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Icelandic Roots

Icelandic Roots

Looking for your Icelandic family? Start at Icelandic Roots. Our volunteer team of genealogists has built an unmatched resource full of information, photos and stories. Visit

Icelandic Roots

Icelandic Roots

IFit has many exercise programs that bring you all around the world. I finished this one to Stöng today. 151 people have now joined the Icelandic Roots Footprints 4 Fun Fundraiser. There are many projects and organizations that receive grants as well as scholarships and educational offerings given by IR. Come show your support!
Get Fit. Give Back.
#charityfootprints #icelandicroots

Icelandic Roots

Icelandic Roots

“Icelandic Folktales and Legends” is a must-read if you are interested in Iceland’s rich and curious lore. With 85 stories from medieval Iceland, it illustrates a variety of supernatural beliefs concerning elves, gigantic trolls, water monsters, ghosts, wizards and black magic rites, buried treasure and religious tales. Stories are intimately linked to the landscape and reflect the hopes, fears, hardships and preoccupations of everyday life. You can find it on Amazon or at this volunteer’s favorite used book website,

Icelandic Roots Footprints 4 Fun
Icelandic Roots Footprints 4 Fun

Icelandic Roots Footprints 4 Fun

Exercise your mind and body with Icelandic Roots. Join us in the Virtual Step Charity Project.

Icelandic National League of the United States

Icelandic National League of the United States

If you’re an aficionado of authentic Scandinavian food and you’re near Houston, you are lucky! Meet Chef Brent Skarðaborg, a culinary artist with a great range of skills that could be applied to your gastronomical lifestyle too. He can teach you Scandinavian-style fish and meat curing and smoking, Skyr and mead making, whisky appreciation and food pairing, seafood pickling and much more. His business, Texas Nordic, is one of our illustrious charter business members.

We are proud to have Texas Nordic on board, and think you’ll find him and his life work fascinating too. Check out Texas Nordic, here:

Icelandic Roots | Genealogy Ancestry
Icelandic Roots | Genealogy Ancestry

Icelandic Roots | Genealogy Ancestry

Icelandic Roots is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, non-political, charitable organization with a mission to educate, preserve, and promote Icelandic Heritage.

Icelandic Roots

Icelandic Roots

Amazing literary discovery, newly translated to English. Three years after Bram Stoker published Dracula in 1897, an Icelandic publisher and writer, Valdimar Ásmundsson, translated it into his own language, and called it “Makt Myrkanna” (literally “Powers if Darkness”).

“This Icelandic edition included an original preface written by Stoker himself. ... Published in Iceland in 1901, it remained undiscovered outside of the country until 1986, when Dracula scholarship was astonished by the discovery of Stoker’s preface to the book.

“In 2014, literary researcher Hans de Roos dove into the full text of Makt Myrkranna, only to discover that Ásmundsson hadn’t merely translated Dracula but had penned an entirely new version of the story, with all new characters and a totally re-worked plot. The resulting narrative is one that is shorter, punchier, more erotic, and perhaps even more suspenseful than Stoker’s Dracula.”

Icelandic Roots

Icelandic Roots

It may be cliché but it’s a truth and always wonderful to find connections and shared heritage in our “small world.”

This IR volunteer enjoys the bountiful San Francisco live music scene, and was treated to some particularly fine music and harmonies from “The Keller Sisters” awhile back. How fun to later learn we are 5th cousins through our Icelandic lines!

Sheryl Keller Thirlwall and Kerry Keller Carranza are “The Keller Sisters” and they’re carrying on the performing tradition of their Icelandic mother and American singer/actress Eileen Christy (1927-2010), who is I593933 in our Icelandic Roots database.

Here’s what “No Depression - the Americana Roots Authority” magazine said about these talented women: “The honey-warm harmonies and slice-of-life charm of the Keller Sisters’ debut EP Shine recalls the days of summers past. Siblings Sheryl and Kerry have produced a heartfelt collection of folk music, one that also reveals the influence of the Beatles and classic country music.”

Learn more and listen here:

Icelandic National League of the United States

Icelandic National League of the United States

From the history files:
Lovely American actress and singer Eileen (Christopherson) Christy Keller (1927-2010) was born in Manitoba, Canada, to Icelandic parents. Her movies included “A Perilous Journey” (1953), “Thunderbirds” (1952) and “Sweethearts on Parade” (1953).

