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Kitten Robot Studios Kitten Robot Studios 310 408 7192 Designed by Jerry Steckling at JSX audio and Audio Perception An incredible team that built a beautiful studio... System: Mac Pro 5.1 running OSX 10.6.8 Pro Tools 9.0.5 Board: Digidesign C/24 24 channels in API, Neve, and Radial Mic preamps Extensive plugins Mics: Telefunken U47 AKG 414s, D112s, C451s Sennheiser 421s, E604s Shure SM57s Gear: Late '60s Steiner-Parker Synthecon Kurzweil PC88 Nord Lead 2X Roland VK1000 1976 Fender Telecaster Custom Standard Telecaster Drum Doctored Slingerland drums, assorted Zildjian cymbals 1960 Fender Premier Amp Washburn B-200 Bass Funny little pump organ Various pedals Speakers: Dynaudio Acoustic Monitors JSX soffited custom designed 1000 watt monitoring system Other stuffs: Manley Vari-Mu compressor/limiter Akai S-3000 sampler Alesis Quadraverb DOD compressor DAT and cassette transfer Radial J48 direct boxes Radial JDI Duplex stero DI Basics: Custom-designed studio by Audio Perception @ Perfectly tuned control room and drum room.

Fully capable for tracking, mixing, mastering. Lounge with XBox and 48" Smart TV. In-house production by Paul Roessler @ Rates negotiable.No seriously. Silverlake/Echo Park area. Please call anytime for more details: 310 408 7192.

Operating as usual

INTRODUCING : CrowJane | GIGsoup
INTRODUCING : CrowJane | GIGsoup

INTRODUCING : CrowJane | GIGsoup

"What is under the mask of the face that you portray to the world?" asks Los Angeles-based avant garde post-punk artist CrowJane. An appropriate question from a music and visual artist whose art carries a heavy dose of mystery and dense musicality that is alluringly elusive yet pr ...

6/12, by Paul Roessler

Remastered, and I have to say it sounds better. Migrating all my music to my bandcamp site. Going to take a while. There might be some dead minutes on this album but overall...I think it's as good as I can do. It's free if you're poor, I just want it to be heard. Especially if you're going through some sorrow like I was when I wrote it. Maybe it could help.

12 track album

L.A. MACHINA Official Video of GO!

My "job" is helping to make things like this. Think about that for a second...

Shot by Eric Schrader and Kevin Miller. Edited and produced by Eric Schrader at Enclave. Staring the band and Mad Mike Donahue. GO! Released on Alternative T...

Skin Tag -F**k Me Up


Art and Animation by George Hanna-Wilson Song by Skin Tag Music available at

Galatea, by Paul Roessler

This is a twenty-one minute song based on the book "Galatea 2.2" by Richard Powers that I finished in 2017.
One of the plots of the book is that a computer appears to become conscious. It is difficult to be certain that the computer becomes conscious. We assume other people are conscious, but there really is no way of knowing for sure. I know I am conscious.
In the song, the computer definitely becomes conscious. You can hear her singing throughout.
I split the song into 6 pieces, in case you guys didn't always want to sit through the whole thing.
I prefer her all together though. She is born a baby, she becomes the wisest creature on earth and then she unplugs herself. Sorry if I ruined the ending.

7 track album

Tinman 2020

Tinman 2020

The YouTube destination for Kittenhead, the band. Kittenhead is a Los Angeles-based rock band formed in May 2012 by four friends united in their desire to cr...

I wrote this song over fifteen years ago but never played it for anyone. Maybe I just was too scared of the sentiment, n...

I wrote this song over fifteen years ago but never played it for anyone. Maybe I just was too scared of the sentiment, not really sure if I dared to say it. I'm not scared anymore.

It serves a lot of people well to lock a lot of other people up in jails.
But just remember that we planned when we came to the new land
To leave behind the medieval past.
For thousands of years we climbed up out of hunt or be hunted
Kill or be killed, run and hide or die but maybe we've changed.
Maybe we're something that we've never been before.
And we can be free to walk under the sun and decide what we need
And be kind.
Maybe we don't need rulers anymore
And we don't want to be told what to buy
And we don't have to kill to survive
And maybe there's hope and maybe dreams are still alive somewhere
And when we lock someone in a prison yard
A little part of us becomes a prison guard
And when we strap someone in an electric chair
A little part of us dies with him there.

Amnesty It serves a lot of people well to lock a lot of other people up in jails. But just remember that we planned when we came to the new land To leave behind the medieval past. For thousands of yea

SKIN TAG - 405

LA f**king sucks

SKIN TAG - 405 Directed by Rayna Kilroy and George Hanna-Wilson George Hanna -Wilson - bass/vocals Rayna Kilroy- guitar/backing vocals Harry Cloud - drums/ba...

Yer It, by Skin Tag

Hey guys...this 10 song album was recorded and mixed in ONE WEEKEND. Give it a spin and be delighted, amazed and horrified all at once...

10 track album

Abominable, by Paul Roessler

In 1987 I collected a group of home recordings that I considered least likely to ever be released by any record label anywhere, and sent them to Greg Ginn at SST records. They were weirdo instrumentals that seemed doomed to disappear into the ether...but Greg suggested I take some musicians into Third Wave Studios in Redondo Beach and record an album. I had met Kenny Lyon through Nina Hagen and he introduced me to drummer Greg Ellis: two of the most stunning musicians I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They suggested we bring in Rob McKenzie to play some additional guitar on a few songs; another true witch. Two of the songs also had massive contributions from the illustrious Geza X.
Thanks to Alex Sandoval for the WAV files he made from the vinyl. I left a few pops just for the organic...thanks to I. Niemand for the spectacular artwork...and thanks to Greg Ginn, not just for allowing this album to exist, but also for helping the 80s to be musically bearable!

12 track album

Over My Head [Official Video]

Over My Head [Official Video]

Out latest single. Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift - featuring Steven Reed on Bass; Bob Lee on drums;, Matt Lake on Ukulele; Paul Roessler on Keys; Savannah ...

The Arc, by Paul Roessler

After 45 years...this is available digitally.
Name your price and don't be shy about being cheap.
Times are tough out there, and if this can help someone escape for 45 minutes I am more than paid

8 track album


2206 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


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