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Virgil Dominic Communications Virgil Dominic Communications The company is based on Virgil's experience during more than 40 years as a broadcast journalist and executive.

He has served as a television news anchor; national radio news broadcaster; television news director; corporate news director; and President/General Manager of WJW-TV, Cleveland, Ohio. The Company provides consulting, training and leadership advice to employees and management of a wide ranging group of Companies. Virgil also hosts a television interview show on cable and is a host of a weekly radio financial program. He has been selected as a member of 5 Broadcasts Halls of Fame.



A slight beam of sunlight slipped into the darkened bedroom. Lying on the bed the cat slowly opened his eyes. Silently,he regarded the light with suspicion and annoyance. It had interrupted his sleep and his dreams of chasing butterflies through fields of flowers. He was just about to catch one when the dream disappeared with the coming of the light.
The cat was a Tabby. He was black and brown with a question mark tail. His name was Sam. When awake he was a very active cat. He prowled the house looking for who knows what. And, he meowed loud and often when he wanted something to eat, which was often.

He was a lovable creature and extremely devoted to his mistress, Shawn . He followed her everywhere, delighted in jumping into her lap and in snuggling in the soft warm blankets which covered her legs as she watched television. It was his favorite part of the day. Sam would settle into those blankets and do what he did best, sleep. As his nap deepened a small sound sould emanate from his slack body. He was snoring. It was a comforting sound as night descended on the home where he lived. As Shawn stroked his silky hair the snore was replaced with a gentle purr. On and on it went creating the feeling that whatever the troubles of the day...all would be well.

Sometimes this peace would be interrupted by the weather. There would be lightning and thunder. Then, Sam would rapidly rouse himself. He would look all around and especially at his mistress. She would then comfort him with gentle strokes and a smile that indicated there was nothing to worry about. Sam quieted down, listened to the rain outside and once again stretched and laid down in the folds of those warm blankets.

As his mistress gazed down on Sam a thought came to her. How good of God to have created pets. Such a source of fun and entertainment, of companionship and an ability to create smiles and laughter and most of all...Love.

As Shawn pondered these thoughts Sam slept on. Content to know the night was long and the light of the rising sun was hours away. Sam knew he had plenty of time to chase those butterflies and perhaps catch one and make her his friend. In his dreams Sam knew that all things were possible ... even peace on Earth.

He was that kind of Cat.

Written by Virgil Dominic



The man stands silently by the railroad tracks....A slight Oklahoma breeze ruffles his thinning gray hair. The man is dressed in overalls, one strap hangs loosely over his chest.

He lifts his eyes to the West. The sinking sun shines on the rails of the MKT Railroad Company turning them to silver. But, there is no sign yet of the train the man is waiting for......He begins a slow walk around a weathered wooden cart. It is a large cart with a 12 foot bed....It is the tool of the man's life. A final inspection. Satisfied that all is in working order...the man...leans against the cart. A little rest before the work that is coming.

Time passes......And then....the man hears a whistle. The sound is low at first....but slowly it gets louder. All at once...the man sees it. The freight train rounding a bend...its engine is blowing blue and black smoke from its chimney. The train draws closer with an explosion of noise. Finally, it slows to a stop with a wet and white and hot steam streaming from its sides.

The man swings into action!....He grabs the handle of the cart and drags it to the cars behind the engine.....Their doors slide open. The workers inside see the man and call out...."Hello, John. How are you today?" The man jumps aboard the cart and begins unloading boxes and packages onto the scarred bed of the old cart. Some of the boxes are small. Some are big. Their destinations scratched onto their dirty cardboard, some of it torn in travel. Later, the man will lift them aboard a truck...and deliver them to places all over the little Oklahoma town where he lives.

At last, all the unloading is done. The cart is full. The packages and boxes piled high. The men aboard the train call out their goodbyes to the man as they slowly slide the doors shut.

Suddenly, the silence of the night is shattered by the renewed sound of the Engine's whistle. The train slowly begins to move. Its wheels slide past the man. One by one the cars slip a minute the train is gone...The man is alone again.

He moves to the front of the cart and picks up its handle. He beings to pull. His muscles tighten....His shoulders begin to ache...The cart starts to move the man...pulls and pulls....The wheels of the cart roll forward as....the man...pulls and pants...and puffs....and...sweats!

I watch from behind as the man points the cart toward the warehouse....

The creaking sound of the wheels fade into the distance....

Darkness descends....

i continue to watch the cart and...the man...slowly vanish into the night...

Another day is done for the Man.

My Dad.



The wind moves about on this cold, winter's night...sweeping and searching for a glimmer of light. Perhaps, a beacon of something so sought in Winter's gloom..a warmness, a hope, a small sign of Spring.

Over the lake, the wind springs free...but looking down it sees..only icy mystery. Up then goes the Breeze...soaring to the tops of the trees. Around and around it swirls looking for light...but finding only branches that are brittle and bare and absent of light.

Onto the Mountains then...Oh, they are so high..the wind looks all around and sees no light, only...white.

There is still one more hope, the valleys deep. The wind remembers them covered by flowers in colors bright..but arriving there..the wind sees no light...hears only silence...and feels the cold, piercing deep.

Ah the wind is weary now. It's spirit fades and falls as the sure knowledge sinks in...the light of the lovely, lovely Spring is still far, far away.

The wind is defeated now and can think of nothing else to it quiets...and falls asleep.

Soon it is sleeping deeply, its slumber dark, cold...winter's night.



IT IS INDEED AN INCREDIBLE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE...The advance of technology is breathtaking. More and more we spend our lives in front of a computer screen. An international study reports today's adults are spending 53 per cent of their time on line. The Kaiser Foundation says that our kids spend 7 hours a day using electronic media. 75 per cent of our children, ages 12 to 17, have their own cell phones. Half of them send 50 or more texts a day.

How about reading? Polls show that Americans are spending only 20 minutes a day reading printed material. We're on the internet or social media instead. Author William Green says even on vacations millions of people itch to check e mail and surf the web. We yearn, it seems, to be electronically connected.

But, in striving to be connected are we, in fact, disconnecting? Disconnecting from the freshness of the morning sunrise, from the gentle touch of the raindrops, from the song of the birds, from the sound of thunder and the flash of the lightning bolt.

Do we no longer hear the laughter of children, do we no longer see the power of the wind rippling the grass of the meadow, do we no longer feel the touch of those we love?

Are we being disconnected from ourselves?

The reality of the computer, the internet, the smart phons are a marvel of our times. But in the midst of all this it might be wise of us to realize that the real magic , the real phenomenon of Our Times, and all times, is the miracle of our recognition and respect and appreciation of....each other!

As for me, I appreciate the wind and the rain and the stars and the moon....and....You, dear reader!

Thank you.


Medina, OH

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