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New on the Empire State Tribune: ESTv’s Featured Video!“NYC's Election Reaction: A Celebration in the Streets”ESTv's Sen...
NYC's Election Reaction: A Celebration in the Streets

New on the Empire State Tribune: ESTv’s Featured Video!

“NYC's Election Reaction: A Celebration in the Streets”

ESTv's Senior Reporter Drew Richardson takes to the streets of New York City hours after the 2020 Election projected Joe Biden as the winner. Richardson interviews individuals in Union Square Park where a celebration has been taking place since the news spread through the city. Drew also speaks to the Presidents of both TKC Republicans and Democrats to gain their insight on this divisive election year.

ESTv's Senior Reporter Drew Richardson takes to the streets of New York City hours after the 2020 Election projected Joe Biden as the winner. Richardson inte...

📍New York, New York "Century 21, the store across the street from the World Trade Center that survived the 9/11 attack, ...
Century 21 Has Not Survived The COVID-19 Pandemic — Empire State Tribune

📍New York, New York

"Century 21, the store across the street from the World Trade Center that survived the 9/11 attack, couldn’t survive the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. After 60 years of service, they will be closing their doors for good."

Article by Sofia Valdes, Photos from Lucas Drumond

After failing to receive $175 million from insurance providers, Century 21 filed for bankruptcy in September, joining the lengthy list of other national retailers who have done the same since the pandemic started.

Live now: "Economics Professor Chooses Not To Wear a Face Mask In Classroom Claiming It Violates His Conscience" by Edit...
Economics Professor Chooses Not To Wear a Face Mask In Classroom Claiming It Violates His Conscience — Empire State Tribune

Live now: "Economics Professor Chooses Not To Wear a Face Mask In Classroom Claiming It Violates His Conscience" by Editor-in-Chief Meg Capone.

"According to Mueller’s email, he said he had been under the impression that the school would reevaluate its COVID-19 policies, including the mask requirement for teachers, after two weeks of in-person teaching. He claims to have reached out to King’s administration sometime last week for an update on these policies but was told that a decision had not yet been made."

The Empire State Tribune will continue to follow this story.

Dr. Paul Mueller, associate professor of Economics at King’s, taught his in-person classes this past Monday without wearing a mask because he “felt convicted that doing so would violate [his] conscience.”


And for our final staff introduction, we have Natalie Cassase!

Natalie is the Co-Executive Producer for ESTv and will be a senior this year. She will be on-campus this semester.

“I original got involved with ESTv because I am a journalism major and wanted to work in the field of journalism. I have altered my career plans since then but I really love our team and being involved with video production and managing the course of ESTv's content. I am really looking forward to engaging more with the journalism community this year. It was amazing working with the ESTv team last semester. We had a great season, we published the most videos ESTv has ever published in a single semester and I am looking forward to continuing that momentum.”

Natalie’s favorite quarantine activity was working from home and binge watching The Office, Parks and Rec, and other early 2000s tv series.

“Literally my favorite thing to do. I also really enjoyed having the time to go on a lot of bike rides.”

Natalie also got involved with the production side of a podcast during quarantine.

“Everything had to be done remotely anyway so it was perfect. I started that over quarantine and I really enjoyed it. I am actually still working with them.”


Introducing our Co-Executive Producer at ESTv, Lydia Vreeman! ⁣

Lydia will be a senior on campus this Fall. ⁣

“I chose to get involved at ESTv because I love video production and want to work in financial news so ESTv was a great place to test out my skills! I’m really excited about our team this year! We have a great mix of returning reporters and producers that do such a great work and are super fun to work with!”⁣

Lydia’s favorite quarantine activity was sitting by the pool and working remote. ⁣

If you have a moment, check out one of the ESTv’s latest videos, “Losing an Internship before Graduation.” ⁣



Our final EST editor intro is Liza Claire! ⁣

Liza Claire will be our opinion editor for the year. She is a Senior studying Humanities and will be on campus this fall. ⁣

“Last year, I wrote the religion column, which was a great experience. I decided to get involved as opinion editor this year because I think the opinion section is one of the most important conduits for conversation we have as the student body. We live in contentious and turbulent times, and social media discourse is valuable but ultimately insufficient. It is good practice to write articulately and read charitably as we consider the merits of our opinions and the humanity of those with whom we disagree. Hopefully, this section will be a home for constructive discourse.” ⁣

Liza spent quarantine surfing and perfecting her “sugarless, gluten less, but not funless” banana bread recipe. ⁣

Click here to read more from Liza: https://www.empirestatetribune.com/est/2/13/2020/how-identity-politics-can-undermine-christian-faith-1?rq=Liza%20Vandenboom


