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DarkRev Ent. Promotions we are a underground music label n also promotions company ..partnered with Wicked Stitch Records. Music artists and tours shows events


Wow sumone had to report this page ..real smooth


Just taking a hiatus for now


We here at DarkRev Ent would like to officially welcome our newest artist to our roster ...

Also during this pandemic we had taken a hiatus for personal medical n family things that had come up so for those that believed in us and helped us along our start... We would like to thank you..and also to those whom have just found or heard of our label we welcome you.

Thank you all from management




Due to this covid pandemic still going from 2020 we are still closed for business at this time ..to our clients we apologize for the inconvenience being caused


Our prayers go out to everyone affected by this virus financially and those whom have contracted it plz stay home to stop the spread of this to protect everyone.

A huge shout out to those essential workers

Police, fire, rescue
Food service, stores still open
Military serving during this and more

Also for those artists in the underground whom have held it down and found ways for us to cope and new ideas to still have shows ..who still grind every day with new music,merch,CDs , special deals on collabs and doing what they can to support themselves thru this


We apologize for being unavailable during this virus issue
With all bars and everything closing.

We apologize to anyone we are doing business with it will be postponed till this virus is handled


DarkRev Ent would like to send a shout out to a very close inspirational artist who takes time each day to send out a positive video each day to remind us never give up

Luke cook aka ill monster


Our condolences on behalf of DarkRev Ent , Wicked Stitch Records and Heritage Media Group go out to the family and friends, label mates of Marshal Hobbson today


With 2020 starting ..DarkRev Ent is taking clients for booking shows

Our booking price will be $100 for clients which will get you locked into a venue with a local promoter *prices may change due to location and promoter prices for venues for buy ons

Other services for promotional work will be $75 for clients thru social media outlets


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Management,producers,artists,promoters of Wicked Stitch Records,Heritage Media Group,and DarkRev Ent.

See you all in 2020


This Holiday season let us all try to think of those less fortunate than us ..our veterans ,our homeless , our children whom have no families for the holidays and those overseas who wont be home in time.

Much Wickedly Stitched Luv From All of us @ , ,

From our families to yours



Our partner label Wicked Stitch Records has just signed another up and comming artist as of yesterday bringing some firepower to our team along with:



DarkRev Ent:
Founder/Owner/ WSR Artist
Assistant manager/promoter

Independent Artist, Rapper,ix and Master, etc.


Faded Dreams, a Hip Hop album by Tweak the zombie on ReverbNation


A huge congratulations to Collin Magee aka Tweak Tha Zombie owner of our Partner Label Wicked Stitch Records along with Heritage Media for the latest track being dropped with a video today.

Also we would like to Welcome Olivia Nasty to our roster over on Wicked Stitch Records as well.

Stay tuned for more updates and info on ArchAngel J-death of WSR artist/ Owner of DarkRev Ent. With new projects and possible show updates


New Single Coming soon!
"Nature Calls"


. AND along with would like to Welcome to our team of artists.

big shout out to our ever growing team


With only a month til Halloween and the weather beginning to change to Fall we here @ DarkRev Ent. Are here working hard along with our Partner label Wicked Stitch Records as well as Heritage Media to bring new talent and music to the underground by bringing in a fresh new team of artists, producers and promotion team and we are currently looking for something new to add to our team if you feel you have what we are looking for and want to connect please feel free to contact us via Fb or thru messenger


If DarkRev Ent. And Wicked Stitch Records were to put on a charity show within the New Hampshire area to raise money towards helping the homeless ..how many promoters and artists as well as venues would be willing to donate their time and venue to this cause which would help homeless in our community to access resources like clothes, food, maybe even to set up a Tent like city on paid land use for a chance for those less fortunate to find a foot hold in order to have the opportunity to wake up without worry of trespass or police ..yet still safely have a place to sleep at nite.

Who could we count on to make this type of show happen?

For artists and promoters contact

Jim Douglas C.E.O. of DarkRev Ent/ PR rep and artist of Wicked Stitch Records via DM on fb to discuss possible venues


We here are DarkRev Ent and our partner label Wicked Stitch Records together would like to wish all the father's out there on our friend lists our business associates and also to those whom have passed a Happy Fathers Day and those father's whom grieve during this time we extend our deepest condolences to you and your family during these times.

This is from our partner owner of the label Wicked Stitch Records with a diss track for Jollie Roger Entertainment (JRE)...

This is from our partner owner of the label Wicked Stitch Records with a diss track for Jollie Roger Entertainment (JRE) like share and subscribe to Tweak Tha Zombie on fb Twitter IG YouTube and more . Much WICKEDLY stitched luv to all our supporters and artists


when a well rounded artist disses another label after they bashed mine | Listen to music from Tweak The Zombie and follow their creative process on BandLab.

We would like to spread this touching family with all of our friends in the underground whom have kids of their own or h...

We would like to spread this touching family with all of our friends in the underground whom have kids of their own or had tragic luck during birth please send aid to this couple during their hard and very saddened time

Everyone wants to know what to do and how to help support Felicia & John during this time of healing. They need some space. They also need to not think about having to feed themselves for awhile. If you would like to drop off a physical meal, for the next week or two please reach out to Christine Da...


We here are DarkRev Ent. Would like to take this moment to honor our military ..family, friends let's take this chance to say Thank you for your service to our country.. With all the veterans whom are homeless ,holding signs for help , to those that served currently or in the past without these brave servicemen we as a country wouldn't be here today.. so if your out and about on this warm day and see one of our military veterans or active why not show them some love offer them a meal or to pay for a coffee or something special to show how much they mean to our freedom and to us as ppl..

To those families whom have suffered losses this yr or any prior whom have had to watch their spouse ,brother,sister which ever the case struggle at a normal life after tragic injuries ..you are not forgotten you are just as important to us as our own families..

THANK YOU To all servicemen from DarkRev Ent staff ,artists ,and partners



Sorry for delays and not much posts. Been working on a revamp for this page with new logo a website n webstore in the works


We are sorry for the delay with opening our merch store we are having technical difficulties due to logo sizing issues . We are working to correct this issue as soon as possible.

Until then please peep our partner label Wicked Stitch Records and give them a like and share their content of music and more until we resolve this inconceivable delay


As of this evening DarkRev Ent will be revealing some big news and updates so stay tuned



We here at DarkRev Ent. Would like to announce we have partnered with Wicked Stitch Records and it's Sublabel Insanely Vulgar Ent. As part of its Promotions and Production team..

Seeking independent artists who are looking for a label to jumpstart their promotions and packaging as a artist ..And still remain able to be independent as a performer ..check in with our partners like share their pages invite and stay tuned for a whole new level of business services and more to come



We will slowly be building a team of artists who will remain independent artists but have Us as their main label who will produce and promote their tracks.

All our artists will have their creative rights and lyrics credited to them without being made to sacrifice their integrity or lose their art


My apologies for not posting up in a good while been focused on other projects and had been neglecting this page for far to long


6 Baptist Road Canterbury
Concord, NH


1-603 -273 -7666



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