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What are your favorite Christmas foods and where do they rank on the list?

What are your favorite Christmas foods and where do they rank on the list?

Join us today until 6 o'clock tonight at Festival Park in downtown Martin for the 8th annual Blue Light Hunger Fight! St...

Join us today until 6 o'clock tonight at Festival Park in downtown Martin for the 8th annual Blue Light Hunger Fight! Stop by with your non perishable food items or monetary donations and help support We Care Ministries this holiday season. Merry Christmas and God bless!

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Chris Brinkley calling the play-by-play for UT Martin Skyhawks versus Evansville at the Elam Center. You’ll notice an empty chair with a blazer hanging over it. That’s the chair that will be on the court throughout the season representing the late Coach Anthony Stewart’s place on the bench. Standing is coach Montez Robinson who assumed the interim position after Coach Stewart passed away unexpectedly in late November. Skyhawks defeated Evansville 93-87 in 2OT on 92.7, 96.1, 99.7, 100.5, 103.3 and 1410 WCMT “Talk and News You Can Use. “


Well, which is it? Light meat or dark meat for your Thanksgiving Turkey?

104.9 KYTN

104.9 KYTN

Severe wind advisory until 12 noon Sunday

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

TOTAL RAISED SO FAR: $20,003 for St. John's Community Services! We thank our wonderful community and urge you to mail in your pledge to: PO Box 318, Martin, TN 38237. It’s not too late to donate, either! We’ll take your pledge all day at 587-9526 or right here! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

2020 St. John's Radiothon

Join us right now for our annual St. John's Radiothon. We are live and will be taking your pledges right here on our Facebook broadcast, or you may call 588-1410 to share your story with us on air. You may also call 364-9595 to make a donation if you'd like to not be on the radio this morning. Thank you all so much for your contributions and allowing St. John's Community Services to continue doing the great work they do!

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

TODAY IS THE DAY!! Join us during Good Times in the Morning at 6am!

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting


TOMORROW IS THE DAY for our annual St. John's Community Services Radiothon! Please be sure to tune into Good Times in the Morning on Mix 101.3, WCMT 1410AM, on Facebook live Thunderbolt Broadcasting...and call in with your pledge!

The annual St. John's Community Services Radiothon is happening ON THURSDAY! It’s never been more important for us to gi...

The annual St. John's Community Services Radiothon is happening ON THURSDAY! It’s never been more important for us to give generously to this wonderful organization. Help us to make a difference in our community!

Another awesome Advocates for All interview. This time with Paul Tinkle, President of Thunderbolt Broadcasting. We are so lucky to have community partners like Paul who support our mission and help to effect positive change in our community. #AFA

A new study looked at Google Trends data to figure out which Thanksgiving side dish is the most popular in every state. ...

A new study looked at Google Trends data to figure out which Thanksgiving side dish is the most popular in every state. And the results might not be what you'd expect.

Mashed potatoes were the most popular . . . they won 10 states.

Stuffing or dressing, depending on what you call it, came in second, winning eight states.

And after that, there was a two-way tie, with mac and cheese and green bean casserole each winning seven states.

What is YOUR favorite side at Thanksgiving? Comment below!

One of our favorite activities each year! Be sure to tune in a week from today during Good Times in the Morning!

One of our favorite activities each year! Be sure to tune in a week from today during Good Times in the Morning!

The Radiothon hosted by Mr. Paul Tinkle and WCMT Radio Thunderbolt Broadcasting benefiting St. John's Community Services is coming up on Thursday, November 12th from 6AM-9AM. Make sure to call (731) 588-1410 on the morning of 11/12/20 and make your pledge to support this essential community partner. St. John's is dedicated to advancing inclusive communities where every person, regardless of circumstances, has the right and opportunity to live their best life. Please share this post to help us spread the word about this important opportunity to show our support.


