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Roboarcade mashup 2022

How we make internet friends…

The last two years we've learned a lot about creating an experience for a remote audience.

Combining the digital and the physical gave us the opportunity to let people play with real installations and experiences. We explored everything, from live streaming platforms, to twitch chat integration and custom actions, all the way to creating microsites that allowed custom interactions, like yelling into your home microphone to control something.

Every time we tried something new, we learned something new. We're excited to keep on exploring in 2022.

Render to reality. Can you tell the difference?

Render to reality. Can you tell the difference?

We miss Eggchella!We wanted to create an experience that brought people out to Raid together.With the egg as the center ...

We miss Eggchella!

We wanted to create an experience that brought people out to Raid together.

With the egg as the center of our experience, standing at roughly 60 feet tall, we brought to life some of the legendary Pokemon from the game.

Projection mapped in 360 degrees, the egg served as our canvas and focal point for players to gather around and raid.

Taking it a step further, we live-streamed the event, with each Pokemon reveal, and the background of downtown Chicago.

Last month we stayed busy working on several activations for the launch of Arcane, Riot Games’ new show on Netflix.We cr...

Last month we stayed busy working on several activations for the launch of Arcane, Riot Games’ new show on Netflix.

We created several immersive interactive and visual experiences at the show premiere, added some hands-on magic to the in-person fan experience at Under City Nights and got to help take over the Million Dollar Theatre in DTLA for Hextech Expo Tours, where overnight it was torn apart by Jinx.

CES 2022 is around the corner. Who’s going to be in Vegas?#letsmakecoolsh*t

CES 2022 is around the corner. Who’s going to be in Vegas?



Choose your character...



Remember this?


Head over to Twitter and Twitch to check out @AberrationLab, a participatory art experience fueled by creativity & conne...

Head over to Twitter and Twitch to check out @AberrationLab, a participatory art experience fueled by creativity & connectedness during the time of social distancing. Aberration Lab invites you to transform your tweets into paintings of light. At the intersection of digital & physical, what will you create? #Aberrationlab #CreativeTechnology #VTProDesign



Go and check out

Even with quarantine we still wanted to make something awesome for our friends to experience. So we created RoboArcaid. Collaborating with our good friends Adam Amaral we created a custom live streamed video game that lets you control giant robots all through a website. Custom power ups and physical efffects can be triggered all from the comfort of your home.

We worked with our friends at BBDO New York to create an experience for Bombay Sapphire that utilized two of our Kuka Ro...

We worked with our friends at BBDO New York to create an experience for Bombay Sapphire that utilized two of our Kuka Robots to produce a crowdsourced piece of art. One of the more fun challenges on this project was creating a system for the robots to be able to paint multiple colors. 3D printed grippers and custom fabricated paint daubers were engineered so that the robot arms would be able to grab and paint repeatedly again and again.

Learn more about this project and check out the behind the scenes video on our recently updated website.

Working with BBDO New York we were brought on to create an experience for Bombay Sapphire that utilized two of our Kuka Robots to produce a crowdsourced piece of art that allowed people from all over the world to participate.

Go online and paint your dot!
Painted By Everyone

Go online and paint your dot!

Painted By Everyone by Bombay Sapphire is a one-of-a-kind experiment aimed to reconnect people to what inspires and sparks their creative potential.





Our New Robot Army 🤖 #LetsMakeCoolSh*t

Our New Robot Army 🤖


Premier of TELESTRON Beijing 🇨🇳

Premier of TELESTRON Beijing 🇨🇳




Rolling into this week like...

New project going out 🌻#LetsMakeCoolSh*t

New project going out 🌻

Summer Throwback Series: Day 5 (TELESTRON)

Summer Throwback Series: Day 5

The Day For Night Festival is one of the premier Art and Music events in the United States – where every year 20,000 eager attendees descend into an empty mail sorting facility to experience an entire magnitude of AV art installations.

VT Pro Design, having debuted Bardo in 2016, was invited back to exhibit a new piece for 2017: TELESTRON.


Summer Throwback Series: Day 4We teamed up with Vita Motus, Michael Smalley, and Immanent to create innovative robotics ...

Summer Throwback Series: Day 4

We teamed up with Vita Motus, Michael Smalley, and Immanent to create innovative robotics for ASAP Ferg’s 2018 Mad Man Tour.

Our robots created real-time cinematic effects, animatronic movements, and crazy dynamic lighting.

#LetsMakeCoolSh*t #ASAPFerg #Robotics

Summer Throwback Series: Day 3

Summer Throwback Series: Day 3

When our good friend GMUNK asked us to collaborate on a film combining our love of robotics, show control, laser, and lighting design—we couldn’t resist. Technicontrol is the epitome of storytelling through technology, reminding viewers of the childlike wonder that TV can still evoke through a vibrantly rendered world that manipulates space, light and sound.


Summer Throwback Series: Day 2

Summer Throwback Series: Day 2

At VT Pro, we pride ourselves on project versatility. Whether it’s an immersive movie installation spanning 12,800 square feet or a 100 square-foot interactive mini-city, we’ve got it covered.

Which is why when Google asked us to create a small-scale metropolis showcasing the interconnectivity of Google Assistant, we didn’t skip a beat.


Summer 2018 Throwback Series: Day 1

While looking ahead to the cool sh*t we're making this summer, we looked back at all the cool sh*t we got to make in Summer 2017.

