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Anthony Bonelli - Music Lessons Convenient in-home service music lessons for drums, bass, guitar, piano, voice, and production I am a multi-instrumental musician of 32 years.

For 3-4 years in my mid to late teens I played guitar, sang backing vocals, and contributed significantly to music writing and arranging for original progressive rock band “Deviation”. For 3-4 years in my early twenties I played lead guitar, sang backing vocals/harmonies, and sang half the lead vocals for local Cape Cod retro themed show band “Daughter Judy” playing 3 sets per night at local clubs

and bars with an authentic costume change for each set including a 60’s psychedelic rock set, a 70’s disco set & an 80’s new wave set all featuring some of the favorite hits from those respective decades/genres. I was also the business manager of this band booking gigs, replacing members as necessary, organizing rehearsals and delegating side work etc.. I’ve got 24 years of experience teaching private lessons (for drums, bass, guitar, piano, voice, mandolin, ukulele, and production), teaching rock band classes/coaching bands, engineering live sound, and offering recording/production services. For the peak 2 years or so of that time I worked 7 days per week carrying the equivalent of 100 half hour lesson slots per week between private lesson student bookings of anywhere from half hour to 3 hour slots and rock band classes that lasted anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. I have achieved a 3.87 GPA for completion of 12 course Production & Guitar Master Certificate program from BerkleeMusic Online. I am 1 of only 10 people in Massachusetts that completed through Avid’s 200 level courses at New England Institute of Art in Boston to become an AVID certified ProTools HD8 Operator (Music). I have had the honor of being hired by Anthony Shriver (founder of the Best Buddies organization) to teach guitar and drums to his youngest son Joey. I’ve also had the honor of being hired by Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton for 6 consecutive summers starting in 2006 (and then again on and off periodically to date) to teach his son Julian drums, bass, guitar, voice and Pro Tools focused production classes. If you have any questions or would like to discuss scheduling or booking time please feel free to reach me here or call/text me at 508-280-3308

Thank you!

Here is a video I just posted to a new youtube account I recently made if you might like to check it out! It’s nothing t...

Here is a video I just posted to a new youtube account I recently made if you might like to check it out! It’s nothing too fancy just me jammin along to some random backing tracks from 2012.. Please like/comment the video on YouTube if you like it and subscribe to the new channel for upcoming new content 🙏🏼😎

A bunch of repeating nonsense improv shredery as I try to "muster something up on the fretboard".. not to be taken all too seriously - just goofing around ja...


I finally made a TikTok and loaded it up with some content from over the last several years including a lot of stuff I haven’t posted here.. if you have a TikTok please head over to mine (bonelli.lessons) and follow / like / comment if you like the clips and I’ll follow back and such - here’s a moody little piano ditty shared from there that I hadn’t posted here yet - thank you all 🙏🏼😬


Going through an old hard drive and found this from March of 2011 - my student Tyler and I created this acoustic guitar part to play over a simple VI IV (Aeolian to Lydian) drum and bass line progression I had programmed into Pro Tools - we stay pretty much in unison with the arpeggiation except for on the accented notes we split off to harmony which really helps them stand out and gives the whole part more harmonic interest and a more pronounced texture, if you will.. Thank you for helping me put this together 🙏👍🤘💪😬


A collection of 70+ never worn t-shirts

There are some random T-shirts like Vans, Anchorman, Foodler, and Billboard, then a couple from local food establishments, but beyond that they are mostly tour t-shirts of bands / artists from when I brought my students to concert field trips.

None of these have ever been worn - they just got hung on the walls at the old studio space.

There were too many to upload a photo of each T-shirt so I took a few screenshots of about 20 at a time so hopefully you can expand the photos big enough to see the T-shirts and the band or artist and the sizes that I edited into the photos as well, but of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I will include individual shots of some of the tour T-shirts that have autographs or backstage pass stickers..

Prices go as follows:

TOUR T-SHIRTS - $10 per t-shirt or 5 t-shirts for $40 / buy 4 get 1 free (since I probably paid $25-$35 each for them at the show)

TOUR T-SHIRTS WITH AUTOGRAPHS OR BACKSTAGE PASS STICKERS - I probably paid $25-$35 each for these at the concert so I’m asking $30 or best offer for them since they are extra special with the autographs etc.

ALL OTHER T-SHIRTS: $5 per t-shirt or 5 t-shirts for $20 / buy 4 get 1 free

All of those prices are my asking prices but I will consider all offers if you’d like to make an offer or if you’d like to mix/match T-shirts from different pricing categories etc..

