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Answering the Critics! PART 7Biblical Health Laws in Plain Language Thousands of Years Ago! In the pages of the Old Test...

Answering the Critics! PART 7

Biblical Health Laws in Plain Language Thousands of Years Ago!

In the pages of the Old Testament unbeknownst to many today, contains many statutes which relate to health. If the world had followed them, the diseases and its toll would have been minimized or at least greatly reduced.

At the close of the 17th century, hygienic conditions in cities remained at best deplorable. Excrement and filth were often dumped into the streets. Flies, breeding in the filth, spread and carried disease to millions.

However, the principle of burying excrement and filth was given by the Scriptures over 1400 years before Christ. God told Moses and the children of Israel: "Thou shalt have a place also. without the camp, whither thou shalt go forth abroad: and thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee" (Deut. 23:12-13).

According to medical historian Arturo Castiglioni he wrote, "The regulations in Deuteronomy as to how soldiers should prevent the danger of infection coming from their excrement by covering it with earth constitute a most important document of sanitary legislation" (A History of Medicine, p. 70).

Castiglioni declared, "Study of Biblical texts appears to have demonstrated that the ancient Semitic peoples, in agreement with the most modern tenets of epidemiology, attributed more importance to animal transmitters of disease, like the rat and the fly, than to the contagious individual" ( op; p. 71).

When the bubonic plague devastated Europe, three thousand years later, this knowledge had generally been lost. Some blamed noxious fumes in the air; others attributed it to the stars; some thought it was caused by a conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn; yet others blamed the Jews, and many blamed God.

In General, the world did not realize the importance of hygiene and cleanliness until about the end of the 18th century. Yet these vital principles of sanitation and cleanliness were revealed by God to Moses almost 3,500 years ago!

The Biblical laws of cleanliness, washings, and purification were not all merely customs or rituals. They protected the camp of Israel from the dangers of contagious diseases and deadly plagues!

States Dr. D. T. Atkinson, "In the Bible greater stress was placed upon prevention of disease than was given to the treatment of bodily ailments, and in this no race of people, before or since, has left us such a wealth of LAWS RELATIVE TO HYGIENE AND SANITATION as the Hebrews. (Not the Jews but the Hebrews) These important laws, coming down through the ages, are still used to a marked degree in every country in the world sufficiently enlightened to observe them. One has but to read the book of Leviticus carefully and thoughtfully to conclude that the admonitions of Moses contained therein are, in fact, the groundwork of most of today's sanitary laws. As one closes the book, he must, regardless of his spiritual leanings, feel that the wisdom therein expressed regarding the rules to protect health are superior to any which then existed in the world and that to this day they have been little improved upon" (Magic, Myth and Medicine, Atkinson, p. 20).

Even in today's modern world people are beginning to lose sight of the vital importance of sanitation and cleanliness in not only combating, but also in the prevention of illness and contagions. Our modern cities are becoming increasingly congested, polluted, filthy and dirty. The increase of garbage and the disposal of it pose serious health problems. Our air is becoming unfit to breathe because of pollution; and our water is becoming increasingly contaminated with industrial chemicals, urban wastes, and a host of many pollutants unheard of until recently!

Could the continuing decrease of sanitation, and the growing violation of Biblical hygienic and health principles, be contributing factors in the escalating incidence in modern degenerative and contagious diseases around the world?

Think about it. It has an obvious answer!

Answering the Critics! Part Six! Health LawsBible Health Laws in Plain Language Thousands of Years Ago  At first one mig...

Answering the Critics! Part Six! Health Laws

Bible Health Laws in Plain Language Thousands of Years Ago

At first one might think it be strange that the Bible could possibly have something to say about cardiovascular disease or arteriosclerosis but it does!

In 2017 heart disease claimed 610,000 victims in the United States. It is far and away the number one killer. Similar statistics could be cited for England, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations.

