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Shindig Music + Sound We are a music house. That also happens to be a beach house.

SHINDIG provides original composition, sound design, music supervision, licensing, and the sound of crashing waves.


We’re loving the random quirky cool of this new Moneygram spot from our good friends at Vitro in ATX, with custom music by yours truly. Vehicle check list: Race car.✅ Tractor.✅ Bug.✅ Vespa.✅ Camper Van.✅ Tandem Bicycle.✅ Surf Convertible.✅ Karmann Ghia.✅ Tuk tuk (trike?).✅ Ambulance.✅ Smart Car.✅ Delivery Van.✅ Retro police car.✅ Motorcycle.✅ Big Rig.✅ Hell, there’s even a skateboard in there, somewhere.✅ Human, riding an ornery ostrich.🚫 Hope you're moving forward as effortlessly with your day!

Throwing it back to last weeks amazing wine tasting on the beach. Wine truly does taste better with your toes in the san...

Throwing it back to last weeks amazing wine tasting on the beach. Wine truly does taste better with your toes in the sand. Special thanks to our fabulous sommelier for a perfect evening!


The damn kids are at it again! Working with two separate composers for the front and back portions of this fun LG spot, created by our friends at the Woo Agency, SHINDIG teed up the misdirect and brought some bubbles to the beats. Sushi sounds good!


Badass supercomputers, here to save the world! Worked with our good friends at TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles to create all the music for this docu-style video, capturing the amazing and inspiring partnership between AMD, HPE and the largest super-computer in Europe—LUMI. In the spirit of global partnerships, and in order to create the best music for the project, we oversaw a collaboration between two composers— one a female from Norway and the second, a male from Iran. 🌏


We went coocoo for Cocopah! (See what we did there?!) To reflect all the fun under the sun, we suggested to our new friends at LaneTerralever that we arrange the William Tell Overture (in the public domain, so free and clear) as a genre-agnostic instrumental collage that captures all the bombast of the visual rush to get to the casino. The SHINDIG team also provided the sound design and mix.


⚡️🍋⚡️ SHINDIG is back making music to sweeten the sour in the latest DISH spot, created by our friends at TRG. Talk about making lemons into $5 Lemonade—our little entrepreneurs got to protect their margins! 🤑


We feel like Bustin’ Loose! Breakin’ out our own cover of the most famous go-go funk track ever recorded by Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers. Love this new ad for awesome NOLA heritage artisanal brand Community Coffee created with our good friends at their new agency, Baker & Bonner Creative Emporium. This track was also famously sampled for Nelly’s "Hot In Herre”, and was featured at the Grammy’s 50 years of hip hop celebration performance just a couple months ago. The SHINDIG team also provided music supervision and licensing, as well as sound design and mix.

Agency: Baker & Bonner Creative Emporium
Creative Directors: Rob Baker / Jimmy Bonner
Art Director: Emma Holland
Campaign Manager: Natasha Naquin
Director: Michael Gregory
Executive Producers: Ed Koening / Melody Alexander
Production Co: The Mill (LA + London)
Producer: Ellie Thwaites
Assistant Producer: Ollie Lovell-White


🏀 - Chuck, Samuel L and Spike going crazy off of this Chuckettes halftime show for Capital One. Working with our friends at GSD&M, SHINDIG brought the jams and Chuck brought the moves. Is that a twerk, Chuck? …back that a*z up! 🏆


SHINDIG is excited to share one of several inspirational videos from Hyundai + Annie Leibovitz! We partnered with INNOCEAN USA to create music that supports the journey of race car driver, Taylor Hagler, on her phenomenal road to success. In a sport that is historically dominated by men, against all odds and with relatively little experience, Taylor became the only woman to ever win back-to-back IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge TCR racing championships. 💁🏻‍♀️🏆

