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Sunset Edit Editors: Andre Jones, Taylor Ward, Cami Starkman, Mandy Brown, Alex Rodriguez, Kevin Filippini, Steve Rees, Deji LaRay, Richard Alarcon, Evan Carp

Sunset Edit is a full service post production facility representing an impressive roster of editors for all forms of advertising/music video/film work. We have been at the forefront of the technological revolution combining the creative work of our editors with the skill and precision of colorists/online/VFX/beauty artists to deliver clients all their post production needs under one roof.

Operating as usual


Congrats to all VMA nominees!!
Honored to work with such talented artists🏆🏆🏆🏆

DJ Khalid ft. Drake “POPSTAR” Director: Julien Christian Lutz pka Director X @directorx
Cardi B ft Megan Thee Stallion “WAP”
Director: Colin Tilley @colinseyes
Director: Cliqua @cliquamundo
Bella Poarch “BUILD A BITCH” Andrew Donoho, Denhov Visuals, Denis Strahhov, Rein Jakobson, Vahur Kuusk, Tatjana Pavlik, Yekaterina Vetrova

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We love you @hayleykiyoko ❤️🌹Repost from @hayleykiyoko•WHAT is your favorite scene from ‘Chance’? I am so proud of my sm...

We love you
@hayleykiyoko ❤️🌹

Repost from @hayleykiyoko

WHAT is your favorite scene from ‘Chance’?
I am so proud of my small but incredibly talented team that helped make this narrative come to life against all odds. These videos can never be made without a village of hard work and a united passion. And a huge thank you to @alexandrashipppp for starring in this.
I’ve always found comfort with films about love, so I wanted to make one that felt true to what I’ve always wanted to see. I love you all so much. 🧡

Chance//16mm 🎬

Director - Hayley Kiyoko
EP @_mynameiscole @nancenotnancwhy
PM Jade Zúñiga
Production Company @fieldtrip_

Creative Producer @marlavazquez
DP @tehillahdecastro
1st AC @felipe_larrondo
Talent PA - Marco Klug
Set PA - Steven Saucedo
CCO @perjewvian
Production Designer - @antoni_zam

Stylist @kineswerld
Makeup @marlavazquez
Hair @jennlagron
Nail Technician @eche.nails

Editor @countcamster
Colorist @breezus_christ
Title Graphics @lizziehirsch
Post Production Co. @sunset_edit ❤️

Executive for Rich Youth Productions @heatherhmckay
Director of Marketing, Atlantic Records @michellebodnar
BTS Photography @trevorfloresphoto
BTS Videographer @jwilliamsfilms

Promo Teaser Composer: @lawrencewilliamiv

#sunsetedit #hayleykiyoko #postproduction #production #pride


Repost from @andrewdonoho

Congratulations to @bellapoarch on 23 million views in a day and a half! We did it!!! Will be posting more storyboard samples (illustrated by @mike_pappa_ ), behind the scenes, and breakdowns in the next few days for anyone interested in how me made this one. For this shot we decided to have them ditch the weapons to allow for more interesting nuances in their walk :]



Repost from @guerillamike

MudMouth Coming Summer 2021

Written and Directed by @guerillamike and @abarca

Trailer edited by @rees.editor
@sunset_edit 💣🔥🔥


By the amazing Hayley Kiyoko. OUT NOW 🧡🧡

Director @hayleykiyoko
Editor @countcamster
Post Production Co @sunset_edit

Full credit list @hayleykiyoko 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Out now‼️‼️

Repost from @miguel

SO I LIE is very much a new beginning for me. The song itself was not comfortable to write and finding the courage to release it was a process. Years even. In the biggest way, releasing this video has been a sigh of relief and in other ways has reminded me why Ive always taken long breaks between projects. But I’m still here. And it’s the messages and the comments and the reposts and the love remind me of why I won’t stop. I’m determined to connect w you deeper, and w that in mind this song is almost the perfect reintroduction. To give you insight into the walls I build out of fear of being torn down. Made fun of. Ignored. (And I have been all of those things. Publicly. Even by people I admire) took some time but I learned how to breathe through these feelings to better share and do things that remind you that you can too. I hope it brings us closer. Human to human. So for for all the love and encouragement I just wanted to let you know how much it means to me. Of course I didn’t do all this alone I had a very special team of people that I would like to thank for their time, expertise and belief in my vision...
Right hand: @drumac
TEAM:#chrisknight @mc_soph neil
Treatment collaborator: @freekatet
EP : @coleenhaynes & @_caitlinjoy_
Produced by: @maavven
DP: #WyattTroll
Art Direction: @stevesynstelien
HMU: @nadiamohamofficial
Styling: @_van_van_
Editing: @everythingandre @Countcamster
Edit/Finish: @sunset_edit
Color: @Beau_leon @framestore
Bts @ryankevin

