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AND THE WINNER IS… NOBODYBy Doug McIntyreThe Academy Awards are on tonight. I won’t be watching. This isn’t a protest ag...

By Doug McIntyre

The Academy Awards are on tonight. I won’t be watching. This isn’t a protest against Liberal Hollywood or wokeness or anything else. I’m simply not interested because I only saw two movies this year, and more importantly, I’m not nominated, so what’s in it for me?

On June 7th, the second largest City in America, which is Los Angeles for those of you scoring at home, will hold a primary to choose candidates for a host of offices including Mayor. Again, what’s in it for me?

With the Academy Award ratings plunging along with voter participation in local elections, both of these Los Angeles institutions face a similar challenge: how to stay relevant to a public that no longer cares?

A few years ago, the movie people expanded the “Best Picture” category from 5 to 10 films, hoping pictures people actually see might win a trophy. But Academy voters continue to nominate small films almost nobody goes to while ignoring box office giants like “Spiderman: No Way Home” or Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie, “No Time to Die.” It’s not that the small indie films nominated aren’t good, the problem is the Academy is desperate to hang on to the network TV money they get from ABC.

Just as L.A. City Hall is desperate to hang on to the developer and special interest money they get.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, if the Academy Awards go the way of the Golden Globes, SAT tests, or cursive writing, the world will continue to spin on its axis. The stakes are considerably higher when it comes to who runs Los Angeles.

20-percent of the L.A. City Council has been convicted of felonies, or awaits trial on same. (Herb Wesson, Council President when pay-to-play became the court of first resort in Los Angeles) is back as an unelected member because his successor, Mark Ridley Thomas, is awaiting his turn in the docket. Meanwhile, Congresswoman (and mayoral hopeful) Karen Bass was the recipient of a free $90,000 Doctorate from the same USC Dean busted with Ridley-Thomas. Multiple DWP guilty pleas likely dooms L.A. City Attorney Mike Feurer’s hope of succeeding Garcetti, who, for the third time in a month, has had his nomination as Ambassador to India put on hold because yet another Senator is unsure of what he did or didn’t see going on under his own nose while mayor.

Four of the five leading candidates for Mayor of L.A. have been in power for years while every issue the say they will solve worsened. Yes, they have experience. But what has that experience been like for us?

Homelessness? It’s everywhere, despite literally a billion in Measure H and HHH tax dollars. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, gridlock has roared back, the only thing roaring on our freeways. Affordable housing is non-existent while DWP rates continue to skyrocket. Our streets and sidewalks look like the Russian Army has come through L.A., while trash, graffiti and crime have spiked despite entire categories of crime being taken off the books. Small and medium-sized businesses are routinely tied in knots by bureaucracies designed to punish the productive while homeowners are treated like ATM machines or villains by demagogic politicians who want to see single family homes go the way of dollar-a -gallon gas so their politically connected developer friends can cram in more condos and apartment buildings.

Meanwhile, the one candidate who hasn’t been in office while Rome burns IS a developer.

Rick Caruso-- the billionaire real estate powerbroker behind The Grove, The Commons in Calabasas, the Americana in Glendale and many other mega-projects-- hopes voters will see him as Dick Riordan redux rather than a 213/818/310 Donald Trump. Weeks before throwing his hat in the ring, he switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. I know we have a short attention span, but that short?

With the new boss just like the old boss, it’s understandable so many voters are turned off. This is not just a Los Angeles problem. Only 23-percent of registered voters in New York bothered to cast a ballot in last year’s mayor race. The turn out for elections in Orange and Riverside Counties is equally depressing. When Eric Garcetti was re-elected Mayor in 2017, only 20-percent bothered to vote. Say what you will about Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but people cared. Both candidates set records for Republican and Democratic candidates. Meanwhile, local candidates remain as unknown to the public as the cast of “Squid Game” is to Steven Spielberg.

Last week, a televised debate featured the top five candidates for mayor. They kicked around the usual L.A. issues, with Caruso raising the topic of public corruption. Good for him. As important as all the other issues might be, integrity in office is the most fundamental. Trust between the elected and the electors is at an all-time low. Skepticism has given way to cynicism, and cynicism to indifference. While it’s fun to see who wears what or wins what during the Academy Awards ceremony, it’s critically important we have honest people running our cities, states, towns, counties and country.

With Ukrainian President Zelinsky literally putting his life on the line for his people, it’s not asking a lot that the next mayor of Los Angeles have clean hands-- or to hold the people we elect accountable.

What’s in it for me? Same as you. Everything.

Doug McIntyres column appears Sundays. He can be reached at: [email protected].

TIME RUNNING OUT ON STANDARD TIMEBy Doug McIntyreLast week, the United States Senate unanimously voted to make Daylight ...