Modern researchers have pinpointed several contributing causes of heart disease including improper diet, over­weight, smoking, lack of exercise and nervous stress. Does the Bible have anything to say about heart disease? Much more than you probably can imagine!

First, the Bible clearly recommends a balanced life, "moderation" in all things (see Phil. 4:5). It condemns gluttony and overeating (Prov. 23:20-21). Secondly, many Biblical principles condemn smoking and cigarettes as a lust of the flesh which denies the body.

Thirdly, the Bible tells us we should exercise regularly and moderately throughout our lives. I Timothy 4:8, correctly translated, shows that bodily exercise profits "for a little while" — that is, in this life. Fourthly, the Bible admonishes us to avoid nervous stress, anxieties, and worries which can trigger heart attacks. Many scriptures could be cited to prove this. (See, for example, Proverbs 15:13; 17:22; Psalms 119:165; Matthew 11:28-30; John 14:27; Philippians 4:7.)

Perhaps the most interesting point of all, however, is the fact that medical science has proved there is a direct connection between heart disease and cholesterol in the bloodstream. Cholesterol, is a fatty, waxy material which your body needs in limited amounts, is a curse to health when it clogs vital arteries. Diets high in cholesterol may cause the blood to be burdened; excessive amounts of cholesterol collect on the inside of the coronary arteries. Fatal coronary heart disease has been related to diets containing high levels of cholesterol and fat, though other factors are also involved.

But what does this have to do with the Bible? Simply this: Dr. Paul Dudley White, the heart specialist who treated President Elsenhower while he was in the White House, once quoted Leviticus 7:23, "Ye shall eat no manner of fat, of ox, or of sheep, or of goat," Animal fats are high in cholesterol. Therefore, the late Dr. Paul Dudley White asserted, "It is conceivable that a few years from now we medical men may repeat to the citizens of the United States of America the advice that Moses was asked by God to present to the children of Israel 3,000 years ago."

This is now standard medical advice. But here's the question... How could Moses have known? But, of course it wasn't Moses' words but GOD'S instructions which the Bible records! Here is further evidence that the Biblical health laws "scooped" advanced ahead of time modern medical science by 3,400 years!

Answering the Critics! Part Five.In Job 38:16, God asked, "Have you explored the springs of the sea? Or have you walked ...

Answering the Critics! Part Five.

In Job 38:16, God asked, "Have you explored the springs of the sea? Or have you walked in the recesses of the deep?"

How could the writer of the book of Job have known that beneath the oceans of the world are springs or fountains of fresh water? Or, did you even know that?

An article in the Saturday Review (July 1, 1967) said, "Although they usually remain undetected, submarine springs of fresh water are often more common along certain types of shoreline than are rivers and other surface streams." Along some shorelines, as much as 20 million gallons of fresh water a day flows into the sea for every mile of shoreline.

In fact, one major submarine spring in the Persian Gulf flows with enough volume to create a large area of fresh water in the midst of the sea, because of favorable limestone geology in Iran and Saudi Arabia. In Greece, an estimated 100 million cubic feet of fresh water goes into the sea through submarine springs.

" A reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth’s surface. According to the article in 2014.

But about four thousand years before, God asked Job if he knew about the springs in the sea!

Answering the Critics! Part Four!Pagans Believed the Earth Was Carried By a Great Tortoise, But Not God's People!But how...

Answering the Critics! Part Four!

Pagans Believed the Earth Was Carried By a Great Tortoise, But Not God's People!

But how much did the ancient Bible authors really know about the earth in their time? While their Gentile contemporaries believed the earth was carried around on the back of a great tortoise?

These truths amazingly as it sounds were known about the earth itself which the rest of the world did not understand or discovered for another two or three THOUSAND YEARS! Sound incredible? It should!

First, the fact that the earth revolves around the sun once every year was not generally understood until the days of Copernicus and came to be known as the Copernican Theory. This was in the 16th century, just a little more than 500 years ago. Copernicus taught that the sun is the center of the solar system.