Thank you for reading all that lol. WATCH THE VIDEO & TELL A FRIEND OR TWO IM BACK ! Love you -M🔪🌹


OBSESSED MUSIC VIDEO out now! @addisonraee ♥️

Director: @dianemartel_
Producers: @missymg @isaacrice76 @collindruz
Production Co @houndcontent
Beauty: @sunset_edit

#addisonrae #obsessed #musicvideos #thebeautyparlorvfx


Get ready! 🏈🏈🏈

@theweeknd for #pepsihalftimeshow
Director: Alex Lill
Producer: @brendangarrett_
Editor: Les Umberger
VFX: Mod Creations
Finishing: @sunset_edit &
Color: Sean Coleman & @company_3
Client: @pepsi @nfl
Service Production Company:

#superbowl #weeknd #sunsetedit #commercial #letsgo


“Mutual” vibes ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Directed by @omarion
Edited by @everythingandre @sunset_edit


Check out @sirchloe “Michelle” Directed by the amazing @mollyjane_x
Edited by @emcarp0206
Color @donmarsholio
Edit/Finish @sunset_edit


Jason Derulo x Nuka
“Love Not War”
Edit by @rees.editor @sunset_edit
#sunsetedit #jasonderulo #makelovenotwar ❤️


Repost from @arianagrande

34+35 out now

Dir: @directorx 🚀
Producer: @fulianepetikyan ⚡️
Edit: @sunset_edit by @everythingandre 🙌🏼
Color @company_3 @davehussey 🔥
Vfx @cameofx @sergiimashevskyi 💥

Thank you @arianagrande ❤️❤️


Repost from @jamielynnspears

Quinn/ Logan or Noah/Dixie- you choose 🤷‍♀️🙀 #followmezoey101 #zoey101.


Let’s goooo #bestediting @everythingandre
@rosalia.vt @columbiarecords


#Repost @nazelikodj
So proud to see @everythingandre get nominated for his brilliant editing work. Well deserved!! 🙏🏼🏆

@rosalia #apale
#vma2020 #mtv #letsgo

Editor Andre Jones

Editor Andre Jones

Editor Andre Jones


Introducing #Promise by Jennifer Lopez! #newcommercial #perfume

Post Facility: @sunset_edit
#offline #edit , #online #soundmix, #beauty 🤩
Directed by @jasonbergh
Productio Co: @earlymorningriot

Color: @velem @hhoumam
Agency: @wednesdayagency
AND Productions
Creative Director: @semjondoenhoff
“My new fragrance, Promise, represents all the promises we make to ourselves everyday. ✨ Those promises that shape us into the women, mothers, daughters and people we aspire to be everyday. 💖 I can’t wait to share it with all of you. #IPromise #WhatsYourPromise Available now at @UltaBeauty and @BootsUK” [email protected]


What will you do today?
Will you fall, or rise to the challenge?
How will you #DreamitReal?

#Repost @sunset_edit
Fall 2019: Dream It Real
@coach #Coach
Editor: @tayloraward
Dir: @toddtourso
Prod Co:
Agency: General Idea
Edit | VFX | Finishing @sunset_edit
#sunsetedit #generalideanewyork #iconoclast #mbj #yarashahidi #milesheizer #kikomizuhara #luiwen #jemimakirke #lolozouaï #commercial #dreamteam 🙌🏼🙌🏼


@normani ft. @6lack #WAVES 🌊💫⚡️
Dir: Emil Nava
Prod Co: @ammoliteinc
Editor: Deji LaRay
Edit | Beauty | Finishing #sunsetedit


Sunset is incredibly excited and grateful to welcome Editor Taylor Ward to our roster. Not only is he the 2018 VMA winner for best editing (N.E.R.D & Rihanna’s “Lemon”), but he also brings a unique and refined skillset to every project he touches.

