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During the earliest stages of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., he was widely applauded for his blunt discussions du...
Resignation of New York governor ends Cuomo dynasty

During the earliest stages of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., he was widely applauded for his blunt discussions during almost daily televised news conferences of the advance of the infectious disease in New York. #NewYorkStatesman

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a fixture in U.S. Democratic Party circles for decades before his downfall and coming r

NEW YORK, New York - In New York state all business not considered to be 'essential' have been ordered to close.The move...

NEW YORK, New York - In New York state all business not considered to be 'essential' have been ordered to close.

The move by New York to close all non-essential businesses in the state followed a dramatic increase of more than 70% of coronavirus cases, from 4,152 to 7,102, an increase of 2,950 cases. New York has the highest number of cases of all the states in the U.S.

The number of deaths in the state on Friday increased by 50% with 14 new deaths taking the prior total of 29 to 43.

Later President Trump declared a major disaster in New York state, which will free up federal funding.

New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his 'New York State on Pause' Executive Order on Friday.

Essential services are considered 'groceries' and healthcare.' It is not known whether Wall Street falls under the order, and whether it will re-open on Monday.

"We need everyone to be safe. Otherwise no one can be safe," Cuomo said Friday."These provisions will be enforced. These are not helpful hints. This is not if you really want to be a great citizen. These are legal provisions. They will be enforced."

The governor also announced "Matilda's Law" - named for the governor's mother - to protect New York's most vulnerable populations, including individuals age 70 and older, those with compromised immune systems and those with underlying illnesses. The measure requires this group of New Yorkers to stay home and limit home visitation to immediate family members or close friends in need of emergency assistance.

Cuomo also announced a 90-day moratorium on any residential or commercial evictions. He did not clarify as to whether businesses that will be closed will continue to have to pay rent on their premises, however those that have freehold premises will get a waiver on mortgage payments, subject to proving financial hardship.

Additionally, amid a shortage of personal protective equipment - or PPE - products in the state, including gloves, masks and gowns, the governor says he is asking all PPE product providers to sell to the state any products that are not essential or not currently being used.

The governor is also encouraging any company with the proper equipment or personnel to begin to manufacture PPE products if possible. The state, he said, is willing to provide funding to any company to obtain the proper equipment and personnel.

"Yes, New York has the tightest controls in the country. You look at those numbers and you understand why. Look at the increase in the number of cases. Sixteen days ago we were at zero. Today we are at 2,950. Those numbers are why we are taking these actions. Just increase that curve and you will see it more than doubles our healthcare system capacity. It more than triples the number of ICU beds with ventilators that we could possibly arrange. That's why we're taking these actions," Cumo said Friday.

"These actions will cause disruption. They will cause businesses to close. They'll cause employees to stay at home. I understand that. They will cause much unhappiness. I understand that also. I've spoken to my colleagues around the state, the elected officials. I've spoken to business leaders. There's a spectrum of opinion. Some people say that we don't need to do this, it's going to hurt the economy. I understand that. Some people want to make it clear that they are disassociated from these actions. I understand that. And just so we're all clear, this is a statewide order. It's not what your county executive is doing, it's not what your mayor is doing, it's not what anyone else but me is doing. And I accept full responsibility."

"I've been in public service for many years on every level of public service. I've managed dozens of emergencies. The philosophy that's always worked for me is prepare for the worst, hope for the best. That's what we're doing here. When we look back at this situation ten years from now, I want to be able to say to the people of New York I did everything we could do," The New York governor said.

With many other states, and in some case cities having closed restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas, and with a ban on almost all sporting tournaments and competitions, and with its borders shuttered, the U.S. is in virtual lockdown.

Similar bans and restrictions are being put in place across the world.

With a virtual collapse of the global economy at hand, stock markets, oil, and non-U.S.dollar currencies around the world are crashing. The Dow Jones on Friday fell 913 points and is now 35% lower than its peak on 12 February, just five weeks ago. The world is already in recession and will be lucky to escape a depression.

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The state of New York has 2,382 confirmed cases of the virus, the most in the United States. It has increased its testin...
U.S. military sends floating hospital to New York

The state of New York has 2,382 confirmed cases of the virus, the most in the United States. It has increased its testing capacity to 15,000 per day and expects the numbers to continue to rise. About 23% of positive cases are hospitalized.

The U.S. Navy will dispatch a 1,000-bed hospital ship to New York Harbor to assist the largest city in the country.

ALBANY, New York - New York state is to spend an additional $2 billion on energy efficiency and building electrification...

ALBANY, New York - New York state is to spend an additional $2 billion on energy efficiency and building electrification initiatives to combat climate change.

The New York State Public Service Commission has approved a set of energy efficiency and electric heat pump targets aimed at dramatically reducing energy consumption in the state.

The new targets for investor-owned utilities will bring nearly $2 billion in market-enabling investments to help transform the way New York residents and businesses heat and cool their homes and offices and move towards cleaner and healthier buildings and communities throughout the state.

Together with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the New York Power Authority, the Long Island Power Authority and a previous PSC order on efficiency, New York State in energy efficiency and clean heat investments from 2020 through 2025 will total $6.8 billion. The state has an objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout New York by 85 percent by 2050 and achieve economy-wide carbon neutrality.

"Climate change is a real and growing threat to New York's environment and economy and to the health of our people, and we're already experiencing the negative impacts in the form of increased weather related emergencies," Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said Thursday. "This historic investment shows we are aggressively pursuing clean energy alternatives to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, growing jobs in clean energy industries and protecting our environment for current and future generations."

The order is also expected to boost the number of energy efficiency jobs across the state as the largest segment of New York's clean energy economy. In 2018, over 123,000 New Yorkers were employed in the energy efficiency sector. With this new investment, job growth and economic opportunity in energy efficiency is expected to further accelerate over the next five years.

The new energy efficiency and electrification programs authorized on Thursday will also contribute substantially toward meeting the state's clean energy goals. The targets, combined with other State initiatives, will result in a three percent reduction in annual electric usage and a 1.3 percent reduction in annual gas usage by 2025. This utility investment is a cornerstone of New York's energy efficiency strategy and is expected to result in substantial progress toward New York's energy savings goal.

"Energy efficiency is a go-to resource - the resource you don't use is usually the cheapest - and we need to aggressively pursue this solution. Governor Cuomo's commitment to protecting and enhancing our environment has been steadfast. Today's action to advancing energy efficiency and the installation of heat pumps will reduce costs, reduce energy and reduce carbon," Public Service Commission Chair John B. Rhodes said Thursday.

"The NYSERDA initiatives being announced today will help dramatically accelerate our progress in scaling up new, cleaner alternatives for residents and businesses to heat and cool their homes and facilities, and will help ensure energy affordability for Low-and-Moderate Income customers who want healthy, efficient solutions for their homes," Alicia Barton, President and CEO, NYSERDA, said Thursday.

NYPA President and CEOGil C. Quiniones added: "NYPA is investing hundreds of millions of dollars annually to support our government customers' transition to cleaner and more energy efficient technology. Increasing energy efficiency throughout New York State is critical to achieving a clean energy economy and lowering the state's carbon footprint."

LIPA CEO Tom Falcone said: "Governor Cuomo's commitment to energy efficiency is good for both the environment and our customers' wallets. LIPA has invested over $1.4 billion in energy efficiency and clean energy and is committed to an additional $500 million over the next five years to help our customers save money and the environment."


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