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So freakin' awesome ..
ABANDONED Record Stores of the Past

So freakin' awesome ..

Find out what happened to your favorite record stores of the 70's, 80's, & 90's!Just Audio is not only a YouTube Channel but a Store, Museum, and Repair Cent...

So absolutely sweet!  Wow ....
8 Limited Edition Guitars at Sweetwater - inSync

So absolutely sweet! Wow ....

Going, going, gone! Join Sweetwater as we take a look at eight of our most exciting limited-edition guitars from Fender, Gibson, PRS, D’Angelico, and more!

Great article from the SW folks....Eddie Anzueto
5 Ways to Mic a Snare Drum - inSync

Great article from the SW folks....

Eddie Anzueto

Join Sweetwater’s Nick D’Virgilio for a look at the most reliable snare mic techniques in the... Read more »

Cool article ....
5 Groundbreaking Audio Products | Production Expert

Cool article ....

Most products build incrementally on what has been before, a little better or a little cheaper. But not all of them. Here’s a selection of audio products we think broke new ground.

As a person who unfortunately damaged my hearing please take care of yours because once you lose it, it is gone ...
Take Ear Protection In The Studio Seriously | Production Expert

As a person who unfortunately damaged my hearing please take care of yours because once you lose it, it is gone ...

Hearing damage and ear trauma are a very real risk not only to health and well being but, for audio professionals our ability to work. Do we do all we can to safeguard our most precious resource?

Really good stuff.  Just waiting to pull the trigger.  Currently using a M1 MBP at the moment and it is absolutely pheno...
What You Can Expect From Apple In The Rest Of 2022 | Production Expert

Really good stuff. Just waiting to pull the trigger. Currently using a M1 MBP at the moment and it is absolutely phenomenal ...

Looking for a new studio computer? Not sure what might be coming? In this article, we analyse the latest predictions from reliable sources about what Mac computers Apple will announce before the end of 2022.

Cool tool:
GroundControl Caster

Cool tool:

The all-in-one Live Stream, Cable Free Audio router for Mac. Combine multiple audio sources of any kind: applications, microphones, audio interfaces, and more. Mix and stream to your favorite streaming app: Twitch, OBS, StreamLabs, Zoom, Restream, etc. Send each audio source separately into OBS. Wit...
Using Higher Sample Rates For Pitch Shifting And Time Stretching Audio | Production Expert

One of the most hotly debated topics relating to digital audio is sample rate. Whatever your view point, there’s no denying that working at rates above 48kHz will be more of a draw on your CPU, however there are some cases where working at higher sample rates can be worthwhile. Paul Maunder consid...
6 Top Tips For Developing Your Own Sound | Production Expert

When it comes to the arts, our inherent human inclination is towards uniqueness, and by keeping a few simple pointers in mind, you can allow that inclination to help you find and maintain your musical identity. Ronan Macdonald explains more…

Well done vid on large cables wraps (definitely a PITA)...
How to Properly Coil Large Gauge Cable – Method #1 of 2

Well done vid on large cables wraps (definitely a PITA)...

In this segment Roger Lattin, an ETCP Trainer and Certified Stage Electrician, demonstrates the proper method for coiling or ‘wrapping’ a feeder cable. Using...
Five Things Which Will Make You A Better Mixer | Production Expert

Beyond the standard advice such as sorting out your room acoustics and monitoring, using references, mixing fast and taking breaks is there any simple advice which could help someone who is struggling with their mixes? Here are five suggestions which might help.
Multi-Band Compression And Dynamic EQ | Production Expert

Hypothetical audio issues. Because they only present themselves some of the time, regular compression or EQ often don’t fix them satisfactorily. Do you use a multi-band compressor or a dynamic EQ to fix them?

Great article ...
Check Out These Bass Mixing Tips For The Perfect Bottom End | Production Expert

Great article ...

No matter what kind of bass you’re working with – electric, acoustic or synthesised – getting that perfect bottom end in the mix can be challenging at the best of times. Here are six techniques and ideas to help give you a leg up.


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