Today kicks off Day 1 of our week-long Summer Throwback Series with our work on the Blade Runner 2049 Experience for last year’s Comic-Con.


See you soon Houston Day For Night 2017

See you soon Houston

Day For Night 2017


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It’s time for a #JiveClient roundup! ⏰ Our Jive Social team has been working hard with our incredible clients to create intentional, relatable, and organic social content. Swipe to see some of our latest work ➡️ Looking for some new accounts to follow? We’ve got you covered! From interactive technology to plant-based food brands, our Jive clients have something for everyone! 📲VTProDesign, Coquitlam Centre, Cancer Cartel, GFI Global Food, Ninnion Therapeutics, and Zero Latency VR!
We’ve got an exciting #JiveClient update! 💥 Our amazing client VTProDesign partnered with Ray-Ban and Meta at Coachella to bring their most recent activation to life! This interactive experience showcased their new collection of Smart Glasses that allow users to capture photos and videos up to 30 seconds using voice command 👓 A familiar face took the activation by storm - the beloved Remi Bader twirled her way around each room and served us some fierce looks through her Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses. 💁‍♀️
SXSW is well underway – and we couldn’t be happier for our clients showing their stuff at the biggest convergence of tech, film, and music. So with that said, we’re highlighting our client’s events and appearances at SXSW! Swipe for a quick look or read more below! 🌀Join Songtradr for the Artists Showcase Happy Hour this Thursday, March 17th from 4-6pm at Malverde. At the event you’ll hear the music that inspires global brands featuring live music from Songtradr artists! 🌀Associate Creative Director, Johanna Cranitch, and Global Executive Creative Director, Elijah B. Torn of MassiveMusic will join two other leading music supervisors in a panel entitled “The Music Landscape for Ad Agencies + Brands.” Taking place this Friday, March 18th from 2:30pm – 3:30pm, the panelists will walk audiences through a real-world case study of the music licensing process, from agency brief to ex*****on. 🌀#JiveClient Wavelength’s incredible documentary 32 SOUNDS screened online and in-person over the weekend! An immersive feature documentary and profound sensory experience, the film explores the elemental phenomenon of sound by weaving together 32 sound explorations into a cinematic meditation. 🌀Over the weekend, the joyful world of Doodles was brought to life in a colorful and highly immersive multi-sensory experience in partnership with Jive’s client, VTProDesign. Guests of the interactive NFT landscape enjoyed Doodles-themed snacks, refreshments, and entertainment while learning about Web3 and the future of media and entertainment. Stay tuned this week for BTS images from the event!
It is always an exciting time of year to witness the release of new technologies and how businesses and individuals can innovate even further. ICYMI, #CES2022 was a whirlwind of new #robotic tech, #AI-powered everything, and no shortage of #VR and smart devices. s/o to our partners and clients VTProDesign CINCO Jabra Quanergy Universal Electronics Check out our work . . . #tradeshows #experientialmarketing #exhibits #boothdesign #CES
Missing live concerts? So were we. During these crazy times we were fortunate enough to work with our good friends VTProDesign and officially “Unpause Red Red Rocks” with a first of its kind interactive concert experience. Alongside their epic stage design and production, we created an interactive web experience that lets users transform the show from the comfort of their own home. Tonight visit at 8pm MT/ 7pm PST to control the show yourself and watch Lil Baby and Megan thee Stallion perform at Red Rocks! #visiblexredrocks
The world needs you can battle a virtual virus by remotely controlling real-world robots in a fun, new video game called Quarantime, courtesy of VTProDesign and Master of Shapes.
First releasing in 1984, Air Jordan is one of the most iconic footwear and athletic clothing brands in the world. Looking to make an impact for the unveiling of the ###I shoe release in Las Vegas, we worked with the design specialists VTProDesign to help create the world’s first regulation game-play, interactive LED basketball floor. Take another look. #elitemultimedia #tbt #eliteteam #elitegear #ledvideo #ledvideodesign #vtprodesign #ledbasketballcourt
VTProDesign-ը գալիս է Թումո: Սա հենց իրենց աշխատանքն Google-ի համար: Նախագիծը իրենից ներկայացնում է 2 հսկայական բուրգ, որը վերածվում է իսկական արտ-ինստալյացիայի աշխարհի երաժշտական ամենամեծ փառատոններից մեկի` Coachella-ի ժամանակ` հանճարեղ Childish Gambino-ի կենդանի երաժշտության ուղեկցությամբ: Տեխնոլոգիան և դիզայնը համատեղող VTProDesign-ի գործադիր տնօրեն Հայկ Խանջյանը վաղը ժամը 19:00-ին լինելու է Թումոյում ու խոսելու է այս յուրահատուկ ոլորտի գաղտնիքներից` #TUMO VTProDesign is coming to TUMO. The company recently collaborated with Google and Childish Gambino at Coachella (one of the largest art and music festivals in the world) to build a series of multi-sensory light installations. Hayk Khanjian, Executive Director of VTProDesign, which combines technology and design, will be at TUMO tomorrow at 7pm to give us a behind-the-scenes scoop on this exciting and cutting-edge field:
VTProDesign brought a fleet of #robots to the 2019 #MTVVMAs to help bring the presenter stage to—artificial—life.
Does the future of creativity belong to humans or robots? Perhaps the answer is both! 🎨🤖 Bombay Sapphire BBDO New York VTProDesign Adweek #FindYourCanvas #PaintedbyEveryone