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Vohn Heinrich Music Publishing - Bmi BMI music publishing company run and owned by John Heinrich. Publishing music and pitching to Artists.



Do your mixes frequently seem unfocused, or are too bright or overly muddy? Do instruments like piano or guitar lack resonance when you’re recording? It’s easy to blame your speakers or instruments for the faulty sound, when in reality your room itself may be the culprit. If that’s the case, h...



Learn about the evolution of archaeology and human interest in it with this excerpt from “Archaeology: The Essential Guide to Our Human Past.”

The  #1 Mistake Writers and Artists Make!

The #1 Mistake Writers and Artists Make!

The toughest critiques I do when I teach my workshops are those that require my telling the writers and artists that they have written a perfectly crafted song; that there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix. I tell them to pat themselves on the back because few writers will ever…

The late and Awesome Jim Reeves!  Gotta have some of that!!

The late and Awesome Jim Reeves! Gotta have some of that!!



Creativity is scary. I know this to be true. Even after sitting down to write over 1,000 songs, I still hesitate just slightly before I start writing the next one. As if that weren’t proof enough, I’ve even been dreading sitting down to write this article about why we’re averse to…

Check this video out, was fun doing it and playing Sax on it!https://www.johnheinrich.com

Check this video out, was fun doing it and playing Sax on it!

Brenda Best - You’re So Vain (cover song) songwriter: Carly Symon (ASCAP)Elektra Records Brenda Best 2023 Version was recorded in Nashville, TN Musicians: St...

Thought this might be interesting to some of you!

Thought this might be interesting to some of you!

Cyberattacks are growing in number and sophistication. They constitute an ever-present geopolitical and national security threat.

A new film explores Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole’s efforts to unmask a serial killer believed to have murdered 13 wo...

A new film explores Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole’s efforts to unmask a serial killer believed to have murdered 13 women between 1962 and 1964!

A new film explores Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole's efforts to unmask a serial killer believed to have murdered 13 women between 1962 and 1964



In the world of rock and roll, The Rolling Stones are the last people you’d think of when it comes to wholesome material. While The Beatles might have been singing about wanting to hold their girlfriend’s hand and sending all their loving home to them, the Stones just wanted to get down and dirt...



While a film or TV show’s casting director is tasked with finding the right actors for a given role, those of us who create and represent songs have the job of identifying the ideal artists for our songs. Whether you are a songwriter pitching your own material or a music publisher…



It takes a certain kind of personality to excel at tricky recording maneuvers while simultaneously working with an equally tricky recording artist. Perhaps it’s for that reason alone that I admittedly never sought full-time studio operator status, choosing instead to track guests on a case-by-case...

Very cool!

Very cool!

If you’re good at it, writing isn’t what you’re doing. Writing is just transcribing; you are a thinker.

This picture was taken in the Bullpen Lounge in the basement of the Stockyard restaurant when I was playing in the band ...

This picture was taken in the Bullpen Lounge in the basement of the Stockyard restaurant when I was playing in the band probably in the early 90s sometime. Yes it's Ivana Trump, may she RIP. She was eating upstairs and came down to the lounge and sat right in the seats that were at the front of the stage. At this time she was divorced from Trump but still had his last name. It's possible Tex took this shot and gave me a copy. I met so many great people at the Stockyard/Bullpen Lounge here in Nashville. That was one of the best if not the best gig to have in that time!


Heinrich Maneuver · Song · 2016



“How good do demos need to be?” is one of the questions I am asked most often in my workshops. To effectively answer this question, you need to identify the purpose of your demo recording. For example, is it intended to be pitched in the hopes of finding a home with…



When we present a song to a music industry professional, whether in person or via the internet, it is always a good idea to have a lyric sheet available. At a face-to-face meeting, ask whether the listener would like to follow along with a lyric sheet. When sending songs via the…


Playing the Jazz standard "God Bless The Child" written by Billie Holiday and Aurthur Herzog. Gary "Brotherman" Branshaud on Bass, Phil Rugh on Piano, Jerry...


John Heinrich



A few weeks ago, a talented writer/artist asked me to write a song with her to fill a specific niche missing from her repertoire. She wanted a lyric that would convey strength and resolve; words that would empower listeners. She hoped we would write a melody that would showcase the power…



We’re honored and privileged to pay tribute to our incredible Gospel family, whose inspiring musical gifts have never felt more meaningful. Your stellar talent, artistry and creativity have given us songs with messages of hope, faith, and love that strengthen and encourage us every day.


2416 Music Valley Drive, Ste 133
Nashville, TN


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Recording Lindsey Smith on Cello at Songwriterdemo studios! She did an awesome job!!
Heinrich Maneuver SongwriterDemo2 Heinrich Maneuver Productions Vohn Heinrich Music Publishing - Bmi
Ronnie Milsap on the Glen Campbell Show sometime in the 80s!
Vohn Heinrich Music Publishing - Bmi Heinrich Maneuver Heinrich Maneuver Productions SongwriterDemo2
This was taken on New Years Eve, Smiley lays it down with his zydeco wash board, Damm if we didn't have fun!!
www.johnheinrich.com Heinrich Maneuver Vohn Heinrich Music Publishing - Bmi Heinrich Maneuver Productions
Pooping Candy Christmas Cow!
Vohn Heinrich Music Publishing - Bmi Heinrich Maneuver Productions SongwriterDemo2 Heinrich Maneuver
Pushing Ronnie Milsap's piano in it's case up to stage level in Watseka, IL at the Watseka Theatre! They did it!!
Vohn Heinrich Music Publishing - Bmi SongwriterDemo2 Heinrich Maneuver Productions
This page is amazing John! Will check it out.....thanks for the invite!
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