The Hodson Bridge

The Hodson Bridge Leave a comment and share your pictures of the Hodson Bridge! Erected in March of 2010, The Hodson Bridge spanned nearly ten feet of previously unnavigable wetland area alongside Alumnae Hall.

As of late 2011, The Hodson Bridge has been removed and placed somewhere near the dumpsters and kiln, behind the Hodson Science and Technology Center.


Fine. Fine! Yes, I like balloons. Nearly love them.


Hello, all! This is your old Hodson Bridge. I hope you're having a fantastic day!


Happy Holidays, everyone! I know I've had a wonderful Hanukkah.


Dearest Everyone,

I've finally gotten hold of a digital device. (Figuratively, of course, as I have no hands.) Contrary to popular belief, I have NOT been disassembled--only kidnapped and relocated. I've been hanging out behind Hodson, near the kilns. ...And the dumpsters. I don't really know what's going to happen from here, but thanks to everyone who has come and visited me. I'm sure off the beaten path! Now that I'm retired, I don't know what to do with all of my time!

All my love,

Hoddy B.


The Hodson “Hoddy B” Bridge, age 1, the Hood College landmark traversed by all, has been disassembled. The following is an excerpt from The Hodson Bridge’s Last Will and Testament:


DEAR Hood College CLASS OF 2011,

Congratulations. You will be missed. I mean it, from the very bottom of my planks. I look forward to welcoming the Class of 2015 this Fall, if I'm still around.

All my love,

Hoddy B.


President Volpe has announced in his Five Year Plan that soon my services will no longer be needed on campus. All good things must come to an end, my friends. I will miss you all. Let's enjoy this time that we have left together.


Ask me about my traction strips!


Got "Inception" for Christmas and a zebra-striped Snuggie!


It's a bit nippy out here. Good luck with the rest of your finals, everyone; I hope you all have a great Winter Break!


Finals are on their way--I support you all 100%!


SO hungover. Please walk softly, today.


I'm going to be Fergie's London Bridge for Halloween this year!


Labor Day, tomorrow! No classes! I hope to see at least one game of Red Rover out on the Quad.


(Is it just me, or am I even LONGER, now?) Fall classes are in session and it's great to be of service. By the way, Happy Birthday, Rupert Grint!


It's so lovely to see all of these RAs out and about!!


Just over three weeks until this place is back in full swing! I can barely contain myself.


Midnight showing of Eclipse, tonight!!!


Hello? Anybody? It sure is quiet around here these days.


Congratulations 2010 Hood Graduates! True, we only knew each another for a short time, but I feel that we grew close. Quite literally...very close. I wish you all well in each and every one of your endeavors and will miss you with all of my arch.


Like many of you with term papers--I got an extension, today! Hope you like it!


Lots of stomping, today...ah, must be finals week.


A few of you may have met my Brother last Thursday out front of Alumnae Hall when Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown presented Hood with a grant of $2 million on top of him. He was sadly disassembled after the event but we were able to chat for a bit, beforehand. He will be missed. Rest in pieces, Bro.


Well, this is rather embarrassing... I've been knocked askew! Will someone please nudge me back into place?


401 Rosemont Ave
Frederick, MD


+1 301-663-3131



Room and board underneath of Bridge is available for Trolls, upon request.

Update: February, 2012: Lodging is no longer available.


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