Production: Innocean USA
DP/Director: Peter Chaney
Camera: Cyrus Polk

AD: Mahmud Hussain
Copywriter: Roger Feldman
CD’s: Ronnie Lee/Lori Martin

EP: Nancy Montgomery

Post: Stitch Editorial
EP: Mila Davis
Editor: Gabriel Britz

Finishing: Bacon VFX
Artist: Mitch Gardiner

Telecine: CO3
Colorist: Bean Leon


🧨 Swarming the nation, SHINDIG partners up with GSD&M to announce the arrival of the newest member of Dodge's famous muscle car line—the “Hornet”. The mysterious, haunting invasion film music starts to simmer, and then suddenly sucker punches viewers with a full-on battle cry of post post-punk aggression that would do Mad Max proud. Can you feel the sting? Too much fun. ⚡️🐝⚡️

Agency: GSD&M
SVP of Production: Jack Epsteen
Creative Director/Writer: Barrett Michael
Creative Director/AD: Greg Wyatt
Creative Director/AD: Joel Williams
Creative Director/Writer: Kevin Lane
Director: Rodrigo Valdes
Production: Superprime
Executive Producer: Kate Leahy
Line Producer: Line Postmyr
DP: Roman Vasyanov
Editor: Jacob Stern
Assistant Editor: Johnny Fuchs
Sound Design/Mix: Dusty Albertz (Howdy Sound)
Color: Company 3 (Sofie Borup)


- another one to check off the bucket list. Partnering with our new friends SPM Marketing to cover one of the greatest songs of all time for a UChicago Comer Children’s Hospital was nothing short of inspiring. Reworking the GNR classic in an unexpected way, including a vocalist gender flip was icing on the cake. Shout out to for the goosebumpy vox!


SHINDIG is proud to have worked on this spot for the project with our good friend and director, Kiran Koshy. This message feels particularly poignant at the moment, given the tragic news surrounding the cancellation of Monday Night Football, due to Damar Hamlin’s very unfortunate injury. The music direction reflects a collaboration between .koshy, our Creative Director, and staff composer, .shupe, who wrote and produced the track. VO by the amazingly talented .


It doesn’t have to be a dream! Back at it with our friends from Team One, and in addition to doing the sound design and mix, SHINDIG created the main kitschy latin remix track, as well as the composition and arrangement for the vocal choir in this cleverly surreal Lexus L-Certified “Facts Over Fantasy” spot.

Huge shoutout to everyone who joined  and .vfx for our very first Tiki Dinner Party on the Beach. We had a blast and can...

Huge shoutout to everyone who joined and .vfx for our very first Tiki Dinner Party on the Beach. We had a blast and can't wait to do it all over again soon!


Dave’s killer shred! Was a blast firing up the guitar pyrotechnics for this latest DKB spot, “Bread Box” created by our friends at TRG.


“Distinguished” is yet another awesome spot from our good friends at the Cooler for Experian! To match our actor’s unbridled enthusiasm, SHINDIG dialed up the zany sophistication of the music with this score, inspired by classical music traditions. Stay tuned for the latest Cena spots, as well!


"What’s that you hear?"…SHINDIG creating more audio sunshine for our friends Karbach Brewing Co. and Guerilla Suit with some new psychedelic sounds for these latest “Love Street” spots. Directed and edited by our main man at Nomad Editing Company


Partnering with our friends at , SHINDIG returns with new custom music tracks, sound design and final mix work for this latest campaign. One spot features a chef and the other a photographer, both of whom intimately listen to music that fuels their passion for their trades. In creating individual soundtracks that reflect these personal experiences, it is an honor for us as an audio company to work for a premium audio brand that sets the very standard for high quality.

A look back at Mother’s Day and this Teleflora spot, created by our friends at Wonderful Agency, who brought SHINDIG ont...

A look back at Mother’s Day and this Teleflora spot, created by our friends at Wonderful Agency, who brought SHINDIG onto the project for the custom music score and final mix. Featuring non-professional mother actresses being surprised by their actual children, it’s hard not to well up inside with raw emotion when watching this great spot… as more than 5 million Youtube views and this Adweek article clearly speak to. The world asks a lot of all the hardworking moms out there—especially over the last few years. Here’s a big shout to them. XO

Working with The Wonderful Company, the floral brand tugs on heartstrings for the holiday.


