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Real Organic Truth Informed consent is something that was never given by most who were vaccinated.We know and share so others can give REAL consent to health decisions.

#Cannabis is a plant--not a man-made drug meant to cause harm to our peers.🤨 Enough lies and locking up our peers for...

#Cannabis is a plant--not a man-made drug meant to cause harm to our peers.🤨 Enough lies and locking up our peers for a plant nature gave us all.

Vilifying those that understand the power of these plants to help all heal their systems? Please knock that off.

Are you or your family members part of the cabal vilifying our peers over plants? How about you address that and start thinking for yourself? "I'm just doing my job" is a cop-out line, of course. Shameful.

If the elite are selling this--which, they are--then they are the real problem.

How hard is that to see?

It's illegal for a reason: and it's NOT because it harms living creatures. Exactly the OPPOSITE is the case: they don't want you healing yourself.

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It's okay to let others be 'smarter' than you. 😉👍❤️"The key to happiness."#realorganictruth #macesmom

It's okay to let others be 'smarter' than you. 😉👍❤️
"The key to happiness."
#realorganictruth #macesmom

🔑The key to happiness. 😉👍❤️

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Have you made the connections between our contrived history and truth? No? Either have we. 😬 You know why? The lies p...

Have you made the connections between our contrived history and truth? No? Either have we. 😬 You know why? The lies put upon us all are profound! It's a feat to try and sort this all out isn't it?
What do we KNOW is truth? That those that control us are liars.
Allopathic medicine is poison meant to harm & cull the populous. That's just the way it is by the evidence already revealed, isn't it?
➡️We must take charge of our own health & stop looking to others to trick us into hurting ourselves worse.

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🤔⁉️ What do you know about the inception of our American Vaccine Program? Ever hear someone refer to it as "Nazi" program? 😳😬 Yeah? Well, they're right. 😮‼️

'Nazi convicted mass murderers became executives for major U.S. chemical and pharmaceutical companies

Fritz ter Meer, found guilty of slavery and mass murder at Auschwitz, served only seven years in prison and became Chairman of the Board at Bayer in 1956. Still trust U.S. vaccines?

Carl Krauch, Executive Member of IG Farben and Head of Military Economics for Hitler, found guilty of slavery and mass murder, served just 6 years in prison, then became Chairman of the Board for BASF in 1952. Still want to get those flu shots? How about that HPV shot for your daughter or son?

This is the same vaccine industry today which protected and employed Nazi war criminals. The very industry that produced the Nazi gas chambers was purchased by Bayer.

At least a dozen of these cold blooded killers were hired fresh out of prison, just 4 to 7 years after the Nuremberg trials found them guilty of mass murder and enslavement

IG Farben and the History of the "Business With Disease"

The 11 Most Toxic Vaccine Ingredients And Their Side Effects
-Alex Steblowsky

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5G is a death grid meant to cull the populous? Sorry but the evidence says a clear, 'Yes". 😬

5G is a death grid meant to cull the populous?
Sorry but the evidence says a clear, 'Yes". 😬

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What do you know about microwave technology and it's effects on the environment? 🤔⁉️
300 0'00 New 5G MICROWAVE antennas !
Do microwaves heat the atmosphere?
Sending oscillating microwave radio frequencies through an electromagnetic field into a dielectric material, such as water, creates radio frequency heating at the molecular level of water. This friction causes heat which is called Radio Frequency Heating. This is the basic principle behind the Microwave Oven.' - Daniel Beaudy

#realorganictruth #realnews #helpeachother #5g #emf #wifi #geoengineering #chemtrails #heavymetals #microwavetechnology

Transgender agenda hidden in plain site? 😳😬⁉️ #realorganictruth  #theagendaisreal

Transgender agenda hidden in plain site? 😳😬⁉️
#realorganictruth #theagendaisreal

Injecting opposite gender DNA into humans will cause gender confusion as intended. This 'transgedner' business is a big fat hoax upon the populous. This is not normal at all--it's very un-normal. It's purposeful gender confusion put upon our kids via chemical poisoning and injections of opposite gender DNA. It's not an accident the kids are confused what gender they are. It's deliberate. #realorganictruth #transagendaisreal #stopbelievingthelies #thisisnotnormalatall #mentalillness


😯The truth has been buried by the very agency who pretends to care about our fellow mans' health?
Yes. 😲‼️
➡️Time to empower yourself to be your OWN health advocate. 😉👍
You don't need patented pharma drugs to obtain optimal health--quite the opposite! Being injected with weed killer can't be good, right? This is a nightmare!
#realorganictruth #wearewhatweeat #wedonotneedsticksofpoison #researchEVERYTHING #truth #macesmom #helpeachother

The CDC buried truth‼️💥Confirmation the vaccines are contaminated with deadly glyphosate! GMO ROUND UP = death to humans! AUTISM MMR puzzle SOLVED! ‼️😧💔😧💔😧💔😧💔
STOP vaccinations across the land! Tell your friends! Vegetarians! Teachers! Police officers! Our military!
Zen Honeycutt:
"LIVE: Mailing Glyphosate in Vax data.