However, thousands of years before his time, in the days of the patriarch Moses, the Bible uses the precise expression to indicate the revolution of the earth around the sun once a year was known to ancient Biblical astronomers! Lets read in Exodus 34:22, in the King James Version, the innocent phrase, "And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the first-fruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year's end." According to the original Hebrew, however, this should be translated "at the REVOLUTION OF THE YEAR." The original Hebrew word is tequwphah and means "to move in a circle," "circuit," "to go round," "orbit of the sun," "revolution of time."

In the Goodspeed translation they put it "at the turn of the year." In the days of the prophet Samuel, the expression "in revolution of days" was used to label the time from conception to birth of a child (I Sam. 1:20, margin). Goodspeed translates this, "when the time came around."

Notice also II Chronicles 24:23 where the "end of the year" is called, in the original Hebrew, "in the REVOLUTION of the year" (see marginal rendering).

Don't these verses clearly reveal the fact that the ancient Hebrews KNEW the earth revolves around the sun, and completes one revolution, one turning, each year?

But this is not all. Notice also in the book of Job 38:12-14 — "Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place; that it might take hold of the ends of the earth... IT IS TURNED as clay to the seal..."
Strange wording but what does this mean? God here is talking to Job about the morning — the rising of the sun. How is it that the sun appears to rise in the morning? This verse contains the scientific truth — the TRUE explanation! The earth itself turns, or "rotates" — from west to east, causing the sun to rise in the morning, in the eastern sky.

The original Hebrew in this verse says, of the earth, "it turns itself." What could be a more obvious expression? The allusion of the clay and the seal refers to the rolling cylinder seal, one to three inches long, such as was used in ancient Babylon, which left its plastic impression on the clay as it turned about or rolled around. What more precise figure of speech could be used to represent the rotation of the earth itself, causing day and night?

Thirdly, the laws of gravity were not explained and understood until Sir Isaac Newton discovered them in the 18th century. The laws of motion were discovered by the same genius.

However, strange as it may seem, thousands of years ago the Bible hinted to the laws of centrifugal force, centripetal force, gravity, and motion!
How else do you explain the enigmatic statement in the book of Job, speaking of the earth — "He... hangeth the earth UPON NOTHING"? (Job 26:7)

Lets remember the pagans believed a tortoise carried the earth about; but God revealed to His people the truth — that the earth hangs suspended in space by powerful laws of force and motion! But God asked Job, "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?... Whereupon are the foundations [sockets] thereof fastened [made to sink]?" (Job 38:4, 6) It is interesting that science has discovered that the earth's axis is generally pointed toward the North Pole Star, and the north and south poles are the points where the earth's axis of rotation meets the surface of the earth. God is the One who planned it all out; set the earth to spinning on its axis; and pointed the North Pole toward the star Polaris!

How about that!!


Answering the Critics? Geology. Part Three.

In Job 38:16, God asked, "Have you explored the springs of the sea? Or have you walked in the recesses of the deep?"

What about those "recesses of the deep"? How could Job or anyone have known, there are deep trenches of the oceans, one such as the Mariana Trench in the Pacific, 36,198 feet deep, discovered in September, 1959 by the Soviet ship Vityaz, except by divine revelation? The same ship discovered a depth of 35,702 feet in the Tonga Trench; there are four other deep trenches in the North Pacific. The greatest depth in the Atlantic Ocean is north of Puerto Rico — the Puerto Rico Trench, 27,498 feet deep.

The dark world of the bottom of the ocean have been explored by scientists in bathyscaphes, and special cameras, mounted with strobe lamps, and now underwater drones, have been lowered miles into the depths.

New instruments have revealed that the ocean bottom is surprisingly rugged. Depths of valleys and canyons running underwater when averaged out are five times greater than heights reached on continents. The undersea world is cut, and sliced, by huge canyons bigger than the Grand Canyon. One such canyon is the Hudson Canyon off New York. Sixty miles off shore, this mammoth canyon knifes downward to 8000 feet, and then slopes on down to 16,500 feet.

