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Take Five was performed by Hunter and Jason Mantei.  This tune is part of our curriculum and presents many challenges.  ...
Take Five (official music workshop video)

Take Five was performed by Hunter and Jason Mantei. This tune is part of our curriculum and presents many challenges. One of them being that it is in 5/4.
"Take Five" is a jazz standard composed by Paul Desmond and originally recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet at Columbia Records' 30th Street Studio in New York City on July 1, 1959 for their album Time Out. Two years later it became a hit and the biggest-selling jazz single ever. For years it was the theme music for WTTW channel 11. That is where i first heard it.
Congratulations Jason! You have come a long way in a couple years. If memory serves me you were a "G, C, D guy" when we met.
Making these improvised music videos is no easy task. The only thing we know going into the lab is melody and harmony. Intro's, Outro's, and soloing are all spontaneous. The way i like it! It is what it is!

Take Five was performed by Hunter Prendergast and Jason Mantei at the Music Workshop. This tune is part of our curriculum and presents many challenges. One o...

Hawaii 5-0

And then there were 5! Hunter Kurt Hofbauer Jake, and Ben rock some 5-0! Where is Chin ho?

Hawaii 5-0 as performed by Kurt, Jake, Ben, and Hunter. This cool tune is part of our curriculum at The Music Workshop Mundelein Illinois - The place to lear...

Way Cool Victor!  some serious "axe" slinging!  Great first project.  You have become quite the guitar student.
Estudio (official music workshop video)

Way Cool Victor! some serious "axe" slinging! Great first project. You have become quite the guitar student.

Hunter Prendergast and Victor (7yr) take on 8 measures of estudio. Victor has come a long way in a short time. I'm pleased with his dedication. I think we wi...


Ken Hall Recording new music video! Awesome!

Ken Hall recording vibes.  The Master at work!

Ken Hall recording vibes. The Master at work!

When I'm 64 was arranged by Jon Thiel (clarinet) for Mary Winsch (accordion) and bass (Hunter).  Great Job Mary!!! You w...
When I'm 64 (official Music Workshop Video)

When I'm 64 was arranged by Jon Thiel (clarinet) for Mary Winsch (accordion) and bass (Hunter). Great Job Mary!!! You worked hard for this and it is fabulous. Great Job at the helm Jon. Let's give Mary a hand!!!

When I'm 64 was arranged by Jon Thiel. This Beatles classic was performed by Hunter Prendergast, Jon Thiel and Mary Winsch. Another way cool song which is pa...

Enjoyed the opportunity to work with the band Whatismu!

Enjoyed the opportunity to work with the band Whatismu!

Listening to final mixes for our upcoming CD release 'Into Frenzy'!

When I’m 64!  Mary Winsch  Jon Thiel and Hunter Prendergast perform Jon’s trio arrangement for accordion, clarinet, and ...

When I’m 64! Mary Winsch Jon Thiel and Hunter Prendergast perform Jon’s trio arrangement for accordion, clarinet, and bass. Music video of this Beatles classic to follow-stay tuned!

V8 (official music video) - Hunter Prendergast

V8, original by Hunter. Production happened here at Music Workshop.

V8 was written and performed by Hunter Prendergast. The title in part is a reference to my daily vegetable juice production and consumption. It's my life blo...

Prog rock converges!

Prog rock converges!

Prog rock converges!

Does music really help you concentrate?


‘I won’t be able to focus if you turn that off,’ a gazillion teenagers have whined at their parents. Is it possible that they’re right?

Cait Sith (official music workshop video)

Cait Sith (official music workshop video)

Final Fantasy VII - Cait Sith's Theme written by Nobuo Uematsu. Arranged by Jason Mantei and jazzed up by Hunter Prendergast and Jason. Jason transcribed and...


Jason Mantei and Hunter perform Final Fantasy VII - Cait Sith's theme. Jason transcribed and arranged this game theme. We decided to let the camera roll and record it. BTW, jason performs with a guitar he made! Way Cool!

Wasp & Stinger (official music video)

I banged out this short music vid last night. It is an original surf style i wrote for my padawans. Don't forget to subscribe on youtube if you haven't.

This original sinister surf composition Wasp & Stinger was written for a young student of mine. I wanted to take a break from "hot cross buns" and "this old ...

