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Operating as usual

Really happy with how this one turned out! It will be on YouTube tomorrow. In the mean time, check out this video I uplo...

Really happy with how this one turned out! It will be on YouTube tomorrow. In the mean time, check out this video I uploaded last week!

What could we possibly be shooting here? 🤔

What could we possibly be shooting here? 🤔

Rocking Down the Colonie Main with Older Locomotives!

Throwback Thursday: On this day 9 years ago I chased CP train 450 down the former D&H Colonie Main. The power was a surprise that day, a SOO line "candy apple red" SD60 followed by a Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern SD40-2 and another CP SD40-2. I caught the train 3 times between Mechanicville and Kenwood Yard in the capital city of Albany, New York.

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Winter Trains! Amtrak at Middletown Station

Winter Wednesday: I spent a couple hours at Middletown Station after a 9 inch snowfall, catching both Pennsylvanians with GE P42DC diesels and a 670 with an unusual double-ended Sprinter consist making a stop on this soon-to-be-replaced platform situated within a superelevated curve. A new station is being constructed closer to the Harrisburg International Airport, featuring high-level ADA accessible platforms.

While the new station will give appeal to Amtrak operations on the Keystone Corridor, the sad state of current affairs brought on by the coronavirus is evident by the lack of cabcar and numerous flatspots on the coaches.

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SD70MAC Working Hard on Sand Patch Grade

MAC Monday: An EMD SD70MAC leads a long Q136 stack train of marine containers up the hill on the famed Sand Patch Grade. The train also has Dash-8 helpers on the rear, a practive that has since been replaced by DPUs.

Filmed October 2017. Thanks for watching! Central Penn Rail Productions

#Trains #Railfan #SandPatch #CSX #Train #Railfanning #EMD #SD70MAC


New week, new round of posts (when I can):

MAC Monday (coming to you live shortly!)
(No post scheduled for Tuesday)
Winter Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
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Signal Saturday
Southern Sunday

Trains in the Snow! Winter on the Harrisburg Line

Snowy Sunday: This is one of those videos you just grab a cup of hot chocolate and watch! Trains in the snow are a personal favorite, even though setting up and operating a camera in such conditions is difficult, but you don't have to worry about that in the comfort of your own home!

Two Norfolk Southern trains pass my usual hang out at Richland along the Harrisburg Line. We didn't have any snowfalls like this in 2020, so I had to dig back a couple years for this footage.

Filmed January 2019, thanks for watching! Central Penn Rail Productions

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East Penn Railroad Heading to Reading Yard

Shortline Saturday: The East Penn Railroad's Lancaster & Northern Operations serve freight customers between Sinking Spring and Ephrata, Pennsylvania, interchanging directly with Norfolk Southern in Reading Yard. Here, we see them enter the NS Harrisburg Line heading east with empty propane tankers.

The 1962 built GP18 is still running strong, looking good in the corporate colors running with GP38-3 2801.

Filmed January 2016, thanks for watching! Central Penn Rail Productions.

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Notch 8 Fast Freight! Heavy Train up the Hill

TURN SPEAKERS UP! Fast Freight Friday: 3 SD40-2s and SD50 work hard to pull 49 loads up the 1.33% compensated (1.12%) grade on Keenapple Curve above White Haven Pennsylvania. This is train NRFF: the North Reading Fast Freight between North Reading Yard (above the Norfolk Southern interchange) and Coxton Yard in Pittston.

This is a great spot to watch trains work up the hill along a portion of the former Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ) Lehigh & Susquehanna Main Line, with an original milemarker still standing at this location.

Filmed August 16, 2020. Thanks for watching! Central Penn Rail Productions

#Train #Run8 #NRFF #RBMN #Trains #Notch8 #EMD #CNJ #Railfan #Railfanning #Tren

Railroad Crossing Alley - Before the Bridges in Lebanon, PA

Throwback Thursday: 9 years ago on this date I was in Lebanon, PA where there was once a long line of railroad crossings. At this point though, buildings on two city blocks where being demolished to make way for two new overpasses for State Route 72, the northbound lanes on 9th Street, and southbound lanes on 10th Street - the crossing in front of me. A third crossing in between was also removed before this video was taken.

Two other railfans were also there grabbing a picture of this 95 car Norfolk Southern train 19G from Oak Island, NJ to Conway, PA, the big railyard west of Pittsburgh.

This location just isn't the same anymore.

Filmed January 7, 2012. Thanks for watching. Central Penn Rail Productions.

