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Autastic Podcastic Graham Kay and Kirk Smith are two comedians living in Los Angeles discussing the lighter side of living with their autistic family members.

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New Video, stay well friends.

I miss sports and stand up. Please share and tag a friend in the comments

San Francisco!  I will be out there in a few weeks!  Come say hi!

San Francisco! I will be out there in a few weeks! Come say hi!

San Francisco! I will be there one night only. It’s a benefit for Ecuador. Bay Area come out a say hi.
500,000 teens with autism will become adults in next 10 years. Where will they work?

The climb of autism diagnoses is alarming. This year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention upped its estimate to 1 in 59 U.S. births — twice the 2004 rate of 1 in 125. National advocacy group Autism Speaks estimates 500,000 teens with autism will reach adulthood over the next 10 years. Y...

I’m in Edinburgh all month. Two shows everyday !

I’m in Edinburgh all month. Two shows everyday !


love this


hi guys, we had a technical issue with episode 135. it is fixed now. thank you for the notes.
Prehistoric autism helped produce much of the world's earliest great art, study says

Much of the world’s earliest great art is likely to have been created by gifted early humans on the autism spectrum, new research by British scientists suggests. Archaeologists working in conjunction with autism experts have concluded that humans were able to produce the first realistic art some 3...

The Scotsman

The Scotsman newspaper's media reporter came to the show. We did a little interview afterwards. This is fun. I'm silly.

We're in The Black Market above Waverley Station and talking #autism with hit US comedian Kirk Smith.

The bestselling author of 'Rice Krispies and Ketchup' & Autastic Podcastic hostis fresh off the stage after performing his comedian's guide to Autism.

Read more #edinfests & #edfringe17-

First show at the Edinburgh festival tonight!

First show at the Edinburgh festival tonight!

Hey friends. First show at the Edinburgh fringe festival tonight!

JJ loving the Summer !  I love you boy.

JJ loving the Summer ! I love you boy.

Such a great woman.
Todo Math by Enuma

Such a great woman.

We are listening to episode 90 of the "Autastic Podcast", featuring Sooinn Lee, Enuma's CEO! In the interview, Sooinn shares her story about how she started developing apps for kids, the inspiration for her ideas to help children with special needs, and how Enuma's apps are designed to improve accessibility for ALL children. Take a listen! Autastic Podcastic #GlobalAccessibilityAwarenessDay #GAAD


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Comments Hi Kirk and Graham, the video in this article adds to my understanding of the discussion on the podcast this week with Jill Escher and Alycia Halladay.
Hey Graham and Kirk! I love your podcast and listen to it weekly 🤩 I work for an organization called Ausome Ottawa: we do sports programs for kids with autism. 🏀 Right now, I'm releasing a new activity video every weekday at 10am to help everyone stay active at home! I thought your followers may be interested in checking them out!! 😄 ➡️You can find my 'STAY ACTIVE with #ausome' videos on our page: Ausome Ottawa 🏃‍♂️ #autism #autastic #sports #stayactive
Congratulations on episode #200! I’ve listened to every one of them, and throughout many difficulties raising our 17-year-old wonderful son your humor and informative episodes (especially with Jill Escher) have kept my sanity intact (well, as limited as it was in the first place, that is). Keep up the great work, and I’ll be looking forward to episode #300 and beyond down the road apiece.
Inflammation may be main driver of autism, scientists find
I just found out about tests at UC San Diego (my alma mater!) using Suramin to treat autism. Some parents have reported fantastic results. Might be something that roving reporter Jill Escher would be interested in checking out.
Hey, guys! Gabriel and I will be live streaming a talk about autism and going back to school tomorrow at 7pm, central!
This story from the Feb. 1 Oregonian in Portland is unpleasant to read; it's full of questionable behavior on everybody's part. I'm sharing it because it points to dangerous consequences of misconstruing social cues. The accused had never had a s*xual experience with a woman before. He thought this particular woman wanted him to crawl into her bed and begin having s*x with her even though she was sound asleep (and probably still drunk). Instead of going to trial, he pleaded "no contest" to felony coercion and second-degree s*xual abuse. His penalties are appropriate and therapeutic, except for 60 days in jail. I think jail will hurt him more than help him. Maybe the victim's lawyer insisted on jail time.