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Intellor Group Audio, video and web conferencing services for when your webinar needs to be produced, painless and You’ve got news about your organization. Video to integrate.

Programs to train your employees on. Messages for your stakeholders. You’ve got slides to show. You need a webinar. And you need it to be perfect. You need a webinar services provider. We deliver webinar services – audio, video and web conferencing options that let you order just what you need when you need your webinar to be produced, painless and perfect. That’s Conferencing Outside the Lines.

Proud to work with such amazing women!

Proud to work with such amazing women!

Celebrating the amazing women of Intellor on . Thank you for your contributions to our success. And thank you to our leadership team for creating…

It’s an exciting time at Intellor. We have big plans for the future (and it starts today), an amazing team in place and ...

It’s an exciting time at Intellor. We have big plans for the future (and it starts today), an amazing team in place and are still looking for key contributors. Follow us on LinkedIn!

It’s funny to write a birth announcement when your baby is old enough for a champagne toast, but here we are – Intellor Group, Inc. was founded 21 years...


Having a little fun on a Friday. Make sure to watch until the very end.


Intellor Group's cover photo


Intellor Group


Coffee, coffee, coffee and some more coffee. Celebrating the awesome beverage that keeps us awake, alert and some say trim - with Intellor mugs!


Battle lines have been drawn... who will triumph? Representing the Nittany Lions, we have Alison. Offering fierce competition, is Carla with the Buckeyes. Who will it be! Hope you're as excited as they are about the Penn State vs Ohio State game today!!


All trained and ready to manage conferences! Ronnie, Kyle and Bob are all set to fly out of the nest and amaze our clients with their event management skills!!


We celebrated Back 2 School and September birthdays last week!


Summer is over and so has our Kickball Season. We had a blast playing with the Moco Social Sports Teams!!


We're excited to have Lindi join our team of event producers. Welcome!!


Our community is currently experiencing a shortage in the local blood banks. Intellor team members decided to do their part, by donating to the Red Cross in Gaithersburg. Carla here, donates every year. Thank you for your contribution and effort!!


We're hiring again!! Welcome to the new members of our Event Producers' team - Ronnie, Bob and Roy.


There is a new fixture in our Chicken Coop(aka the kitchen) - brand new Water Cooler!! And to add to our green efforts we said bye to plastic water bottles and hello to personalized refillable ones. Mother Earth is proud today!!


Did they coordinate? Great minds think alike? Monday madness? We'll never know. 🙂 What we do know is that they all look great!!


Summer has long started and so have summer vacations and activities! Team Intellor is having a great summer and we're showcasing some of the fun. Here's the Tin Pan Dragon by Duane Flatmo. It's a replica of the one at Burning Man which breathes fire and is part of the "No Spectators" exhibit at The Smithsonian Renwick Gallery. Amy, thank you for sharing!


We're hiring! Welcome to the newest addition to our team at Intellor - Kyle! Great to have him onboard!


Last but not the least we have Reggie!! Energetic, friendly and lovable, he got us all on our feet!


Our next visitor Daisy was super calm and relaxed. She checked all the studios to ensure there were no wolves hiding. A complete delight to have around!!


Our next visitor for the week is Levi! Such a handsome fella and mommy's favorite!


It's arf arf woof woof time!! This week we're celebrating "Take Your Dog To Work Week,"and things cannot get any better! Featuring our Monday pup - Benji!! Look at that adorable face!


Happy Father's Day To All!!


Kickball Season is here and our team The Dry Runs had a great first run!! They won their match in style and had a blast while doing it.


Awesome shot of the ocean taken by one of our amazing team leads - Tania, during her trip to Cancun.


Go Caps!!! The cup will be in DC!


Stinky Jelly Bean Challenge!!


Happy National Donuts Day!! Nom nom!


She is one of the youngest members of our crew. She shows up occasionally, tours the office and spreads joy!!


That's how we show support!! Go Caps!


Battle of the Candy Bowl!!
In the first window we have MaryKate, "The All Time Champion"
In the second window we have Melissa, "The Challenger with Flower Power."
Time will tell who will surge ahead! Meanwhile we're enjoying the treats!!


Our team is growing! Welcome to our newest members - Rachael and Khalil!!


9298 Gaither Road
Gaithersburg, MD


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