Eileen’s daughters are carrying on the family tradition and are also popular performers, singers/multi-instrumentalists.

“The Keller Sisters” are Kerry Carranza and Sheryl Thirlwall: “The Keller Sisters have quickly taken their place at the top of the Americana and Folk Charts and the San Francisco songwriting community for their warm harmonies, and sense of humor.” More here:

illumino Lashes

illumino Lashes

We have an ever-growing list of upcoming 2020 workshops that will give you the unique skills professional lash artists need to join the Gel-Lys™ revolution!

Here is what one student said recently: "The most glaring difference I've seen between illumino's training and others I've received is that illumino's was so thorough. Having 1-on-1 constant guidance was such a priceless experience."

* January 15, 2020 (Honolulu, HI)
* February 2, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA)
* February 9, 2020 (Millbrae, San Francisco area, CA)
* February 29, 2020 (West Palm Beach, FL)
* March 1, 2020 (West Palm Beach, FL) English-Spanish
* March 7, 2020 (Oakland, CA)
* April 5, 2020 (Oakland, CA)
* April 20, 2020 (Scottsdale, AZ)
* April 29, 2020 (San Jose del Cabo, Mexico)
* May 18, 2020 (Birmingham, UK)
* May 20, 2020 (Budapest, HU)

Visit this page to learn more about this groundbreaking method:

#illumino #illuminolashes #lashexpert #lashartist #lashextensions #lashbeauty

Houska Coaching

If you’re seeking a compassionate, knowledgeable, intuitive coaching experience, explore Houska Coaching.

Helping you rediscover yourself, find your passion so you can live a purposeful and meaningful life AT ANY STAGE.

The Snorri Program
The Snorri Program

The Snorri Program

If you are planning on applying for our Snorri Program 2020, please note that several Icelandic Clubs offer grants to young participants. For those living in Canada, the Canada Icelandic Foundation, has given every Canadian participant a grant towards their participant cost.

Since 1999, the first year of the Snorri Program the Canada Iceland Foundation, Inc. has given every Canadian participant a grant toward their costs of participating in the Snorri experience. This "Giving Tuesday" consider making a donation to help us increase our grants and continue to support this great program. If you are a Snorri or Snorri Plus Alumni, who had a great experience, help us help the next generation of young Snorri's.

You can read more about available grants on our website:

Icelandic Roots

Icelandic Roots

Our third and final giveaway starts now!
Giveaway No. 3 - "Treasure Heritage"

Eligibility is simple:
1. Tell us what you cherish most about your Icelandic heritage in the comments below
2. Tag a friend
3. You must be of Icelandic descent, living in the United States, Canada, or Iceland to win the Grand prize - due to database membership requirements.⁠

Each pairing of 1 comment and 1 tagged friend count as 1 entry. Multiple entries are allowed.

a free 6-month membership to Icelandic Roots + Gay Strandemo’s new book “The Yule Boys” + 2020 INLNA Calendar: Icelandic 101 - A Conversation Tool Kit + Icelandic Roots Bag + Icelandic Roots Swag.⁠
Gay Strandemo’s new book “The Yule Boys” + 2020 INLNA Calendar: Icelandic 101 - A Conversation Tool Kit + Icelandic Roots Bag + Icelandic Roots Swag.⁠
Icelandic Roots Bag + Icelandic Roots Swag.⁠

Giveaway ends on Saturday, November 23rd at Midnight PST. Three winners will be randomly selected. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments/tags. Winners will be announced on Sunday, November 24th on FACEBOOK only. Winners will be contacted on Facebook Messenger.

FINE PRINT:⁠ No purchase required, no cash value, no cash refunds for prizes or membership months, must be eligible for membership to the database, void where prohibited by law. Winner selected using sequence selector. Winners must either be in the database, or have submitted a Cousins Across the Ocean form by the close of the giveaway. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram, Facebook, and WIX of all responsibility, and agree to their respective terms of use. Icelandic Roots board members, volunteers, and their immediate family members are not eligible.

illumino Lashes

illumino Lashes

A huge mahalo to @landaitruong for showing me so much aloha 💓 and inviting me to Hawaii. I am so blessed to have a lash sister who loves lashes as much as I do.

The power of this nocturnal hunter's grip comes from the strength of his leg muscles, so it makes total sense that they ...