#Train #Trains #Tren #NorfolkSouthern #Railfan #Railfanning

In other news... 🤔

In other news... 🤔


Hello, sorry, no video today for "Winter Wednesday". With all the craziness going on I forgot about it, but I will throw it into the rotation for next week. Still on track (pun intended?) for the rest of the week though! Thanks for watching the videos I posted so far.

Rare Locomotives: Loud SD45-2 & SD40-2 Engines Pull Trash Trains!

Trash Train Tuesday: This is still one of my favorites to this day. Back in 2009 there was a derailment in Mingo Junction, Ohio that delayed the daily trash train. These stinky beasts haul away New York City's number one export: garbage, anywhere from 2500-3500 tons at a time, accounting for half of the city's daily output.

Stats for nerds: a years worth of trash trains haul enough garbage to fill the volume of two Empire State Buildings.

While SD40-2s were common around this time—as we will see on the afternoon empty led by one still in Conrail blue paint on this particular gloomy and snowing day—a pair of rarely seen SD45-2s had to pinch hit for the pair of SD40-2s trapped in Ohio. This event has never been repeated, and SD40-2s are also not used on trash trains anymore.

There are only 6 SD45-2 locomotives on the Norfolk Southern roster and most are held captive on the Conrail Shared Assets operations in Northern New Jersey. They are all former Erie Lackawanna which were built with 20 cylinder 3,600 horsepower engines. However, 1702 was rebuilt with a 16 cylindeer 3,000 horsepower engine, while 1705 retains 20 cylinders to this day, but also derated to 3000 horsepower.

Filmed December 2009, thanks for watching! Central Penn Rail Productions.

#Trains #EMD #Railfan #Railfanning #Tren #Trains #NorfolkSouthern

Ballast Cleaning Machine & Train

Maintenance Monday: A ballast cleaner travels west on the on the Harrisburg Line. This machine is used to pick ballast off the road bed and clean any impurities which are conveyed into a gondola. Over time, dirt, sand and other loose matter can accumulate in the roadbed which reduces drainage and stability. This results in clay or mud like pockets forming under tracks, which is bad for passing trains. Ballast will also break down over time and lose its angularity, thus needing to be replaced. On the same day, we also caught a loaded trap rock train from the Dyers Quarry in Birdsboro heading to somewhere else on the railroad that needed fresh ballast.

I hope you enjoy this video, hopefully sometime I can catch one in action!

Filmed in April 2020. Thanks for watching! Central Penn Rail Productions.


Hello everyone and Happy New Year! In an effort to be more active in 2021, I will post daily videos when I can. There will be a set of themes for each week. For this week:

Maintenance Monday
Trash Train Tuesday
Winter Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
Fast Freight Friday
Shortline Saturday
Snowy Sunday

Tune in to see what videos are posted for each theme!

What did I do this past year? What railroads and trains did I see? Find out in this video:
One Year of Trains! Railroad Highlights of 2020

What did I do this past year? What railroads and trains did I see? Find out in this video:

Despite its challenges, 2020 was a good year for railfanning in my book and I will release the full videos as I complete them.

One year of trains! That's a lot of trains, even in a crazy year like 2020. Where did Central Penn Rail Productions go this past year? Well, we'll find out i...


Earlier today. Fun day of chasing of the Fs!

Amtrak's New Acela - Rare Mileage Testing on the Keystone Corridor!

I finally got around to editing some shots of the Acela test moves done at the end of May. It was a rare mileage move to Lancaster on the Amtrak Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Commentary provided in the video, and special thanks to those who contributed content for the video, including Virtual Railfan, Jersey Mike Position Light Signal Blog, and terrific photos by Mike Huhn!

Amtrak's future of high speed travel is soon here! On May 28, 2020, Amtrak tested the Avelia Liberty— the name given to the new Acela built by Alstom in Horn...


Precision Schedule Railroading (PSR) doesn't work. The practice of laying off a significant part of your workforce, closing yards, and making long messy trains that often break down is a disgrace to the American economy and customers who often can't rely on other means of transportation (those that can continually flee to trucking on our already clogged highways). The largest cause of delays on CSX has been on account of no crew availability. Meanwhile, the railroad's solution to this loss in revenue has been excessive and unfair demurrage charges based on manipulated and one-sided data from the railroads. If rail service is more efficient under PSR like the railroads claim, then how did demurrage fees mysteriously skyrocket? The STB has been working out new rules and regulations for demurrage billing since last October which can be found by searching "STB docket EP 759"

On June 5, the railroads and customers provided feedback which can be viewed here: (have to scroll down a bit):

The comments by Lansdale Warehouses, San Jose Distribution Services, and the Portland Cement Association are straight and to the point.