Introducing the EST Magazine Photo Editor, Brianna Jacobs! ⁣

Brianna is a Sophomore this year and all be on campus. ⁣

“I’m a JCS major, and I wanted to be more involved with the magazine especially because it aligns with what I want to do career-wise, which is entering the magazine industry.” ⁣

Brianna is excited to see what the magazine team comes up with this year, and to make the photos pop. ✨ She loved binge watching Avatar: The Last Airbender during quarantine, and started a fashion blog for fun! ⁣

“I’m also a fashion enthusiast and love the idea of expressing yourself through your own personal style, showcasing a certain vibe and emotions. When it comes to photography, a correctly edited photo can bring about a similar reaction when expressing a certain emotion or tone.”⁣

To check out Brianna’s blog, work, or vlogs — head over to her page, @briannapatriceyt

or our website for one of her articles!


Continuing with our EST Magazine staff introductions, next up we have Morgan Detzner! ⁣

Morgan Detzner is the Graphic Designer for the magazine. She is a second-semester Junior who will be on campus this Fall. ⁣

“I chose to get involved with EST because I really love reading the magazine and really wanted to be a part of the creative process!” ⁣

Morgan is most excited to start exploring the city again this semester, and her favorite quarantine activity was going on picnics! ⁣

Swipe to see one of the designs Morgan created for her art page: @w_ldchild ⁣

“The girl's fingernails are the lyrics to my favorite hymn, which is 'Great is Thy Faithfulness.' The butterflies are symbolic for the Peace and joy of salvation.”


Introducing our EST Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Freeman!
Rachel will be a junior on campus this year, and is a JCS major. ⁣

“I love that EST has let me grow as a reporter and is now giving me the opportunity to focus on something I really love which is magazine editing and design.” ⁣

Rachel is excited to work with her team to create something they are proud of. ⁣

“When the magazines hit the stand, I want us all to be excited to show people what we’ve done.”⁣

During quarantine, Rachel and her sister had a Harry Potter move marathon. They even watched all eight movies in one day by starting at 6 a.m. one morning, and finished at 3 a.m. the next. ⁣

“It was brilliant.”

Check out one Rachel's photo gallery from the summer, "Photo Gallery: Protestors March Across the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge in Florence, SC."



Next up we have our Social Media Editor, Lauren Bannister!
Lauren will be a junior on campus this year! ⁣She is a JCS major, and also acts as the the Communications Associate for the House of Susan B. Anthony. She is excited to grow the EST community this year. ⁣

“I chose to get involved with the EST my freshman year to find a community at King’s, and that is exactly what it has given me.”⁣

During quarantine, Lauren spent a lot of time mediating and journaling. She also enjoyed quality time with her family and friends in Texas while working on her book that will publish in December. ⁣

“I wrote a book about women in Journalism and got to talk about my experience with the EST as a writer and editor, so I’m excited to take on a new role within the team this year.”⁣

Check out one of her past articles, "From Kimmy Schmidt to Mother of One."



Next up we have our Photo Editor, Lucas Drumond!⁣

Lucas is a junior this year, and will be on Campus this year! ⁣

“I chose to get involved with EST because it is a great opportunity to get more experience on the field while I work with many talented people. I am excited to improve the quality of my work throughout the year. My goal is not only to take great pictures this year but also to really tell a story through them.” ⁣

Lucas went back to Brazil during quarantine, and got to spend around five months with his family. ⁣

We are excited to have Lucas on the team this year. If you have any photo story suggestions or would like to show off your photography skills with the EST, make sure to reach out to him!


Introducing our Sports Editor, Brittany Bhulai! ⁣

Brittany will be a Remote Junior this Fall. She transferred to King’s during the Spring 2019 semester. ⁣

“Student run papers are one of the best outlets to get involved in, especially as a young journalist. It gets you out there, gives you the experience and opens so many doors to opportunities. It's also a great way to meet people in our King's community as I am still relatively new to the scene.”⁣

Brittany is looking to make the most out of this year even though she is working remotely. ⁣

“King's does a really great job with keeping the students in their best interest and even though I may not be on campus I still feel connected to its community.”⁣

As a workout ju**ie, Brittany was saddened by the closures of gyms for so many months. Her solution? She made her own gym equipment to use daily in her backyard over quarantine. ⁣

“It was not the gym but I liked getting fresh air everyday accompanied with the satisfaction of getting my training in still.”

Check out her latest EST article, "Disney Remains Open Amidst Rising COVID-19 Cases in Florida" -- https://www.empirestatetribune.com/est/8/3/2020/disney-remains-open-amidst-rising-covid-19-cases-in-florida?rq=brittany


Introducing our Culture Editor, Connor Walter! ⁣

Connor will be a Junior on campus this Fall. He joined the EST to expand his skills as a Journalism major and to gain more experience.