The power of this nocturnal hunter's grip comes from the strength of his leg muscles, so it makes total sense that they have long legs to help them catch prey!

illumino Lashes

illumino Lashes

We had a packed Gel-Lys class again with students from different states and even other countries 🌎 I love teaching all of these talented artists! It’s really great to see how quickly they develop this new skill. So tired, but feeling super grateful to be able to share the Gel-Lys Method!🤩🤩🤩

Icelandic National League of the United States

Icelandic National League of the United States

Icelandic artist Katrín Sigurðardóttir is the lead exhibition at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University now through March 2020. “Timely and timeless, the work of Katrín Sigurðardóttir explores the relationship of memory, distance, and time—an ‘archaeological’ search for meaning, self and social awareness, while confronting the impermanence of all things.” More here:

Icelandic Roots

Icelandic Roots

In a random window of the Keflavík International Airport you will find this quote. If you want to discover your true Icelandic genealogy, join Icelandic Roots. We have experts in Icelandic genealogy, history, maps, photography, and more. Make sure your family is included. Come discover your story. and click on “Join Now.”

Icelandic National League of the United States

Icelandic National League of the United States

Eiriksstaðir - The House of Icelandic Viking Leifur Eriksson, “Leif the Lucky”!
Leif became the first European to set foot in North America, which he named Vinland, in the year 1000.
The Eiriksstaðir longhouse is a place that will take anyone back to the era thousand years ago, with the insightful storytelling and all kinds of arts and crafts one might learn while there! ⚒
Check our stories for more information on what you can do in Eiriksstaðir this upcoming weekend 😀
Visit West Iceland, Eiríksstaðir & Járngerðarhátíð á Eiríksstöðum - Firing Up Ancient Secrets

Icelandic National League of the United States
Icelandic National League of the United States

Icelandic National League of the United States

Craving more Iceland? Check out our Pinterest Page - We have 9 Boards chock'full of great stuff!

* Children's Activities (Educational) & Crafts
* Icelandic Music, Art & Literature
* Icelandic Folklore
* Icelandic Food & Recipes
* Cool Stuff to Buy (Icelandic-themed/Inspired)
* Travel to Icelandic (Tips, Ideas & more)
* Icelandic Proverbs & Sayings
* Icelandic Traditions & Celebrations
* Icelandic Language

Be sure to follow this and our other social media.

Icelandic National League of the United States

Icelandic National League of the United States

Traveling to Iceland? Whether it's your first visit or one of many followup tours to this beautiful country, Icelandic-focused travel tips can be helpful. Take a look at our detailed compilation of ideas to make your trip even better!

Icelandic National League of North America

Icelandic National League of North America

Women as the Hero

Iceland's folklore reflects the culture's beliefs and attitudes. It not only provides a look into the history but also shapes and defines the outlook for future generations. The ideas embedded in the folklore - stories told to children - serve to teach them the cultural attitudes. The Viking culture has long been recognized as one that valued women as much as men, viewing them as equals. This story is a reflection of that.

Known as THE STORY OF PRINCE HLINI, it might easily be called the Viking Girl who Saved the Prince. Either way, enjoy today's folklore story:

In the early days of Iceland, there was a powerful Viking Chieftain named Hringur who ruled over a very large territory. He and his wife had a son named Hlini, that they often called their little Prince Hlini. From the time he was a boy, Hlini was strong, handsome, and kind to everyone; accomplished in his schoolwork and all the skills needed to be a good Viking. He could hunt and fish, and handled both broadsword and bow and arrow expertly.

By the time he was twenty, Hlini would often lead his father’s men on hunting parties. During one of these trips, a heavy fog suddenly surrounded them so thick that one man could not see the man next to him. They walked toward each other’s voices, touching shoulder to shoulder to keep from getting lost, but soon realized that Hlini was not in the group.
The men used ropes to tie themselves together so they would not get separated while they searched for Prince Hlini. They called his name and searched the mountainside through the trees and thick brush. They searched through caves, crevices and rocky outcroppings but could not find him anywhere.
Finally, the fog became less and they could see better, but night came and stopped their search. The next day, they searched from dawn to dusk but no trace of Hlini could be found. The men had no choice but to return to Chief Hringur and tell him his son had been lost. The Chieftain believed his son was alive and sent out another search party but after a week, the second group returned without Hlini. The Chieftain refused to give up hope, asking for help from anyone in the realm. He promised a reward of half his lands and half his livestock.

