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Van Helsing Season 4

In this reimagining of the classic Dracula story, the world is dominated by vampires, requiring humans to work together to survive. The series centers on Vanessa Helsing, daughter of famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who wakes up after a five-year coma to discover a vampire-controlled world. She soon learns that she possesses a unique blood composition that makes her immune to vampires and able to turn the creatures into humans.


Van Helsing TV Trailer Season 3

In this reimagining of the classic Dracula story, the world is dominated by vampires, requiring humans to work together to survive. The series centers on Vanessa Helsing, daughter of famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who wakes up after a five-year coma to discover a vampire-controlled world. She soon learns that she possesses a unique blood composition that makes her immune to vampires and able to turn the creatures into humans.

Crisis On Infinite Earths May Include Tom Ellis as LuciferThe already sprawling cast of the upcoming Arrowverse crossove...

Crisis On Infinite Earths May Include Tom Ellis as Lucifer

The already sprawling cast of the upcoming Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, just got devilishly more so - with Lucifer star Tom Ellis reportedly joining the action. The annual crossover has become a staple of the DC/CW shared-universe. This year's event will ambitiously attempt to adapt Marv Wolfman's seminal 1985 storyline and is set to air across five hours. The saga will see the heroes of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Batwoman unite to combat the multiverse-destroying threat of the Anti-Monitor. They will also be joined in that endeavor, for the first time, by the cast of Black Lightning and many more. The impending adventure was more recently seeded in The Flash's season 6 premiere.

Ellis, meanwhile, debuted as the titular fallen angel back in 2016. Despite initially mixed reviews, critical reception warmed across the show's initial three seasons. Unfortunately, shortly after the third season finale, Fox canceled the show. Following an online campaign from his passionate fanbase - of which even Kelly Clarkson considers herself a member - Lucifer was saved by Netflix. Its highly emotional fourth season aired to positive acclaim and firm support from fans earlier in the year. It was soon after announced that the fifth season would be the last - allowing the show's writers to this time conclude the series on their own terms and with an additional six episodes.

According to Twitter user Canadagraphs, fans may not have to wait until that season drops before seeing more of Ellis' Lucifer Morningstar. In seeming revenge for a driver from The Flash refusing to turn down their high beams, they dropped a little scoop regarding the crossover. They made mention of a scene being filmed with David Ramsay (who plays John Diggle), Katherine McNamara (Mia Smoak), and Matt Ryan (John Constantine). Though the scene denotes a crossing over of various points in the Arrowverse timeline (given that Mia is from 20+ years in the future), it is, as the post states, hardly a surprise. All three of those aforementioned actors were recently seen together via set photos. The kicker, however, is that Ellis was also present and dressed in full Lucifer Morningstar attire. Check out the full post below:

Ellis wouldn't be the first actor to jump networks to play the same character within the Arrowverse. And, although Lucifer is more directly inspired by Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, that version of the character is deeply rooted within DC Comics mythology. It wouldn't even require that much heavy-lifting to introduce the character into the Arrowverse. The concept of Hell was first established within the shared universe in Arrow season 4, when Constantine repaid a debt to the titular vigilante. His method of payment was to retrieve the soul of Sara Lance. The realm was later revisited in Legends of Tomorrow season 4, when Constantine and Nora Darhk undertook a similar quest to save Ray Palmer. As such, the King of Hell appearing would require little exposition.

Then again, it could just as likely be a coincidence. After all, Lucifer season 5 is currently in production and often shoots in Vancouver, where the Arrowverse is also filmed. As such, Ellis may have just popped by during a break in filming. Lending even more credence to that idea is the fact that Tom Welling - who starred in Lucifer as the villainous Cain - will reprise his Smallville role of Clark Kent in the crossover. Therefore, Ellis could've simply been visiting a friend. If the report does ultimately pan out, it won't necessarily be entirely the same version as in Lucifer or make that show Arrowverse canon. It will, however, make for an amusing nod and assuredly give fans even more reason to be excited for what's to come.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will begin on The CW on December 8.

Jared Padalecki's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Is Really HappeningAs unlikely as it sounds, a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot...

Jared Padalecki's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Is Really Happening

As unlikely as it sounds, a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot starring Supernatural's Jared Padalecki is really happening, and it's going forward at The CW. When news of a Walker reboot starring Padalecki first broke late last month, the reaction was a bit incredulous, to say the least. For one, after 15 years on Supernatural, and appearances in the Friday the 13th and House of Wax remakes, Padalecki is primarily identified with the horror genre. For two, Walker, Texas Ranger, is a show so closely associated with action legend Chuck Norris, that it's hard to imagine any other actor playing the role.

