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Good Morning! The radio station will be closed today Monday May 23rd. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a great day!


Good morning! We have a new show called “Voices of Montana on the AM side at 9 am.
If it is something you LIKE let us know.
If it is something you DON’T like let us know.
We would love your feed back!



8:30 ish "Debbie's World of Words". You will love this 2 to 3 minute show Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Debbie from the bookstore will let us into her world of books and words. This show airs on 1490 AM and 98.3 FM

Coming up today at 9 am 1490 AM on Voices of Montana, with Tom Schultz:

We hear from Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen on the state’s fight against human trafficking – it’s been on the rise, as has the trafficking of Mexican fentanyl to Big Sky Country through an open and overrun southern border.

Also timely are a couple of issues that cross into Ag Country: packing plant monopolies, a controversial BLM decision granting an American Prairie Reserve request, and potential criminal charges in a hay scam dating back to last summer’s drought.


Voices of Montana on now! KDBM AM 1490 or online at


Tune in now on KDBM AM or KBEV FM to listen to Lee interviewing the Mayor!


I have three more Beaverhead County Senior raffle tickets here at the station for purchase. They are $10 a ticket. Lots of great prizes!! Let’s help out the Class of 2022!

I also have SW Montana Shrine and Duck Race raffle tickets available!


Dillon boys play at 9 on 98.3

Dillon girls play at 10:30 on 1490 Am

Twin plays at 11 on 98.3/93.3

You can also listen on our website!


Twin is on now 98.3/93.3 FM

Dillon boys play at 3:30 on 98.3 FM

Dillon girls play at 8 on 98.3 FM

As always you can listen on the website!


Good morning!
Games today are as follows…

Twin Bridges Girls play at 12pm 98.3/93.3

Dillon Girls play at 5 pm 98.3

As always you can listen on the website.
Remember these are tournaments so they may start late. 🏀

Beaver Boys play at 3 today. Tune in to KBEV FM 98.3 or listen on our website at click on streaming then c...
KDBM and KBEV Radio in Dillon, Montana

Beaver Boys play at 3 today. Tune in to KBEV FM 98.3 or listen on our website at click on streaming then click FM.

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Dillon Middle School Dance. Save the date!

Dillon Middle School Dance. Save the date!


Jo Ann, Lee, and I are sooooo very sad to see Brennan Juden go! 😢 Thank you for all the laughs and being there when we needed you! We all wish you the best at your new big boy job 😂😉💙


It’s Monday! The AM is a bit cold up on the hill! Don’t worry we are getting it nice and hot and hopefully it will pop on soon!


Make sure you tune in today for the news! We have something special happening all week.


Update!!! Western Football game tomorrow at 11!! Sunday November 21st. Listen to it live on Kdbm-am


If your wondering why no one is on the radio today it’s because Lee is on his way to announce volleyball this morning at 10! 😃




Today is the day!!!! It’s free!! It’s $100 for anything your heart desires at Town & Country Foods Dillon!!


We are looking for a Sports Announcer. It is a part time position.
Criteria for position:
1. Must know computers.
2. Broadcast experience preferred.

To apply or inquire call John or Jo Ann 406-683-2800.


It’s almost giveaway time! This month we are giving away a gift card worth $100 to Town & Country Foods Dillon. Listen to Lee in the morning on 98.3FM or 1490AM July 28, 2021. All you have to do is be the 5th caller to win!!


Congratulations to Tyler Jory! Enjoy your $100 gift card to The Mini Dillon Montana!

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!Make sure to listen in to win anytime today!!!FREE GAS! ⛽️ FREE CAR WASHES! 🚘 FREE $100!! 💰 We ...

Make sure to listen in to win anytime today!!!

FREE $100!! 💰
We are giving away a Gift Card worth $100 to spend anyway you want at The Mini Dillon Montana. Listen to Lee in the afternoon on 98.3FM or 1490AM June 23, 2021. All you have to do is be the 5th caller!!!

Thank you Vigilante Electric Cooperative for rescuing us.

Thank you Vigilante Electric Cooperative for rescuing us.


Happy Thursday!! Yes we are off air on AM and FM today. This spring snow is so much fun. Vigilante Electric Cooperative is on the way to rescue us!


Hello all! FM has no power at the tower. We are working on it. Thank you for your patience.

If you have a minute please help us out and click on the link below to take a survey. All of us here at the station woul...
Can you spare a few moments to take my survey?

If you have a minute please help us out and click on the link below to take a survey. All of us here at the station would so appreciate it.
Thank you from all of us!

Please take the survey titled "KDBM-KBEV Radio Questions". Your feedback is important!


Good morning!! Just an FYI we have no power. Hope to be back on soon.


Beaver play at 3:30 pm today! Listen I’m the radio or through the website.


Wrestling is on 1490 KDBM now!!


Beaver girls v’s Browning is on now 98.3 or 93.3!!

Update: Twin Bridges boys v’s Granite at 11:30 FM 98.3/93.3

Don’t forget you can listen to all games on our website!


Twin girls are on 98.3 and 93.3 right now!

I will try to keep everyone updated today!


Who is ready for some basketball and wrestling this week?!

Today at three we kick off with some girls basketball!

Twin Bridges v’s Charlo at Deer Lodge

You can listen to the game on KBEV FM 98.3/93.3 or our website.

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Call or message us at the Radio Station, if you would like to get in on our Valentine advertising special!


A huge Thank You to our sponsors for donating Christmas Ham's to the Back Program again this year. You ARE amazing!

R&R Heating
Pioneer Furniture
Bank of Commerce
Rocky Mountain Supply
Philips Concrete
Silo Meats
Standard Lumber
Stone House Pottery


610 N. Montana St.
Dillon, MT

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm


(406) 683-2800


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Please delete if notices like this are not allowed before you can validate them. If this is the case, I sincerely apologize! I just received this notice from one of internet providers regarding the power outage for today.: .... We wanted to communicate what has been happening approximately the last two weeks, and why there have been internet service outages ranging from a few minutes to a couple hours. Northwest Energy has been having significant and frequent outages lately in the Beaverhead county, and many other areas. You can view their website for some sense of outages, however it is not always timely nor show all outages. If you are a facebook user, you can usually search “dillon montana power outage” and see timely and relevant updates about the power in Dillon. Such as this user below discussing the power outage that caused service interruption today at approximately 7:15am 6/17/2020. “The power outage this morning is due to a Northwest Energy Transmission Line that carries the power for Vigilante Electric. This is a wide spread outage and covers a huge area. They said for the most part everything clear to the Centennial Valley is out and all north of us.” says Jessica of Dillon MT. Although AirGrids does have battery backups for every solar and electrical tower/repeater. We are unable to accommodate an extended outage of multiple hours in all locations. Over the last two weeks, we have sent technicians to run generators in the areas that have extended power outages. We have been able to keep outages to a few hours instead of a full day or more, where power is not restored promptly. This summer we will re-evaluate our network power strategy and develop improvement plans for a few key locations that are more susceptible to major backhaul power outages. This should help isolate our services a bit more from the power providers and allow us to reduce service interruptions. We apologize for the frustration you have experienced from service interruptions, and we are continually enhancing our system to better meet your needs. Also, just a reminder that in windy and electrical storms like we have had. A good solid reboot of your home equipment can help with intermittent or slow service issues. See some instructions here. Thank you for your patience.
We miss ya John!
Thanks for the donuts at the college today! We appreciate it! 😁🍩
Hello, my name is Coree Martin and I host several events in Twin Bridges. I am asking if I can advertise these events on your stations? 406-596-1978
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