Playing into the strong nod towards Little Red Riding Hood, SHINDIG brings some dark fairytale musical magic to this Nature’s Own spot, created by our friends at TRG. Stay tuned for more cute spots in the campaign.


Working with friends both old and new at Fallon, Minneapolis, for Berkshire Hathaway, SHINDIG created this soulfully confident rock track to reflect that moment when you realize that you have proverbially “arrived” and found your very own dream home. As we turn to Spring out here in Playa del Rey, we’d love to see you down at the SHINDIG beach house for some fun in the sun. Drinks on us— Cheers! 😎🥂🏖
Scott Daniel Debbi Caroline Austin

Nothing beats a live show and  killed it! Great night out with this crew 🙌 💥

Nothing beats a live show and killed it! Great night out with this crew 🙌 💥


Fresh off producing some mad hip hop beats, SHINDIG staff composer, Austin Shupe, demonstrates his crazy versatility with his orchestral space aviation score for this H-E-B Super Bowl spot, "Mission Critical". Daniel Hart tagged in to deliver the badass sound design. The ad was created by our good friends at Plot Twist Creativity , who just celebrated their one year anniversary of kicking ass and taking names. Check out the surprise cameo by country music legend, George Strait . To infinity and beyond!
Scott Glenn Debbi Landon Caroline Hudson


Check out the longer version of the Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl spot that SHINDIG worked on with our good friends at GSD&M. "Let’s turn this party up a notch”…yes, with an epic Rams comeback win in the fourth quarter at SoFi with 83 degree weather in February. Our Kupp runneth over!


Austin “The Vinyl Ace” Shupe gets delightfully fresh with some custom analog beats for this fun new Intuit Mint spot, created by our friends at Outcast. Apologies, in advance for the super sticky melody that’s bound to get stuck in your head!


Wanna get pumped to conquer your day? Check out SHINDIG’s latest adrenalized cover of Nina Simone’s classic soul track, “Feeling Good” for this latest Orgain spot created by our friends at 180la. With an original vocal performance that leaps from sultry to fiery in a matter of milliseconds and badass, trap-influenced instrumentation, it's no wonder that we’re fielding requests for a full length version.

Scott Caroline Austin Daniel Debbi


Our main man, Austin Shupe, brought his smooth pop songwriting and production for the soundtrack Capital One “Globe Hopping", created by our friends at GSD&M 🤞 we get back on track with our own travel plans later this year!

Daniel Hart Scott Glenn Debbi Landon Caroline Hudson


Remember when there were no vaccines and we were locked down and a scary disease was running around and it was very sad and lonely and for f’s sake we couldn’t even get toilet paper and had to full shower every time we took a goddamn s**t and we just wanted it to be over and to see live music and hug people again and be able to watch commercials made with something other than stock everything! Well, that’s how this poor nutcracker feels in this heartwarming holiday spot called “Lockdown" for El Pollo Loco by our besties at Vitro. We made the non-stock music and hope it makes you feel better about life and the holidays. Happy holidays, you snowflakes, from the Shindig crew. 🌲🧻🕎


Some damn tasty licks for some damn tasty bread! It was an honor to collaborate again with our good friends at TRG and axe master, , who brought some killer chops for Dave’s Killer Bread in this here “Bread Aisle” spot. Recorded at the historical , and in order to do Dave right, Carl busted out all his exceptional vintage gear that made rock records go certified platinum. ⚡️🎸⚡️


The very reason they call 'em power chords! Bringing the hard to the rock in this here new Dodge ad from our squad at GSD&M. Excited to have dialed up the fire and the fury to do this spot musical justice.


