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Blessings in 2017.

Wishing you love, peace, prosperity, and purpose!

Here's everything you need to vote in this crucial election:https://www.usa.gov/features/five-things-to-know-before-you-...
Five Things to Know Before You Vote in 2016 | USAGov

Here's everything you need to vote in this crucial election:


Election Day is less than 60 days away! It’s time to make sure you’ve checked off all the things you need to vote in 2016. Deadlines are fast approaching and some states will open early voting in September. Waiting or ignoring deadlines could put your vote in jeopardy.  

SOTS screenplay Audioplay 2016 DEMO

"I'm trying to take you back to that moment where you were a child"


Sign of the Sun, the feature film - behind the film production and music v.1



Here is the ENTIRE screenplay (audio only) FREE


Finished. Moving into production of the #audioplay. We are also in the planning stages for 1st day of #filming: around May15 stay tuned. Released by: Jarrett Grimes. wil be filmed in Incline Village, Nevada location: to be announced. @Facebook leak only. #exlusive release.



Into the unknown shall I go from here. Yet, I have no fear because I will always have you with me. #blessings

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Love is the answer. It has no timeframe, cannot be cast aside, and will always prevail in the end. Sign of the Sun is a story about love. About how love heals all wounds and helps us to move forward and helps us to forgive those who have hurt us in the past. This story is not just a love story about a man and a woman, it is a love story for the world. It is about peace, unity, togetherness, and how each of us has the power to change our future as an undeniable truth. Love is the universal truth. And... love is all that matters. Love therefore... is the answer.

Eppic TV Studios's cover photo

Eppic TV Studios's cover photo

Scene 22:  #signofthesun #love #SOTSmovie

Scene 22: #signofthesun #love #SOTSmovie

Hey moon in the sky,
You caught my eye.
I reached for you you,
But I think i missed you.
An impossible chase,
I missed the race.
Since I am the sun,
You don't have to run.
I'm in the same place,
Just look at my face.
My eyes tell our story,
So please don't worry.
I'll be waiting for you,
So please don't turn blue.
I'll be here when you return.

- Scene 22: Mandy finds a note from Dean. The note is accompanied with several hand picked wildflowers. She presses them to her heart knowing that her true love has returned home from a long road trip. She looks out onto the deck. Dean is there. He is talking on the phone, but she races outside.

"You're home!"

Dean drops the phone. They embrace. They kiss. He says, "I missed you sweetheart." She says, "I missed you."

They kiss.

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Press release:  To all SOTS fans, friends and family.  In case you were wondering about the website and why we've been g...
EppicTV.com - Travel and Adventure Never Stops, so we don't either.

Press release:

To all SOTS fans, friends and family. In case you were wondering about the website and why we've been going kind of dark, it's because we are working on a rather large sequence that we hope to have completed and released by December 2015. This sequence includes entirely new footage, and introduces new, as well as the character's that you have already grown to #love.

When we complete this section of the film we will be moving into the next phase of the production process which we will release at an apropriate time.

We encourge you to continue to follow this film on fb and twitter as well as our website for important updates.

This film is one of the most revolutionary undertakings of our time. If you think you can help us get it done, tell us about your talents and skills. We have a place for you on our team.

[email protected]

Eppictv.com is your source for travel guide books, world political view coverage, and is a monthly magazine, adventure film production company, and global distribution / publishing house.

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

A little exerpt from Episode 1 - Archlight.

For the latest...
EppicTV.com - Assets

For the latest...

EppicTV.com - 310-863-6170 (LA), 775-636-8426 (Reno) Creators of Sign of the SUn, the experienctial art film and movement, and Jdean16.com (Write Me In!) Magazine: Everything you need to know about Entertainment, Politics, and Style. Focusing on art, education and commerce, you'll get the latest in…

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

New Poster... Episode 1: ARCHLIGHT

J. Dean Grimes

J. Dean Grimes

Be bold... Take risks.

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Point of view Dean. Mandy opens her eyes. She is radiant, and dressed in white linen. They are meditating, and her eyes open. She is surrounded with purple butterflies. They are on her head, shoulders, and they are surrounding our point of view. We are in a garden. Half moon rotating dolly shot. Dean leans in to her and kisses her lips. She smiles. She says, "I am climbing mountains, walking through deserts, riding trains, flying in planes crossing beaches, running over sand dunes, racing through time and space... Only to be with you.". He replies, "I am always with you. I am in your heart, in your mind, in your body, in your soul. We are forever connected. I am forever yours."

J. Dean Grimes

J. Dean Grimes

Here I am... Let it be.

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sneak peak for our FB friends. Blessings. :-)

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Dean's Song

Dean's Song

Sign of the Sun - Dean's Song

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

This is where we are now... Imagine if we could add your voice. www.eppictv.com

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun

Attention all DJs and musicians:

www.eppictv.com/FREE.html something fun we did...

Experiential art. Feel free to mix your own beat or add your own soundtrack to the video.

Best viewed after midnight - best seen in 3D on multiple monitors in the dark...

With a rad sound system.

Watch it 1000 times to guess its meaning... Repeat and pass on


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