One of the field hands heard the Chieftain’s request and told his family the story over dinner that night. His daughter, Signy, was very smart and had been taught many Viking skills. She was skilled with bow and arrow, was quick with her sword, and accomplished in hunting, sailing, navigation.
“Father,” she said, “I would like to help our Chieftain and go find Hlini.”
“You are well-suited for the task, Signy,” he replied, “You are brave and generous and I am proud of you that you would accept this dangerous task.”
Having her father’s blessing, Signy set off the next morning to search for the prince. She followed the path to where the men had lost sight of Hlini. For hours she searched until she found the clue she sought - a slight glimmer the faint sound of voices and music, like a party in the distance.

“Huldufólk, I need your help,” she called into the empty air. “Prince Hlini has been taken and I need your aid to find him.”
Signy knew the Hidden Ones would help. They were the protectors of Iceland, the land, and the good people who cared for the land. She could not see the Huldufólk, but she trusted them.
Shortly, she saw another glimmer of light in the brush ahead. She walked towards the spot, then saw another glimmer, further away. The lights seemed to be leading her, so she followed. A few hours later, the shimmering stopped and Signy saw an opening of a cave. She climbed up to take a look inside.

As she snuck inside, moving slowly and quietly along the wall of the cave, she saw that the cave was immense and had many pieces of large, elaborate furniture. In one corner were two huge beds. The first was made of pure silver, the second made of gold. There were symbols carved at the centers of each of the headboards, and Signy recognized them as Viking runic characters. Large graceful swans were carved at either end of the headboards.
Signy spotted the prince asleep in the gold bed when there was a loud shuffling and thumping coming from the cave entrance.
“Why isn’t Hlini waking up?” Signy wondered as she scrambled to hide in the shadows of the cave wall.
She barely managed to hide herself when two large, ugly-looking giantesses entered the cave. One of them had white-blonde hair and a huge pointy nose and the other had dark hair and large warts on the end of her square chin.
As they came inside, the blond one stopped, sniffed, and said, “Fy, fo, someone has been here! Our cave smells like humans.”

“Pfftt, sister – it is just the scent of Price Hlini,” the wart-covered one replied as her sister lumbered over to the beds.
Standing at the foot of the gold bed, the blond chanted. “Sing, my swans, sing sweetly and my Prince Hlini shall wake”.
Signy watched in astonishment and she heard the swans sing and Hlini woke up. He jumped to his feet and glared at the giantess.

The blonde giantess looked at him adoringly, seeming not to notice his anger. She asked him sweetly, “Hlini are you hungry? Would you like some food?”
“No,” he answered and jumped from the bed. The giantess caught him easily and returned him to the small prison.
“Hlini will you marry me?” she asked as if nothing had happened.
“No. As I have said every day before this, no, I will not.”
The blonde giantess looked sad, shaking her head as she chanted, “Sing, my swans, sing sweetly and my Prince Hlini shall sleep”.
They sang, and he immediately went back to sleep. The blonde giantess walked to the other side of the room. Signy watched as the two giantesses prepared and ate their dinner. They both climbed into the silver bed and were soon snoring loudly. Signy crept under the safety of the gold bed where she curled up and fell asleep.

The next morning, Signy watched from under the bed as the giantesses started their day.
As she had the night before, the giantess stood at the foot of the gold bed and chanted, “Sing, my swans, sing sweetly and my Prince Hlini shall wake”.
The swans sang, and Hlini woke up and lunged for the floor. The giantess was prepared for his sudden movement and caught him before he could bolt for freedom.
Holding on to one foot as he glared at her, she asked, “Hlini are you hungry? Would you like some food?”
“No” he answered, refusing to look at her.
“Hlini will you marry me?” she asked.

The giantess simply smiled and chanted for the swans to sing Hlini to sleep. This done, she and her sister left.
When she felt it was safe, Signy crept out from under the bed and walked quietly to the cave entrance. She looked around outside to make sure the giantesses were gone. Feeling confident, she ran over to Price Hlini and repeated the chant she had heard the giantess use.

“Sing, my swans, sing sweetly and my Prince Hlini shall wake”.
Hlini woke up and immediately jumped to the floor and quickly scanned the room. Neither giantess was in sight. He looked at Signy, confused.
“Hlini, my name is Signy,” she said. “Your father and many men have been searching for you. The Hidden helped lead me here to find you. Are you injured?”