Head to our website to check out his work and we hope you are as impressed as we are. Welcome home, Taylor!⚡️

❤️🧡💛BIG CONGRATS💚💙💜 to our friend Hayley Kiyoko for her #mtvvma award for #pushartistoftheyear and taking home that #moo...

❤️🧡💛BIG CONGRATS💚💙💜 to our friend Hayley Kiyoko for her #mtvvma award for #pushartistoftheyear and taking home that #moonperson
#Curious has over 14 million views!
Edited by our very own Cami Starkman @countcamster
#sunsetedit #mtv #vma #20gayteen #mtvvideomusicawards2018

Sunset Edit's cover photo

Sunset Edit's cover photo

#TuneIn #LIVE tonight from @officialpaisleypark #PaisleyPark 8PM PST for @justintimberlake Justin Timberlake #ManoftheWo...

#TuneIn #LIVE tonight from @officialpaisleypark #PaisleyPark 8PM PST for @justintimberlake Justin Timberlake #ManoftheWoods 🌲🏔🌄🌌#livestream on #Facebook @facebook #Twitter @twitter & #Instagram @instagram
Hosted by @americanexpress #Amex 💳
Collab x @blacklabelcontent #blacklabelcontent | @sunset_edit #sunsetedit
#SuperbowlLII #Superbowl50 #halftimeshow @ Sunset Edit

#TuneIn #LIVE tonight from @officialpaisleypark #PaisleyPark 8PM PST for @justintimberlake #JustinTimberlake #ManoftheWo...

#TuneIn #LIVE tonight from @officialpaisleypark #PaisleyPark 8PM PST for @justintimberlake #JustinTimberlake #ManoftheWoods 🌲🏔🌄🌌#livestream on #Facebook @facebook #Twitter @twitter & #Instagram @instagram
Hosted by @americanexpress #Amex 💳
Collab x @blacklabelcontent #blacklabelcontent | @sunset_edit #sunsetedit
#SuperbowlLII #Superbowl50 #halftimeshow @ Sunset Edit

#GiveItLiveIt: Gift Heels She'll Never Forget | Farfetch

Never underestimate the power of a red high heel in Farfetch's latest commercial, "#GiveItLiveIt". Directed by Columbine Goldsmith and edited by our very own Taylor Tracy Walsh

From thoughtful stocking-fillers to moving grand gestures, prepare to give a gift so right they'll think they chose it themselves. Shop gifts now on www.farf...

#GiveItLiveIt: Gift Yourself Bling | Farfetch

Farfetch "#GiveItLiveIt" commercial is all about glamour and fun! Director: Columbine Goldsmith, Producer: Ross Levine, Agency: Art + Commerce and edited by our very own Taylor Tracy Walsh

From thoughtful stocking-fillers to moving grand gestures, prepare to give a gift so right they'll think they chose it themselves. Shop gifts now on www.farf...

LA Phil's 2017-2018 Season Starts September 26 (30-sec TV Spot)

Edited by our very own Cami Starkman, LA Philharmonic's "Synchronized Symphony" is a beautiful combination between classical music and the vibrant city of Los Angeles. A collaboration between Sunset Edit, Chiat Day, and SOCIETY.

#OurCityOurSound The countdown has begun to our 99th Season, starting Sept 26 at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Tix: For more information...



Veterans come in all shapes and sizes.

In honor of Veterans Day, War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend, a tribute to US Special Ops soldiers and their K9s who serve together as human-animal teams in combat, is now available.

Over 3.5 mil views in 1 day! Check out the sexy new video for Jennifer Lopez!Edited by Richard Alarcon 👊🏼Directed by Emi...
Ni Tú Ni Yo - Jennifer Lopez

Over 3.5 mil views in 1 day!
Check out the sexy new video for Jennifer Lopez!
Edited by Richard Alarcon 👊🏼
Directed by Emil Nava 🙌🏼


🎬New Commercial🎥

@smule #SmuleSing 🎼🎤
ft. @train #PatrickMonahan #Train

Directors: @jpthe3 & @mstrauss88 #PlummerStrauss
Editor: @brownmandy
Prod: @leescharf
Prod Co: @welcometosister
#commercial #offline #editing #editorial #videoproduction #post #postproduction #online #finishing #vfx #visualeffects #karaoke #singalong


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