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Rent strike in Long Beach

Greedy landlords are raising rent 35-45% on some people in Long Beach. And now renters are fighting back by going on a rent strike. Check out Housing Long Beach for more info on how to get involved.

Red pilling

If you were in Huntington Beach recently, there’s a good chance you got red pilled by Kenny Strawn (that’s how he described it to me). Kenny is a hardcore Trump supporter and he takes his message straight to the people. His signs said something about building the wall to stop the opioid crisis and shooting down drones delivering drugs.

Shut down Chase - Los Angeles

The American Indian Movement (AIM) is at the front of the most important issues affecting all of us. Here in LA, they are a source of leadership and a moral compass. We are a better society because of their continuous activism. As part of a national day of action against Chase bank, they brought their message straight to one of the biggest participants in funding climate chaos and indigenous rights abuses.

#FreeBilly - Send the LA Zoo's only male elephant to a sanctuary

Do we have the right to own animals? Don’t they deserve to live an autonomous life? There is a campaign in full swing to get the LA Zoo’s only male elephant, Billy, released to a sanctuary. He’s lived almost his entire life (nearly 30 years) in captivity in conditions detrimental to both his physical and mental health. In this clip, Carrie LeBlanc of CompassionWorks International speaks at a rally for Billy out front of the zoo. I’ve been thinking about this idea of animal ownership for awhile so her message stuck with me. Search #FreeBilly for info on how to help get Billy to a sanctuary.

What's on your plate?

If you want to change people’s minds, you have to get their attention first. These activists, led by Peter Lucky, constructed a large plate with utensils and placed it on a busy sidewalk in Hollywood. Then they added themselves as the main dish. The goal was to show people that eating animals is no different than eating humans, our bodies are the same. Anyone who stopped to check out their plate demonstration was approached by a volunteer who discussed veganism with them. And did I mention that a 13-year-old was one of the main organizers? What an amazing kid.

Emotional street performance at March for Our Lives, Los Angeles.

The best part about attending protests is seeing the creativity in the crowd. This emotional street performance of "Thoughts and Prayers" by grandson featuring kids from the West Los Angeles Children's Choir at the March for Our Lives was incredibly powerful. They made their way to the counter-protestors and drowned them out with love.

Young girl confronts racism.

On 3/19/18, the city council of Los Alamitos, CA decided to enact an ordinance to exempt their city from CA’s new sanctuary state law. By doing so, they gave their city the ignoble title of the most racist city in CA. With her mom in the audience with tears running down her face, this girl spoke on behalf of decent people who value all members of our community. This is great parenting.

This is the result of Russia's Facebook ads.

Brainwashed. In a cult. Victim of propaganda. Call it whatever you want. These people are out there. This is what racism thinly veiled behind fake patriotism looks like. They are emboldened by Trump and a very vocal minority. The 2018 elections can't come soon enough.

Get uncomfortable so you can grow.

We need to keep talking about racism so more people wake up. Being racist doesn't just mean you use the n word. Our society is structured in a way that POC have less opportunities and have to work harder to get ahead - that is racism. Let's get out of our comfort zones and work on these issues. It will make us a better country.

This girl read her original poem at a Charlottesville vigil in Long Beach hosted by Indivisible Connected Long Beach.

Her jacket is lit, but her message is fire.

The youth continue to blow me away with how involved they are. Things seem bleak right now but I'm looking forward to the future. Keep speaking up and expressing yourselves. This was at a Charlottesville vigil in Long Beach, CA hosted by Indivisible Connected Long Beach.

Chuck Daggers: The Conductor of Protests

Chuck Daggers is the DJ at all major protests in Los Angeles. By carefully choosing the music, Chuck keeps everyone's spirits high as they come together to resist. Check out Chuck Daggers page for more information on him.

Bring your creativity to protests and you can do so much more!


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