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Tapwater Productions Recording Studio Tapwater Productions is an innovative music technology service provider. We specialize in professional audio recording, precision audio editing, and original music composition.

Whether you are still brainstorming or have a nearly completed project, we would be more than happy to meet or exceed all of your expectations. Tapwater Productions is located in Detroit, Michigan but services businesses and individuals all over the world. We cater to a variety of industries including music, film, theater, tv, radio, interactive art, and education. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to get your next project or event started right away.

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Strange Heart

Had a blast recording this living room session

The next show is Saturday, March 23 at The Loving Touch! We couldn't wait that long to perform for you, so here's a video of us live from the living room. Special thanks to Dave Lamarand and Corey M Boland for the visuals, and Dilan Wade of Tapwater Productions for coming out to the house to make us sound good.

Also thank you to the neighbors...we were very very loud that day.


Strange Heart

Check out Strange Heart's first video release. Music recorded and mixed right here at Tapwater Productions.

One year ago today, Josh lost his sister Eily, to leukemia. Three weeks later he lost his sister Erica to cancer as well. It was a very difficult time, and a couple of months later he wrote a song about grieving. We went into the studio together and made this recording. Today we dedicate this to Eily, Erica, and everyone who's struggled coping with the loss of a loved one.

An original Christmas song by @Zindles recorded here at Tapwater Productions
City Of Snow

An original Christmas song by @Zindles recorded here at Tapwater Productions

This is the demo recording of ZINDLES' original song "City of Snow", recorded at Tapwater Studios by Dilan Wade. Lyrics: Vs 1) Far away and long ago - It's Christmas in the City of Snow Thirty pair

Strange Heart's album "Sinking Ships" now available on all streaming platforms. Recorded and mixed right here at Tapwate...

Strange Heart's album "Sinking Ships" now available on all streaming platforms. Recorded and mixed right here at Tapwater Productions.

Today’s the day! Our debut album, “Sinking Ships” is now available on all streaming platforms!



Special thanks to Dilan Wade at Tapwater Productions for the great sound.

Also big thanks to special guests on the album, Chris Codish and Joe Moultrup for providing their keyboard skills to the songs.

Artwork provided by the fabulous, Stephanie Clemens!

The party is tonight at The Loving Touch!

See you soon!

New single by Strange Heart recorded and mixed right here at Tapwater Productions

New single by Strange Heart recorded and mixed right here at Tapwater Productions

Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled to announce the release of our first single, “I Can’t Control The Wind”! Special thanks to Dilan Wade for his epic sound engineering skills, Joe Moultrup for playing keys and to the lovely Kelly Atto Schneider for the single artwork!

This is the first of several songs from our upcoming album, “Sinking Ships”, which will be released in full on November 30th.

You currently can find “I Can’t Control The Wind” on the following platforms:
Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, and many more!

https://open.spotify.com/album/2iZJB2ce9Pfefvwp36dPV3?si=lMRn74MJRN6QinkjpUlYzw (Spotify)

https://soundcloud.com/strange-heart-477414687/i-cant-control-the-wind (SoundCloud)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1cnR_XNXT4 (YouTube)

https://listen.tidal.com/album/96217361 (Tidal)

https://www.iheart.com/artist/strange-heart-32475419/songs/i-cant-control-the-wind-62853322/ (iHeartRadio)

***(iTunes should be available shortly)***

Thank you in advance for listening and please share the hell out of this!


Congratulations to KIZIAH AND THE KINGS for their new single "Who'd A Thought! Mixed and mastered right here at Tapwater Productions.



Scarlet Lies

Feast your eyes and ears on this Scarlet Lies video. Recorded and mixed right here at Tapwater Productions.

Scarlet Lies "Not Yet Found" Offical Video by Bad Trip Designs

Hats by The Hi Hat
Costume accessories by Tooth and Nail Oddities

Holiday (ft RareWolf), by Dabberall

New Madonna cover by Dabberall produced, mixed and mastered right here at Tapwater Productions. Have a happy holiday!

from the album A Very Dabberall Christmas

Get ready to howl at the moon with RareWolf's debut EP "Out of the Woods" produced, mixed and mastered right here at Tap...
Out of the Woods

Get ready to howl at the moon with RareWolf's debut EP "Out of the Woods" produced, mixed and mastered right here at Tapwater Productions.

Out of the Woods, an album by RareWolf on Spotify


Shadow & O Dubz new single Dope Rhyme Villainz produced and mixed right here at Tapwater Productions

T Money Green presents: Dope Rhyme Villainz featuring Shadow & O Dubz. This is their first single off of the their self titled LP Dope Rhyme Villainz (Coming Soon)

Getting Your Music HeardLet’s face it, there’s a lot of music out there. It can be difficult to cut through all the nois...

Getting Your Music Heard

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of music out there. It can be difficult to cut through all the noise and get your music heard by potential fans. The good news is, there are more people listening to music than ever before in history. This is mostly thanks to streaming audio and the proliferation of smart phones to almost every corner of the globe over the last decade. So where do you start to get your sounds out to the world?