Read the report:

Data about harm associated with Glyphosate and GMOs:

Full Report:

Take action by leaving a comment for the EPA, asking them to BAN glyphosate.
Instructions for how to submit comment here:

Tag a friend who would be interested in this information.

Moms Across America "
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🚧The truth about HPV Gardasil deaths curing the clinical trials... #helpeachother #educateyourselfonthetruthaboutthos...

🚧The truth about HPV Gardasil deaths curing the clinical trials...
#helpeachother #educateyourselfonthetruthaboutthosevials #researchwhatavirusREALLYis #realorganictruth

You had better read this.
💥➡️ 40 previously healthy girls killed in the Gardasil trials.
40‼️⁉️‼️ OMG💔😡

'Warn your children to never participate in pharmaceutical industry clinical trials. It could be the last thing they ever do. The kids that participated in the Gardasil clinical trial died at a rate that was 3 to 10 times greater than that expected in similar age ranges in the general population. The pre-market clinical trials ended with 40 previously young and healthy participants, DEAD.

Keep in mind that every participant that entered Merck's Gardasil trial was YOUNG AND HEALTHY: between the ages of 9 and 26 and screened for health problems. They weren't admitted to the trial if they suffered a health condition. And yet, 40 participants died. Let that sink in for one minute.

The death statistics come directly from Merk's Gardasil package insert. The data in package insert was obscured and buried, therefore it was organized into the table below. The deaths tabulated below are just the deaths that occurred in the PRE-market clinical trials. Since the release of Gardasil, many more serious adverse events, including death, have been reported in children all over the world.

The data below were the basis for demonstrating Gardasil's "safety' and suitability for U.S. children. How the U.S. FDA saw this data and deemed the vaccine safe for children as young as nine is beyond my understanding.

I don't know how Merck got their dangerous vaccine through clinical oversight scientists and regulators. The FDA should have seen through Merck's deadly scam. I assume cash was involved. It had to be.

As far as Merck's plan to fool the public, It was an elegant deception; one that is commonly used in vaccine safety studies today. Merck employed the "fakecebo scam." Fakecebos are commonly used in vaccine safety studies to hide the adverse events that vaccines cause.

How do you make a deadly vaccine look less deadly? Compare it to something equally deadly and call that something a "control" or "placebo" group. That's it. Simple. Rather than comparing health outcomes to a saline (true) placebo, the basis of the scientific method that we all learned in school, Merck compared Gardasil to a "control group" receiving the same toxic injection of 225 mcg of Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS). The AAHS control group received the same toxic dose of aluminum that the Gardasil group received. Guess what happens when both groups receive 225 mcg of toxic aluminum. Kids in both groups die at relatively equal rates, rates that turn out to be MUCH higher than the rate in the standard population.

Another elegant deception was Merck's inclusion of tiny (4%) saline placebo control group. Including a ridiculously small token saline placebo group (4% of participants, 594 out of 14,274 total) Merck created the opportunity to use deceptive double-speak to mislead those not playing close attention with statements like, "In our Gardasil trial we found that Gardasil performed equivalently to the control group. Yes, our trial included a saline placebo group." See what they did there?!

If you don't believe me, see for yourself. "Deaths in the Entire Study Population" is near the bottom of page 7 of the Merck Gardasil package insert ( Read the first line: "Across the clinical studies, 40 deaths (GARDASIL N = 21 or 0.1%; placebo N = 19 or 0.1%)." Notice that they took the deaths in the AAHS ("Fakecebo") group, 18, and combined them with the saline placebo group, 1, combined them, 19, and called the combined groups, "placebo." It's intentional deception, folks. And it's wrong.

Effectiveness aside, because there is NO EVIDENCE that Gardasil is effective at preventing cervical cancer, and if it does we won't know for about 20 years, the reality is that Gardasil is a dangerous vaccine that never should have been allowed on the market. The risk to imaginary benefit ratio is unjustifiable. We've been duped, deceived, and defrauded. Merck continues to display a disdain for real science and the safety of the people that might use their dangerous drugs. They did it with Vioxx and they're doing it with Gardasil.

At least now you are warned."
-Christy Lynn Day

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Knowledge IS true power. 😉👍❤️➡️Help each other see through the lies put upon us all. 🙏❤️➡️Pleas...

Knowledge IS true power. 😉👍❤️
➡️Help each other see through the lies put upon us all.

🙏❤️➡️Please SHARE and help our brothers and sisters save themselves from harm, too!