Arguably odd casting aside, it looks like Padalecki will indeed take over the role of Walker, Texas Ranger, at least once the recently premiered fifteenth and final season of Supernatural finishes. While fans wouldn't necessarily be able to tell by his accent - or at least the accent he uses when playing Sam - Padalecki is a native Texan, so that lends him some unexpected credibility as Walker right off the bat.

As reported by Deadline, Padalecki's Walker, Texas Ranger reboot has landed at The CW, keeping the actor in the network's stable. The original Walker series aired on CBS, but several networks had made offers to try and land the project. The reboot will be titled simply Walker, and will see Padalecki both star and executive produce. Clearly, starring in one of the longest-running primetime dramas ever has earned Padalecki some pull in Hollywood.

This new Walker, Texas Ranger show will star Padalecki as a widower with two children who heads back to his Austin home after years spent undercover. It's his wife's suspicious death that spurs Walker's return home, suggesting that this reboot will include a long-term mystery element, in addition to Walker presumably investigating the case of the week. Another new wrinkle is Walker receiving a female partner, a rarity for the Texas Rangers. These changes aren't necessarily surprising, as there's a lot bigger push for diversity in casting nowadays then there was when Walker originally aired, and also much more call for dramas to have serialized story progression.

Walker is designed as a total reboot, not a sequel or continuation in the same universe as the original, so one assumes Chuck Norris won't be appearing, unless it's as a new character. While Padalecki may seem like a strange choice for the lead, his Sam Wi******er character has already spent over a decade taking down bad guys and protecting the innocent, Padalecki will now just be using his action hero skills against human criminals instead of vampires and demons.


When is Lucifer season 4 on Netflix?

It’s finally confirmed: Lucifer season four will be released on Netflix on 8th May 2019.

The news was revealed via a smoking hot new teaser trailer featuring star Tom Ellis emerging from a swimming pool and picking up a glass of something strong.



Follows a locally born and bred S.W.A.T. lieutenant who is torn between loyalty to the streets and duty to his fellow officers when he's tasked to run a highly-trained unit that's the last stop for solving crimes in Los Angeles.



Ryan Murphy's first responder drama is coming back to FOX this weekend. The 911 season 2 premiere is a two-part event — two hour-long episodes documenting a massive Los Angeles earthquake — and it's ready to get your adrenaline pumping.

The cast includes familiar faces from season 1 like Angela Bassett as Athena Grant, Peter Krause as Bobby Nash, Kenneth Choi as Howie "Chimney" Han and Rockmond Dunbar as Michael Grant.



Reeva reveals her plans for a major mission for the Inner Circle to secure some needed funds. Meanwhile, the Mutant Underground must contend with Reed's unstable powers, hoping that some medical help from Caitlin and Lauren will keep his destruction in check. Also, Jace is introduced to Benedict Ryan, a well-connected public figure who supports the efforts of the Purifers, but the two may not see eye-to-eye. Then, Thunderbird finally confronts Blink about her dealings with Urg, after weeks of tension over their meeting.



Nora lets something slip about the future that devastates Iris. In an attempt to distract his wife, Barry asks Iris to team up to stop a new meta, Rag Doll. Meanwhile, Caitlin learns something about her father.



Kara and company celebrate a glum Thanksgiving this year for a myriad of reasons. Let’s run them down:

Masked citizens calling themselves the Children of Liberty are patrolling the streets, accosting innocent aliens and escorting around a German shepherd that really doesn’t like Supergirl, which is weird because dogs usually love her.



A supernatural force crosses paths with Scott and his friends; Liam finds evidence of a new enemy at the high school.

If You Have watched Vampires Diary and the Originals, Now is the time to watch the Legacies, the beginning of the Dawn o...

If You Have watched Vampires Diary and the Originals, Now is the time to watch the Legacies, the beginning of the Dawn of Hope Mikaelson and the twin witches of the Gemini Coven. Don't miss it. This is already on the First Season of the third Episode.

Legacies Official Trailer 2018 is the continuation of Vampires diary and the Originals. Legacies Is the beginning of Hope Michelsons and the two sisters of the charmed ones.If you havent already start watching, stay tune and watch the beginning of the down of Legacies.