I caught myself today calling one of our musical artists "young man" and then it made me feel like I was on the verge of retirement. What is something you say that makes you feel old?


Halloween is just 24 days away, which seems hard to believe . . . especially if you haven't been outside since St. Patrick's Day. And a new poll of 2,000 Americans has determined the most iconic Halloween movies.

The movie "Halloween" was #1 with 46% of the vote, but 30 movies got at least 1%, or roughly 20 votes. The respondents COULD vote for multiple movies. Here's the list:

1. "Halloween", 1978, 46%
2. "A Nightmare on Elm Street", 1984, 24%
3. "Scream", 1996, 22%
4. "The Exorcist", 1973, 21%
5. "Beetlejuice", 1988, 21%
6. "Friday the 13th", 1980, 15%
7. "Carrie", 1976, 13%
8. "Rocky Horror Picture Show", 1975, 10%
9. "Child's Play", 1988, 9%
10. "The Shining", 1980, 7%
11. "The Conjuring", 2013, 6%
12. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", 1974, 5%
13. "Psycho", 1960, 5%
14. "A Quiet Place", 2018, 5%
15. "Night of the Living Dead", 1968, 5%
16. "It", 4% . . . They didn't say whether it was the original 1990 miniseries or the 2017 remake.
17. "The Blair Witch Project", 1999, 4%
18. "The Witch", 2015, 4%
19. "Saw", 2004, 4%
20. "Poltergeist", 1982, 3%
21. "Insidious", 2010, 3%
22. "Get Out", 2017, 3%
23. "Paranormal Activity", 2007, 3%
24. "Candyman", 1992, 3%
25. "The Sixth Sense", 1999, 2%
26. "The Last House on the Left", 1972, 2%.
27. "The Babadook", 2014, 2%
28. "The Ring", 2002, 2%. I'm assuming it's the American remake.
29. "It Follows", 2014, 1%
30. "Midsommar", 2019, 1%

What about you? Do you agree or disagree with this list? What is your most favorite Halloween movie? Tell us in the comments below.

One of the smallest football schools in Tennessee, Gleason,  with one of the best football field logos! (Photo by Don La...

One of the smallest football schools in Tennessee, Gleason, with one of the best football field logos! (Photo by Don Lampkins, father of Gleason head football coach Noah Lampkin‘s.)


The Westview Charger Football team will be playing at Nashville Ensworth October 9, 7 PM in place of Bolivar who is under COVID-19 restrictions.


Let's have some fun with this one:

What's something that is perfectly legal, yet FEELS illegal while you're doing it?

I'll start - passing a police officer on the highway...

Let us here your responses in the comments below!

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Gleason First Baptist Church and Second Harvest Food Bank will have a mobile food pantry Saturday (Sept 26) from 11:00 until 1:00 at the church. The food pantry will be open to anyone.

Labor Day dress code revealed !

Labor Day dress code revealed !

What is this ?

What is this ?


Some foods don't do well in the microwave. Here are the five things you should never put in there, along with the BEST way to reheat each one . . .

1. Pizza. If it's one or two slices, reheat them in pan on the stove over medium heat. It's better than the microwave, because the crust gets crispy. If it's a lot of pizza, put it in the oven at 375 until the cheese looks nice and melted again.

2. Fried chicken. Instead of the microwave, use a baking sheet or a pan. Cover it with foil, and cook it in the oven at 375 for about 10 minutes. Then remove the foil and keep cooking it until the skin gets crispy again.

3. French fries. They'll never taste as good as they were fresh. But the best way to do it is in a pan with oil. Once they're hot, put them on a plate that's lined with paper towels to soak up the oil. And sprinkle some extra salt on if you want.

4. Spaghetti. Just toss it in a pot and cook it over medium heat. If it's too thick, add a little bit of water and some seasoning.

5. Steak. First, slice it up thin. Then just add oil to a pan and cook it over medium until it's hot enough.

You're welcome!


