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Women Investing in Women Digital Women INVESTING in Women is a REVOLUTION of passionate individuals who are committed to the economic empowerment for women, globally. Women Investing In Women DIGITAL includes a social media following with over 950,000+ followers in over 100 countries; the “Women INVESTING in Women and Girls” Radio show on Voice America Kids/Podcast Series on Apple ITUNES, The State of Women Podcast Network in partnership with SHEQONOMI & The State of Women Institute and the Amplifying Her Voice Global Virtual Summit Series which has now featured over 550+ speakers, 3,000 attendees, from over 120+ launched during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to Christina Korp, co-founder of Space For A Better World, who joined us for a second time last month during our Amplifying Her Voice: In Moms We Trust summit to speak about space, technology, women leaders, research, and caring for our planet.

Korp, also known as the Astronaut Wrangler and also Buzz Aldrin’s former manager, is a marketing executive, producer, educator, science advocate, and “space believer.” Last year she produced “Our Story 100: Portraits of Change,” an interactive photo mosaic and art installation honoring the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and women's right to vote in the United States. She has also co-produced the Apollo 50th Gala at the Kennedy Space Center, co-produced the Emmy-nominated and Webby-winning “Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars” VR experience.

Here, she discusses women she admires, making a difference in the world, and making space for everyone. Check out the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-christina-korp, and make sure to register for Amplifying Her Voice: Stronger Together to catch Korp again as she discusses inclusion and investing in space tech—and as we're joined by the men and fathers in our lives in honor of Father's Day.

Register for the next summit! ➡️ https://hopin.com/events/strongertogether

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As we head into June and look forward to our “Stronger Together” summit, we’re still learning from the wisdom shared by so many women at our Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” summit.

Artist, poet, and podcaster Carla Magdalene Palmer spoke on our panel “Building and Scaling a Podcasting Business,” discussing using her voice and talent to help people, managing finances, staying authentic, and much more. Magdalene Palmer is the host of the "Wonder and Wellbeing" podcast and a co-host of "Podcasters Unleashed." She explores personal identities and the lifelong pursuit of wellbeing in her work and art—capturing moments, moods, inner dialogue, and ideas in words and in visual art. Her podcast explores and discusses the relationship between holistic wellbeing and education; highlighting the importance of creativity, the arts, and a sense of wonder.

We asked her a few questions ahead of the summit, and she shared her thoughts on being guided by your own values as you pursue your goals and dreams, recognizing motherhood as a full-time job, the importance of mental health, and more.

Check out the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-carla-magdalene-palmer, and visit TheStateOfWomen.com for regular news and wisdom from insightful women around the world!

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Chiara Chiesa, an adviser in international public relations and space technology commercialization transfer, spoke during our “Stellar Women in the Space Industry” panel at this month’s Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” global summit, where she focused on the importance of creating opportunities and empowering the next generation—something she is uniquely positioned to accomplish.

Chiesa helps to infuse space technology into the commercial sector—connecting people, startups, companies, and institutions in aerospace and the commercial space sector. She is a PR expert and co-founder of INTERSTELLARS, a not-for-profit association focused on space tech transfer and dissemination linked to Sustainable Development Goals. Chiesa is also a sales adviser for Graphene-XT and PR adviser for several other startups, and serves as a mentor and role model for Space4Women, inspiring girls and women to pursue STEM and space careers. A TEDx speaker, she was also honored by the Million STEM campaign and listed by StartupItalia as one of 1,000 “Unstoppable Women” changing Italy through innovation.

Here, she shares her thoughts about empowering women to focus on both their families and careers, who has inspired her, the importance of relying on yourself and others, and more.

Check out the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-chiara-chiesa, and visit TheStateOfWomen.com for exciting initiatives, expert advice, and inspiring words from women around the world!

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Nishi Bhonsle is a mentor, leader, entrepreneur, personal trainer, and nutritional and wellness consultant, as well as the senior director of engineering at Salesforce. She is passionate about health, helping others succeed and grow, and investing in teams and individuals for their own success as well as that of organizations. She shared this wisdom, perspective and insight on the “Women’s Health and Wellness” panel during Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust.” Here, she shares further insights: discussing the crucial role of self-care, what gives her energy and inspiration, appreciating the pursuit of a goal as much as the achievement itself, and more.

Check out the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-nishi-bhonsle, and visit TheStateOfWomen.com for regular news and wisdom from insightful women around the world!

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“Let’s do our part and educate [our children] that it is not that women should simply master fields that traditionally excluded women—but that the spaces and knowledge that were always considered feminine should be revered and attended to as highly valuable and imperative to the making of our societies.” —Hajar El Haddaoui

Our Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” summit wrapped earlier this month, but the women—and leaders in their industries—who spoke have wisdom about motherhood, equality, empowerment, and more that we still need to share with you. Today, meet Hajar El Haddaoui; a business leader, adviser in digital transformation and leadership, and public speaker—as well as the mother of a 10-year-old girl—who spoke as part of our panel on balance, the second time she's lent her expert voice to our global summits. She is the head of Region West and Tessin at Swisscom, on the advisory board of MOD-ELLE, on the assembly of delegates for the Vaud Chamber of Commerce, and on the Global Campaign board of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. El Haddaoui was a finalist in the Women IT Awards 2020, and focuses her expertise on bridging the gap between practice and theory in digital transformation and leadership.

Here, she discusses the unique and magnified challenges faced by mothers in the workplace, her economic advocacy for women, current research (and research that still needs to be done) in areas like economic and gender inequality, the crucial role of women role models, and much more.

Check out the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-hajar-el-haddaoui, and keep an eye on TheStateOfWomen.com for continued features on amazing women leaders, and for future events!