Saw this along Route 30 on my way to Gap.

Saw this along Route 30 on my way to Gap.

Beautiful day under the wires.

Beautiful day under the wires.

Where’s a train when you need it?

Where’s a train when you need it?

1 or 4, what are your thoughts?

1 or 4, what are your thoughts?

Hey Strasburg Rail Road fans and railroad enthusiasts! – As restoration work progresses on our EMD SW9 diesel locomotive, #1235, we’d like to know which paint scheme you like best.
Cast your vote for one of these four possible paint schemes!

Vote by commenting the number of your favorite color scheme!

#StrasburgRailRoad #Vote #DieselLocomotive #newpaint

Forgotten Railways, Roads, and Places

Forgotten Railways, Roads, and Places

This is neither forgotten nor abandoned, but something too unique not to share. This has got to be the world’s largest railroad crossing signal assembly (and if it isn’t, please share what is).

This railroad line serves the Anheuser Busch Brewery in St Louis, and crosses a warehouse loading dock, hence the need for this gargantuan railroad crossing.

The line was run by the Manufacturers Railway before Foster Townsend Rail Logistics took over operations in 2011. It’s still in service today. I can only imagine what it looks like lit up.

Image: Cliff Trice, St. Louis, MO via the Railroad Signals group.

Railfan Danny

Railfan Danny

Hi Everyone:
I finally finished a new YouTube video. It covers two trips I took over two weekends. Hope you like it.

A Day of Unexpected CSX Railfanning - Unexpected Catches

"Some days your railfan plans don't pan out, so you end up following a back up plan instead. That's exactly what happened on a March railfan trip to Green Spring, WV to chase the South Branch Valley railroad, but with no crew arriving, we instead followed CSX through Western Maryland and Pennsylvania. We had a CSX local train in mind, but did not find them either. Instead, we lucked into several unexpected catches as the day progressed that easily made up for the slow morning. I hope you join us trackside for a day of CSX railfanning shot in 4K to take you there! Train information is provided in the commentary, including history and other information for those who want to learn more about railroad." (29 minutes).

Some days your railfan plans don't pan out, so you end up following a back up plan instead. That's exactly what happened on a March railfan trip to Green Spr...

Amtrak Keystone Corridor Trains

NEW VIDEO: With Amtrak Keystone & Pennsylvanian Service currently curtailed with the Coronavirus, I decided to edit/upload my most recent Amtrak shots with a few older nuggets thrown in. 15 mins - various locations along the line. Zoom!

I visit several of my favorite spots on Amtrak's Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, including where the crossings once were...

Ooops. Looks like the Auto Train, DeLand, Florida.
Amtrak train turns over on tracks west of DeLand

Ooops. Looks like the Auto Train, DeLand, Florida.

The Beacon has received a report at about 4:30 p.m. today of an Amtrak train overturned on the tracks near Beresford Landing, west of DeLand.


Lebanon County, PA


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Sad News: The NS 1073 AKA Penn Central Unit is being scrapped soon! 😫😫😞😞😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😢🥺😭😮 R.I.P 1073 2006(Presumably)-2020
Hey central penn rail productions norfolk southern recently sold one of the two A-B f-units to the reading and northern railroad they are going to run them on their first excursion in 2020 of this year and they are restoring reading 2102 a 4-8-4 t1 class steam locomotive back to operating condition now the railroad will once again have two operating steam locomotives
I'm following this page on YouTube.
hey central penn rail productions you know even though precision scheduled railroading has been put into effect on norfolk southern that’s not to say I won’t be railfanning anymore i’m still going to railfan no matter what and the only thing that hasn’t change on the harrisburg line is the endless movements of trains how about you are you still going to do railfanning anyway ?
excuse me central penn rail productions I was curious about those defect detectors on the norfolk southern since they say milepost, number of the tracks and no defects but how come they don’t say the temperature, and total axles ?
Kayseri Bilim müzesinden
awesome video showing all 20 of norfolk southern heritage units i only caught 3 of the 20 so far the penn central 1073, illinois terminal 1072 both of that were lashed together powering a oil train, and the original norfolk southern 8114 trailing on a empty auto rack train while i was railfanning norfolk southerns pittsburgh line catching heritage units can be fun and challenging depending on where your railfanning