Tuning up
Tuning up

Tuning up

"I first became interested in this topic while working on a project looking into the relationship between personality traits and musical preferences," says the study author, psychology and primate conservation student Elena Račevska of Oxford Brookes University, according to PsyPost. "We decided to...

Thank you Yo Yo

Thank you Yo Yo

Hawaii 5-0 (official music workshop music video)

Ben and Hunter perform this arrangement Jon Thiel and I wrote for the TV theme curriculum. Ben worked on the Korg Karma which presented new challenges for him such as finger pressure and release. He did a great job as his synth horns are poppin. Great job Ben! Please like us and subscribe to our channel if you haven't yet. Enjoy!

Ben and Hunter perform this classic tv theme Hawaii 5-0. Ben had to learn the use of aftertouch and finger pressure to get the synth horns to pop. And pop th...


This popped up in my timeline so i thought i would reshare

Blues for Anna (Official Video)

Happy Sunday Music Makers! Today we present an original bubbly blues performed by Hunter and Anna. This was written for Anna. This composition was written to teach the 12 bar blues form using a bass strum rhythm. It also contains a major blues scale melody as well as a solo section and a tag ending. I think i have said enough. Give a big hand to Anna, she is committed. Enjoy! Also, if you haven't liked us or subscribed to our youtube channel, now is a good time.

Hunter and Anna perform a Blues composed by Hunter for Anna. This lesson combines a 12 bar blues form with a "major" blues melody and bass strum accompanimen...

Rocky Raccoon

Nice job Madison! A real pinky stretcher

Madison and Hunter perform this fun saloon style tune. "Rocky Raccoon" is a song by the Beatles from their 1968 double album The Beatles (also known as the "...

East St Louis Toodle Oo

Nice rhythm guitaring Adam Necklaws Adam performs a Duke Ellington composition via Steely Dan through the arranging of Hunter. I thought it went well! If you haven't subscribed to MW youtube channel, then please do.

Adam and I performed a transcription i did of Steely Dan's version. Such a fun and challenging composition! And one that is on our advanced curriculum. East ...


Matthew performs a legendary acoustic guitar composition. This is a great composition for developing guitar neck facility and finger picking which Matt is now doing. Hats off to you Matthew. You are a pianist, guitarist, and saxophonist and not yet in high school. Are eyes and ears are on you.
If you haven't already, then please subscribe to your music school (MW) on You Tube.

Matthew performs this beautiful composition blackbird by McCartney. Such a great tune to learn and perform on the guitar! Great job Matthew!

You Belong with Me

Great Job Alexandra! Your practice has paid off! That was an intense project

Alexandra performs a Taylor Swift song that she requested to learn and perform. She has worked very hard learning all those phrases and syncopated eighth not...

MixCat (official music video)

Hunter and Cole perform an original composition by Hunter about "Mix" the cat. I wrote this to teach Cole about the Rhythm Changes song form. Great Job Cole keeping those changes moving at 200 bpm! Please subscribe to our Youtube page if you haven't yet. Enjoy our work!

Composed by Hunter Prendergast and performed by Hunter & Cole. I wrote the tune about our resident bopper "Mix" the cat. I wanted to teach cole about the Rhy...

Yellow Submarine

Great Job Anna! Your Kideo rocks!

Anna performs her project along with her trusty guitar teacher Hunter. Another fun project! Please enjoy our efforts.

snake charmer

Well done Anna, your practicing is paying off!

Anna & Hunter perform Anna's project The Snake Charmer. Great job Anna!

Bella Flor

Recorded and produced at Music Workshop.

Composed and performed by Hunter Prendergast. Please enjoy my effort. Production happened at Music Workshop - Mundelein IL. #hunterprendergast #hunterprender...

Dylan  reviews his work for his upcoming project

Dylan reviews his work for his upcoming project

Yogi Berra Explains Jazz:Interviewer: Can you explain jazz?Yogi: I can't, but I will. 90% of all jazz is half improvisat...

Yogi Berra Explains Jazz:

Interviewer: Can you explain jazz?
Yogi: I can't, but I will. 90% of all jazz is half improvisation. The other half is the part people play while others are playing something they never played with anyone who played that part. So if you play the wrong part, its right. If you play the right part, it might be right if you play it wrong enough. But if you play it too right, it's wrong.
Interviewer: I don't understand.

