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Training Day at Dolce Vida Medical Spa
Step into the Future

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For learning or teaching AutoCAD — whether you are a complete beginner, simply refreshing your knowledge, or learning about the latest features — users agree that there is no better book available.

Beginning AutoCAD® 2022 Exercise Workbook For Windows®
By Cheryl R. Shrock and Steve Heather

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New and/or Improved Features in Beginning AutoCAD 2022:

- Redesigned Start Tab—There are three main sections that provide access to recent work, enabling users to carry on where they left off, and offering them access to online saved drawing files. (Included in Lesson 1)

- Count—The new Count feature allows users to count the instances of objects and Blocks that are placed in their drawing. (Included in Lesson 29)

- Floating Drawing Tabs—Users can now drag a drawing file Tab from the main AutoCAD application window to make it a separate drawing file window. This is extremely useful for those with two or more monitors. (Included in Lesson 2)

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Providing a wealth of resources, this versatile package may be used for self-study or as part of a dedicated AutoCAD class, either separately from or with an AutoCAD text, such as the best-selling AutoCAD® Exercise Workbooks published by Industrial Press.

AutoCAD® 2D Resource Kit
By Steve Heather

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- This extensive digital product includes more than 180 files and nearly 1,000 pages.

- The 28 lessons, totaling 700 pages, form the core of the viewable eBook and are made available to instructors as PowerPoint slide shows, including review questions and answers. These review questions also are provided as student handouts.

- The practice exercises— included in the eBook and also provided as handouts—are designed to reinforce the AutoCAD features, functions, and skills covered in each lesson. These exercises are provided in both inch and metric versions, accommodating all users, and handy exercise checklists are provided for instructors.

- Lesson learning objectives, lesson plans, and suggested course syllabi provide guidelines for and serve as examples for instructors teaching a specific class length, level, and focus.

- Additional resources include guides to AutoCAD quick key combinations, line types and widths, standard drawing sheet sizes, ASME and ISO orthographic projections and geometric symbols, and more AutoCAD resources from Industrial Press.

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"I have been a student of M&R for many years, though always in nontechnical positions as a professional marketer for products and services companies in the industrial space. I realized whenever I studied Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices in preparation for the CMRP exam, that I was on the right track." — Amy Campbell, CMRP

Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, Third Edition by Ramesh Gulati, PE, CRE, CRL, CAMA, CMRP, CMRT

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New in the Third Edition:

- 40% additional questions throughout the book, making it easier for those preparing to sit for a professional maintenance and reliability exam to learn and study pertinent topics.

- New chapter on standards, with particular focus on ISO 55000.

- Discussion of new and future trends, such as Industry 4.0, Maintenance 4.0, IIOT, and their impact on productivity.

- An affiliated Workbook will be available for sale separately later this year.

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Did You Know?

Dr. Rosenthal is academically acclaimed being the Chairperson for a national medical book review service.

His reviews of plastic surgery texts and writing reach 300,000 subscribers and medical librarians in this country and abroad.

When It Comes To Your Face and Body, Place Your Trust With a True Professional.

[email protected]

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*Beginning AutoCAD® 2021 Exercise Workbook For Windows® By Cheryl Shrock and Steve Heather

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There’s simply no better resource for anyone learning about and/or teaching CAD software than the Beginning AutoCAD® Exercise Workbook.

New and/or Improved Features in Beginning AutoCAD 2021:

- Streamlined Trim and Extend command—Boundary edges are now selected automatically, making trimming or extending objects far more efficient.

- Revision Cloud enhancements—Users can use one value that measures the chord distance between the end points of each cloud arc to create more consistent revision clouds.

- Measure Geometry: Quick Measure—The area and perimeter of closed objects (and even multiple objects) can be measured with a simple click, all in one go.

- Beginning AutoCAD 2021 contains more content than ever before, yet has been redesigned and reduced by more than 100 pages, making it more manageable to read and carry.

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Pipefitters Handbook, 3e
& Pipe Trades Pro™ Package
By Forrest Lindsay

This unparalleled package includes both this essential handbook and the Pipe Trades Pro™ calculator. With these superb resources in hand, users will spend less time calculating and looking at charts, and more time cutting, welding, and placing pipe.

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*Features of the Pipefitters Handbook, 3rd Edition:

- Provides answers to all sorts of problems indigenous to power and industrial pipebending, and the fabrication of welding fittings in both shop and field.

- Logically categorizes all material according to job description, supporting each working table with a clear example of how to use it.

- Includes a special reference section that gives instant data on the 24 most useful on-the-job subjects, such as spark tests for metals, sheet metal weights, valve types, weights and measures, and many more.

- Discusses all types of bends; elbows, tees, and crosses; plastic pipe; soldering and brazing; travel and run; fitting dimensions; threading pipe; relative physical properties; and more.

*Pipe Trades Pro™ Calculator Features:

- Provides instant answers for all pipe layout and design problems, including complex rolling offsets, parallel pipe cutbacks, weight/volume conversions, flow rates, pressures, areas, and more.

- Offers the following calculations: rights angles, offsets, complex rolling offsets, fitting angles, bends, slopes, percent grades, drops, parallel pipe cutbacks, feet-inch-fractions and trigonometry, pipe areas, fill weights, flow rates, velocity, force, volumes, pressure loss for any pipe size, type, or distance, complete building, plumbing, and metric unit conversion.

