're being Trampled Underfoot on 88.3 FM right now.

Got to

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


We like the Killers and The Knack. Tune in if you do to on 88.3 FM or online at!


Tune into 88.3 FM!


Tune in now to 88.3 FM on to hear the first fully maned show of the year! Also Joe and Mick are post surgery!


The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH will be on the air at 6:00 PM on Friday the 13th and Friday the 20th until the schedule changes. Stay tuned for new showtimes.


Catch The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH tomorrow at 12:45 broadcasting live from freshman orientation! Tune into 88.3 FM or go to

So, two of the three unpronounceables are in this band.  Guess which two...

So, two of the three unpronounceables are in this band. Guess which two...

The Valle Brothers Band has been performing since late 2011 and includes Mickey Valle-Hoag on bass, keyboards, and vocals, Joe Valle-Hoag on lead guitar and vocals, and the amazing Fred Bex on drums!


Tune into 88.3 FM NOW to hear your favorite music!


Who won Outstanding show of the year for the third time? We did. That's right, so tune in now to hear the outstanding music!

Untitled album

Untitled album


If you like the 80's then you'll love The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH


Wazup homedogz? Tune in tonight at 5:00 for a spectacular two hour special! That's 88.3 FM, or online at


Hey Homedogz! Tune in to 88.3 FM tonight at six, or go to to stream live! There will be rock, humor, and studly voices!


We're live and (figuratively) beating you over the head with Led Zeppelin.


The ancient Mayans predicted that tonight at 6:00, the unpronounceables would have an epic Christmas/apocalypse themed show. Tune in at 88.3 FM or at!


Break down with Tom Petty and The Unpronounceables!


Remember, you can listen anywhere in the world at!


Show today at noon! Tune in for cool music, also, set your clocks back or you'll tune in and hear New Hampshire public radio.


The answer was #1. Looks like I'm too good at writing fake stories.


So, one of these crime stories is true. Guess which one it is.

1. After stealing what he thought was 20,000 dollars from a bank, returned to the bank he had just robbed and complained that he had been shortchanged. Police apprehended him in a matter of moments.
2. A man, after stealing a car from a residential home in New York, got lost and called Onstar for directions, in the process admitting that he was driving a stolen vehicle. The suspect was apprehended shortly afterword.
3. a New Jersey resident, bragged on Facebook that she was in the processes of stealing several credit card numbers. The post read, “Can’t believe how easy it is to copy down credit card numbers! I can afford anything! Xoxo.” Investigation and apprehension soon followed.

Call 978-369-2440 or comment with your answer!


We're on. Today. At 6 PM. Awesome script, fun games, cool listening.


Guys. What's up? Tune in, bros.


Do you miss us? We miss you. A lot...

Photos from The Unpronounceables!

Photos from The Unpronounceables!




Concord, MA


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The crew broadcasts from the 2013 Holiday Tree Lighting!
Come join us in Concord Center! It's a bit soggy but we are here for the 42nd Annual Tree Lighting and Parade! Win some WIQH swag with The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH until 6! We also have candy canes. You can't say no to those...
The Valle Brothers Band plays songs regularly on The Unpronounceables On 88.3 FM WIQH! Tune in Wednesdays at 6:00 PM and Sundays at 2:00 PM to hear our latest material and to get the buzz on our upcoming shows!
THAT'S what I'm talking about.
You guys are awesome. You played Business Time right as I turned on the radio. Made my night.
WOW, WHEN CAN I HEAR THE UNPRONOUNCABLES AGAIN, THEY ARE JUST FLAMING HOT BALLS OF AWSOME (especialy that on guest host tonight, wat was his name)
The Unpronouceables met in Paris during Summer 2011 to plan the fall's programming!
For Halloween, Joe should be... the Bearded Lady. hehe. Really now. Joe should be a lady bug, and Mickey should be a bumblebee. Okay, now I'll be serious. If you want to be a superhero, Captain America, The Green Lantern, and Megamind are all good answers. If you don't want to be a superhero, that sucks because superheroes are awesome.
Hahahahahahah I LOVE the organ systems one!
Mickey working the mike...
The Unpronouncables in the studio

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