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We must not live in PEACE AND SAFETY but instead we must live in FEAR AND TREMBLING


Before you complain about life not going the way you think it should, when you think it should, consider the life of a martyr.


A couple of our people πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Adrion Butler andπŸ‘‰πŸ½ Mistah Mackins are pretty nice with the word play. πŸ’―

- Mello Said It.


What's your favorite verse and why?


When you say what YOU THINK the Bible is trying to tell us...that is equivalent to adding / subtracting from the word.


God wants you to know his word, more than he wants you to brag about "knowing" him

The Agape Music Group in the studio today via zoom

The Agape Music Group in the studio today via zoom


Humility is not letting everyone know what great works you have done "for the Lord" it's quietly doing the work, not seeking recognition and also being able to take correction when needed. #sitlow

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Don't fall victim to this

John 12:43


Even Jesus prayed on his knees. What's your prayer posture like?

That one time our friend Richard Ashe wore our shirt for his album cover photos!

That one time our friend Richard Ashe wore our shirt for his album cover photos!


When Jesus walked the earth, He brought truth. Only a few after hearing it chose to follow him. The others decided the lies were enough for them.

Put yourself in their shoes. Maybe you, too, would have refused to believe.

Hearing something new is exciting. Accepting that new thing is a challenge and living out that new thing is a daily war!


2 hour sessions now available with Matt Midi

2 hour sessions now available with Matt Midi


Matthew 13:30


If the kingdom of Heaven has not yet come down, then God is not yet resting....why then are you?


Most people don't want to hear the truth, they want to hear lies that dress up as the truth.

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The twelve disciples gave it all up, never rested and died horrible deaths for the sake of following Jesus. Yet, today, most won't sacrifice anything and then need to take a sabbatical from "doing the work of the Lord"...


Coming up this Saturday!

Matt Midi

Matt Midi


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Love one another
Whether you rock with us or not...Jesus is still the reason for the season πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Check it out
None of us knows what someone else might go through to overcome their insecurities. No one but the seeker can appreciate the pain, tears, doubts, fears and questions that go into finding one's identity in Christ. It takes work, dedication, faith, and the encouragement of others. So, let’s make a commitment to always encourage one another toward that freedom. This Christian walk is truly a fight. We are all in battle with our common enemy. Let’s become freedom fightersβ€”in our own livesβ€”and in the lives of others. - YouVersion