- Includes built-in pipe data—choose a pipe material and pipe type, enter size, and get diameters, wall thickness, filled weight per foot and internal area.

- Perfect for seven different pipe materials: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, cast iron, plastic, and copper.

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Look Great In 24 Hours - Outpatient - No Scars.

Put YOUR Best Face Forward With The Rosenthal Liquid Facelift!

Learn More About The Rosenthal Liquid Facelift Here:

If you feel young but your face is telling a different story, then a “Rosenthal Liquid Facelift”, using Juvéderm or Expression, Radiesse and Botox will amaze you.

Refresh, lift, tone and brighten your appearance while you maintain your personal identity.

Why not look on the outside how you feel on the inside? Natural appearing cosmetic surgery is the desired objective.

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Enjoy The AMAZING Flavors of Our ORIGINAL, Tonight.

*Plain Sauce w/ Parmigiana Cheese, Olive Oil and Fresh Basil.

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Meet Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal:

Dr. Rosenthal is a consummate artist who uses his creativity and medical expertise to find the perfect rejuvenating options for his patients.

He offers a personal touch and caring attitude that when combined with his artistic skill creates a natural and refreshed facial appearance, that is a true representation of his patients identity .

Dr. Rosenthal is highly recommend by his patients and has been recognized as the top and best Plastic Surgeon in Connecticut.

He has appeared in Who’s Who International as one their honorees.

So, when you require a naturally refreshed look, let the skilled artistry of Dr. Rosenthal’s hands guide you.

Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D.
International Artist
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Fairfield, Connecticut

Learn more about Dr. Rosenthal Here:

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SPOTLIGHT ON MH 31 Digital Editions!!!

Machinery’s Handbook Digital Edition, 31st Edition. An Easy-Access Value-Added Package:

Machinery’s Handbook Digital Edition, 31st Edition Upgrade. An Easy-Access Value-Added Package:

The versatile Machinery’s Handbook 31 Digital Edition and 31st Edition Digital Upgrade make access to this vast collection of information even easier and include more than 1,200 additional pages.

This value-added package includes:

- The complete contents of the printed Machinery’s Handbook, 31st Edition, which has grown by nearly 100 pages, with thousands of revisions and updates since the last edition.

- Nearly 800 pages of additional archival content—still useful and interesting text, tables, and figures—extracted over time from previous editions of the Handbook.

- Table of contents and indexes for material only available in the Digital Edition.

- Useful indexes of standards and materials covered throughout this expanded edition.

- The complete contents of the companion volume Guide to the Use of Tables and Formulas in the Machinery’s Handbook, 31st Edition, with handy links to Digital Edition pages.


- View and print text, tables, and graphics identical to the printed book.

- Zoom to magnify pages for a detailed view of complex and detailed data.

- Search the complete contents and access information you need with quick navigation aids: thousands of clickable links in the contents, text, and indexes.

- Choose online and offline viewing options on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices (download of provided reader required for offline viewing applications).

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**Elevator Troubleshooting & Repair**
A Technician’s Certification Study Guide
By David Herres

For those serious about engaging in elevator work, the appropriate licenses must be acquired—an electrician’s license and elevator mechanic’s license. These are not achieved overnight.

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This work covers everything a student or current technician needs to know to perform elevator diagnosis, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, and details all the knowledge a technician must have to properly service elevators in various situations.


- Offers sample certification questions and answers for those looking to get their Elevator Mechanic’s license.

- Places an emphasis on safety interlocks and the elevator system as a whole.

- Includes a history of elevators to give readers perspective on the industry and advancements in technology to date.

- Written by a renowned electrician with regular columns and contributions in Elevator World and Electrical Construction and Maintenance magazines.

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Order Now and Save!
15% off ALL MH 31 PRINT and EBOOK Products when you order by Sept. 1, 2020.


MH 31 Combination Packages…
Machinery’s Handbook 31 and Digital Edition

Toolbox and Digital:

Large Print and Digital:

Toolbox and Calc Pro 2:

Large Print and Calc Pro 2:

Machinery’s Handbook is acknowledged as an exceptionally authoritative and comprehensive, yet highly practical, and easy-to-use tool.

The 31st edition of the “Bible of the Mechanical Industries” continues in this tradition, providing users with fundamental and essential aspects of manufacturing practices, including hundreds of ASME and ANSI standards updates and thousands of revisions to text, tables, equations, and figures.

The versatile Machinery’s Handbook 31 Digital Edition makes access to this vast collection of information even easier and includes more than 1,200 additional pages, including the complete Machinery’s Handbook Guide and archival content.

*The offer for print products applies only to individuals (not resellers) who reside in the U.S.

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Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Facial Rejuvenation, was honored to be chosen as a judge, for the well respected, Mrs. America pageant.

Beauty Queens from Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey were chosen in the pageant, at Mohegan Sun Casino.

*Dr. Rosenthal is pictured with the Beauty Queens from From New York that we’re chosen at the N.Y. Pageant. They attended the recent pageant to choose the Mrs. America of: Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

“All of the contestants were winners as they all had compelling stories. We must always reach toward the stars to fulfill our dreams.”

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