Yogi: Anyone who understands jazz knows that you can't understand it. It's too complicated. That's what's so simple about it.

Interviewer: Do you understand it?
Yogi: No. That's why I can explain it. If I understood it, I wouldn't know anything about it.
Interviewer: Are there any great jazz players alive today?
Yogi: No. All the great jazz players alive today are dead. Except for the ones that are still alive. But so many of them are dead, that the ones that are still alive are dying to be like the ones that are dead. Some would kill for it.
Interviewer: What is syncopation?

Yogi: That's when the note that you should hear now happens either before or after you hear it. In jazz, you don't hear notes when they happen because that would be some other type of music. Other types of music can be jazz, but only if they're the same as something different from those other kinds.
Interviewer: Now I really don't understand.

Yogi: I haven't taught you enough for you to not understand jazz that well.

Hunter Prendergast Music

Produced, recorded, and performed at Music Workshop 🎶😎

Been in the lab again! Funkin Good

Hunter Prendergast Music

Produced and recorded here at Music Workshop

Revisited and revised and now realized this mysterious composition. Thank you Jon Thiel! So very mysterious.

Will, can you hold my bass a moment? Thanks 😳😂

Will, can you hold my bass a moment? Thanks 😳😂

Winter's Journey

Anna & Hunter perform "Winter's Journey". Very nice Anna!

Anna & Hunter perform Anna's 2nd project. Nice job Anna!

Autumn Leaves

"It's Major, It's Minor, and it's fun to play! Good job Anthony!

Anthony & Hunter perform this fabulous standard. Enjoy #musicworkshop1250#musicworkshop

Yes, back in village hearing about new sign ordinance.

Yes, back in village hearing about new sign ordinance.

You Got a Friend

Adam and Hunter Have some Fun! Good job Adam Necklaws!
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Adam & Hunter perform this most excellent composition #musicworkshop1250#musicworkshop#hunterprendergast#guitarlessons#musicschool#mundelein#lakeforest#liber...


Cole & Hunter perform while young master Will records us. Fun project!
Make sure to subscribe to our channel 😊

Hunter & Cole perform While young (5yr old) "Padawan" Will records us. Too much fun!

Anna and Hunter

Nice working with you Anna! Great Job!
Subscribe to our channel for future projects 😊

Anna performs her first project "Estudio". Fantastic!

Last night 😊

Last night 😊

Martin Guitar

Martin Guitar

The repair process of John Mayer’s OM28JM.

Nowhere man

Sunsplash! Fun project Jack and Ollie. Nice collaboration

Jack and Ollie spin this classic! Nice Job Dudes!

Blue Bossa

Nice Job Michael Friedman

Hunter and Mike perform a Kenny Dorham composition first introduced on Joe Henderson's 1963 album Page One. Nice Job Mike!


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My son just started bass lessons with Hunter. He is enjoying the lessons and the teaching methods there. Hunter’s enthusiasm and great teaching technique are quite a hit with my son and he looks forward to his weekly lessons at the Music Workshop.
All musicians at any level, take notice! 🙂
My older boys started taking piano lessons with Jon when they were about 8. They are now 20 and it is amazing to listen to them play. Jon has been really a great positive influence in their lives at keeping their passion and their motivation going and at advancing their skills to such an advanced level. He is a wonderful talented teacher and just great with children. Now my little kids are taking lessons with Jon here at the Music Workshop and I could not be happier with their progress and with the enthusiasm they show, especially because they look up to their older brothers and they see how far they can get with practice and perseverance. I have recommended Music Workshop to my friends and family and now two of my nephews and my friend's son take classes with Jon and they are very happy. Also when I am in the waiting area I can sometimes hear the beautiful music from the saxophone students and the guitar students and I can see how talented these kids and teachers are.
Your never to old to learn something new. My name is Mary and I’m 67 years young,and I started taking accordion lessons 15 months ago with Jon Thiel. I have learned so much in a short amount of time. Jon is so patient and so much fun,he makes the impossible at your reach. I would highly recommend the school and teachers,to any one of all ages.