“No,” he replied, “how long have I been here?”
“A week,” she said, “maybe a bit more. What happened?”
He told her the story of how he had been separated from his men and how he came across the cave with the giantesses. He had been trapped ever since and the sleeping spell made it impossible for him to form an escape plan.
“We should leave now,” he said, jumping from the bed.
“Wait, we should consider this. Why are they holding you here and why do you think the giantess wants you to marry her?” Signy wondered.
“I don’t know, but that is a good question,” he said thoughtfully. “I don’t want them to come to the village after us. We need to destroy them here.”
Signy told him everything she had learned by watching the two sisters. Hlini said they needed to think on the problem some and come up with a plan.
Signy suggested, “You should tell that ugly giantess you will marry her if she tells you what the runes on the beds mean and what she and her sister do all day. Maybe she will tell you something that will help.”

The prince agreed it would be a good idea to know more about the giantesses and that the information might help them defeat the sisters. That decided, they talked of all kinds of things. As they talked, they played chess to pass the time. The afternoon wore on and Hlini asked Signy to say the chant and put him to sleep. He didn’t want to risk the giantesses coming home when he was still awake. Signy did as he asked and then she crept back to her hiding place against the wall.

When the two giantesses came in the cave, they set about making dinner and did not notice anything amiss. When the food was ready, the wart-faced one spoke the chant to awaken Hlini.

“Hlini are you hungry? Would you like some food?”
“Yes, thank you,” he replied. She happily filled a bowl with a rich stew and brought it to him.
“Hlini will you marry me?” she asked when he had finished.
“Yes, I will, on one condition,” Hlini said.
“I see. What is your condition?” the giantess said, suspicious.
“Tell me what these rune carvings on the beds mean.”
The giantess thought for a moment and decided there could be no harm in telling him what he wanted to know.
“They are spells that allow me to use magic,” she said. “This one here,” she said as she pointed, “means ‘Fly, Fly, oh bed of mine; to that place I see in my mind’s eye’ and I can fly to any point in the world I can imagine.”
“That must be so fun,” he said. “What do you and your sister do all day?”
“Oh, we hunt some, humans if we can find some, or other meat if there are no humans to hunt. When the afternoon is warm, we like to find a shady spot and play catch with our life egg.”

Hlini knew that a giant must carry their life force, called a life egg, with them wherever they went. They had to be very careful because if it broke, the giant would die.

“You only have one?” he asked her.
“Yes,” she replied, “my sister and I are twins and share a life egg. Neither of us will give it up, but since we both want to hold it, we often play catch.”
“Thank you for telling me these things,” he told her, “I am tired now and would like to rest.”
The giantess said goodnight and used the chant to put him under the sleeping spell. In the morning, she woke Hlini and shared breakfast with him. She asked if he would join them in the woods for the day. He said no, and that he preferred to stay home. To that, she said goodbye and again used the chant to put him to sleep.
After the giantesses had left, Signy used the same chant to wake Hlini. “We should sneak up on the giantesses when they are under the shade tree,” she said, “When they start to bring out their life egg, you can throw your spear at it and destroy it.”
The prince agreed, and then grabbed her hand and pulled her up so that she stood by him on the bed. Together, they chanted, “Fly, Fly, oh bed of mine - out to the woods where the twin giantesses play.”

The whole bed flew out the cave entrance and soared over the valley, slowing down when they reached the shade trees at the edge of the woods. They heard the voices of the two giantesses, laughing and playing with the egg.

Signy motioned up towards the trees and Hlini climbed the tree directly above the two sisters. As one tossed the life egg to the other, Hlini threw his spear. His aim was true and it struck the egg in the center, breaking it into hundreds of small pieces. Both giantesses shrieked and fell over dead.
They returned to the cave and loaded all the gold, silver, and the giantesses’ treasure onto the beds, flying back home. Hlini gave the treasure to Signy’s parents so they would be comfortable for the rest of their lives, then Hlini and Signy went to the palace. Hlini told his father everything that happened to him. He told the story exactly the way it was written here. The Chieftain was happy to have his son back safe and thanked Signy for saving his son’s life. He offered her any reward she could name.

“I wish to remain with your son.” She said, looking at Hlini with love.
Hlini asked his father’s permission to marry her and the king agreed.
The Prince and Signy grew to love each other very much and were happy for many years. And so ends this story.

"The Story of Prince Hlini” condensed from the book “The Guardians of Iceland and Other Icelandic Folk Tales” Copyright 2017 Hekla Publishing. Used with permission. Illustration by Michael Di Gesu.



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