Please reply me here or text me at (508) 280-3308

Thank you

Here is a list of most of the t-shirts:

Cookie Monster
Coheed and Cambria
Maroon 5
Colbie Caillat
Pixy 103
Jeff Buckley
Summer Slaughter Tour
Tab The Band
Hard rock café (Boston & New York)
Alyssa Bernal
Mötley Crüe
Dream Theater
Howie Day
Jethro Tull
Pierce The Veil
Call of duty
Foo Fighters
Heavy rotation records
Kina Grannis
Play guitar really loud
Vintage trouble
Museum of science
Su***de silence
For Seas ice cream
OG Abel
Warped tour
Sleeping with sirens
Red Sox
Plain White T’s
No doubt
Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame @ Brewster, Massachusetts


I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I made this recording.. Found this on an old hard drive earlier today - it’s an acoustic guitar / vocal cover of one of my favorite Big Wreck songs called Blown Wide Open - ig only allows a 1:00 video so just an excerpt here, and it kinda chops the top of my head off for most of it, and the overall tone of the audio is a little crispy bc it’s an iPhone video of a video playing on my computer monitor.. but yea, just wanted to throw this out there in honor of one of my favorite bands - ya’ll should go check em out of you don’t know them already.. thanks for listening 🙏😬


Here’s a fun little tune I put together called “Trippin’ Cowboy” - it’s pretty tough to play and I hadn’t practiced it in a long time so it’s a little sloppy but hopefully you get the idea - The first riff i created way back a couple decades ago and it’s a 3 measure cycle of triplet based 5/4 with some pretty wack chord juxtapositions including one chord arpeggiation that boasts a minor 3rd to major 3rd hammer on preceding an augmented 5th sounding particularly looney.. and the second part I came up with just a couple years ago when I made this recording and it’s a chromatic line with linear 3rd harmony an octave higher accompanied by a common open string ringing throughout the movement in a slightly odd 11/4 time (also triplet based).. pretty neat stuff for all the music nerds out there contrasted by such a silly sounding context.. So it’s a little dissonant and I’m a little tightlipped as I struggle through a mediocre performance here but maybe worth a listen if you’ve got a minute..


Mode 4 Music Studios


photo credit: Tara Ramos - thank you! :D


Mode 4 Music Studios's cover photo


Come see these guys this Saturday, June 25th at the 2016 Mode 4 Music Studios Spring Concert ! :D

Got it narrowed down to these 8 particularly fantastic photo's.. which one should we use!?


Got it narrowed down to these 8 particularly fantastic photo's.. which one should we use!?


Some pretty awesome and funny shots in this batch.. help us decide which one to use for the 2016 Mode 4 Music Studios Spring Concert program cover! :D


R.I.P. The Paradox running set a couple times rehearsing for the 2016 Mode 4 Music Studios Spring Concert !


Sugar Rush - tightening up some tunes for the 2016 Mode 4 Music Studios Spring Concert !

Summer Star | Promotions on 106 WCOD

Hey all! My student Kylie has entered the 106 WCOD/Barnstable County Fair Cape Cod Summer Star vocal competition. I'll put the link here to the radio stations web page where you can vote for the singers who will pass on to the next phase of the competition and actually perform on the big stage at the Barnstable County Fair for the chance to win $1000! Kylie is #42 in the list - we shot a video here at the studio of her singing a cover of Umbrella by Rihanna. The page takes a while to load but other than that if anyone has any technical problems with the voting process feel free to comment on this post or send me a message and I'll be happy to help.

Kylie is super talented and has put a lot of effort into refining her abilities over the years - her vocals are top notch and she is only 12 years old. I am very proud of her and glad that she has made the decision to take part in this competition. If anyone can take any time out to help we need as many votes as we can get over the next couple/few days to see if she can pass on to compete at the fair. I'm pretty sure there is no limit to how many times you vote as long as you refresh the page between votes. So if anyone has time to log in any votes and/or share and pass this along to any of your friends that would be awesome. Thanks so much for taking a minute to read this post and thanks in advance for any help with the voting - here's the link!

 Can you sing?!? Well, 106 WCOD & the Barnstable County Fair are going t


You know you wanna come see these guys (and many more) performing tomorrow 3PM at the Hyannis Village Green!! : )

Crown XTI 2002

Some used gear if anyone is interested - reasonable priced - see comments for the rest of the links - thanks! :D

Crown XTI 2002 power amp. Excellent condition - barely used at just 2 or 3 gigs. In a gator road case the whole time too so really very much like brand new. Only slight cosmetic wear as seen in the...

SplashBurn - Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven - Cover

SplashBurn - Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven - Cover

One of our new bands this year SplashBurn working on their cover of Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars at rehearsal on 11-13-14 - still a few kinks to work o...

Google Moog Tribute

Did everyone see the Moog Google Doodle today!? Here's Dream Theater 's Jordan Rudess with some "doodle shreddage" and a cool demo of some of the fun parameter adjustments - you can actually record yourself on 4 tracks and get a link to your recording too - pretty cool stuff - Robert Moog's Wiki...

Playing with Google's online Mioog Synth!

In Your Arms - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video)

To my students: I’m doing a field trip to go see Kina Grannis on Friday, April 27th at The Paradise in Boston. This is an all ages event so anyone can go but I think it would be particularly cool for any of our aspiring singer/songwriters. Private message me for details and availability! Here is the video for her song "In Your Arms" made completely of Jelly Beans! : )

Download "In Your Arms" on iTunes: WATCH THE MAKING OF "IN YOUR ARMS": "In Your Arms" Tour Dates: http://www...


Hyannis, MA


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