I'm not sure we needed MORE proof that the era of the phone call is over, but here you go.

According to a new survey, the overwhelming majority of people would rather have you TEXT them than call them. The only exception is people over 55.

72% of people under 39 would rather you text, and so would 61% of people between 40 and 54.

For people over 55, 35% prefer a text, 49% prefer a call.

Also, for what it's worth, people who prefer calls over texts are almost three times less likely to have smartphones.

Really though, does this surprise ANYONE?


If you ever get bored answering when people ask you, "So, what do you do?" . . . this is a GREAT option.

Right now, people on Reddit are describing what they do for a living . . . but as a crime. Here are some of the best examples . . .

1. "I drive fast and disregard the rules of my road to break into people's homes and cause immense water damage. Afterwards I tear down their ceilings and drywall and leave without cleaning anything up." That's a . . . firefighter.

2. "I help people circumvent copyright by getting them loads of free books, DVDs, CDs, games, and any other media that's come out in the last hundred years." That's a . . . librarian.

3. "I force children to stay in a small room to do paperwork without paying them." That's a . . . teacher.

4. "I hand someone instruments to cut into an unconscious person." That's a . . . surgical assistant.

5. "I'm a drug dealer." That's a . . . pharmacist.

What about you? Give us some of your best and most creative answers in the comments below!!!

A huge thank you to the good folks at the Martin Cumberland Presbyterian Church for bringing several fans in the studios...

A huge thank you to the good folks at the Martin Cumberland Presbyterian Church for bringing several fans in the studios today for our fan drive. Don't forget, the annual Thunderbolt Radio fan drive is going on right now and you can bring new or gently used fans to our stations in Martin or Union City so we can help those in need during these hot summer days.


If time travel was possible, what would you rather do? Visit the future after all this nonsense is over, or opt for simpler times and visit the past? An online survey asked 4,000 people, and the most popular choice across all age groups was . . . the past.

65% of people who answered said they'd rather travel back in time. Only 35% would rather see what the future holds.

Young people were much more likely to say they'd travel to the future though. 47% of people under 25 said they'd check out the future, compared to less than a third of people over 50.

What about you? Which direction would you go?

Mix 101.3 air personality Mary Nethery with her extremely intelligent cat “Sweetie.”  Her cat is her “swinging” partner....

Mix 101.3 air personality Mary Nethery with her extremely intelligent cat “Sweetie.” Her cat is her “swinging” partner...

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

It’s a party all day today in our Union City office as we celebrate Davita Stephenson’s 50th birthday! Davita is an important piece of the puzzle around here and we love her so much! Her daughter Breanna Bell got here early this morning to decorate. Happy Birthday, Davita! 🥳

WCMT Radio

WCMT Radio

Terry and Paul will be back Monday morning (following our Hawaiian getaway) with Kevin on Good Times in the Morning on WCMT.


QOTD: We all know that concerts, movies, and other large public gatherings are going to change. The question is HOW?

According to Britain's "Mirror" tabloid, the music industry is hoping to get concerts up and running by the fall . . . and they might do it by having fans walk through a DISINFECTANT MIST on their way into the venue.

Temperature-taking and masks could also be part of the new normal.

Would you go to a concert and get sprayed with a mysterious "disinfectant" mist?


QOTD: Do you still drink tap water, or is it only bottled water for you?


QOTD: Is "Dinner" considered LUNCH - or - SUPPER? Vote and comment below!

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

June 14 is Flag Day. Thunderbolt Studios in Martin and Union City, TN are accepting worn, torn and tired flags. Drop off your flags and we will see that your flag is retired respectively. Shown here are 95.1 and WCMT air personality Skylar MCCroskey and his cousin Brent Pearce displaying some of the flags that have been brought to our studios.

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

1957, June 17 ....1410 WCMT AM began broadcasting from a small studio on the Fulton Highway in Martin TN where we’ve been for the past 63 years.