The sea floor is called the abyssal plains. At their edge are sometimes found tremendous chasms or trenches, averaging 20 miles wide at the top and hundreds of miles long. The deepest such trench discovered is the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, almost seven miles down.

Thousands of years ago, God asked Job what he knew about these "recesses" or TRENCHES deep under the ocean! In the original Hebrew, the word for "explore" is cheger and means to "search out, examine; secret, inmost part." The word for "deep" is tehown and means "confusion" — or "the ABYSS, the great deep."

How could such words have been written unless they had been inspired divinely?

Answering the Critics! The Science. Part TwoWhat about air Pressure?Most of us are familiar with the fact that air has w...

Answering the Critics! The Science. Part Two

What about air Pressure?

Most of us are familiar with the fact that air has weight. Its called pounds per square inch or Psi for short. At sea level air pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch. The higher you go up in altitude, air pressure is less and less. For instance a mountain climber ascending mountain like Mount Everest finds the air so thin that he has to take oxygen along to breathe.

When did science discover that air has weight? Any textbook on Physics reveals that the laws of pressure, temperature and volume of gases were not discovered until the last few hundred years. It was not known, previously, that the invisible air actually had weight.

Nor was it understood that rain behaved according to definite LAWS of physics and chemistry. But notice what God wrote in His Word over three thousand years ago:

"God... looks to the ends of the earth; beneath the whole heavens he sees. When he made a weight for the wind, and meted out the waters by measure, when he made a LAW for the rain, and a way for the thunderbolt" (Job 28:23-26).

The Amplified Bible makes it even more specific: "When He gave to the wind weight or pressure..."

Here is another remarkable instance of SCIENCE in the Bible — thousands of years before modern science discovered these same laws of nature and principles of physics!

How could it be — unless GOD inspired the Bible?

God showed Job the relationship between barometric pressure of the atmosphere and the weather three thousand years before Torricelli, an Italian physicist (1608-1647) proved the same relationship with his barometer!

Is it a coincidence? Obviously not!

Aswering the Critics! Stories, Myths? In Job 28:26 we read, "When he [God] made a decree for the rain, and a WAY for the...

Aswering the Critics! Stories, Myths?

In Job 28:26 we read, "When he [God] made a decree for the rain, and a WAY for the lightning of the thunder."

Lightning kills many people yearly and its at the top with other natural disasters in the cause of deaths. It destroys millions dollars worth of property annually, plus the losses due to thousands of annual forest fires started by lightning.

How are lightning bolts formed? This story is quite fascinating. It begins Inside these enormous thunderclouds, where so-called chimney currents which is a column of air rising upward with gale force. Within this turbulence near the top small hailstones become positively charged, while raindrops in the lower portion are charged negatively. Below on the earth there is another positive charge buildup, following the drifting cloud.

Tremendous differences of electric potential are created between the top and bottom of the thundercloud, and the earth's surface.

At this point, a gaseous arc reaches down from the cloud for perhaps fifty feet, hanging there, building up, growing. Meanwhile, positive particles on the earth below streak upward as high as fifty feet, called "St. Elmo's fire." When one of these earth "streamers" meets one of the cloud's dangling gaseous arcs, called "leaders," suddenly A PATH IS FORMED BETWEEN THE THUNDERCLOUD AND THE EARTH!
This is where the darting, flickering BOLT OF LIGHTNING hurtles through the air, starting at the point of contact between negative and positive charges of electricity, ripping up to the cloud along the gaseous arc path already formed. The lightning actually travels upward, and the fact that it appears to travel downward is an optical illusion.

But this is beside the point. The point of this fascinating story is — HOW DID JOB KNOW? Yes, how could he have ever known that there is "A WAY for the lightning of the thunder"?

Can there be any doubt?

Science did not discover the secret of this phenomenon until very recent times. But God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, revealed it to Job and inspired him to write of it over 3,700 years ago!
Imagine that!


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