We believe the most rewarding work stems from a strong sense of teamwork, collaboration with our clients, and a desire to make something fresh and compelling. Here at MAKE we have a true passion for this work and enjoy all aspects of the creative process from start to finish.


NEW characters have joined the Hot Wheels RacerVerse track!!

The first RacerVerse spot we did last year was a whirlwind, and being part of another one? A blast! We love to see it and create it. Wham, bam, thank you again, Mattel fam—you guys rock!


Today is National Cheese Day, and these cheese lovers are here to remind you that through love and death..? There will always be cheese! 🧀👅

There was so much HEAT brought to the table at this year's Student Commercial Workshop!!With Duracell and Tabasco as the...

There was so much HEAT brought to the table at this year's Student Commercial Workshop!!

With Duracell and Tabasco as the brand pitch, the artists worked as a team and cooked up some seriously cool ads!

Read all about their collaboration, the workshop's creative process, and the incredible experiences everyone had during the workshop here: https://makevisual.com/the-2024-student-commercial-workshop-served-up-power-spice

The Student Commercial Workshop was fire. With Duracell and Tabasco as the pitch, the students crafted beyond cool ads. But, why put this on?


Brace yourself for this latest piece—our new explosive teaser for HV-MTL is here! 👀🔥

Epic things are on the horizon, and we’re beyond stoked to be in the thick of it!


Matchbox is Driving Toward a Better Future ♻️

This marks our second partnership with Mattel's Matchbox Sustainability series, and we just love being a part of this message and creating the fun animation that goes along with it! Let's continue educating kids on sustainability while steering toward a better future.


Our artists can't wait to MAKE our way to LightBox Expo this year—and guess what? We're tabling AND presenting!

Come by our booth to see what we've been cooking up and to chat with the crew behind MAKE Originals.

We can't wait to see everyone there!


The second 2024 MAKE Student Commercial Workshop showcase has arrived! 🎬

Presenting the sizzling spec spot from the talented 2D artist team! Massive kudos to these artists for bringing their fiery vision to life with Tabasco!! 🌶️

This student workshop holds a special place in the hearts of the MAKE team, and we absolutely adore seeing the incredible work these artists develop. It's truly rewarding—wishing all you talented artists the best; you're all gems!

Erica Chernne
Jaimi Qiu
Joanne Jian
Liliana Cantillo
Lydia Leiwang
Mandy (Lin Xin) Lin
Marina Souza
Sijia Huang


Another Wild Announcement! 😲

To bring you up to speed, this past January, MAKE teamed up with Flash Fiction Magazine for a FLASH FICTION WRITING CONTEST! And these are the winners!! 🎉🎉

1st Place: "An Incident at the Dancing Badger" - by Mike Irving
2nd Place: "A Trip to the Moon" - by Nina Schuyler
3rd Place: "Figments of Her Imagination" - by Debra A. Daniel

But if you recall, the first-place prize isn't just about receiving cash; oh no, our MAKE artists will also be bringing "An Incident at the Dancing Badger" to LIFE as a 2D Animated short!!

You can read all about the winning writers as well as those who submitted stories here 👉 https://flashfictionmagazine.com/


Reimagine Possible 🛫

Textron aimed to make the impossible look possible in this new 3D billboard campaign, so we brought out our 3D wizards. Loved how it all came together—a fun ride with a fun team!


The first 2024 MAKE Student Commercial Workshop showcase is here!! 🎬

We had two incredibly skilled teams—one made up of 3D artists and the other of 2D artists. Each group was given the exciting challenge of creating a spec spot from scratch. Without further ado, presenting the 3D team's commercial for Duracell! ⚡

HUGE shout out to all of the artists that brought this piece to Life!
Amanda Rabade
Fabian Sanchez
Galina Bovykina
Jerilyn Tennison
Josephine Ikehara
Selin Giray


May the 4th be with you. 🌑 is here.

The incredibly talented artist Lydia Su created this masterpiece during her internship last year. Seriously blown away at how this turned out. SO COOL! 🖤


Happy International Dance Day! Oww owwwah! 🕺✨

Let's celebrate the universal language of dance by moving and grooving all day long! Shout out to Maya Bayewitch for this stunning piece and for appreciating this day that spreads so much joy.


Hot Wheels Skate is back in action with an EPIC return!! 🛹

The Tony Hawk Cereal Bowl set really got us pulling out all the fingerboard tricks! It was a blast for sure, and as always, a huge thanks to the Mattel crew for letting us serve up this spoonful of awesomeness. Definitely a memorable moment for the books! 🤘


It's Earth Day! 🌎

Remember, Mother Nature has a sense of humor too. Let's hope we're not rec*cled next. Do your part as a human being!

Harsh*tha Suresh, we love this creation! Excited to share your talent and this message with the world!