Start with yourself. If you’re not in love with your own music, chances are no one else will be either. This may sound egotistical, but you really must be your first fan. If you aren’t head over heals for your own music, go back to the drawing board and write something new that really moves you personally.

Share your music with close friends. Ask for their honest opinion of your music. Now this may be difficult because they may not want to hurt your feelings but if they really are your friends, they will be brutally honest. If your friends truly do love your music, ask them to share it with their friends who might also enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You absolutely cannot do this on your own.

Get your music professionally recorded, mixed and mastered. There’s nothing wrong with recording a demo on your laptop to get an idea of the direction of your music, but when it comes to music that’s going to be released to the world, leave it to the professionals. A great production team will allow your artistic vision to be seen in the best light possible.

Play shows. Possibly the best way to get your music heard is to play live. If people really like your show they will personally ask you where they can purchase/stream your music. Don’t know how to get shows? Go to events with music similar to yours and talk to the bands/artists. Become their friend and maybe they will ask you to play at their next show.

Upload your music to as many streaming and download services as possible. This includes SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc. The more places your music is, the more chances of it being heard. Some services like iTunes require you to go through a distributor like TuneCore to be included.

Put together a press release. This is a formal declaration of the music you are releasing. This includes a description of the music, album art, tour dates, contact info, etc. Here is a guide to creating a professional press release: thebalance.com/album-press-release-template-2460717

Establish a consistent social media presence. Don’t just post about your music but post often about other relevant topics and events your audience may be interested in. If you have multiple people in your group, assign each person a different social media platform to cover as much ground as possible.

Submit your music to blogs. Keep in mind these blogs get hundreds of submissions every day so make sure your music is ready to cut through the noise. There are a ton of music blogs out there but here is a short list to get you started. Make sure to read each websites guidelines for submission.

aquariumdrunkard.com, consequenceofsound.net, drownedinsound.com, factmag.com, gorillavsbear.net, highclouds.org, indiemusicfilter.com, indieshuffle.com, kingsofar.com, knoxroad.com, themusicninja.com, potholesinmyblog.com

Hire a publicist. A publicist will have established contacts with media outlets. This is a huge advantage from cold calls and emails. They help you write a press release, get reviews, interviews and quite frankly, make you look way more legitamate.

Although the music industry is not what it used to be and probably never will be again, there are plenty of opportunities to get your music heard and yes, eventually make money. Thanks to the internet and globalization, there is a market for every kind of music, it just might not be in your home town.

Feel free to contact us at TapwaterProductions.com/Contact with any questions or to get you music professionally recorded, mixed or mastered.

If you're looking for some soulful sounds to keep you chilled out this summer be sure to check out Cj Alexander's new al...
Summer Soul by Ronald Alexander on Apple Music

If you're looking for some soulful sounds to keep you chilled out this summer be sure to check out Cj Alexander's new album Summer Soul out now on Apple Music. Proudly mixed and mastered here at Tapwater Productions!

Listen to songs from the album Summer Soul, including "Summer Soul", "Next to Me", "Too Good to Be True", and many more. Buy the album for $9.90. Songs start at $0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.


Congrats to LIN-SAY on the success of her new album Old School Child recorded right here at Tapwater Productions. Check out the single below!

My brand new music video for OLD SCHOOL CHILD is finally here! The video is accompanied by the release of my second full length LP, LIN-SAY - OLD SCHOOL CHILD, now available on Spotify & iTunes. This whole process was a 2 year labor of love and I cannot thank all of you enough for supporting me the whole way through. The album also features legendary g-funk bass player/producer T MONEY GREEN (Snoop Dogg, Warren G). Please enjoy the video and go get the new album now!

Album Link:


Directed by:



Color By:



Written/Produced by:

Engineered by:


Recorded at:

Mixed by:

Mastered by:
FREDDY BLACKSON( Josh Williams )

Music Video Actors/Extras:
Martez Claybren, TRES FORMAGGIO, Edward Tony Green, Yorg Kerasiotis, Kevin Morris, Pella Roustemis, PANAYIOTA ROUSTEMIS, Dean Ragland, Baba Bohmbaedyo, Shelbi Adams, Jay Sun, Crystal Rae Singer, Veronica Verkest , CharLotte PheLps HinEs, Duke Fakir Jr and more.

Rokk Mass Muzik
DayDream Productions
Record Union

Special Thanks:
Atlas Industires
Patti Barnett
Bill Stertz


Jay Dub - She Right (Official Music Video)

Congrats to Jay Dub on the success of his latest video single "She Right" and his record "One Night Stand" mixed & mastered by Dilan Wade @ Tapwater Productions.

Jay Dub releases the official music video for his hit song, "She Right" --- Single from the upcoming "The One Night Stand EP." Directed by Sbazzo / Shot by S...


Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years. We've had such a blast making music with you. Our focus has always been on producing the finest quality recordings for the world to hear and we'll continue to strive even harder in the future. One beat...One voice...All love...


Understanding Digital Audio Quality

The quality of audio can be a difficult thing to understand as well as hear, but as music playback devises continue to improve, the quality of audio will become more and more apparent. Of coarse, the composition, arrangement and performance are the top priorities in any professional recording. However, the resolution of the audio being recorded as well as the quality of the final product must be taken into consideration in order to achieve professional results. Below are some concepts to consider.

Sample Rate: This is the frequency at which an analog audio signal is sampled at and converted to digital. Standard CD quality is sampled at a rate of 44.1Khz (44,100 samples per second). DVD and Blue-ray are sampled at 96Khz.

Bit Depth: This refers to the number of bits in each digital sample of audio. Standard CD resolution is 16 bit. DVD and Blue-ray are 24 bit. Most professional recordings are done at 24 or 32 bit.

Bit Rate: This is the rate at which digital audio is streamed at. Mp3 bit rates range from 32Kbps (32,000 bits per second) to 320Kbps. Amazon and iTunes now use 256Kbps.

Comparing CD to Mp3: In order to compare CD quality to Mp3 we must multiply the CD sample rate of 44,100 by the bit depth of 16 to get 705,600 or 705.6Kbps. This is then multiplied by 2 for a stereo audio file to get 1,411.2Kbps. This is the bit rate of a standard CD which is over 4 times greater than the highest quality Mp3 of 320Kbps.

Comparing DVD to Mp3: To get the bit rate of DVD we multiply its sample rate of 96,000 by its bit depth of 24 to get 2,304,000 or 2,304Kbps. This is then multiplied by 2 for a stereo audio file to get 4,608Kbps. This makes DVD and Blue-ray audio resolution over 14 times higher than the best quality Mp3 of 320Kbps.

The better the playback devise, the clearer these differences in audio quality become. You might not hear much of a difference between Mp3 and CD resolution when listening to the built in speakers on your phone but when listening on a high fidelity sound system, there is a significant difference that anyone can hear. Please contact us here at TapwaterProductions.com with any questions you may have about audio quality or to get your next music project started.


Preparing for the Recording Studio Session

Preparing for your time in the studio is something that far too often gets overlooked. Many projects over the years have fallen apart, not because of a lack of inspiration or talent but because of lack of preparedness. These are some tips to keep in mind when getting ready for your next recording session:

1). Book your studio time well in advance. Many artists and producers are so eager to get into the studio that they try and book it as soon as possible. Consider all the things you need to get done before the session including personal matters and shoot for a date that is far enough in the future to cross all your T’s and dot your I’s.

2). Be proficient with your material. This doesn’t mean just knowing the songs. This means knowing them backwards and forwards. You want to be able to play/sing them all the way though consistently without stopping but also be able to start anywhere in the song if a punch in is necessary.

3). Don’t read the chords/lyrics from a piece of paper or your phone. It is incredibly rare to get a great performance when you don’t have the song memorized. Better to mix up a few words than to sound like a robot rattling off data.

4). Play the songs out. Whenever possible, perform the songs at least a few times at a live venue. It doesn’t have to be Carnegie Hall. It could be the local dive bar, coffee shop or even in your living room for a few friends. This allows you to gauge audience reactions and tweak things as necessary.

5). Solidify the songs key and tempo. Make sure you’ve chosen a key and tempo that serves the song and everyone is comfortable playing/singing in. Changing these variables down the line often means rerecording everything from scratch.

6). Plan your ex*****on. Decide before hand how to you want to record your songs. Whether you’re a full band that plays everything all together or if you want to add parts one at a time, make these decisions well in advance to keep the session moving forward.

7). Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Whether you’re singing or not, your body and mind don’t work properly without sufficient H20. If you’re not peeing crystal clear, you’re not adequately hydrated. You should be well hydrated everyday but especially on session day.

8). Take yourself seriously. If you really want to make it in this business, the first person you need to convince is yourself. That doesn’t mean just saying you’re serious, it means living it every day and staying focused on your goals.

We hope these suggestions help you make the most of your next recording session. Feel free to contact Tapwater Productions by calling 248.231.7235 or e-mail [email protected] with any questions you may have or to schedule your next session.


Tapwater Productions has been hard at work upgrading and updating our Detroit recording studio with new hardware and software. This includes new microphones, guitar amps, cymbals, plugins, virtual instruments and I/O cards. Check out the equipment page on our website (TapwaterProductions.com) for an updated list of our gear.

We’ve also been upgrading our facilities with new furniture and a new lounge area complete with amenities such as fresh coffee, tea, filtered water and entertainment system. Call 248-231-7235 or email [email protected] for a free tour of our Detroit recording studio.

Our Downtown Detroit Recording Studio

Our Downtown Detroit Recording Studio

Our Downtown Detroit Recording Studio


1938 Franklin St
Detroit, MI


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