The Quantico Affair

When Rich Dotcom solves a tattoo about the Michelangelo bombers, the team races to stop a series of bombs that could devastate New York; Madeline Burke touches base with the FBI; Patterson's personal and professional lives overlap.



Three years after overcoming the global famine, the U.S. Navy prepares to unveil its first fully functional fleet since the Red Flu pandemic, but a new type of threat may mean the next world war.



Manifest is an American drama television series, created by Jeff Rake, that premiered on September 24, 2018, on NBC. The series centers on the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner who suddenly reappear after being presumed dead for five years.



A drama that centres on the crew of a lone naval ship trying to save humanity from extinction when a deadly virus wipes out much of the population.



A group of heroic firefighters at Seattle Fire Station 19—from captain to newest recruit—risk their lives and hearts both in the line of duty and off the clock. These brave men and women are like family, literally and figuratively, and together they put their own lives in jeopardy as first responders to save the lives of others.



Mel and Maggie Vera suffer a shock when their mother dies suddenly, but before they have time to heal from their loss, another surprise shows up on their doorstep in the shape of an older sister -- brilliant geneticist Macy -- whom their mother never told them existed. The emotional stress takes its toll and the girls begin to exhibit impossible new abilities.

An explanation comes from an unexpected place: the new chair of the women's studies department. Harry Greenwood reveals that the three are powerful witches, and he is their whitelighter, there to advise and guide them as they battle dark forces.



Tom Chandler goes to Asia to investigate a possible mutation of the Red Flu; Captain Slattery and his crew deliver the cure to Southeast Asia.



George R.R. Martin's best-selling book series `A Song of Ice and Fire' is brought to the screen as HBO sinks its considerable storytelling teeth into the medieval fantasy epic. It's the depiction of two powerful families - kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men - playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne. Martin is credited as a co-executive producer and one of the writers for the series, which was filmed in Northern Ireland and Malta.



A team of young superheroes led by Nightwing (formerly Batman's first Robin) form to combat evil and other perils.



Meredith and the team focus on helping Owen's sister after her shocking return; Amelia faces a conflict over a patient; Bailey gives Grey Sloan a makeover; the doctors meet a few new people.



Having left her job as a CIA analyst for ethical reasons, newly appointed Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord returns to public life at the request of the president, after the suspicious death of her predecessor.

Valued by her boss for her apolitical leanings, knowledge of the Middle East, language skills and creative thinking, Elizabeth drives international diplomacy, battles office politics and circumvents protocol, while negotiating national and international issues.

At home, politics and compromise take on new meaning with her supportive husband and three bright kids.



New unlikely alliances and betrayals form as the battle for humanity's freedom from Dmitri's reign continues. Vanessa faces a shocking revelation that will force her to make a hard decision.



I’ve got some bad news for Blindspot fans who were hoping Jane’s evil turn as Remi would be short-lived.

As evidenced by Friday’s Season 4 premiere, it seems Remi will be sticking around for a while — but when it comes to her nefarious plan to take down the FBI team, she’s working on borrowed time.



Chandler and his fractured team join forces with an underground resistance in an attempt to defeat Amy Granderson; Rachael tries to help the sick while remaining a prisoner; Sidney and the crew try to regain control of their ship.



At 11, Barry Allen's life changed completely when his mother died in a freak accident and his innocent father was convicted of her murder.

Orphaned Barry later becomes Detective Joe West. Now a crime-scene investigator, his dedication to learn the truth about his mother's death drives him to follow up on every new scientific advancement and urban legend.

When his latest obsession - a particle accelerator heralded as a world-changing invention - causes an explosion, it creates a freak storm and Barry is struck by lightning.

He awakes from a coma nine months later with the power of superspeed. When he learns that others who have gained powers use them for evil, he dedicates himself to protecting the innocent, while still trying to solve the older mystery.



The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Meredith Grey are faced with life-or-death decisions on a daily basis. They seek comfort from one another, and, at times, more than just friendship. Together they discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white.



Shaun Murphy, a young autistic surgeon who has savant syndrome, relocates from a quiet country life to join the surgical unit at the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital -- a move strongly supported by his mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman.

Having survived a troubled childhood, Shaun is alone in the world and unable to personally connect with those around him, but he finds his niche using his extraordinary medical skill and intuition to save lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagues.


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