By Doug McIntyre

Last week, the United States Senate unanimously voted to make Daylight Savings Time permanent, driving the first stake through the heart of the annual falling back and springing ahead ritual Americans apparently hate more than homelessness, climate change, illegal immigration, high gas prices or any other of the thousands of issues we endlessly fight over.

If the House follows suit, and President Biden signs the “Sunshine Protection Act” into law, 2022 will be the last year we have to drag out the step ladder to reset that clock over the kitchen sink or fish through the junk drawer to find the microwave oven owner’s manual. Our two political parties have finally found something everyone can agree on: we hate setting clocks!

Yep, that was Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders singing Kumbaya on C-Span while Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer patted each other on the back rather than stab each other. Miracles do happen.

Each year The Wife and I go through the same irritating spring/fall ritual along with the rest of you; I change the analogue clocks requiring ladders or long arms while The Wife resets the digital clocks that require intelligence. I actually sold a car because I had to take it to the dealership to set the clock.

This year, I inventoried time in my house, both the number of clocks and watches we own and how much time we waste moving the big hand and little hand back and forth. I tallied 26 clocks in the house, with three more in my 120-square-foot backyard office and the two in our cars. That’s 31 places I can find out what time it is and yet I’m still late whenever I go anywhere.

However, I have noticed a subtle lightening of my burden.
More and more clocks are now WiFi based, meaning they change automatically, including our cellphones, the clocks in the cars and the cable box, the printer/FAX machine clock and the Seiko satellite timepiece I keep in my office but rarely look at because it’s up high and I’ve got this neck thing. In a few more years all clocks will set themselves and our biannual tradition will become as quaint as Maypole dances or great-grandma’s doilies. Frankly, if Congress just waits a bit longer, this will be a self-correcting problem without them doing anything, which is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Congress.

Still, while it’s easy to mock Washington for picking the lowest possible hanging legislative fruit to act upon, given the current dysfunction in American politics, even this no-brainer is reason to celebrate.

Ben Franklin is often credited as the “Father of Daylight Savings”, but he was actually yanking the French’s chain in the 1790s when he suggested moving the clocks ahead to save on candles. Kiwi bug collector George Hudson was serious about daylight savings when he proposed the idea again in the 1890s, but it wasn’t until fuel shortages during World War I and again in World War II the idea started to take root, becoming official American policy in 1966.

But all that was pre-digital.

with everyone staring at their phones, or asking Siri or Alexa what time it is, who needs to be on a ladder twice a year? Perpetual Daylight Savings Time’s time has come.

There are obvious downsides to ending the biannual clock swap: kids in northern states will stand in total darkness waiting for the school bus, while I’ll have to stay up until 8 o’clock waiting for the sun to set. What comes on after “Jeopardy!?”

Of course, being the greedy species we are, I fully expect a year or so from now someone will start pushing for yet another hour of sunshine, then another and another until, pretty soon night itself has been outlawed.

When I was nineteen, I had a summer job cutting lawns and hedges. Nearly every day I wished it was Labor Day so I could go back to school and booze it up and goof around with my buddies. Finally, after two months of listening to my bellyaching, Chick Dumas, a sixty-year-old lifer, looked at me and said, “Kid, you’re wishing your life away.”

How right he was. It’s one of life’s eternal ironies, the people with the most time are the people in the biggest hurry. You rarely hear about a 60-year-old getting busted for drag racing in the Valley. The closer we get to the finish line the more likely we are to slow things down, to value time over pretty much everything else. As we age God grants us patience.

Or should that be “patients” given how much time we kill in doctor’s waiting rooms?

No more springing ahead, even better, no more falling off a ladder.

Doug McIntyre’s column appears Sundays. He can be reached at: [email protected].


Los Angeles, CA


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Hey, Doug - what happened to your column yesterday? Inquiring minds need fodder...
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Pedophile/Mad Cow disease ridden Biden and opportunistic Kamala Harris Democrats; are the democratic donkeys; braying and jawboning again; trying to stay relevant and be notice: whining that the American/Californian people are bad and evil: that we causing all the world's problems; the sky is falling and to give them all your money and assets to help them: The democrats are very evil allowing and Promoting Abortion, killing the unborn thru their Plan Parenthood program paid by our money in murdering mostly minorities unborn babies. ..The have given their eternal souls to the devil by promoting Planned Parenthood programs of abortion.
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Dont Go Doug!! Im Listening Today and Now "LeAnn" Wont Shutup!! She Talks Over Everyone!! Leo and Randy!! Somebody Help, Shes So Annoying!! I guess Ill switch to KFI
Hey Doug Sorry to hear you are leaving. However, I have to applaud your historical knowledge and your willingness to laugh at yourself. Especially memorable was your honest "american" self-realization when it came to how the Japanese were treated after WWII with regards to racism and propoganda ("we were so stupid"...). Your even temperment will be missed. Here's to hoping that your replacement will be as wise and tempered as you. America does NOT need another "kill em all" warmonger arrogant beyond all reason... Good luck in your future. JD