1410 AM is one of twelve radio signals in our radio family that serves West Tennessee and West Kentucky.

JT Sudbury filed for the original radio station license for Martin and we’ve been broadcasting ever since.

Twenty two years later Mr Sudbury sold the radio stations to Thunderbolt Broadcasting because he wanted the radio stations to remain in local hands.

Harold T. Brundige, a respected attorney in Martin, formed Thunderbolt and since 1979 Thunderbolt has been locally owned and operated.

There have only been two antenna towers on the property. A second tower went up in 1989 to replace the first and added more height.

City of Martin alderman Billy McAdoo was the first voice on WCMT and his first word was “hello!” Since that time many voices have been on the WCMT microphones through the years...

In 1959 Dwight “Duke” Drumm became the station manager, a position he would hold until he retired 20 years later.

Through the years public officials, children, quartets, politicians, ag leaders, university officials and thousands of others have used our microphones to communicate their message to our listeners. Advertisers have found WCMT stations to be extremely effective in getting their message to their customers which has allowed us to prosper through the years! 

WCMT has provided thousands of hours of high school and college sports coverage, election return results, broadcast of parades, we aired forums, religious broadcasts, “live on the scene” news reports, breaking weather and many other events including coverage of county fairs and even a milking contest!

WCMT is privileged to serve our loyal listeners and advertisers and we are honored to have your support through these 63 years.

We believe our Thunderbolt Radio family is one of the best in America in serving our communities and our listeners.

Because of our  incredible community service the National Association of Broadcasters presented WCMT with its coveted “Crystal” award for outstanding community service. The station has also been a Marconi finalist for Outstanding Radio.

We thank you for  listening and God bless you for listening to WCMT and our other Thunderbolt radio stations!

Our radio family includes WCMT 1410 and re-broadcasts on 92.7, 96.1, 99.7, 100.5 and 103.3.

Other family stations include
KYTN FM 104.9
WQAK FM 105.7
WCDZ FM 95.1 & 102.9
WQAK FM 105.7 & 107.9

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Thunderbolt Broadcasting

Tropical Storm Cristobal is moving north across the Gulf of Mexico. This storm will make landfall Sunday evening and will continue north along and west of the Mississippi River through early next week. While the storm will be weakening after moving inland, impacts are still possible across the Mid-South Monday and possibly on Tuesday.

The primary concern will be the potential for heavy rainfall. Widespread rainfall amounts in excess of 2 inches are possible with some areas along and west of the Mississippi River picking up 4-6 inches. This may result in flash flooding and could also affect the water levels on the Mississippi river and its tributaries. The heaviest rainfall is anticipated on Monday.

Gusty east winds will be possible as the storm nears Monday, shifting more southerly Monday night. Gusts to around 35 mph are possible, especially in the delta counties. A Wind Advisory may eventually be needed.

Finally, with the storm staying primarily to our west, the Mid-South will be in a favorable location for tropical tornadoes. These tornadoes are often brief and can spin-up with little notice. The greatest threat for tornadoes will be in northwest Mississippi and east-central Arkansas on Monday, but could linger into Tuesday. NWS


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I wish especially during this time that you would pick up the 5:00 news.
Is Thunderbolt Broadcasting going to broadcast all the girls and boys basketball games for this years Martin Lions Club Christmas Tournament? If so, what station will it be on?
I will always appreciate our friendship, Paul. You are special and deserving of all the success you have and will achieve.
I've noticed that you guys are playing music from the 80s and 90s again. You used to, then went to all modern Top 40. Please keep playing the oldies but goodies I grew up on. Hope y'all play some 80s shows like Nina Blackwoods Absolutely 80s again.
Best of The Best!
Love your music
2nd single! #MartineMcCutcheon #AnySignOfLife #Spotify #NewAlbum coming 8/11/17 #SHARE https://open.spotify.com/album/4tG8i2UJNi0Q7AicqZ5W6z