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PayPal: [email protected] Recording music and films. Promoting singers, rappers, musicians, motivational speakers, actors, film directors, etc.

A page for worship leaders and exhorters. If you can sing, rap, play a musical instrument, even if you're a motivational speaker, and you want to do Christian music and movies, this is the record/movie-production label for you.We record music, motivational speaking, and movies. Join God's Warrior Productions!!!!

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Call to make an appointment TODAY!!!!

Call to make an appointment TODAY!!!!


Stay connected with us. We have a lot of content on the way❗️❗️❗️#PleaseShare

Call OR text me to set up an appointment!!

Call OR text me to set up an appointment!!

Call OR Text me: (678)909-8673


We are preparing ourselves for the Relaunch of Grace Covenant under the leadership of Pastor Lisa Jackson.

When God says He is faithful to complete what He began, believe Him. The work wasn't finished and now Pastor has realigned herself with purpose and destiny to fulfill ministry.

Every Sunday in December we will have worship experiences that will lead us to our official Relaunch Service in January.

If you would like to sow into the ministry, please let us know.


I don’t know about y’all but I’m pulling the #Vision_Book back out. If you have any #goals or #visions, I advise you to either create a #vision_board or book and continue to work towards what God has laid on your heart and what He has shown you. No more excuses!!!! IT’S YOURS!!!! GO GET IT!!!! That includes #real and #pure #connections (#not_attachments) to people!!!!

#WorkYourFaith #IBelieveGod #ITrustGod #ItsMine #WhateverIDesireIsMine #GodShallSupplyAllMyNeeds

~ JWord ~



Timeline photos

Timeline photos

What I experienced doesn't determine my #MANDATE, #ASSIGNMENT, and #ALIGNMENT!!!!!!!!





7842 Cedar Turn
Fairburn, GA


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First freestyle, I have been going through a lot recently and so express this in the form of music. I hope people enjoy it and have practical feedback. God is amazing and may we do all that we do through him. Godbless, Lyrics in the comments section on youtube. Lyrics also can be found below: I used to live a bizaare life, blinded by a false light wish i stayed close to christ but now the darkness comes it's time to fight hopefully the Shield of faith wil help me get through this night on my own i am too weak to fight lord am i in your sight my spirits in flight I need that salvation, wana spread love to every nation instead of being in evasion come to Jesus he's knocking on the other side waiting Without God your heart will keep aching trust me on this statement lost the love of my life and have broken relations so all that's left is too ask God what i should say to them, Should i tell them i'm sorry for over reacting or explain how my heart was cracking feeling dragged under by a spiritual kraken The devil took charge of my mind, he was hijacking should i try and justify my actions or should i just be a man, and apologise for being on a mad ting didn't see the pain caused by me that was happening Gods renewing my mind sending satan packing… I need to die, and raise from the ashes like a phoenix Lord only you can do this will you renew my mind for i'm way too sick I'm in desperate need of your spirit I just want to serve you and that's it I jst want to serve G-O-D live in love and get back my family I was living manically chest pains due to tragedy I don't blame my ex for being mad at me but know i have had satan batter me taking my buzz like a dead battery feels like he won't stop, until he's won until i fully sucumn and bow down to the dark one instead of the holy son but that is not the man i will become for God sent down Jesus to save those who believe it and even though i slip the lord never let's go of his grip he doesn’t want you to fall into the serpents pit he loves u and wants you in his kingdom let's pick up our cross and follow him he is the only path to redemption the great key too acceptance stop living with false affections n lets head into a new direction i'm still learning my lessons like how man needs to be in ascension your body is just a physical manifestation made for spreading is love not getting your own attention come to the cross and seek perfection don't make the mistake of getting your rewards before you go to heaven Feel the power of the resurrection I know it’s a struggle, I’ve had a lifetime of trouble All these emotions I’m tryna juggle I miss the days me and my ex would snuggle All I want is to give her a cuddle I hope one day we can be a couple I find it near impossible to cope with the struggle But I know the lord loves me His gifts I can see So I know this pain is temporary No matter how much Satan tries to tempt me I will never again treat god as an enemy He is the only reason I’m saved from the cemetery I used to hold onto everything said to me But now I want to spread love on every beat The chains are broken and my heart is free Come to Jesus and then you can see exactly who you were meant to be Come fulfil your prophecy Is your name, in the book of life No matter your past, come to the light For mine was wicked and bad My head was going mad Didn’t trust anyone, I could blame my dad Abusive alcoholic Pushed me to smoke so much chronic I am now dependant on it This is something I wanna change So before you judge me realise we are the same for we all struggle in completely following his name Which is why I am always asking God for my life to be exchanged Have a light so bright, I’m out of Satans effective range, Come to the lord and you will never be the same….
🤔....♚ 🕇 💍...♛..... 🌟💖 Right
First of all, thank God. & Thank you also to each and every person I've had the privilege to meet over time along with those that helped to get me here. & I thank my city for always supporting me through the years. I'm grateful for each and every experience I've had & will truly miss my years as an undergrad. To the youngins out there, my advice is to never stop trying until you've accomplished what you set out to do. #NeverWouldHaveMadeIt #LHHS
You don't want to miss this EPIC SERVICE with Warren Brown! Don't meet me there beat me there!
Peace everyone, Happy pre Sabbath. Below is just a little information on Christmas Jesus actually wasn't born December 25th,
Lets make a diffrence its time to change time to make a diffrence stop being ignorant and killing time to wake up to this real world and open urr eyes and look through the peep hole we stand as one and walk as one #unity #Faith #movement #peace #Love #glory #amen
Its brand new year yall and a brand new me its time for this year to happen this my year i thank god for still being here and i want to say farewell to my dearest 2015 and hello to 2016 this my come out year time for things to be laid into place and for me to follow the right and right things to begin this year yall so u havnt heard the las from urr FreshBoyy Garrett im here im more than a conquere and can do all things with the strength of the lord 2016 is the brand new start of my life story 2015 graduated moved on and said farewell helllo 2016 turnnnn upppo get crunkkkk do it all for god dance stomp do urr dance in 2016 this that year this our time u guys our time to tapp into the great things this year has to offer be blessed and once again happy new year make this a great one 💯☝✋👐☝💯💯💯💯💯☝ Yours truely Freshboyy garrett aka 2tAlL g. Aka gods souljah,gods 🔉
I honsestly have a best friend that still walks by faith and luvs the lord Jalen Parsley 💯💯 jword and souljah fo lyfee💯
We are living in a day and time where young people are dying for no reason. Babies, Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults are being killed, getting in car accidents, suffering from sickness, etc. It's time to get back on the altar and seek the face of God!!!!!!!! It's time to intercede for the next generation!!!!!!!! It's time to cover our young people in prayer. It's time to seek God's love and protection!!!! It's time for the Kingdom of God to arise!!!!!!!! Stand up and stand out!!!!!!!! It's time to reach out to our young people and teach them how to live a Holy lifestyle. It's time to stop playing and teach and preach Jesus Christ!!!!! It's time to stop sugar coating!!!!!!!! It's time to be a light in this dark world!!!!!!!! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!!!!!!!
The song that inspired me to write mine of the same name.