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Nadia Francois is a licensed hairstylist by trade and holds a degree in business administration, but she says she’s chiefly a serial entrepreneur with a heart for people. Through her own experiences as well as lessons from other mentors and professionals, Francois works to help empower women and children attain success, confidence, and self-sufficiency.

Last year, she became the channel owner of What’s Your Super Power TV, which also houses her talk show by the same title on Exposure TV Network. On the show, Francois and guest hosts interview women pioneers and entrepreneurs about their journeys and what drives and motivates them.

Although she has focused on attaining her own goals and helping others entrepreneurial journeys since the age of 19, Francois says her No. 1 “assignment” is being the mother and sole provider for her four sons. Here, she discusses the role of technology in modern parenting, the impact of self-care, the importance of perseverance, and more.

Check out her Q&A at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-nadia-francois, and keep an eye on TheStateOfWomen.com for more stories about inspiring women!

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Our next featured speaker knows how a passion for healthy living can impact—and be impacted by—motherhood and caring for a family and the legacy you leave behind. Megan Whitaker; host of the “Going Crunchy Not Crazy” podcast and a consultant on sustainable, healthy living; left a job as a nurse to become a holistic living adviser and health coach after lifestyle changes made a bigger difference in her autoimmune disease than conventional medicine. Now, she wants to pass on what she’s learned. Her writing has been published on sites including Healthline, The Week, Romper, and SheKnows.

Here, Whitaker discusses the importance of health care professionals listening to women, the vital role nature and fresh air play in our physical and mental health, her personal journey, and more.

Read the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-megan-whitaker, and keep following TheStateOfWomen.com for more moms (and soon, dads!) who are leading the way and empowering the next generation.

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Kimberly Wardell, who spoke on the “Bonus Moms and Blended Families” panel discussion at this month’s Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” Summit, has always had a passion for her community and has frequently been involved in outreach; including building youth conferences from the ground up, traveling the globe on a speaking platform and serving communities abroad. Drawing on her experiences from a years-long ministry working with homeless and poor people, her skills as a co-host for a hard-hitting online news broadcast, and her current focus hosting a podcast and traveling; Wardell believes “Everyone has a story—we just need to listen.”

In our Q&A Wardell discusses being a stepparent, her views on how the challenges and expectations of women and motherhood have changed, the importance of knowing which advice to take to heart, keeping in mind what truly matters, and supporting one another.

Read the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-kimberly-wardell, and keep checking TheStateOfWomen.com to learn more about the perspectives of the amazing women who speak at our summits, and news about women from around the world.

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Meg Glesener spoke in the panel “The Art of Monetizing a Podcast” at our Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” Summit, and since starting “Letters From Home” in 2018, she has definitely learned a thing or two about podcasting. Glesener is a host, producer, speaker, and curator. Podcast Magazine named her of the “Top 50 Mom Podcasters” in its May 2020 issue and one of its “Under the Radar Podcasts That Should Be Listened To” in August 2020.

Glesener, a “mom of eight, grammy to five,” is “on a mission to encourage thousands with your faith story,” telling stories of everyday people living out their faith in inspirational ways. In our Q&A she talks about the power of podcasting to connect with people, the impact and promise of hope and fresh starts, what inspires her, and the importance of supporting one another.

Read the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-meg-glesener, and check TheStateOfWomen.com every day to hear from women who work to inspire and uplift others.

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We continue to introduce you to the incredible guests from this month’s Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” Summit. Zuzanna von Salm is a meditation expert, mental health advocate, model, and mother to three little girls—two who are newborn twins. She became a meditation teacher through learning the practice to help herself deal with the pressures of over 15 years in the fashion industry. As meditation helped her find peace and balance, she delved deeper, eventually teaching others.

Zuzanna helped welcome attendees to the Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” Summit with a guided meditation, and also spoke as part of our “Motherhood and Mental Health” panel. Here, she discusses the power of conscious living and meditation, how she inspires her daughters, and the messages she lives out and passes on.

You can read the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-zuzanna-von-salm, and check TheStateOfWomen.com every day to meet amazing, inspiring women from around the world.

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The next speaker from the Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” Summit we’d like you to meet is Janet Philbin, who spoke on our “Coping With Trauma and Stress” panel.

Philbin; a licensed clinical social worker, hypnotherapist, and conscious parenting coach; helps adults heal from the emotional pain and trauma of their pasts. She has spent the past 21 years helping people emotional wounds and change their lives, and is the author of “Show Up For Yourself: A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth,” an Amazon bestseller offering a framework for emotional healing.

In our Q&A, Philbin discusses how showing up for ourselves can help us be there for others, the new and increased challenges faced by women and mothers, the importance of compassion and following your own path, the example we set for our children when we show up for ourselves, and more.

Read the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-janet-philbin, and check TheStateOfWomen.com every day for more stories featuring remarkable women from around the world.

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Janet Roth Philbin


We’re still sharing wisdom from the women who spoke at our Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” Summit! Next we’d like to introduce you to De’Nicea Hilton Harper; a well-being consultant, author, podcaster, and self-proclaimed perfectionist. She encourages women to “claim (their) perfection,” guiding them through creating playful healing spaces, being present, self-acceptance, authenticity, seeking answers within, and more. She is the host of the “I Am Perfect!” podcast and the author of I Am Perfect! Your Z – A Playbook to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Authentic Self.

Hilton Harper spoke on our “Self-Care Hacks” panel; discussing the importance of self-awareness, clarity, communication, and messages we get from our bodies. In our discussion here she talks about empowering women through resources, how to care for yourself, the universal values of compassion and love, and more.

You can read the full interview at https://thestateofwomen.com/amplifying-her-voice-featured-speaker-denicea-hilton-harper, and keep following TheStateOfWomen.com to meet more remarkable women supporting and uplifting other women!

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De'Nicea Hilton


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