#realorganictruth #helpeachother #askquestions #lookdeeper #tellthetruth #vaccinesarebiologicalweapons #truth #news #realnews #populationcontrol

ORIGINAL Nurse Tina Speaks Real Organic Truth Macesmom FactsonVax 2016-06-04

🔥This is nurse Tina. (This is a copy of the original interview in Pennsylvania with Macesmom, Kerra Icansketchu). She is sharing the truth about vaccines inside hospitals: they are classified as biologic, (that permanently alter your DNA). You do not need to give consent to be injected with vaccines. You MUST cross out biologics on any admittance form. Be forewarned and protect your family. ❤️

➡️Vaccines are biological weapons.
No, they have not been 'corrupted': they have always been poison since their inception.
The internet is open to all: the truth is out there.
All allopathic medicine is a hoax on the public.😬 It's all poison and they know it. That's actually what 'virus' means: poison or venom. Nice trick on all, eh? The paper trail tells quite a nefarious story.
#realorganictruth #biologics #nursetina #hospitals #fluvaccine #truth #informedconsent #protectyourfamily #news #realnews #helpeachother #realfoodisrealmedicine #takechargeofyourownhealth #share

This is the original interview with nurse Tina on #biologics.

Are you sick of the lies yet? 🤨⁉️Measles protects you from cancer---so, what's the deal with avoiding it by injec...

Are you sick of the lies yet? 🤨⁉️
Measles protects you from cancer---so, what's the deal with avoiding it by injecting yourself with known poison that CAUSES cancer?

#logic #measles #seethroughthehype #measleshoax #truth #vitaminAheals #sharewithyourfriends #donotbefooledbypropaganda #realorganictruth #truth #news #realnews

🔥🤔Are you sick of the lies coming out of the privately owned CDC?

Oh, you thought they were a government agency looking out for our health?
Um--not even close. 😮
💥They hold over 20 (I've read over 50!), patents on vaccines--buy & sell them to the public for PROFIT. 😮
💥They are traded on the stock market.😮
🔥They ARE PRIVATELY PROFITING FROM POISON VACCINES and LYING to you about #measles. #truth They have bought & paid for with our tax money every fraudulent "safety" study they ever produced.

Tell everyone. 👫👬👫👭👫👬=💪🏼♥️😄

#realorganictruth #vaccines #lies #vaccineinjury #autism #SIDS #VIDS #VAT #teamtruth #mompower #research #questioneverything

"Cautious, apologetic people always walking on egg shells to preserve their reputation, or to be socially accepted, neve...

"Cautious, apologetic people always walking on egg shells to preserve their reputation, or to be socially accepted, never can bring about change. Those who are willing to be demonized and cast out, to be shunned by their peers, publicly and privately, to be accused of being an evil person, a control freak, an egotist...for daring to break the mold and paint a different picture. Only those people can change the world. They might be hated or admired, it matters not when you have no price because your attainment is high enough to not give a damn about the personal consequences of speaking up, as they know for the world the consequences of not speaking up are in the long run far worse."➡️➡️ HINT: Holllywood actors do not fit this description.😬

Do you know the difference between a REAL parent and an actor? 😬🤔⁉️
It's pays to know the difference.
Don't be duped...again. 👍
History has shown us that this is a repeated method of distraction that will bring about the demise of our brothers and sisters.
🚨Look up what 'controlled opposition' is, why it's used, how to spot it, who's behind it, when it's used and what to do about it.
➡️➡️Once you know how the game is played, you won't be taken for a ride.
REAL parents are making the REAL differences. ❤️👍

#helpeachother #truth #realorganictruth #realparentsmakethedifference #hollywoodactorsarepaidtoact #followthemoney #realnews #arevaccinessafe Are Vaccines Safe

Let's use our heads here on this 'measles' issue.Is it on main stream TV? 🤔⁉️Then it's probably there for a reaso...

Let's use our heads here on this 'measles' issue.

Is it on main stream TV? 🤔⁉️Then it's probably there for a reason.
Oh, to 'protect' you from harm? Ha!
The evidenced at hand says a clear and profound, "No."

The Smith-Mundt Act makes all this propaganda pushing biological weapons on you legal. Nice twist, eh? 😬

Don't be duped: vials filled with poison will poison those it's injected into.
➡️Share and please help our brothers and sisters see things clearly. 👍
#realorganictruth #measlesscare #hoax #factstellusthetruth #propagandaisonyourtv #truth #realnews #helpeachother


💉The holocaust is now.

Denial changes nothing but does allow this destruction of our youth to continue. 😬‼️
➡️Please help save the others by sharing and starting meaningful discussions about what is really going on around all of us.
#humanitymatters #askquestions #morallivingrequiresthoughtandchoice #thinkaboutit #helpeachother #realorganictruth

‼️The data clearly shows that 7/1000 kids under the age of 5 are being killed by vaccines each year. So ---how many kids are under 5 years old? 27% of all kids population is ⬇️5 and under according to =20,720,000 kids in total. 20,720,000 x 27%= 5,594,400 of kids under 5 years old.
.7% dying from vaccines = 39,160.8. 😮‼️😱
The holocaust is now.
Charts in comments.
#notokayinanyway #savethebabies #stopkillingourkids #dothemath #vaccineskill #sidsisvids #gomace #oneforeric #justiceforari #chasewalker #nickcatone #westonsdad #arevaccinessafe The Truth About Vaccines #realnews #warntheothers #tellthetruth #cdctruth #cdcflipper #macesmom #VaccinesRevealed Are Vaccines Safe #realorganictruth…/101-child-population-by-a…


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