Check out this new stylish vVardis spot, “Product,” created by our friends at R/GA in NY. It was awesome collaboration from the very start where we composed the custom downtempo soundtrack for the campaign and provided complimentary sound design for the macro-centric elemental visuals. Next time, we think we need to visit the Swiss Alps.. you know, just for inspiration. ;)


🎸🎸A symphony of killer shredding! SHINDIG delivers some serious guitar action with an arrangement of Vivaldi’s Summer movement that transitions into an original composition for the first ever broadcast campaign for Dave’s Killer Bread. We felt like rock stars recording guitar legend, , formerly of Supertramp, and one of LA’s top studio aces. BTW, DKB is both healthy and 🔥. Now, turn the amp back up to 11!🎸🎸


Calling all automotive enthusiasts—we feel the need for speed! It was great to hook up with our friends at Team One to create the custom music score and car-heavy sound design for the Lexus License to Thrill competition and surprise giveaway. Had Dan participated in this, we’re pretty sure he would’ve come out on top! Now, how do we get our hands on a new IS 500 F Sport Performance?

Scott Glenn Daniel Hart Debbi Landon Austin Shupe Team One


Another crazy fun spot working with our friends at D&G on this new animated Jack in the Box campaign, inspired by actual tweets. “Where Am I?” is the second spot of five with hopefully more to come. SHINDIG handled all of the post-audio responsibilities— custom music and sfx, VO record and final audio mix. Now pass the damn curly fries!

Daniel Hart Debbi Landon Scott Glenn Austin Shupe David&Goliath


Thx again to our good friends Roger.TV, who brought SHINDIG in to work on CNN’s History of the Sitcom trailer “The Script”, with Daniel Hart providing sfx, mix and music editing. And, now for an important question: Friends or Seinfeld?

Scott Glenn Debbi Landon Caroline Hudson Austin Shupe

We be “Livin’ It Wild!” Post-Pandy (...thats’ short for “pandemic”, you know) - Inspired by real late night tweets that ...

We be “Livin’ It Wild!” Post-Pandy (...thats’ short for “pandemic”, you know) - Inspired by real late night tweets that hashtag Jack In The Box, SHINDIG partnered up with D&G for these fun animated social videos. We wrote the opening/closing theme music, along with all custom music throughout. Diamond Dan handled all the sound design, recorded the voice talent and executed the final mix. Stay tuned for more as this is just the first of five dope spots!
Scott Glenn Daniel Hart Debbi Landon Caroline Hudson Austin Shupe David&Goliath

Jack in the Box is unboxing real tweets from our fans (just like you!) to tell stories about what goes down during the Late Night hours. Our first episode is...


Despite its many challenges, this past year has taught us all to value the time we have to safely be with our extended families and also to appreciate our country's beautiful open spaces. With this in mind, it was an honor to work with our friends at D&G on “Our Colors”, the first of two beautiful US Forest Service spots that incorporate generational stories for communities of color.
Scott Glenn Austin Shupe Caroline Hudson Daniel Hart Debbi Landon


Oh hell, yeah! In celebration of M&M'S USA latest product, “Mix”, which brings three flavors together, SHINDIG reconnected with our good friends at Weber Shandwick to likewise bring three incredible street musicians from three different cities together to create a band that would put a sweet spin on the candy-coated classic, "The Candy Man” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. From start to finish, we helped source the amazing musician talent, singer/songwriter Carly Ann Calbero from Seattle, lead vocalist/viola player, from here in LA, and beat boxing phenom, SungBeats from NYC. Our very own associate CD/composer, Austin Shupe, produced the rearrangement of the classic composition, and Daniel Hart jumped in to provide the final touches on the audio mix. As a fan, it was then pushed out by Meghan Trainor on her social media. It’s so fun to be tossed a uniquely challenging project, where we work in creative collaboration with other talented partners, and where the results truly shine. Props to all involved!
Scott Glenn Debbi Landon Caroline Hudson


From Marfa to Joshua Tree, we got the soulful folk vibes to provide the soundtrack to your much-needed road trip. So awesome reconnecting with Karbach and our good friend and badass editor/director, Ariel Quintans, to help bring this spot to life. Watching this reminds us to make some getaway plans for Memorial Day weekend before FOMO sets in!


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