Here's to Midwest Games for welcoming us into their world of fun projects!✨

We recently had the pleasure of working with them on some sizzle reels promoting their amazing lineup. Cheers to the awesome Midwest Games team for the great work – you guys rock!


NEW Freelancing Opportunity for 3D Character Animators!! 🤯

We've got some awesome ongoing projects waiting for you to join in immediately!

You should know:
· Remote applicants are accepted.
· Solid acting skills required.
· We'll only respond to applicants meeting the requirements.

👉 Apply Here: https://makevisual.com/freelancer-application-form

Come be a part of creating some incredible work!


Happy World Art Day! 🎨

We cannot imagine a world without art! So, in honor of this beautiful day, let's splash some color and creativity into our lives. Whether you're doodling, painting, animating, or just appreciating the day, let's celebrate together! We have the lovely and talented Pei Hua Yang, one of our previous interns, to thank for this day's appreciation and creation. ❤️


MAKE a statement and design an ADHD-inspired T-shirt!

We're teaming up once again with Keshev (The Israeli Organization For ADHD) and Threadless for their global T-shirt competition!

We're breaking down barriers and shining a spotlight on ADHD, removing it from the gray area of social stigma. Your voice matters, your story matters, and now's your chance to share it with the world!

Get creative, get inspired, and let your designs do the talking.

All design submissions and information can be found at: [email protected]


Diversity makes for a rich tapestry 🌀

This piece was created by one of our talented interns last year, artist Jason Heo. With precision and a personal touch, Jason captured the abstract essence of 'Diversity' in this project. Beautiful!!


MAKE is and we want YOU!

We're rapidly expanding, friends! Right now, we're on the lookout for FULL-TIME ARTISTS with top-tier talent and an unstoppable passion for their craft! So if you know someone who knows someone, or maybe YOU are that someone—explore available positions and apply right now!

👉 3D Artists - https://makevisual.com/job-opening-3dartist-application
👉 2D Artists - https://makevisual.com/job-opening-2d-artist-application
👉 VFX Artists - https://makevisual.com/job-opening-vfx-artist-application

Don't miss your chance to join us in shaping the future of creativity. ✨


Hope everyone has a lively Easter weekend! 🐣

Question: who's actually munching on Peeps, and who's just tossing them in the microwave to make em' BIG?

Big thanks to Jake Chan, one of our awesome interns last year, for packing in some hops and egg-citement into this animation!


Spin through the gears and gadgets, revealing the breakdown of the mechanics in our latest Transformers spot! 🤖


You have one week left to apply for our 2024 MAKE Summer Internship. 🌞

kickstart your career and recruit your buddies to dive on into our intern pool: https://lnkd.in/g3MihwUT

Step into the mysterious realm of 'House On The Outlands,' our NEW MAKE Original Micro Short Series! 😱This thrilling ani...

Step into the mysterious realm of 'House On The Outlands,' our NEW MAKE Original Micro Short Series! 😱

This thrilling animated adventure is one we can't wait to share with the world. Stay Tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, don't keep the excitement to yourself—SHARE!

Official Hashtags for "House On The Outlands" by MAKE Originals:


Step into the mysterious realm of 'House On The Outlands,' where Harmony wields eldritch powers against chaotic interdimensional forces. But her magic, a del...


Spring has finally sprung! 🌼🐝

Let's shake off that hibernation mode because today marks the first day of spring, also known as the spring equinox! It's time to embrace new beginnings. A big thank you to Ling Zhao for creating this lovely day – we appreciate you and your talent!


Rev up your excitement with the latest Hot Wheels Monster Trucks! 🚚💨

Our recent collaboration with our friends at Mattel has been nothing short of awesome. The entire monster truck series this past year has been a blast to work on. A big thanks to the team for making it happen!


Amid the season when young creatives explore summer work or workshops, revisiting this 2022 commercial animation workshop project brings joy, as it led to three MAKE employees. 🖤

Best of luck to everyone this spring/summer, and don't forget to savor an OREO; it's their birthday!!



The door to MAKE Summer Internships 2024 is wide open, and we're actively seeking bold, creative minds ready to kickstart their careers in May 2024!

Internship options include:


Ready to make waves? Learn more and apply here: https://lnkd.in/g3MihwUT

Heads up:
You must be currently enrolled in college, preferably as a Jr/Sr Artist or a recent graduate.
We can only respond to applicants who meet the requirements.
Short-term relocation is required for this role.
Application deadline: March 29th, 2024.
Start date: May/June



Explore the character animation journey of our cranky friend, Kanka! 😡

From twitchy expressions to enduring grimacing environments, take a closer look at the quirky details that make this pesky character both lovable and irritable.


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We believe the most rewarding work stems from a strong sense of teamwork, collaboration with our clients, and a desire to make something fresh and compelling. Here at MAKE we have a true passion for this work and enjoy all aspects of the creative process from start to finish.

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