“I love to write, so this gives me an outlet to publish stories where more people can see it. I love the Culture section because it’s really a place where myself and others can get creative, and come up with some awesome content.⁣

Even though it is an unprecedented year with a lot of change, Connor is excited to get back on campus and see old, and new, faces in person. Over Quarantine, he spent a lot of time at home. ⁣

“I’m such a homebody, so me and my family laughed, had dance parties, painted, and did house projects. I got really good with using a drill. I have quite enjoyed just taking it chill and embracing the simple things. I think that’s what I will miss the most.”

Check out Connor's favorite article here:


Introducing our City Editor, Paige Hagy! ⁣

Paige is a Sophomore who will be Remote this semester. ⁣

“As a journalism major, EST was a natural choice. Not only is it an excellent environment to learn and grow as a writer, but it’s a creative outlet as well. I’m very excited to work with our writers, especially the upcoming freshmen.” ⁣

Paige knows from personal experience that having a piece you’ve worked on be edited (a lot) from editors or professors is not always the most gratifying experience. But, she is here to help with that. ⁣

“The improved result is always worth it in the end! I hope as an editor I can play my part by helping improve the quality of the work the City Section produces.” ⁣

During quarantine, Paige has been passing the time with “18th century women” hobbies, embroidering, and rewatching all eight season of Game of Thrones. ⁣

Check out her op-ed about Mental Health Month!


Introducing our Campus Editor, Mattie Townson! ⁣

Mattie will be on campus this Fall, and is a Sophomore studying Journalism, Culture, and Society. ⁣

“I chose to get into EST as a freshman last year because I have a passion for the rush of journalism. I love getting to record interesting stories all around the community — both in King’s and New York City. It’s such an amazing and rewarding process to pitch, communicate, and interview, and record through your own writing.” ⁣

Mattie is excited to be a resource for people interested in the EST, and loves helping find their footing in journalism as she finds her own. Bonus: she loves working as a team with her fellow students! ⁣

“I look forward to assigning and editing stories along with writing a few of my own!”⁣

Mattie’s favorite quarantine activity has been crafting, and at the beginning of quarantine, she was very into embroidery. When she became a contact tracer for the virus, she saved up some money. Naturally, she started her own small jewelry business. ⁣

“I dry flowers that I have grown and then place them into resin, so you can have them forever. I also have reignited my interest in photography for the business!” ⁣

If you’re interested, you can learn more by checking out her shop page: @shop.petuniabeth

Here are a few of Mattie's campus articles from this past year:


Now it’s time to introduce our other Graphic Editor, James Gocke!

James is a Junior who will be on campus this Fall. ⁣

“The EST team presented me with an opportunity to develop my newfound passion for graphic design all while working with an enthusiastic and supportive team. What more could I ask for?” ⁣

James is excited to develop as a designer and illustrator this year. ⁣

“The more I learn, the more I want to learn more.” ⁣

His favorite quarantine activity has been hiking, and he was home in the Adirondacks for most of the summer! ⁣

“I've found that immersing myself in the beauty of nature this summer has helped me to bring a small part of that solitude with me back to the city.” ⁣

Head over to our Instagram to see some snippets of a summer project James worked on — he wanted to experiment with a muted palette of four colors, basic shapes, and texture. ⁣


Introducing one of our Graphic Editors, Abby Miller!⁣

Abby is a Junior who will be on Campus this Fall! She is a JCS major, and has not only written for the EST in the past, but has also been a podcast host! ⁣

“I wanted to contribute to EST in a new way (and will probably end up being my favorite), graphic design!” ⁣

Abby is excited to see all of her friends again, and she’s excited to see what 2020 throws at everyone next. How has 2020 been for her? ⁣

“It’s probably one of the biggest years ever journalistically and it’s allowed me to grow a lot personally, as well!”⁣

During quarantine, Abby’s family adopted a puppy! She’s also enjoyed finding different ways to be creative. If you have a spare moment, check out some of her accounts on Instagram!

Personal: @abbymilller_
Photography - @celebrationsbyabby ⁣
Design, Illustrations, Etc. - @abby.just.creates

Check out one of her Graphic examples from our COVID-19 coverage this summer — https://www.empirestatetribune.com/est/5/26/2020/celebrating-birthdays-during-the-covid-19-pandemic

And give her favorite EST Article a read here: https://www.empirestatetribune.com/est/1/24/2020/dean-of-students-announces-elimination-of-fall-retreat?rq=fall%20retreat


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