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Let's say some malevolent group -- the government, powerful corporations, extraterrestrials -- really is trying to read and/or control your thoughts with radio waves. Would the preferred headgear of the paranoid, a foil helmet, really keep The Man and alien overlords out of our brains? The scientific reasoning behind the foil helmet is that it acts as a Faraday cage, an enclosure made up of a conducting material that shields its interior from external electrostatic charges and electromagnetic radiation by distributing them around its exterior and dissipating them. While sometimes these enclosures are actual cages, they come in many forms, and most of us have probably dealt with one type or another. Elevators, the scan rooms that MRI machines sit in, "booster bags" that shoplifters sometimes use to circumvent electronic security tags, cables like USB or TV coaxial cables, and even the typical household microwave all provide shielding as Faraday cages. While the underlying concept is good, the typical foil helmet fails in design and execution. An effective Faraday cage fully encloses whatever it's shielding, but a helmet that doesn't fully cover the head doesn't fully protect it. If the helmet is designed or worn with a loose fit, radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation can still get up underneath the brim from below and reveal your innermost thoughts to the reptilian humanoids or the Bilderberg Group. In 2005, a group of MIT students, prodded by "a desire to play with some expensive equipment," tested the effectiveness of foil helmets at blocking various radio frequencies. Using two layers of Reynolds aluminum foil, they constructed three helmet designs, dubbed the Classical, the Fez, and the Centurion, and then looked at the strength of the transmissions between a radio-frequency signal generator and a receiver antenna placed on various parts of their subjects' bare and helmet-covered heads. The helmets shielded their wearers from radio waves over most of the tested spectrum (YouTube user Mrfixitrick likewise demonstrates the blocking power of his foil toque against his wireless modem) but, surprisingly, amplified certain frequencies: those in the 2.6 Ghz ( allocated for mobile communications and broadcast satellites) and 1.2 Ghz (allocated for aeronautical radionavigation and space-to-Earth and space-to-space satellites) bands. While the MIT guys' tongue-in-cheek conclusion -- "the current helmet craze is likely to have been propagated by the Government, possibly with the involvement of the FCC" -- maybe goes a few steps too far, their study at least shows that foil helmets fail at, and even counteract, their intended purpose. That, or the students are aliens who fabricated these results in an effort to get you to take your perfectly functional helmet off.

Mission: hammer socks 3 banana )( square zoomba~. I would like to invite you all to post on our page. This page is setup for to voice your strange deranged, hilarious and bizarre thoughts and observation. This is a place to Let go of the seriousness of your day to day existence. this is not a place for anger and idealism , there are many many places for that. this is a place to express and explore the lighter side of the world. we want to find interesting, comical, and often bizzare thing that go on in this realm. So Go MAD a post all the funny weird stuff you see and THINK. We want to see the "MADNESS" You may Be Hiding. And If you are too afraid or embarrassed to "Let your Freak Flag fly" you Can either create an alternate MAD Identity or email us at [email protected]

How 2020 is shaping up so far

How 2020 is shaping up so far

The Council of the Madmen

The Council of the Madmen

Professor Haratio Hackenbush Disscusses life philosophy conspiracy theroies and topics of the day

Ramblings of a Madman E

Professor Haratio Hackenbush Disscusses life philosophy conspiracy theroies and topics of the day


Professor Haratio Hackenbush. Talks about life, religion, and topics of the day.


Mark Twain once said " Humor is tragedy plus time.". Another resounding truth is that " Tragedy is life plus time"

I hate to be the one to bring this up but..most of these virus scares start in China. this article from 2017 may provide...
Is China Ground Zero for a Future Pandemic?

I hate to be the one to bring this up but..most of these virus scares start in China. this article from 2017 may provide some insight.

Hundreds there have already died of a new bird flu, putting world health authorities on high alert


Is an Ass Hat?
An ass you wear as a hat? or a hat you wear on your ass?


No matter what your goals don't have time to screw around. GET TO WORK.

Trump celebrates impeachment acquittal. By releasing white privilege powder across the south east..

Trump celebrates impeachment acquittal. By releasing white privilege powder across the south east..

I Carry

I Carry


Prediction: Donald Trump will be the first president in history to be impeached multiple times.

Baby Yoda Memes

Baby Yoda Memes


Indusrial Robots are the most elegant incarnation of a Rube Goldberg machine. Imagine building multiple factories to build all the components of a robot then another factory to assemble the robot. Then you have to sell and deliver the robot so that it can assemble some other product.

Diamond And Silk

Diamond And Silk

OMG OMG. They lied to us all. Here's the real Election Interference......
This is "SICK"


You are never too old to...
Reinvent yourself
Find a hobby
Become lost
Screw up everything
Be fooled or taken advantage of
Take an ass kicking


Which do you say?


We hate the term " on the right side of history " remember that history is written by the victors. So if the Germans had won WWII then being a part of the slaughter of so many innocent people would have meant you " were on the right side of history"


In the interest of peace we must let the most minor slights and insults go unacknowledged. but one must also have limits because the inconsiderate type will likely become the insulting type then the unruly type and finally the abusive type.

Occupy Democrats Logic

Occupy Democrats Logic



In both friendship and finance loyalty can sometimes be a liability.


It is with great excitement and Pride that we come to you today to announce our new word It took many hours of deliberation and compromise and debate but we have come to the decision that their word of the year is Methoteric - (adj) When a a persons behavior is reminiscent or reflective of a mentally challenged drug addict. they could be said to be behaving in this way.



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